15 Most Shocking Things Ever Confiscated By Teachers

You might be reluctant to send your kids to school after this! Right about now, homeschooling is looking like a pretty good option...

Schools are a lot like prisons. You're not allowed to leave. You have to stay there for a certain amount of years. Violence and gangs are common. Students are forced to do things they don't want to do. And like prisons, the strangest things are smuggled into schools, only to be confiscated by the people tasked with guarding the facility. Guns, bombs, drugs, porn, and even sex toys have all turned up in the possession of our youngest members of society. The fact that young people try to bring these things to school says a lot about the state of our society.

But sometimes it's the teachers who are in the wrong. Sometimes they take their role of "overseer" way too far. We all know that power can be corrupting, and we've all experienced a teacher who is "power tripping." Sometimes this power gets to their head, to the extent where they start taking away even the most innocent of items from children. Juice, drawings, asthma inhalers, winter coats, and even a blind boy's cane were just a few of the things snatched away by teachers. Are they taking their jobs too far? It would seem so.

Then there are some things that are just plain bizarre. Teachers who find these things are left scratching their heads, wondering just what went wrong with the kids in the current generation. And after reading this list, you'll feel the same way. In fact, you might even be reluctant to send your kids to school from now on! Right about now, homeschooling is looking like a pretty good option...

15 Teacher Confiscates Handgun From Kindergartners

We all know that kids get caught with guns at school from time to time, especially in America, but rarely do we hear about it happening in Kindergarten. But believe it or not, a group of young boys were caught running around with a loaded handgun in a Cincinnati playground. The incident took place in December 2016 at North College Hill Elementary School. Before you conjure up images of thuggish Kindergartners bringing guns to school, it's important to note that they found the pistol which had previously been discarded in the playground. The most disturbing thing about this was that the gun was loaded, with two bullets in the clips. Thankfully, a round wasn't in the chamber, meaning that the pistol wouldn't have fired if the children had pulled the trigger. A superintendent noticed the children playing with the weapon and immediately confiscated it. No one was hurt.

14 Teacher Confiscates Inhaler From Asthmatic Child 

Sometimes teachers can be rather cruel when it comes to what they choose to confiscate. This was clearly the case when a teacher decided to confiscate a child's inhaler. The teen, who was 16 and had asthma, was being punished for forgetting her school tie which was part of her uniform. She was forced to hand over her inhaler as "collateral" so she could borrow an extra tie. This incident happened in the UK during 2015. The girl's father revealed his outrage at the situation, saying: “When I found out I went mad. Sian hadn’t had her inhaler for a few days because she still couldn’t find her own tie. She didn’t want to worry us. To think she was without medication that could potentially save her life is so scary. We contacted the school and the teacher wasn’t in to return it. We rang the doctors for a replacement and they couldn’t believe the reason behind why she needed one. I actually Googled whether or not a teacher had the power to take away medication and the first story that came up was a child that had died in the playground after something similar happened.”

13 Teacher Confiscates Drawing Of Two Male Faces

Sometimes the most shocking things that teachers confiscate are the things that are seemingly innocent. Such was the case when a student's drawing of two male faces was confiscated. Why would something like this be deemed inappropriate? Well apparently the two male cartoon faces were "too close" and looked as if they were about to kiss. That's it! The incident took place at a school in Israel, in an "ultra-orthodox" Jewish girls school in Tel-Aviv called Beit Yaakov. An 8th grade girl was the one responsible for the drawing, and the incident happened quite recently in 2017. According to the girl's mother, she cried all day after the traumatic incident, for which she was threatened with suspension and expulsion. Since receiving the attention of the news, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has insisted that the child will not be suspended or expelled.

12 Crazy Head Mistress Confiscates Kid's Juice

Another ridiculous thing that was confiscated by a head teacher was fruit juice. Yes, you read that right. Apparently there has been quite a trend among teachers to try and take it upon themselves to improve their students' health. But with this sort of behavior, many say that they're taking it way too far. The teacher behind this said her rationale was that "water is healthier." This incident took place in 2014 in the UK. The head mistress, Elizabeth Chaplin, sent out a very stern letter to parents warning not to put juice in their children's lunch boxes. And she enforced this rule with an iron fist. Students who pulled out a juice box at lunchtime barely had time to take one sip before it was hoisted out of their grasp by the ever-hovering head mistress. And when parents complained, she simply offered to transfer them to a different school.

11 Principal Confiscates Drugs And Guns From 11th Grader

Unfortunately there's a big problem with crime in high schools, and this can often result in some pretty shocking confiscations. The problem with firearms and drugs was blatantly obvious when an 11th grader was found with a pistol and narcotics, which authorities believed he was intending to sell.  The incident happened only a few days ago in late March, 2017, at Southwind High School which is in Memphis, Tennessee. It was actually the principal of the school who noticed the student roaming the halls, and saw a bulge in his pants. After asking the 11th grader to empty out his pants, the principal found almost 7 grams of marijuana and $605 dollars. In addition, they found a loaded Smith & Wesson handgun with 16 rounds. As shocking as this may sound, the most disturbing thing is how common incidents like this are in America.

10 Teachers Confiscate Winter Coats In -4 Degree Temperatures

Teachers are supposed to be protecting the children in their care, but apparently these teachers didn't get the memo when they confiscated their student's coats in -4 degree weather. Why? Because the coats were not "part of the uniform." The incident happened in 2010 in Kent, England. Parents were furious to hear their children were forced to hand over their jackets as soon as they arrived to school. One parent said that her 14-year-old daughter had just recovered from a fever, and her health was put at risk when her jacket was confiscated. Another parent revealed that the jackets that go with the school uniform are not warm enough to wear during winter. The school even sent several children home for not wearing the correct type of coat. In an official statement, Aylesford School Sports College said that the jackets that are part of the uniform are perfectly warm and fashionable.

9 Teachers Confiscate Black Lives Matter T-Shirts

The "Black Lives Matter" movement has been dominating the headlines as of late, and inevitably the controversy spilled into the school hallways. Numerous students reacted with outrage when their BLM T-shirts were confiscated by teachers. According to numerous students, a white teacher confiscated several BLM T-shirts and called the movement a terrorist organization. The school denies this ever happened. This happened in North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. After the incident took place, students staged a sit in that was posted about extensively on social media. The principal can be seen in the videos with a loudspeaker denying the rumors. But many students have come forward and claimed their shirts really were taken away. The school says that it respects its students freedom of expression.

8 Teachers Confiscate "Homemade Bomb"

One of the most high-profile confiscations in recent memory was when a young boy was arrested for bringing what authorities thought was a homemade bomb to school. The boy's name is Ahmed Mohammed, and at the time he was arrested in 2015 he was 14 years old. When he came to school that day in Texas, he was actually carrying a homemade clock that he had constructed himself. He showed it to his English teacher, who immediately thought it was a bomb. The teacher confiscated the clock and contacted the authorities, who promptly arrested the boy. When people realized that the bomb was actually just a clock, there was a lot of media outrage because this was seen to be an example of racial profiling and Islamophobia. The boy was released from a Juvenile detention center after he was cleared of charges. The family sued for about 15 million dollars. Some say that the incident was a purposeful hoax.

7 Staff Confiscates Meth Disguised As Candy

Sometimes the most shocking things are hidden in plain sight. That's what one teacher found out when they confiscated methamphetamine disguised as candy. The incident took place in 2016 at a middle school in California. A teacher was watching two students very carefully when one lifted what appeared to be Smarties to his nose and began snorting them. The teacher confronted the boy and found that it was actually Crystal Meth. The student was only in the 8th grade, and teachers had no idea that their students would be taking such hard drugs at such a young age. The student is facing possession charges. Principal William Murray was shocked because he had only dealt with marijuana and alcohol in the past, and is just now realizing that times are changing fast...

6 Teachers Confiscate Blind Boy's White Cane

In what can only be described as an incredibly cruel move, school staff once confiscated a blind boy's white cane - and replaced it with a floppy pool noodle. The incident took place in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2014. The little boy, Dakota Nafzinger, was only 8 years old when a bus driver took his white cane away from him and replaced it with a pool noodle. Dakota suffers from bilateral anopthalmia, which means he was born without eyes, and he relies on his cane to navigate through his surroundings. The incident occurred when he was on his school bus and the bus driver claims to have seen him hitting other students. But the boy's father says that he was probably just raising it in the air as he is prone to do. The school has since apologized to the blind boy and his family, and the cane has been returned.

5 Student's LEGO Gun Confiscated

We all know that gun violence at school is a serious issue, and should be handled with the utmost seriousness. But is it possible to take this concern too far? That's what a lot of people started wondering after a story came out that a boy's tiny LEGO gun had been confiscated at school. This incident happened in 2010 in New York, at an elementary school. Patrick Timoney was only 9 years old when he was told that he would have to hand the minuscule weapon over to teachers. In fact, he was almost suspended by the principal, Evelyn Matroianni, who has a strict no guns policy for guns at school. The boy's mother, Laura Timoney, thinks that they are going way overboard. She revealed that, "It's crazy. He's missing class time, all for silly toys. The boys are just trying to relax. If there's a real threat, why not call the Police Department?"

4 Teachers Confiscate "Adult Toys" From 12-Year-Old Girl

In one of the most bizarre confiscation stories, a 12-year-old girl found herself in trouble after she was caught with what a teacher assumed were sex toys. Only they weren't sex toys. They were actually popular toys called "water snakes." The incident took place quite recently, in 2017, and occurred at Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Wisconsin. The girl's name is Frances Habeck and she was eventually accused of selling sex toys as well as possessing them. But this was all just a massive misunderstanding. What Frances was doing was selling the toys to her friends.

It all started when she gave one to an Autistic child to calm him down. Then the toy became popular with the whole school. But the principal claims that the water snakes were being used with sexual overtones in the school. A pastor who worked for the school said in a written statement: "Many of the students sexualized the use of these toys, which was a disruption to learning that could not be ignored." The girl was suspended for one day because of the incident. Now the school is denying that they ever accused of her having possessed sex toys, and is instead claiming that she was suspended for selling toys instead. The parents are furious and are demanding that the principal, two pastors, and the president of the board be fired from their positions.

3 Principal Confiscates Students' Phones So He Can Sell Their Nudes

Sometimes what's most shocking is not the nature of the things that are confiscated, but how they're used. This was never more true than when a principal started confiscating his student's phones and then stealing the nude photos he found on them. This story has received a lot of media attention earlier this year in 2017. The principal from Kentucky, Stephen Kyle Goodlett, has admitted he was confiscating the phones for the sole intention of finding the nudes stored on them, and posting them on the Internet. He has been indicted on child pornography charges, including possession and transportation of child porn. It all started when a 20-year-old woman discovered that her nudes had popped up on a Russian nude trading website. The photos were taken when she was just 15 years old. She contacted police, and the trail lead straight back to Stephen Goodlett. They executed a search warrant and found 60 images of child porn in his possession, including a girl who is thought to be anywhere from 10 to 14 years of age.

2 11-Year-Old Boy Found With Heroin At School

It's never a good thing when you find heroin on a student, but when you find it on an 11-year-old boy, that's when you know you've got a problem. That's what happened when teachers confiscated hundreds of dollars worth of heroin from a boy going to school in Glasgow, Scotland. The heroin was found hidden inside his shoe, and he was then taken to a hospital because he had ingested a small amount of it. But the most shocking thing is that this is a real problem in Scotland, with a recent study estimating that 400 children between the ages of ten and eleven have tried heroin before. The school had a great reputation and was considered one of the best middle class schools in Scotland. Studies also suggest that most of the children who try drugs in Scotland get them from their homes.

1 Refrigerator Full Of Semen Confiscated At Art School

This is definitely one of the most extraordinary cases of things being confiscated at school. A refrigerator full of sperm samples was confiscated back in 2013 at New York's School of Visual Arts. The guilty student was Marc Bradley Johnson, who was in possession of the sperm fridge because he wanted to use it as an art project. Not only that, but he was advertising it on Craigslist for anyone who wanted to come down to the school and purchase any of the 68 vials of semen he had filled the fridge with. Initially, the school took his art project away and would not let him put it on display. But Marc Bradley Johnson complained, saying, "I've been working on this for months. Somewhat ironically - it's just masturbating and calling it artwork. This isn't unprecedented. There is plenty of bio-hazardous work in the art world." But the school's verdict was clear: "The distribution of human tissue, or in this case your sperm cells, whether dead or alive is not permitted by the law outside of a medically directed facility." Later the school finally allowed the student to put the piece of art on display, providing the sperm samples were microwaved and the door to the fridge was sealed, preventing anyone from taking the sperm.


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15 Most Shocking Things Ever Confiscated By Teachers