15 Most Shocking Images Captured On GoPro

The GoPro is an action camera designed to capture the most extreme sports and stunts, whether it’s base jumping or free falling from the edge of space. Since the GoPro’s introduction in 2002, the camera has recorded some of the most insane, beautiful and heart-pounding footage to ever exist on the Internet. The GoPro has made history.

But sometimes, things go wrong. While the GoPro has recorded some beautiful things in its time, it has also recorded some of the most graphic, shocking footage to ever exist. We’re talking about the moments where things go terribly wrong. The GoPro has gone to unexpected places, places that GoPro Inc. probably never expected, like war zones. Other times, normal people have recorded seemingly every-day events that went on to have unexpected, harrowing endings. In some cases, the GoPro outlived man, recording people’s own deaths. It is all very graphic. It is shocking. Here is a list of some of the most shocking GoPro videos to ever exist on the Internet. A word of caution: proceed at your own risk.

15 Suspension Bridge Collapses

14 Skier Falls Off Huge Cliff

13 Man Fights Off Great White Shark

12 Two Skydivers Collide Mid-Air

11 Base Jump Gone Terribly Wrong

10 Terrifying Tower Crane Climb

9 Kitten Gets Rescued By Firefighter

8 Great White Shark Attack

7 Explosion As Two Planes Collide

6 ISIS Fighter’s Last Moments Alive

5 Attempted Robbery At Gunpoint

4 James Kingston Slips, Part 2

3 A Survivor's Footage From A Plane Crash

2 Edge Of Space Jump

1 Motorcyclist Records His Own Death

This harrowing GoPro footage, released by the victim’s mother as a cautionary measure, is both shocking and graphic. In three days, 4.5 million people had watched it. It captures the few seconds before a motorcyclist crashes with an oncoming car where he was pronounced dead at the scene. The footage even captures his last word, which was “whoa.” This video is certainly a reminder to all of us just how quickly our lives could be over. The man was driving 40km over the speed limit at the time the car veered into his lane, and unfortunately, it was not enough time to react. The man driving the car said he did not see the motorcyclist. If you were wondering, he was ordered to do 130 hours of unpaid work and his license was suspended for a year and a half. In any case, there is something about this video that you can’t look away from, and for that reason, we are putting it in the number one most shocking GoPro footage that currently exists to date.

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15 Most Shocking Images Captured On GoPro