15 Most Shocking Photos Ever Taken At McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the fast food equivalent of Walmart. It is a place where virtually everyone from every walk of life and corner of the planet come at one point or another. It is also a perfect opportunity for anyone that loves to just “people watch.” Folks with kids, senior citizens, poor, rich, you name it, they go to McDonald’s on occasion. Because Mickey D’s is such a melting pot of humanity, there have been some pretty outrageous photographs taken over the years. Whether it’s security footage catching some late night craziness, or customers snapping a quick pic of other customers in their worst moments, it is all out there in the cyber atmosphere. As a restaurant that is known as a late night sanctuary for those that are partied-out, a meeting point for angry parents to drop off their kids for the weekend, or a pit stop for migrant travelers, McDonald’s provides a little something for everyone. But with multitude of crazy photographs taken over the years, we’ve gone the extra mile to find some of the craziest and most shocking photos that have ever been taken! Some you may recognize from viral fame, while others are a little more obscure, but it is absolutely clear that these 15 photographs are the absolute most shocking examples you’ll find taken at McDonald’s!


15 Mother Passes Child Through Drive-Thru Window

Surveillance cameras catch some of the most shocking and chilling photographs and video ever recorded. In this photograph, a mother was kidnapped along with her four children by a man who broke into their home and beat her repeatedly. When she convinced him that the kids needed to eat, he pulled through the local McDonald's drive-thru and the mother desperately tried to pass the two year old to the person at the window. The restaurant employee quickly reached for the child, seeing that there was a problem, but the kidnapper stopped her from passing the child as shown and quickly took off with the kids and leaving the mother. The man was soon caught and faced trial, but that didn't stop him from causing an absolutely horrific night for those children and their mother.

14 Adult Content on Television


A McDonald's in Switzerland apparently had its televisions programmed to play a show showing sports highlights. Innocent right? Well it turns out that the show that wound up coming on was anything but was p*rn! It was very late at night and thankfully, there weren't any kids in the restaurant at the time, but nevertheless, news travels fast and McDonald's management issued a statement about the mishap. The funniest part is that no one in the restaurant complained about the accident! So that evening, store customers got dinner and a show. This customer snapped a quick photograph of another late night patron seeming to be somewhat mesmerized. Because there is nothing strange about one adult taking a picture of another adult watching p*rn at McDonald's! Keep telling yourself that pal.

13 McScuse Me?!

You may just recognize this late night fast food diva from her self made video that went viral, where she complains in great drunken detail the terrible service she received from one particular McDonald's. It appears that she was recording from outside in the parking lot and explained that an employee looked her up and down and stated that she looked like she didn't need a second McRib sandwich. Now, we can all agree that this particular employee should not have said such a thing and this woman had every right to be angry, but when she said "McScuse me b*&ch?!" it was all downhill from there. She got her fifteen minutes of fame, but it would appear that she did not got her second McRib sandwich that night.

12 Temper Tantrum


This photo shows a screengrab from security footage from a McDonald's restaurant perfectly capturing the actions of a very angry customer. When the customer is told that she cannot get her money back she begins to throw a fit of absolutely epic proportions! The woman grabs the large water dispenser and dumps it behind the counter, knocks off each of the registers and throws a wet floor sign at the employees! More and more people seem to display their anger in very inappropriate ways and they seem to go all in a lot faster as well. There is no reason to ever respond to irritation or anger by committing criminal acts, but this customer felt she was entitled. Police were quickly called and it seemed she got her day in court. At least the woman walked out of the store empty handed, as she didn't even get her food!

11 Customer Freaks Out

You may have seen a viral video circulating where a customer at McDonald's comes up to the drive-thru window and after being told that she will not be able to get McNuggets at 10:30 am, begins arguing with the employee. Most people would just roll their eyes because they couldn't get what they wanted and either order something else, or drive away, but not this woman! She proceeded to get out of her car and attack the employee. Once the employee and his manager were able to close and lock the drive-thru window, the woman continued her screaming fit, retrieving something from her car to break the window. She then drove off in a hurry, leaving the crew inside absolutely shocked and bewildered. Amazingly, the next car pulled up to the drive-thru window as if nothing happened!

10 Chicken McBeak


You just can't make some of this stuff up! Or can you? This was a story in the early 2000s that went viral before "going viral" was a thing. A woman alleged that she found a fried chicken head in her box of mighty wings from McDonald's. Some have claimed over the years that this was a hoax, but it got a great deal of attention and was even a featured story from many reputable news outlets. The question of if this incident was done purposely or if it was a complete accident is still questionable, but most have regarded it as a horrible accident. The lady never sued the company, but the story lives on in infamy and will continue as a stain on the company's reputation for sure.

9 Inappropriate Things With Ronald Statue

So this is one example of many where people feel the need to do all kinds of awful (but often very hilarious) things to the Ronald McDonald statues commonly found sitting on benches at McDonald's restaurants. In this particular photograph, a woman strips down to her undergarments in the restaurant (this is clearly indoors) and climbs on Ronald McDonald giving the impression of some very adult acts taking place! It's not that Ronald doesn't want a lap dance, but the look on his face would indicate something of disinterest. I think we would all like to know what happened after this photograph was captured. If you are interested in seeing more, there are plenty of pictures people have captured having all kinds of fun with Ronald statues on the internet.


8 Employee Brawl


McDonald's is known as a workplace that virtually anyone can get a job. The "McJob" as it is known, will take you, train you quickly and pay you very little. With this type of workforce, you get what you pay for. The women in this picture seem to have forgotten their training on professional ethics and are a disgrace to the McUniform! When this brawl broke out between fellow crew members, it was in the parking lot and in full display! They also seem to have a fan watching and cheering them on from the sideline! Apparently, the manager wasn't about to try to get in the middle of it, but I doubt he hesitated to give them their walking papers after the scrap was over. I kind of think they were going to miss their shift that day.

7 McProtesting

McDonald's is a multi-billion dollar corporation. As with any major corporation, it has a lot of visibility and is open to a lot of public attack. Mickey D's is also perhaps the most well known fast food restaurant in the world. This picture represents just some of the many protesters they get in front of their restaurants each year. In this one, the protester is definitely committed, taking the time to dress like a demonic Ronald McDonald holding a butcher knife. They also get bonus points for creativity, holding a sign that says "McCruelty" (you've got to admit that it's  just fun putting the "Mc" prefix in front of any word). I don't know how many people are detracted from dining at the fast food giant as a result of these protests, but it seems that they aren't hurting for business!

6 Customer Trashing Store


We have seen fights and we have also seen temper tantrums, but there are not too many people that go to this level of extreme when they get angry in public! This customer allowed herself to get so angry and heated that she not only trashed the dining room, but started using a chair as a weapon. So this girl is apparently the Incredible Hulk's sister or something, but she certainly left a lot of people in the restaurant very freaked out! These people just wanted to enjoy their Big Mac and fries, but instead, they got a side order of absolutely crazy! She most assuredly faced legal charges for her actions, but the story will live on. The worst part is that she is most likely banned from McDonald's forever!

5 People Watching Gone Wrong

We have nothing against people of all body types. This has nothing to do with your size, but whatever your size happens to be, it seems that you may want to stick with that one and not a few too small (or too big.) This McDonald's patron had no problem going out in public like this, but the more astonishing question is how she got into those shorts at all! Furthermore, how would she get out? The circumstances around this customer and her experience are absolutely amazing and we would all love to have been there to see what happened. One thing is certain and that is that McDonald's is a perfect opportunity for people watching and seeing some absolutely amazing people from all walks of life and corners of the world.

4 Let's Go Streaking!


Just about everywhere you go, there are public indecency laws requiring a certain amount of "coverage" for the body. Public places like McDonald's are not only applicable, but they are the kind of places first thought of when those laws were written. I mean this is a restaurant dude...people are eating and clearly don't want to see your junk! But this guy chose to walk right in during a very busy time of the day and force everyone to get an eye full. If you look at the photo, you'll see that he is squatting, which I think everyone knows is a very bad position to be in while naked. Not only is this guy guilty of a very bad party foul, but he isn't even being naked politely!

3 Sign Mistake

There are all kinds of fake sign generators that allow you to add whatever saying you want to different sign fronts, looking very authentic. This one however, is a good old fashioned, authentic mistake! The employee assigned to change the sign was obviously in a hurry and didn't take his time or check his work. Unfortunately, one missing little "G" makes this sign very "R" rated! It's not known how old the picture is, or how long the sign stayed like this, but the photo has lived on as a business sign legend. There are plenty of funny signs out there, but this is one of the most well known examples of a fast food sign gone very wrong. Hopefully the employee just got a stern talking to and didn't get fired for this little slip!

2 Drive Thru Guy Had Enough


Just about everyone already knows the expression "the customer is always right." Clearly the McDonald's employee in the photo obviously doesn't agree with this particular philosophy when it comes to certain types of customers. For those sitting in line at fast food drive-thru lanes, it is usually just sitting mindlessly waiting for your turn to pick-up their order. This time though, the people in this car taking the photo got a preview of why they should be extra polite to the guy working the window! This guy seems to have the other one at a total disadvantage, grabbing him by the head and giving him an invisible swirlee! It would be nice to know what happened afterward, but I'm sure it involved a whole lot of politeness from any car observing the scene!

1 Stay Behind the Counter Please Ma'am!

This picture shows perfectly the reason why customers aren't allowed behind the counter. Somehow, it seems that this customer doesn't really respect this rule though. You can see another crew member poking their head out next to the coffee maker. The customer must have been extra angry about something because she made the whole thing very personal with the McDonald's crew member shown. Pulling her horizontally on the counter and having her in something close to a headlock, the most amazing part is how calm she looks as she empties a whole vat of butt whoopin' on the employee! It is not really clear if this woman knew the employee previously or not, since we would really hope that a wrong order couldn't drive her to treat a stranger like this!

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