15 Most Shocking "Before" Pictures On Botched

Whether these patients have been botched by plastic surgeries or botched by nature, Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif come to their rescue. Their goal is to find a remedy to extreme plastic surgeries that have gone wrong and give their patients the confidence fake surgeons took away from them. After the premiere of Botched on E! in 2014, these doctors changed not only appearances but also lives when they turned the beast back into a beauty.

You won't be able to take your eyes away from patients on Botched. At first, you'll be curious to see their unusual look and then you'll be able to see how much they have changed. These people put their trust - and their money - in the wrong person, and it ended with terrible results. From real surgeons who messed up to black market fake doctors who claimed they could operate for a cheap price, there is no limit to all the things that can go wrong with the human body. Or sometimes, it's their crazy mind itself that makes everything go wrong. Could you believe a patient had cement and tire sealant injected into her body? Seeing what she looked like when she met the doctors will convince you to never make the same mistakes she made.

However, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif are not willing to do just any kind of plastic surgeries. You'll be shocked when you'll see the wannabe cartoon character they refused to operate on because her ideal of beauty was literally unrealistic. If you are ready to see the worst things that could happen from plastic surgery, here are the 15 most shocking "before" pictures on Botched:

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15 Lucy and Anna's Unidentical Boobs

Via Youtube

Lucy and Anna claimed they are the world's most identical twins, probably not because of nature. Just like they said (in unison): they eat the same, sleep the same, talk the same but unfortunately, their breasts aren't the same.

The twins have always been identical; they share outfits, friends, a job, a car, a Facebook account, a mobile phone, and even a boyfriend. Whatever they eat or drink, they make sure each sister gets exactly the same thing so they can have identical bodies and weights. However, don't think they were born this way. It took a lot of plastic surgeries to make sure Lucy's body looks exactly like Anna's. Unfortunately, when they woke up from the breasts surgeries, everything fell apart. They realized that they were not identical anymore and that's why they needed help. Unfortunately, the doctors wouldn't help them, because they felt any more work may only set them more apart from each other.

The sisters found a way to be unique by being the same. After all, they'll never be jealous of each other and this is an excellent way to be better together. We just hope that their boyfriend treats them the same or these two girls won't have any more time to waste with him.

14 Rajee's Cement Injections

You want to make sure the black market and "pumping" parties stay far from your face and this woman learned this the hard way. You get what you pay for, right? By trying to save money, Rajee lost her face and all her confidence

Instead of cosmetic fillers, this fake physician injected what is essentially cement and tire sealant in Rajee's cheeks, chin, breasts, hips, and buttocks. Even though many people say beauty comes from within, it is really difficult to walk around with a toxic solution that hardened under her skin. Unfortunately, Botched's doctors weren't able to help her at first because it was too dangerous. It wasn't until later that she finally found a safe way to have the substance removed from her face.

After many surgeries and weeks of recovery, this woman had the chance to understand the price a beauty and appreciate what she has. The most beautiful thing about Rajee is that she is now able to smile and she is really happy with the results.

13 Victor's Pork Chop Nose

Victor believed his nose looked like chopped pork. Nicknaming himself Victoria "Porkchop" Parker, this female impersonator knew how to turn this situation into a show... until he found out was his deformity really was!

After a nurse working in a basement injected silicone into his nose, Victor started noticing modules and masses of granulation tissue. He had a rhinoplasty so the granulomas could be removed but, after a week, a bump on his nose started to develop. Thinking there were more granulomas in his nose, this entertainer asked the doctors to take care of this botched surgery. It was not until they started the operation that they realized that Victor simply had an enormous black head on his nose! They performed a simple extraction and fixed his nose right up.

Victor was finally able to leave his house without makeup and show everyone who he is. This man was ready to fight to get the body he wants, and the results were worth it. We hope that this incident will give him the confidence to make people laugh even more.

12 Albert, The Bodybuilder

Albert was missing a left pec. That wouldn't be such a big deal for most people, but as a bodybuilder, "it sucks." No matter how much he trained, he couldn't do anything about it. Will the efforts of the Botched doctors be able to solve this?

In high school, Albert started weight training and fell in love with lifting. This is how he noticed that something was wrong as one of his muscles never got bigger. Albert has a rare illness known as Poland Syndrome. It is the underdevelopment or absence of chest muscles. He tried to get a pec implant in Mexico but the surgery and drugs made him sick because his body rejected it. That's what made him feel depressed and discouraged him from training for months. Albert hoped that the doctors would be able to support him. His motivation was getting his chest fixed so he could compete and realize his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder, just like his girlfriend.

It's hard to see that, no matter how hard you try, you can never get the results you were looking for. What Albert was looking for was not only an implant but also the confidence he needed to go further. Who said plastic surgeries were only superficial?

11 Cassandra's Rabbit Dream

Via Wetpaint

In case you haven't recognized the character yet, Cassandra is a real life Jessica Rabbit. She was already the perfect cartoon femme fatale but she wanted to be beyond perfection: she wanted to get her nose fixed and make her waist even thinner.

This model's entire life was a performance, from the moment she entered the office to the moment she took off her coat. The doctors were amazed to see this beautiful woman and immediately knew who she was portraying. And she worked really hard for this. Jessica was pretty much completely fake; she had surgeries worth more than $200,000 on almost every part of her body, even though she used to be Roger Rabbit. That's right, Cassandra is transgender, and was born a male. Why would she need more surgery? Everyone was already captivated by her from the moment she entered the room.

The fact that she is transgender shows how far she's come.  It is amazing to think that someone who was born a male can become an ideal of feminine beauty. One is not always born a woman but rather becomes a woman.

10 Ashlea's Starry Ribs

Via Youtube

When this patient stumbled upon a tattoo shop saying they had a guest artist specialized in subdermal implants, Ashlea jumped on the opportunity... and fell hard when she discovered that it was making her suffer physically and aesthetically.

The stars inserted on her rib cage were not only asymmetrical but also painful. This girl was so strong that she was ready to face more pain just to see this mistake go away, asking to stay awake during the surgery. "If I made it through getting them put in, might as well watch them get taken out, I've been waiting for it for years now." The procedure could have ended up in tragedy when Dr.Dubrow thought he punctured her lung. It turns out she was more scared than hurt, and the surgery was a success.

Don't open up to a stranger in a random tattoo shop, not only emotionally but also physically.  Ashlea was lucky to meet doctors she can trust on Botched and she probably won't trust a random artist who wants to put something under her skin next time.

9 Herbert's Hidden Super Power

Every little boy wants to be a superhero and Herbert never stopped chasing this dream. However, this man who idolizes the Man of Steel doesn't want to be like Superman, he wants to look like the Man of Plastic.

Herbert always loved superheroes as the first movie he watched was Superman II. Since that moment, he wished he could become a superhero someday. He was the biggest fan of the Man of Steel, as he held the Guinness World Record for Superman memorabilia for three years, collecting everything about Superman in his house for years. But what was even more impressive was that this man turned himself into his favourite character with over 23 procedures. However, even though he looked like him, Herbert didn't have the same strength. That's why he wanted permanent ab implants. The doctors refused to help him, thinking he already did enough damage to his body.

Herbert claims that Superman is real, but to prove that he can save the world, he'll need to try just a little bit harder. At least he is great as an impersonator and seems just as nice as Clark Kent. Will he ever find his perfect Lois Lane?

8 Katella's Blow Up Doll Ambition

Via Youtube

Katella's surgeries might not be botched but her idea of feminine beauty is. She came to the doctor's office asking to have more plastic surgeries so she could look like a blow-up doll. That's right, she wants to look like a plastic sex doll. The Botched doctors are rarely so surprised.

Nassif first thought it was a joke Dubrow played on him. Specifying that he was not judging, the doctor asked her why she wanted to look like this sex doll. Katella said that, when she first had gender reassignment surgery, she wanted to look more feminine. She thought the ultimate model of femininity was a plastic blow up doll. Thinking she is 80% there, she wanted bigger breasts, fuller lips, and bluer eyes. Unfortunately, Dr. Nassif was not impressed by her inappropriate behaviour when she started playing with her boobs in front of them while she was half-naked.

This wannabe blow-up doll should learn that women are much more than sexual objects. Flirting with the doctors won't give her more chance to have another surgery and she should work on proving that her head is not full of air.  She just blew it.

7 Justin's Back Implants

Via E! Online

Justin's unachievable dream is to look just like the Ken doll. After hundreds of surgeries done by different doctors, he finally found a doctor who was willing to do something that had never been done before: giving him back implants.

Dr. Leif Rogers accepted to work on the case because he was comfortable with this kind of procedure and was confident that he knew what to do if anything bad happened. Four different silicone implants were put into his back to make it appear like large back muscles. The doctor was surprised to see that everything went well and Justin was even more happy to see the results. But what is coming next for this plastic man who can never get enough of plastic surgeries?

Justin appeared on Botched more than once. The doctors refused to do his implants, but Dr. Dubrow was fascinated by Justin's surgically sculpted body anyway, and later brought him in as an expert to discuss the possibility of a pec implant with Botched patient Albert, who we mentioned already.

One day, Justin will be more plastic than the doll itself. His addiction for these kinds of procedures probably won't stop but he might not be able to find any doctors willing to work on another crazy idea. One thing is sure: it is not the last time you see him on TV.

6 Jordan's Leaking Lips

Via E! Online

Jordan is a self-proclaimed filler addict and a huge fan of Kim Kardashian. Nonchalantly saying "I can't really move my face," he was disappointed when he noticed that his enormous lips were leaking. Did he go a little too far this time?

This unique man always liked dressing up and wearing makeup, looking like a drag queen since he was a teenager. But it wasn't enough for him: he wanted to be permanently fabulous.  Jordan first had his lips filled at 21 just to make it look natural and have a little bit of definition. He then got addicted to fillers and his lips just got bigger and bigger with every new procedure. No matter what, he thinks that any attention is good attention, taking it as a compliment when someone said he had "blow job lips." Wishing for more guys to look at him, Jordan made his lips even bigger... until they started to leak. Oops.

Sometimes, less is more, but Jordan doesn't agree with this: "Some of us love looking fake, and some people love looking natural. Let the natural people be natural and let the fake people be fake." As long as he keeps smiling, there is no reason to worry!

5 Vinny's Genderless Identity

Via E! Online 1

Vinny didn't want to be a beautiful woman or a muscular man: he wanted to be an alien - a genderless alien. He thinks extraterrestrials are never associated with sex and wished to remove everything between his legs so he wouldn't have any sex for the rest of his life.

This alien wanted to turn heads, even though it is because they are terrified. However, he also wanted people to think he's beautiful because he likes to be around them. Vinny is lucky to have friends that are always there for him no matter what happens... and some of them have crazy looks, too. They believed he would be able to change the world one day. This is not the only thing he wanted to change to become the perfect alien, as Vinny also wanted to have his lips filled, shave his forehead, pin his ears, reform his jaw, realign his hair, have a nose job, and much more. The weirder, the better. The doctors wouldn't help him.

It seems like aliens won't come from another planet but from the plastic surgeon's office. His version of perfection was not like anything else anyone has ever seen. As long as aliens are as nice as him, there's nothing wrong with an extraterrestrial invasion.

4 Candy’s Huge Implants

When she had her first plastic surgery, Candy realized that her DDs got her a lot of attention and many job offers. With even larger breast implants, she figured that, the bigger her breasts were, the more money she would make from them. Unfortunately, going for 2500 cc implants was not worth the price. 

Candy instantly regretted her choice when she woke up after the surgery. Her breasts were pushed up towards her collarbone and she felt like she would be suffering every day from it. From that moment, she knew that she would need to have her breasts reduced, even though that meant losing fans. However, she couldn't go for less than 700 cc to make sure she wouldn't have excess skin. That is why she decided to meet Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow to see if they can help her with this and also close the gap between her breasts.

Candy’s story is the proof that sometimes, more is less. Even though big boobs are a big fetish, she doesn’t have to be uncomfortable all the time to please her fans. If they really like her, they’ll stay even if she has a - still really impressive - 700 cc. There is much more that she can offer.

3 Renee's Butt Implants

Via E! Online

A video went viral when Renee showed that she was able to flip over her butt implants. However, she never thought she would be risking her life on her way to getting the best booty. Butt what happened to her?

She started altering her butt four years before because she was in a mid-life crisis and wanted more volume. Renee first had silicone injections but got sick, and it only got worse over time. She wanted to get to the bottom of this and the doctors found out that silicone had migrated up her back and down her legs. This incident could have killed her, as this substance can attach to organs and cause autoimmune disease. Renee found a doctor that was ready to do the removal and - admitting she was vain - asked for butt implants to replace the silicone. This unlucky girl only came face to face with another problem.

When it comes to your body, no one should make assumptions because everyone reacts differently. Every bootie is beautiful, and she should have learn to love hers as it is. Better watch your butt next time, Renee!

2 Brian's Male Boobs

Via US Magazine

Did you ever lose a bet? Brian sure did! And that's not the only thing that was lost in this strange adventure: the breast implants are worth $100,000. It wasn't until a short time ago that he took things more seriously and wanted to forget a little mistake he made in the past.

As a gambler and magician, there are really few things Brian wouldn't do for a bet. However, he should've thought twice before not thinking at all and getting these breasts implants that would last for a very long time. How did that happen? He told his friend that if he had boobs like her girlfriend, he would get as much attention as she would. Brian decided to get breasts implants to prove that he was right and his friend laughed for 10 minutes. However, almost 20 years later, the joke was not fun anymore and he asked for the help of Botched's doctors to get rid of these unusual implants.

Having breasts taught Brian a lot of things. He now knows how to pose to make his boobs look better and understand why women do it, too. However, he probably didn't learn to stop making bets like this one, so expect to see him with a second nose in another episode.

1 Pixee, The Living Cartoon

Via EOnline

If you tell Pixee that she looks like a cartoon character, she’ll take this as a compliment, because that’s exactly what she want to achieve. She feels like it represents the idealization of the female body with a tiny waist, a perfect butt, and big boobs. But at that time, Pixee needed more surgery to fulfill her dream.

The Swedish model already had many plastic surgeries including multiple boob jobs, lip fillers, and even had six ribs removed to make her waist thinner. Unfortunately, this was not enough for Pixee. She wanted the perfect hourglass figure, just like Jessica Rabbit. The model asked Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow to give her hip and butt implants to make her look more cartoonish. They refused, telling her “You would look cartoonish in a deformed, goofy, ugly way.” That was not enough to stop her as she admitted that she will continue to search for other surgeons willing to perform the procedure on her.

Pixee’s goals are unrealistic in a literal way. Everything is possible with drawings, but what she has to understand is that some things are impossible in life. Unfortunately for her, the surgery to turn her into a 2D cartoon character doesn’t exist so she will have to stay in the real 3D world.

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