15 Most Shocking Images Captured On GoPro

The GoPro is an action camera designed to capture the most extreme sports and stunts, whether it’s base jumping or free falling from the edge of space. Since the GoPro’s introduction in 2002, the camera has recorded some of the most insane, beautiful and heart-pounding footage to ever exist on the Internet. The GoPro has made history.

But sometimes, things go wrong. While the GoPro has recorded some beautiful things in its time, it has also recorded some of the most graphic, shocking footage to ever exist. We’re talking about the moments where things go terribly wrong. The GoPro has gone to unexpected places, places that GoPro Inc. probably never expected, like war zones. Other times, normal people have recorded seemingly every-day events that went on to have unexpected, harrowing endings. In some cases, the GoPro outlived man, recording people’s own deaths. It is all very graphic. It is shocking. Here is a list of some of the most shocking GoPro videos to ever exist on the Internet. A word of caution: proceed at your own risk.


15 Suspension Bridge Collapses

If you’ve ever had doubts about walking across a suspension bridge, this GoPro footage may solidify your beliefs. Four French hikers are walking across the Hopu Ruahine Bridge in New Zealand when one man suddenly hears a thud just before the suspension bridge wobbles and topples over, sending them tumbling 30 feet into the water below. Luckily, however, none of them were seriously injured. While there was a warning sign that the bridge could only hold 10 people, they should have been fine. One of the hikers later said in a YouTube comment that "Arriving mid-walk we hear a muffled sound and before having the time to wonder what is it, I am projected into the emptiness, fatally accepting what will follow". According to the operations manager, it was the cable that messed up the stability of the bridge. In any case, we will certainly be making a mental note never to walk across this or any other suspension bridges in the future...

14 Skier Falls Off Huge Cliff


The footage captured by this GoPro from 2011 is a slow build. In the first minute or so of the video, everything is all and well for the skier. He's shouting from the top of the mountain and admiring the beautiful views - up until he takes one misstep as he’s trying to put his skis back on and ends up falling backward down the side of the cliff. The footage captures him tumbling all the way to the bottom, over jagged rocks and ice terrain. There isn’t a lot that we know about the skier or his injuries, but there is an entire post dedicated to it on Reddit. What we do know, however, is that he is alive because you can see his shadow at the end of the video and he appears to be standing. Although some speculated that he probably suffered a few injuries, others say he made it out without any at all. As someone pointed out on Reddit, indeed, it is a bit of a “cliff hanger...”

13 Man Fights Off Great White Shark

This GoPro footage of a man coming face to face with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbor and his intense swim back to shore currently has 35 million views. Needless to say, this has to be some of the most popular footage ever recorded by GoPro. Indeed, the footage could have been right out of a scene from Jaws - dunnnn dun. The suspense will chill you to your core. Does he make it out alive? You will have to watch and find out - we won’t spoil it for you. This footage went viral a few years ago and since then, a lot of people have questioned its credibility. Some have even debunked the video piece by piece on YouTube, calling it fake. If that's true, however, we still think it’s worth a watch - it is still easily believable. We can suspend our belief for a moment or two, right? What do you think - real or fake?

12 Two Skydivers Collide Mid-Air


Not only has the GoPro captured two planes colliding in mid-air, but it has also captured the shocking footage of two skydivers colliding mid-air. The freak accident happened over Florida in 2016 and unfortunately went on to have devastating consequences for one of the skydivers, the 23-year-old Sebastian Leal, who was left paralyzed from the waist down (he was also the man who recorded the footage). At 14,000 feet in the air, the GoPro captures the quick collision, and the dizzying descent down to the ground. Leal was knocked unconscious after he collided with the other skydiver and hit several power lines on the way down, as well. This was not the first time he had been skydiving - in fact, he had been over 400 times prior to this freak accident. Despite his devastating injuries, Leal says that “I am optimistic that one day I will fly a wingsuit again.”

11 Base Jump Gone Terribly Wrong

The GoPro was designed with the daredevil in mind. It seems only natural that accidents would have been recorded somewhere along the way in the midst of extreme sports and daredevil stunts. Indeed, there is a certainly a long list of ‘GoPro stunts gone wrong’ and here is one such example. In 2013, GoPro slow-mo footage emerged of a man’s base jump and his near death experience as he crashes into the side of the cliff on the way down. With the jagged edges of the rocks and skin-to-skin contact, this video will make you feel weak in the knees. The footage captures his flailing body and the accompanying debris on his way down, too. Luckily, the man survived, although he uploaded the video to his Vimeo channel and listed his injuries as "Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained Back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas." We can't imagine watching this video in real-time - we are already in too much physical pain.

10 Terrifying Tower Crane Climb


For those of you afraid of heights, this video is probably not for you. Even if you’re perfectly comfortable with heights, the footage captured on this GoPro from 2013 will surely make your heart pound. It features the then 22-year old James Kingston, who now has a YouTube channel with over 400K followers dedicated to his crazy climbs, climbing a 96m crane above Admirals Quay in the UK. He does it without any protection whatsoever. He then proceeds to dangle from the crane once he gets to the top. And because that wasn't enough, he then takes it one step further and does it with one arm! One misstep and the guy would have been toast. The man made headlines, with medics weighing in on his dangerous stunt. When asked about how this would affect emergency services if something went wrong, Kingston replied with “That's the job you [paramedics] are trained to do and applied for, isn't it?” Although most people would consider his climb absolutely crazy, Kingston however, said it was “quite normal to be doing these things seen as being extreme or crazy."

9 Kitten Gets Rescued By Firefighter

We had to break up all of these shocking videos that take the life out of you with a heartwarming one. You don't mind, right? GoPro itself actually shared this video on their YouTube channel, and it's now their third most popular, bringing in over 33 million views. It is so precious that it may just bring you to tears. As you may have guessed from the title above, a tiny, helpless kitten is lying unconscious in the midst of a home that is slowly filling with smoke. The kitten is so tiny! It's so sad! The firefighter sees the kitten, picks him up and then uses an oxygen mask to resuscitate him. After a few moments, the kitten stretches, shakes and then meows, given a second chance at life. It is definitely a must watch - after all, everyone loves a happy ending, right? Also, cat lovers, beware. This video WILL make you tear up.


8 Great White Shark Attack


This viral video made the rounds on social media very recently after making international news. The footage is 100% real, unlike a lot of shark attacks supposedly caught on GoPro. In any case, if you haven’t seen the footage yet, a college student was casually spearfishing off the coast of Santa Barbara when a great white shark bites his fin. At first, he thought his friend just pranking him, until the shark came back again, this time ripping his entire fin off. At this point, the college student says he thought he was “finished.” He ends up dropping his spear (oh, the anticipation) with the great white shark inches from him at this point. The great shark comes back yet again, but this time the college student managed to stab the shark, causing him to swim away, narrowly allowing the college student to make his escape. It turns out that the great white wasn’t actually trying to eat him - he thought he was another shark and he was trying to get him out of his or her territory. Phew!

7 Explosion As Two Planes Collide

In a scene reminiscent of an action-thriller, two skydiving planes, a Cessna 185 and Cessna 185 collide over northern Wisconsin with 11 skydivers on board between the two. The planes were in the middle of doing a tracking dive before they collided. The incredible footage captures the explosions and the plane breaking apart mid-air and although the footage could be seen as questionable, it is in fact 100% real. Luckily, all of the passengers in the lead plane were just about to jump anyway otherwise the ending could have been very, very different. All of them jumped to safety, parachuting safely to the ground, including the pilot, although he did have minor injuries. They were all able to remain conscious and avoid the debris in the air too. While the one plane was destroyed, the other plane managed to land safely.

6 ISIS Fighter’s Last Moments Alive


Shocking GoPro footage of ISIS fighters engaged in a gunfight was released in March of 2016, reportedly by ISIS propagandists. The video shows one ISIS fighter moving alongside a stone wall as he shoots at a nearby house. The footage, which the fighter filmed with a GoPro attached to his helmet, then captures him as he attempts to raise himself up in order to get a better shot, but instead he gets hits with a bullet. The man tumbles to the ground and the video footage thus capturing his own graphic, violent death. It goes without saying that the footage may contain some content that some may find upsetting, so watch at your own discretion. Photos of the dead man's body were taken as well, reportedly as a way to glorify martyrdom.

5 Attempted Robbery At Gunpoint

There have been a few instances where a real-life robbery at gunpoint has been caught on a GoPro, but this particular instance was one of the more shocking ones. You will see why. The 8-minute video, which ended up going viral, involves a thief in Sao Paulo, Brazil, pulling a gun on a motorcyclist in the middle of the day. He wants the bike. However, what the robber doesn’t initially see is the undercover cop who was watching the entire time. The robber is in the midst of pointing his gun at the officer before the officer manages to shoot him. All of this was captured on the GoPro! Can you believe it? The bullet hit the robber in the leg and the abdomen and he was taken to the hospital to have the bullets removed. He survived. The video was originally uploaded by the person who was robbed, but he took it down because he feared “retribution.” Unfortunately for him, it was a little too late because the video was immediately re-uploaded countless times.

4 James Kingston Slips, Part 2


One of James Kingston’s more recent climbing videos to catch our attention was the one entitled “I Actually Slipped.” Here we have another video of Kingston climbing The Almas Tower in Dubai at 360M without any protection but this time, it was a close call. The video is already absolutely sickening as it is, especially so for those afraid of heights. And then he briefly loses his step once he gets to the top. It's not for the faint of heart. Although he said he doesn’t usually slip, there was apparently some dustiness at the top of the spire. This video is enough to give anyone a panic attack, so we suggest you watch at your own discretion. Despite his (albeit micro) slip, Kingston is showing no signs of stopping. Indeed, he must be bringing in a ton of money on his YouTube channel. You can catch of all his climbs on his channel, James Kingston.

3 A Survivor's Footage From A Plane Crash

Rarely do we get to see what is going on inside a passenger plane when it’s about to crash. However, one survivor of a Honolulu-bound plane crash in 2013 ended up releasing the harrowing footage of the day he was on a plane when the engine failed. He happened to have a GoPro on him at the time. The footage captures the moments before the passengers on the plane even know anything is wrong. It's all very eerie. Before you know it, the siren sounds as the plane dives toward the ocean. We see the moment of impact and the water filling up the plane as the 8 passengers on board scramble to put on their life vests on. The man who released the footage said that “Even that split nano-second, time stopped, your whole life just goes in front of you.” Miraculously, while everyone survived the impact, one passenger died of heart failure shortly after the plane crash.

2 Edge Of Space Jump


You may remember Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s famous “edge of space” jump in 2012 (technically, it wasn’t exactly the edge of space, but it was close enough). Nevertheless, the world was watching closely as he jumped to Earth via a helium balloon, free falling and a parachute. Even scientists didn’t know what would happen to his body on his way down, particularly when it came to breaking the sound barrier. Baumgartner became the first human to reach the speed of light with his body, something that had never been done before without being in a plane. He broke several other world records, including the highest altitude jump. The video was sponsored by Red Bull and they also partnered with GoPro to record the footage. In 2014, they released new high-definition footage which showed even more than we got to see the first time. This dizzying footage is a must see and will go down in history.

1 Motorcyclist Records His Own Death

This harrowing GoPro footage, released by the victim’s mother as a cautionary measure, is both shocking and graphic. In three days, 4.5 million people had watched it. It captures the few seconds before a motorcyclist crashes with an oncoming car where he was pronounced dead at the scene. The footage even captures his last word, which was “whoa.” This video is certainly a reminder to all of us just how quickly our lives could be over. The man was driving 40km over the speed limit at the time the car veered into his lane, and unfortunately, it was not enough time to react. The man driving the car said he did not see the motorcyclist. If you were wondering, he was ordered to do 130 hours of unpaid work and his license was suspended for a year and a half. In any case, there is something about this video that you can’t look away from, and for that reason, we are putting it in the number one most shocking GoPro footage that currently exists to date.

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