15 Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Died

Whether you're participating in a cockroach eating competition or you're swimming at at a lifeguard's pool party, death can come at you unexpectedly

Death is inevitable. I hope I'm not breaking ground by telling you this: we are all going to die. Nearly every part of life can be avoided, save for those last moments everyone experiences. No one truly knows how they are going to kick the bucket, as even those expecting death can get hit by a car on their way to the bank. It's an unfortunate part of our existence, and is terribly sad when it affects you, but death is as natural as it gets. The circle of life ends with you biting the dust like everyone else who has ever lived.

The circumstances surrounding a person's death is out of their control. I'm sure many people would like to script the way they die; and if they did they likely wouldn't be showing up on a list like this. Death can come at you when you least expect it. Whether you're participating in a seemingly harmless cockroach eating competition or you're swimming at a lifeguard's pool party, death can come at you in unexpected places. These 15 people realized firsthand how prevalent death can be, as they died in some of the most bizarre ways imaginable.

15 Man Found in Giant Python

This video went viral recently, and it shows a missing man being found in the belly of a dead python. This happened in Indonesia, where giant python abductions seem to be more of an everyday occurrence than they are in America. The people surrounding the python when it was cut open didn't seem too shocked, making it appear that this is something that just happens over there. Still, by most western standards, this death is pretty bizarre. In a video that made the rounds, you can see the dead python being cut open to reveal the corpse of a missing man. It appears that the python's eyes were bigger than its stomach, because digesting the man seemed to have killed it. Overall, it's hard to call it a win for the python. Both parties dying seems like a draw, so we'll have to wait for the rematch.

14 The Butt Chug

Chugging alcohol through your butt is an extremely dangerous way to consume a beverage because of how fast it will get you drunk. By doing this, the alcohol bypasses the liver and goes straight into the blood stream. As told by 1,000 Ways to Die, one alcoholic man needed his fix and had no other option. He had recently had a throat operation and was unable to drink, so he decided to get his alcohol in another way. He got an enema bag and had his wife pour an entire bottle of wine into it. Usually, drinking a bottle of wine wouldn't be the end of the world, but since it was given to him through the rectum, his BAC went through the roof. When he was found, dead of alcohol poisoning, he had a blood alcohol level of 57.

13 Hold Your Wee for a Wii

Twenty eight-year old California mother, Jennifer Strange, desperately wanted to win a Wii for her children. She entered a radio contest that was called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" at a local radio station, with hopes that she'd be able to win the top prize. The competition was self explanatory: the contestants were to drink as much water as they could without going to the bathroom. Strange crushed the competition. Other contestants were dropping left and right, as each person realized that a Wii wasn't that rare or expensive, and not worth the pain and possible long-term damage. Strange kept drinking and holding her bladder, and eventually won the competition. Her celebration didn't last long, as she died soon after her victory from water intoxication. Apparently there is such a thing as too much hydration.

12 Cockroach Eating Contest

In a bizarrely Florida story, Edward Archbold, a 32-year old West Palm Beach resident died after winning an eating competition. The wrinkle in this competition was that everyone had to eat meal worms, "super worms" and cockroaches. Archbold downed an impressive 60 grams of the meal worms, 35 of the "super worms" and a whole bucket of cockroaches. He wanted to win the prize for first, a python, and gift it to his friend. His death was more related to how he was eating than what he was eating, as it appears he ended up chocking on one of the final roaches. None of the other contestants got sick, but none of them could eat as much as Archbold. It's unclear whether his friend ever got that python.

11 Crocodile Plane Crash

A small plane flying over the Congo inexplicably crashed, killing nearly everyone on board. Investigators couldn't find any reason for the plane to have gone down, but when they interviewed the only survivor, he offered some substantial incite. A crocodile that was on board escaped captivity and terrified the passengers, sending them all running to the front of the plane. Because the plane was small, the weight distribution caused the plane to do a nosedive to the ground. No one knows who brought the crocodile in their carry-on, but it caused the death of 19 people in that plane. Apparently, one of the flight attendants was frightened by the crocodile and ran to the cockpit, prompting everyone on board to follow and eventually resulting in the deadly plane crash.

10 Most Ironic Drowning in History

It's tragic, but there are several drownings every year in this country. There's nothing unique about drowning to death, and unfortunately nothing that can really be done in most cases. Jerome Moody, however, met his end in the most ironic drowning incident in the history of drownings. Moody was at a pool party for a local residential pool in New Orleans. The lifeguards hosting the party were celebrating their first ever drowning-free year to date. Everything was going swimmingly (like that one?) until the end of the party, when someone found the 31-year old moody at the bottom of the pool. Moody was not a lifeguard, but there were four lifeguards on duty at the party. In addition to the people getting paid to supervise, most of the guests were lifeguards as well.

9 Babe 2: Babe's Revenge

Pigs are the smartest animal that we consume. Not many people like to think about it, but pigs have around the same intelligence that dogs do. Sure, they're not as cute, but they know what's going on. That's why it's hard not to root for the pigs in this situation. Sixty-nine-year old Terry Vance Garner of Oregon went out to feed his pigs and never came back. He slipped and fell in the pig pen, and those animals showed no mercy, killing and eating the man. Only his dentures and scraps of his body were left when the pigs were done, but it's hard to totally blame them. We eat millions of pigs every year, so a few pigs eating one guy seems like as good a way to get revenge as any.

8 Butterfly Bomb

Butterfly bomb is the name that was given to a specific German bomb. The outside of the bomb looks slightly like a butterfly, which is why it was given the name, but it is much more lethal than the name suggests. They were often dropped in clusters, so finding butterfly bombs that hadn't yet been detonated was not an uncommon occurrence. Paul Gauci, a 41-year-old Maltese man, had an encounter with one of these bombs unknowingly. He needed a mallet, so he welded what he thought was a harmless can into the tool he needed. It wasn't until he first used the mallet that he realized something was wrong, but by that time it was far too late. As soon as he hit something with it, the bomb exploded and killed him.

7 Death By Dramatization

In 1991, a Thai woman named Yooket Paen, died tragically when she slipped and fell into a live wire. She was trying to prevent herself from going down when she grabbed the wire, which electrocuted and killed her. While this was a freak accident, it was not the most bizarre part of the story. Hours after Paen's death, her sister was walking investigators through what had happened. She went to the spot where her sister had fallen, and re-enacted how Paen fell. When she fell as her sister had, she also grabbed onto the live wire, which subsequently killed her as well. It's unclear if the fence has claimed any other lives, but it should be mentioned that someone should have probably shut it off after this.

6 Flying Bear

Hitting wildlife while driving down the road is nothing new. Even in residential suburbs, deer and other animals are struck by cars quite frequently. Bears, however, are a much rarer sight on the road. A 25-year old Canadian man and a 40-year old woman were killed by a bear that was on the road, but not one that they initially hit. The bear was hit by another car and launched into the air. It struck an oncoming car's windshield and blasted through the entire automobile, killing the two people inside. Bears don't get hit by cars very often, and when they do it's rare that they cause multiple deaths. Apparently, bears are just as dangerous when they're flying through the air as when they're protecting their young.

5 Deadly Carrot Juice

This death gives a perfect reason as to why you should just keep eating unhealthy. UK resident Basil Brown, was on a health kick, and wanted to get into juicing. He had a particular interest in carrot juice, and even got to the point where he would drink a gallon of the juice every day. He thought it would make him healthier, obviously, but it had the opposite effect. It actually led to his untimely death ten days later. After ten days of drinking a gallon of carrot juice, Brown keeled over dead. He had died of liver failure, as his body couldn't process all of the vitamin A it was getting. This serves as a reminder of the saying, "everything in moderation." Even healthy things can kill you if you eat/drink/do too much of it.

4 Death By Atomic Wedgie

Atomic wedgies feel as though they're 90% myth. How can someone really yank your underwear to the point where the elastic band is over your head? Brad Davis set out to dispel the idea that an atomic wedgie could not be performed, as he successfully pulled one off on his stepfather following a night at the bar. Unfortunately, the waste band slipped beneath the victim's chin and he ended up asphyxiating. The act was initially ruled a homicide, but was later changed to manslaughter. Still, Davis could face 30 years in prison for his act. The wedgie to end all wedgies started over an altercation. Davis' stepfather attempted to punch him, and since there were no lockers or toilets around, Davis went with plan C and ultimately killed his stepfather with an atomic wedgie.

3 The Ultimate Home Field Advantage

Soccer players are notorious for committing some of the most egregious flops in all of sports. There are compilations all over YouTube of soccer players hitting the deck with no contact. In one particular game, though, no contact was needed for an entire team to go down. Democratic Republic of the Congo soccer team was playing an away game on a wet field, when a bolt of lightning struck the turf. All 11 members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo team died when the lightning hit. The most bizarre part of the incident was, however, that no player on the opposing team was affected at all. None of them experienced so much as a shock in this incident. A lot of people say that God doesn't take sides in sporting events, but I think it's pretty clear that he bet heavy on the home team in this match.

2 Banged to Death

Nigerian polygamist Uroko Onoja was paying too much attention to his youngest wife. He had six wives in total, and some of the older women were beginning to feel neglected. They saw him spending all of his time with the youngest woman, and noticed that she was the only one he ever wanted to have sex with. Well, the five other wives banded together and forced the man to pay attention to them. After a night of drinking, Onoja returned home to his wives. He took his sixth wife into their bedroom, but the five other women were ready. They burst through the door with weapons, demanding that Onoja have sex with them first. He resisted their demands, but only for so long. Sex is still sex after all. Unfortunately, Onoja couldn't bang his way through this one. He died while having sex with four of his wives in a row. The fifth one was left to fend for herself.

1 Final Destination

One of the most ironic stories on this list comes to us from France. In 1982, undertaker Marc Bourjade was stacking coffins at his job, when they began to topple over. He wasn't able to get out of the way in time, and was fatally crushed by the avalanche of coffins. An undertaker being killed by a coffin is some classic irony, but his family even added to the story when they buried him in one of the coffins that killed him. Hopefully they were able to get a discount; because I'm sure Bourjade dinged the coffins at least a little when they all fell on top of him. While death isn't ideal, it's hard to think of a more fitting way for an undertaker to go out.

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15 Most Ridiculous Ways People Have Died