15 Most Shocking Photos From A&E's Hoarders

Cards on the table here, I had heard of A&E's Hoarders before, but had never seen any of it. Researching this article, I was given one hell of an education in the amount of refuse and depravity people are willing to live with in their lives. This hoarding stuff has even gone to the lengths of becoming a mental illness. Or at least being called a mental illness so that it can be excused, and "treated".

The specific examples in this article are some of the very worst hoarders in the United States. That's not to say this doesn't occur all over the world. It does. It just so happens that this is an American show...and it really doesn't paint these people in a positive light. The way in which these people live is just simply appalling.

There is everything from rat infestations, to cat infestations...and even possums! Not to mention the hoarding of snakes (both alive and dead). Then there's the bottling, and bucketing of human urine and feces. And then there's just the general, heaping mounds of trash, memorabilia, knick-knacks, and trinkets. It's a dark, disturbing world, this realm of Hoarders. All of that being said. Check out these fifteen disgusting examples of Hoarders.

15 Does The Pied Piper Live Here!?


So it must be said, right off the bat, that not all of the rats depicted here are actually alive. I mean, there are a great many there actually scurrying around. But there are also a great many who are dead underneath the hoard of vermin. This is Glen's house. Apparently the rats in it were originally bred as pets, but got out of control. How they got this out of control is beyond anyone's guess. There are over 2,500 of them! Glen's wife died, and suddenly the rats forced Glen out of his home, and into his shed...which also did house some rats. As sad as the story of his wife passing is...somehow that doesn't seem to excuse the intense hoard of rats that manage to infest the house. Now it has to be said of Glen that as neglectful as he clearly can be, he is not heartless. Instead of exterminating the rats (those still alive) he insisted that they be adopted out. Though many were likely rampant with disease, so the cost must have been incredible.

14 Now That's "Taking The Piss"


Yup, that's right. That is a two litre pop bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry full of someone's urine. Janet's urine, to be more specific. This is a woman who had to climb over heaps of trash just to get to the one open seat in the whole house where she both ate, and slept...and apparently urinated in bottles. There are apparently those who use crack who will bottle their urine and either sell it, or use it themselves to get some sort of cheaper, residual high. This was not Janet's reason, or at least so it seemed. That being said, having no heat, or hydro for over two years might make someone do this (though she could have just gone outside). Not sure why it took so long, but eventually, one of her children threatened to have her committed if she wouldn't clean up her act. I wonder if she'll have to be toilet trained again...

13 Crazy Cat House (Cat Lovers Be Warned)


Yes, cat lovers, please just skip ahead to the next entry because this is overwhelmingly disturbing. So first off, it is very clear that this woman's floor is almost entirely made of sh*t, much like the rat-infested home. Terry, the woman above, used to spay the cats she took in (and she took in every cat she found), but then she had no money left. So they bred all over...and she kept bringing more. And then many started to die. She had a fridge of somewhere between 75-100 dead cats in the fridge and freezer. She had decomposed cat liquid in the bottom of the fridge! Thankfully, the hosts of the show made her take out a great many of the cats so she could see what she had done. And of the 49 cats that were saved from the house, only 18 were able to be saved by the vets. Terry's own words on the matter? "I can't even say anymore that I love animals because I treated them so horrible."

12 Human Waste

This might make you want to gag. Shanna, in the above photos, is dealing with a couple of buckets. What's in these buckets? Feces, and urine. Shanna apparently took this little technique from her mother. Which means there is at least two generations of sh*t hoarders out there. Anyway, she fills up buckets, then empties it all into other buckets, then empties that out into even more buckets outside. One of the hosts of the show stays the night in this crappy home. When he confronts Shanna about the smell, she is unaware that the musty, decomposing smell is from the urine, and feces she has all over the place! How could she not know this!? And for some reason, the neighbours never really complained about the fact that this woman was tossing her own, literal crap out into her yard.

11 Hoarding Hundreds Of Snakes


There is apparently an estimated 250,000 animal abuse cases related to hoarding every single year in the United States. And this guy really went out of his way to help that statistic. A California teacher, William Buchman, had over 400 snakes in his home. In varying degrees of life, and decomposition. He let the issue get so bad that of the 400 snakes, 280 of them were dead. Many of them were covered in maggots, and flies. The neighbours would literally vomit because of the smell from the home. The place was also infested with mice and rats, which the snakes must have loved. If it were a true horror movie, the pythons in the house would have killed Buchman for mistreating them. Ultimately he was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, a $17,000 fine, and a ban from pets for five years. Though it should be longer. And he narrowly escaped a three year prison term for animal abuse. Lucky guy in the end.

10 Oh, That Petrified, Dead Rat? It's Art...

This woman...is just nuts. It is completely understandable how psychologists could see hoarding as a mental condition. This woman manages to convince one of the hosts of the show that a petrified, dead rat is a piece of art. If that wasn't crazy enough (which it is), she wouldn't have known the damned thing was there if it wasn't for the guy picking it up. That's how messed up hoarders are. She didn't even know she had a rock solid, petrified, dead rat on her floor. But as soon as the host picks it up, and says it's going...she justifies the damned thing as art! Now it's true. There are artists out there who would do something just as, if not more disturbing than this. They're out there. But they'd at least put the thing on display. Not just justify the putrid conditions of their home.

9 More Human Waste


Remember Shanna? The one who defecates and urinates in buckets, then pours that into buckets, then again into other buckets? Well she also filled bottles...and apparently a good portion of the counter and sink as well. Which is just somehow even more disgusting than everything else that has already been said. And there's even more! Before the cleaning of the house could be finished, she so badly wanted to have some food she had in there. As everyone is saying that everything needs to be tossed due to contamination, Shanna is talking about wanting a last bite of food from her crappy place. She even likens it to a druggy getting one last high before they get clean. So essentially this woman just wanted to have one last bite of literally sh*tty food before her place got a gutting.

8 Naughty Toys...


Ok, so some of this story is sad, and some of it is downright disturbing. Kevin, the owner of the house is in his mid-fifties, and happens to have an incontinence problem. So there are stacks of diapers all about. Which is understandable if you worry constantly about filling your drawers. But it gets nasty. Kevin doesn't see the value, apparently, in throwing away his dirty diapers, after he's done wearing them. So stacks of used diapers sit about the place. His sisters help in the cleaning of the house, and they come across something that they think is far worse. They come across a massive collection of hardcore pornography, bondage stuff, and a grand assortment of dildos. There are also quite a few garter belts, and wigs. And for some reason, they find their brother's sex life to be far more disturbing than the literal piles of sh*t he has strewn all over the place.

7 This Is Depressing...

This isn't shocking in the same way that the nasty scenes above and below are. But it is shocking nonetheless. This kid has got to be no older than ten or so, and he has got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not only is he aware that his mother is a drug addict, but he's also aware of the possibility of being taken away from his family. His younger brother was living with a friend of their mother's. And Maddox (the kid in the above video) was sent to live at his grandmother's. However, this grandmother is a hoarder. Whenever she is stressed, she goes shopping. This has led to several mountains of stuff in her home (which is why the younger brother couldn't also come to live with them). And the added stress of her daughter's drug abuse, and taking care of her grandson, stresses her more...which makes her shop more. Won't someone please think of the children!

6 Kitchen Window Entrance


As you might be able to tell...there's really no room for anyone to go anywhere here. And it's kind of terrifying to see a gas stove, with nothing but combustibles piled precariously on top. This place was so bad that the homeowner had to climb through a kitchen window to get in. There was no way the doors could be opened enough. And this was another haven, and hell for creatures and critters. There were about 20 cats living there. As well as about six, dead and frozen in the refrigerator. And then there were the near 100 rats that scattered every which way when people started cleaning. And they even found four possums. You know your place has to be might messy for a possum to leave its home and say "You know what? This is mine now." And the possums probably played dead to avoid embarrassment...unlike the homeowner.

5 Fuzzie And Fredd


Meet Fuzzie and Fredd. Probably the most terrifying of all the people to grace Hoarders, if only because they look like they're about to murder someone a la Deliverance-meets-Scream. These two never really had a job, and are in their forties. They were living in a van for a time until Fuzzie's dad bought them both a house, and a warehouse. So they decided to fill both with their odds (very odds) and ends. They have creepy mannequins all over the place, baskets of broken vibrators to be used in art projects, apparently. And they purposely went out of their way to mess with the hosts. Every time there was some sort of disturbance by one of the hosts, they revelled in it. These two are the type who cry over having a birthing table being thrown out. Not kidding. Why not just open a warehouse for the strange, and make some money off the oddities?

4 Kleptomaniac (Steal And Hoard) 


Here is a woman who loves to steal. And she apparently "can't help it". Because kleptomania exists on the books, and it's a great way to excuse behaviour. Regardless, A&E even filmed her stealing at a local thrift store. Given that it was caught on security cam as well though, they likely talked it over and scripted it with the store owners first. Either way, one could gather why there are so many bags of things all over her place. She just takes things. And apparently never uses them. Just piles them higher and higher. To her credit, she stopped bringing her "big bag" with her when she shops, to avoid stealing as much. She is aware that it's wrong, but feels it's a compulsion that she can't control...even though she can control what bag she takes, which limits her thievery. Seems to me she's just a hoarding thief.

3 Where Is The Floor?


So this episode was on season five of Hoarders. That was in 2012. The woman who lived in this property hadn't taken the garbage out since 2006! The floor is literally nothing but sh*t. She could probably start a garden with the amount of fertilizer spread about her place. She could probably just grow a lawn inside her home. But she can't because her daughter threatened to cut her out of her life forever. So now she's cleaning up. Which is a good thing because apparently she goes months at a time without showering. How did this all happen? Well she won a $150,000 settlement, and apparently spent it all on filling her house with refuse. The craziest part about this is that she rents the place! Surely the landlord would notice when just a few month's worth of garbage hadn't been taken out...let alone six years' worth of garbage!

2 A Very Nasty Kind Of Bomb Went Off


This might be one of the nastiest shots to have ever graced the home of a hoarder. First off, those are not shower curtains. Those are garbage bags. And what they're doing against the wall...would seem to indicate they were meant to shield from mess...but that didn't happen. It simply looks as though someone took a big bag of crap, and exploded it right in the tub. But that's not all someone's waste. That's waste, and rust, and mold. That's how messed up this is. Never mind the hoard that is the rest of the house. This is someone who managed to smear sh*t all over the walls, then let it sink in and begin to grow! You might wonder where this person might bathe then...good question, and it seems like they don't...at all. But trust me, the shot of the tub is probably a far better gauge than the shot of the owner. But either way...that's just entirely nasty! Imagine having to breathe that in everyday.

1 The Maggot Fridge


So...Barbara was one interestingly disgusting part of this show. Living in a fairly nice, and affluent area of town, she would slum around alleys and dumpsters. And if she found something that caught her fancy, she would take it back to her place and hoard up her home. Not sure if she also brought food home from the dumpsters, but whatever food she did have in the fridge certainly spoiled. And instead of cleaning the fridge, and doing a grocery shop, Barbara decided she should leave the "food" in there. And she just stuck to getting takeout. So ultimately, the rotting food in the fridge got to the point where it began to attract maggots. That is a stage of rot that I'm not sure many have experienced when it comes to food in the fridge. But there it is. It hardly matters how the rest of the house looked...she had a hoard of maggots in the fridge!

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