15 Most Shark Infested Waters In The World

Did you know over 470 species of sharks exist and they have been swimming around in the oceans of our world for about 420 million years? That seems like a dangerously high amount of sharks to be out and about on Earth. However, if you take into consideration that these sea creatures are scattered around everywhere, it doesn't seem as scary. Not to mention, there are countless shark hunters who have been scouting the waters for many, many years, trying their best to "catch a prize". But most of the time, people are not worried about the dangers of shark hunting. They are more worried about what a shark will do to them while they are swimming in the water.

First of all, when you take a chance on swimming in the ocean, try to remember that the waters you are treading are what they consider their home. That being said, many sharks become curious when certain objects, such as people get into the water. Statistically, the chances of getting attacked by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067. Those odds are pretty good, considering you are more likely to be hit by lightning.

However, attacks do happen. If you plan on staying away from the most shark infested places in the world, try paying attention this article. Listed here are fifteen of the most shark infested waters on Earth.

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15 South Australia

via:Daily Star

South Australia has many defining and eccentric qualities. Places like the Barossa Valley, or the Art Gallery of South Australia tend to gather quite a crowd, especially during the busy months of the year. But what many people don't usually mention is the amount of shark attacks. According to SurferToday, South Australia has had 41 total attacks, 14 of them proving to be fatal.

The latest fatal attack happened in February, 2014, when a great white shark took the life of a man named Sam Kellett. He was a spear fisherman, as well as a teacher, who ran into trouble at the wrong time and place. Sam and his friends were free diving off of the coast of Goldsmith Beach, South Australia. At first everything seemed completely fine. One of Sam's friends stated that while they were in the water he heard screaming and saw thrashing in the water. His friend said that he never did see Sam get taken by the shark. However, when the water later stained with blood, their suspicions had been confirmed. Sam had indeed been killed by a great white shark.

14 Texas

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You know what they say in this famed state: "Everything is bigger in Texas." So, with everything becoming larger comes even greater expectations of what is to be. But when you first hear the word "Texas", the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't the ocean with lots of sharks to boot. But Texas does have many beaches scattered along its edge full of tourists along with locals who litter the coastline daily. It's no wonder that, like Florida, so many people in one area tend to attract the sea creatures, and Texas has been known for it. But what attracts them to the beaches isn't as important as how many attacks Texas has had over the years. While there have only ever been two fatalities, the large state has experienced around 41 attacks all together. It doesn't seem like a lot, but bunch that with the odds of being attacked and a different picture becomes painted in your mind.

13 Mascarene Islands

via smithsonianmag.com

If hiking on beautiful landscapes with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean has always been a dream of yours, then look no further than the Mascarene Islands. These treasured pieces of land have been serving the public with popular hiking trails and incredible views for many years. Perhaps a boat ride is more your taste rather than hiking on the trails all day. The islands have that as well. However, what many people probably don't tell you is that sharks are a part of the bargain as well. When it comes to statistics, the Mascarene Islands have had 41 attacks. The number of fatalities is a startling 19. While there's no doubting that the islands have astounding beauty, it's no wonder that so many fatalities have occurred. People flock here for the beauty and with the waters looking so clear and clean, people can't wait to just jump right in.

12 Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is essentially the perfect place for beach goers and those who love to go scuba diving. They are also known for their beautiful coral reefs and general beauty of the land. They do have active volcanoes which at first glance may seem kind of scary, however, the views are absolutely spectacular. But just like any other beautiful place that seems like a tropical paradise, there has to be a downside. Papua New Guinea has many different established beaches, which means there are sharks not far behind. There have been 48 attacks around the country's coastlines. Some of the native people even believe in shark calling, attracting more sharks into the waters to hunt.

11 New Zealand

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New Zealand is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It has astounded millions of people with its beauty and continues to do so to this day. But with that enormous amount of beauty comes the bad as well. New Zealand is famous for its vast majority of mountains that spread across the landscape as well as the many beaches that surround the country. It's also the place where the famous movie franchise Lord of the Rings was filmed. But when it comes to shark attacks, the last place on anyone's mind is New Zealand. Just from looking at it, the place seems like a true paradise. One without dangers and terrible creatures. However, New Zealand has had a total of 50 shark attacks. Out of those attacks, eight proved to be fatal. Many there believe that baited observation cages have made the great whites more aggressive.

10 Hawaii

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What is it about beach paradises that pull us in, making us want more of the relaxation and time away? It's the stress that affects us in our every day lives. And its those same stresses that urge us to take a nice dip in the water, completely forgetting about the dangers that may lurk just underneath us as we swim in the ocean. Maui, which is an island of Hawaii, has had its fair share of shark attacks over the years. A large 55 shark attacks have occurred around the area, with five of those attacks unfortunately ending in fatalities. But when visiting a place like Maui, you can't let the statistics get you down. It's a beautiful place full of amazing sights and sounds. However, it's definitely a good idea to keep a look out as you're pushing through the ocean waters off the coast.

9 North Carolina

via abcnews

Many local news studios have been ranting about an increase in shark attacks and how they have been on the rise in recent years. Subjects such as this tend to send a panic throughout the world, but fret not. So far, there have been about 60 shark attacks in North Carolina. Included in that total are three fatalities. Luckily, North Carolina does what it can to control when people are allowed in the water so these things do not happen, but the ocean is still where the sharks call home. So, when it comes down to it, sharks are always going to be in our waters, whether we like it or not, especially around North Carolina's shores.

8 Western Australia

via movingtoaustralia

If you're looking for adventure, Western Australia is certainly the place to be. It has everything a true outdoors person could want from hiking to wildlife and amazing landscapes as well as parks. They're also very famous for the beaches as well as surfing the vast waters of the Indian Ocean. They even have an outdoor art gallery with statues scattered all along the beach. Sadly, many people also know this place because of the shark attacks. All together, there have been 79 shark attacks with 19 of those being fatal. The scariest fact is that most of the fatalities were caused by great white sharks. The picture above shows a great white stalking a potential victim.

7 South Carolina


South Carolina has all the fixings you could ask for when going on a trip to the beach. There are quite a few key places to visit while you're in the state. Myrtle Beach is possibly the most popular, where the beaches are fun and the attractions are great. And if you're looking for something a little more laid back, Hilton Head Island would be the place to go. However, if you're a history buff, then perhaps Charleston would be a better fit. Whatever your preference, you're probably going to be visiting a beach somewhere along the coast line. When doing so, keep in mind that there have been a total of 90 shark attacks along the state. Only two of those attacks have been fatal. But no one wants to go on a vacation and end up being bitten by a shark. And attacks have been on the rise. The above map was compiled in 2015.

6 Brazil

via sharkttacknews

Brazil is often known for the iconic statue Christ the Redeemer, which sits high above, watching over everyone in the distance. It's a beautiful and wonderful structure built out of hard work and dedication and definitely draws in the crowds. But plenty of other points of interest, especially the beaches, bring in tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately, some of these beaches have been known, not only for their shark attacks, but for the high amount of fatalities that come with them. In Brazil, 102 attacks have occurred in the country with 22 of those attacks established as fatal. Above you can see a spinner shark jumping, so close to a surfer. The attacks have become so numerous that more and more tourists are beginning to shy away from the water. One such beach is located in Recife and many people refuse to enter the waters because of the high amount of shark attacks which occurred just within a year. So if you were planning a trip to Brazil, it's probably best to mark certain beaches like the one in Recife, off your list.

5 California

via latimes.com

From famous Hollywood stars to Yosemite National Park, California is considered the place to be if you're looking for a good hike or longing to be noticed by someone in Hollywood. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, no matter who you are. California caters to the interests of people all around the world. Even the beaches of this stretched-out state draw in people from far away. Sharks, however, are drawn here as well. Perhaps it's the large population in the area combined with the amount of tourism, but whatever it is, sharks seem to love it. In consequence, the gathering of large amounts of people along with sharks tends to end very badly. Overall, California has had 116 shark attacks with 10 deeming fatal. The population of sharks in certain beaches is so great that sometimes beaches have to be shut down in order to protect people from being attacked.

4 Queensland, Australia


The United States normally averages about 19 shark attacks each year, accompanied with two fatalities. While Australia usually harbors about three deaths each year, the chance of a shark attack isn't necessarily more likely, but the type of shark roaming around close to their shores is definitely bigger. The great white has taken numerous lives over the course of many years and people have been keeping count. There have been a total of 186 attacks in Queensland, Australia and 50 fatalities. That's very high. Certainly the number doesn't indicate the entire country. That being said, 50 deaths due to sharks in one area is enough to send panic throughout the region. But people still keep jumping in the water. They know the risks and the facts are known to pretty much everyone. Even surfers have heard the horror stories and are still willing to risk it for that perfect wave.

3 New South Wales, Australia

via:VOA Indonesia

New South Wales in Australia is home to the famous Sydney Opera House. It is considered a southeastern Australian state and whether you're looking to hike through the Blue Mountains or take a trip over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, New South Wales has some interesting spots. Its beaches are famous as well, not only for their beauty, but for the massive amount of shark attacks and fatalities that have increased in numbers over the years. These sharks have been coming and going for millions of years, so it comes as no surprise that they get curious about what is going on near the shore. So far, there have been 229 recorded attacks. Out of that large number, 61 people were fatally wounded. Just recently, in September of 2016, a teenager was attacked by a shark at Lighthouse Beach in New South Wales. Luckily his injuries were not fatal and while officials could not determine what type of shark it was, an aerial team confirmed a sighting of a great white not far from where the attack occurred.

2 South Africa

via abcnews

South Africa is a beautiful country, filled with exciting venues, ventures, and many great places to enjoy the outdoors. If you're the type of person who loves the wildlife of South Africa, then you have definitely visited the right place. But what about the more unpleasant locations? As any city can imagine, South Africa has some terrible spots as well, but the fact of the matter is, this country's shark attacks are off the charts when added together. South Africa has had 249 attacks and 54 fatalities. With such a large number of attacks, one would hope that security measures have been put in place in order. There's only so much that the officials can do however, so jumping into the waters is always considered a risk.

1 Florida

via huffingtonpost

In this popular state of retirees, Disney lovers, and party goers, there exists dark facts that many people may not know. Florida has been subjected to 748 shark attacks over the years. Now, given that only 11 of those attacks have been fatal, that still doesn't take away from the fact that Florida has tons of sharks in their waters, and they're obviously swimming very close to the shore. But what is it about Florida that really draws them in? Many people believe it has something to do with the massive amounts of people who pack the beaches. And with each passing year, those numbers increase more and more.  No one is unaware of shark attacks, but they certainly do forget sometimes, when enjoying the water.

Sources: SurferToday, AUNews, TheActiveTimes

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