15 Most Outrageous Simpsons Fan Conspiracy Theories

The Simpsons first official episode “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, premiered on December 17, 1989. The series originally started out as sketches on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. The sketches were so popular that they received their own series. The series revolves around the Simpson family, their relatives and other residents of Springfield as they go on many adventures and misadventures. The series focuses on Homer and Marge Simpson, and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. It has since become a cultural phenomenon and is ingrained in our society. The series made such a huge impact on society that Homer Simpson’s famous catchphrase, “D’oh”, was added to The New Oxford Dictionary of English in 1998. The series is now in its 28th season and has aired 600 episodes and counting. Matt Groening created the series and it features the voice cast of Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Julie KavnerHank Azaria, Harry Shearer and Yeardley Smith. The success of the series eventually resulted in the release of The Simpsons Movie, on July 27, 2007.

The Simpsons has been universally critically acclaimed but also has received a good amount of criticism. The series has won 31 Primetime Emmy Awards and has a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. The series is one of the most popular series of all time. Due to its popularity and length of the time on the air it has led to many rumors and speculations regarding the series and plotlines. Several fans have come up with some very interesting and outrageous conspiracy theories in regards to the show. Here is a look at 15 Most Outrageous Simpsons Fan Conspiracy Theories.


15 Marge Shot Mr. Burns

One of the series greatest mysteries was “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” Well, it ended up being the youngest child in the Simpson family, Maggie. It’s been a recurring joke since then but some dedicated fans have a different theory. They propose that it was actually Marge that shot Mr. Burns. Burns was shot by a Smith & Wesson, which was owned by Grandpa. The last time we see the gun before Burns is shot is when Marge is burying it in the backyard. Additionally, the bullet contained Simpson DNA and Marge herself points out that she took everything when she married Homer, including the DNA. Also, Marge worked as a cop where she would have learned how to use a firearm. However, Burns himself implicates Maggie as the shooter. The theory suggests that he did this because he still had feelings for Marge from the episode, “Marge gets a job”. In that episode he he falls in love with Marge.

Also, the theory points out that Chief Wiggum states no state will prosecute a baby except for Texas. According to the theory, this is why Marge lets Maggie take the wrap for shooting Burns.

14 Bleeding Gums Was A Drug Addict

Bleeding Gums Murphy was a jazz musician and Lisa’s mentor. They met in the season 1 episode, “Moaning Lisa”. The episode dealt with Lisa’s depression and playing the saxophone helped her deal with it. At the end of the episode, Lisa and Bleeding Gums have a jam session. We know that Bleeding Gums at one time was a huge jazz star. He even released an album and appeared on an episode of The Cosby Show. At the height of his career he began to over indulge with Faberge eggs and his career went downhill. When he met Lisa he explained the he’s named Bleeding Gums because he’s never been to the dentist. In the season 6 episode, "Round Springfield", Bart accidentally eats a jagged Krusty-O in his cereal. He ends up in the hospital needing surgery. While there, Lisa finds Bleeding Gums at the hospital as well. He never reveals why he is there. One theory suggests that Bleeding Gums was in fact a drug addict and that was the cause of all his problems. The theory points out that bleeding gums or gingival bleeding, is common with heroin addicts. The theory suggests that his heroin addiction left long term damage that led to his death.

13 Maude Hated Ned

The Simpsons' next-door neighbor is Ned Flanders (and his family). Ned and Maude are happily married with two young sons, Rod and Todd. They go to Church every Sunday and help the less fortunate. Ned owns and operates a store that specializes in products for the left-handed known as the Leftorium. They seem to have the perfect life. However, everything changes for the Flanders family when Maude dies in the season 11 episode, “Alone Again, Natura-Diddily”. Ned is devastated after her death but eventually begins to put his life back together. It’s clear that Ned will love Maude forever. However, an online fan that goes by the name Diversity Pumpkin, posted an interesting theory on the fansite No Homers Club. The theory suggests that Maude actually hated Ned. Anytime there was a danger she would quickly leave Ned alone, not help him or seemed not to care, such as, the time a comet was heading towards Springfield or during a bear attack. After she dies the imprint on her side of the bed is facing away from Ned. That would imply that Maude would sleep facing away from Ned so often that it left a permanent imprint.

12 Moe Knows Bart Is Pranking Him

One of the many hallmarks of the series is Bart’s classic prank calls to Moe. Bart might not have the best grades or manners.  He is however, possibly the greatest prank caller in the history of prank calls. Bart’s main target is bartender Moe Szyslak. Moe owns the local bar, “Moe’s Tavern”. Moe’s regulars include Homer, Barney, Carl and Lenny. Bart often harasses Moe with his prank calls often causing Moe to embarrass himself. After all these years Moe has never figured out who the prank caller is. However, a Reddit user known as Senor_Schnart has an interesting theory as to why he’s never put a stop to it. The theory suggests that Moe has known all along that it’s Bart making the calls. He recognizes his voice and even pointed it out in an earlier episode when Bart comes to Moe's searching for Homer. The reason Moe has never called the authorities or even stopped  Bart is because he’s lonely and enjoys the call. He's always loved children and wants to have a family and this is the closest he can get to it.

11 Barney Is Nelson’s Dad

This theory might have a few holes in it but it’s still worth taking a look at. Nelson is the local bully who has both terrorized Bart and also been his friend. Barney is the local drunk who is best friends with Homer. Barney has spent a good portion of his life in a drunken stupor. Nelson has often longed for the day his father would return home from buying cigarettes. Ever since the season 6 episode “Bart’s Comet”, fans have speculated that Barney is actually Nelson’s father. They’re seen next to each and fans immediately started pointing out the physical resemblance. However, there have been a few instances of Nelson’s father appearing but some believe that individual is one of his mother's many lovers. Fans suggest that his real father is Barney but he doesn’t remember because he’s been intoxicated for most of his life. It’s also been pointed out that Barney has made several donations to the sperm bank. According to the theory, that's another possible explanation to how Barney might be Nelson’s father.

10 There Are Multiple Hans Moleman Characters

Hans Moleman is a resident of Springfield that usually suffers from near fatal injuries. He appears to be very old and walks with a cane, however he claims to be 31 years old. It was once revealed that he served as Mayor nearly 30 years ago. He’s often seen suffering various injuries, such as catching on fire, being buried alive and being in an electric chair. Somehow he manages to survive each time and avoids death. Also, Homer has run him over in his car several times in the series. Many fans have speculated as to how Hans Moleman is still alive. Well, a theory posted by Reddit user /u/arin3, believes that there is actually multiple Hans Moleman characters. They believe that each time a Moleman dies, a new one is actually taking his place. It speculates that a human mole-hybrid lives beneath Springfield with the goal of taking over but that is inadvertently being prevented from happening by the injuries every Moleman suffers. It also points to a season 11 episode, “Hello Gudder, Hello Fadder”, in which Homer meets a race of Moleman living underground. Perhaps one day the Moleman will rise up and take over Springfield. Unless Homer runs them over first.

9 Homer Is Still Getting Royalties From The B Sharps

Some fans have wondered how the Simpsons manage to raise three kids, have two cars and own a very nice home in a pretty nice neighborhood. Homer works at the Nuclear Power Plant and Marge is a housewife. Well Reddit user Somwehrecheap, believes they have the answer. The theory suggests the Homer is still receiving royalties from B Sharp albums. The B Sharps were a barbershop quartet that consisted of Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner and Barney. They were a massive success on the same level of The Beatles. The group toured all over the world and even won a Grammy. This would help explain how all four members seem to have so much wealth. Apu is a Kwik-E-Mart employee with 8 children and he drives a fancy sports car. He also buys extravagant and expensive gifts for his wife. Principal Skinner lives in a rich looking neighborhood and might have helped his mother invest in Fleet-A-Peeta, despite living off a Principal's salary. Barney spends all of his time at Moe’s and has spent so much money on alcohol that Moe had to send the bill to NASA to calculate it. The theory suggests that all four members of the B Sharps are still receiving royalties from their days of being barbershop quartet stars.


8 Everyone Is A Genius

Each family member of the Simpsons plays a certain role. Homer is the dimwitted yet lovable father with a short temper. Marge is the loving and caring housewife. Bart is the rebellious troublemaker, Maggie is the courageous baby that can’t speak and Lisa is the brain of the family. However, there is a fan theory that suggests it's possible that all members of the family are actually geniuses, but only Lisa embraces it. Marge was shown to be very intelligent in her younger days but chose to give up a career to marry Homer. In the season 12 episode “Homr”, it's revealed that as a child Homer shoved a crayon up his nose. When the crayon is removed he becomes highly intelligent, thought-provoking and basically a genius. He has the crayon put back so that he can still fit in with his friends. Bart has shown that he is highly intelligent. He has the ability to learn different languages, such as French, Japanese and Spanish. He’s also foiled several of Sideshow Bob’s schemes including the time he figured out that Bob was going to kill his aunt, Selma. However, Bart, like his father, chooses not to be intelligent. Maggie has also displayed intelligence and has even saved her family on several occasions. However, Lisa appears to be the only one to embrace the genius gene in her family.

7 Springfield Is In Maine

The Simpsons have spent most of their lives in Springfield. They have gone on a few vacations to places such as, Brazil and Japan. However, since the beginning of the series fans have wondered where exactly Springfield is. It appears that even the characters seem not 100 percent sure where they live. There has been much speculation, however, with one fan on the Internet going to great lengths to figure out exactly where Springfield is located. The fan created a list of states that have Springfield in them. They narrowed it down to Texas, Ohio and Maine. In the episode “Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, they pass a sign that reads, “Exit New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon and Texas.” In the episode “Homer and Apu”, Homer and Apu visit the CEO of Kwik-E-Mart and Stop-O-Mart. Stop-O-Mart is located in Ohio. That eliminates Texas and Ohio, leaving Maine as the only possible location. However, in The Simpsons Movie, Ned explains that Springfield shares borders with Kentucky, Ohio, Nevada and Maine. That would make it difficult for Springfield to also be in Maine...

6 Springfield Exists Outside Of Space And Time

Several fans of the series have tried to figure out Springfield’s location. It seems to be one of the burning questions in regards to the series. Here is another theory regarding Springfield’s location. This theory doesn’t believe that Springfield is in Maine. This theory suggests that Springfield is outside of space and time. The theory believes that Springfield is in a constant state of movement and is trapped in a timeloop. The theory, known as The Simpsons Tesseract Theory, points out that Springfield can shift anywhere in the lower 48 states. It also explains why locations within the city move. For example, Moe’s Tavern has been shown to be next to the Springfield Church and then later far apart from each other. Also, certain landmarks in the city disappear, such as the Springfield Buddhist Temple, the gigantic mountain Murderhorn and former President George H.W. Bush’s home. Also, according to the theory because they’re stuck in a timeloop none of the characters ever age.

5 The Simpsons Are Related To O.J. Simpson


On the surface, it would appear that the Simpsons family and O.J. Simpson have little in common. The Simpsons are a beloved family that have entertained their fans for years. O.J. played in the NFL years before he went on trial for murdering his ex-wife. Of course, he was found not guilty of the charges but it left a lasting impression. However, some fans suggest that O.J. might be a distant relative of the family. First, it was revealed that Jessica Simpson is possibly a cousin of Bart, Lisa and Maggie, making it a possibility that anyone with that last name could be related. Also, fans point out that Abraham, Homer and Bart all have “J” as their middle initial, as does O.J. Additionally, it was once shown that the Simpsons have a distant relative who was an African-American known as Virgil. This would make it possible for O.J. to be related to the family. However, there is a good chance that if this theory were true that the family would deny being related to O.J.

4 Maggie The Homicidal Sociopath

Maggie Simpson is the adorable little baby in the family. She’s the youngest and has yet to learn how to talk with the exception of a few words. Her brother is a rebellious trouble-maker and her sister is a brilliant child. Maggie seems sweet and innocent but on several occasions has shown a much darker side. She has also proved to be highly intelligent. For example, she once wrote her name in an Etch a Sketch. The theory suggests that when Maggie grows up she will become a homicidal sociopath. The theory believes that Maggie has been trying to kill Homer this whole time. For example, she attacked him with a mallet, shot him with a nail gun and tried to stab him with a pencil. She’s also saved his life on several occasions, particularly in The Simpsons Movie when she pushes a boulder onto Russ Cargill (Albert Brooks), saving Homer and Bart. Despite saving Homer, the theory suggests that she did this so that she can be the one to kill him. This has led to some fans believing that Maggie will grow up to be a homicidal sociopath. The other evidence that supports this theory is that she once shot Mr. Burns for trying to steal her candy. Maybe one day she’ll finally get Homer.

3 The Reason Everyone Is Yellow

Since the beginning of the series many viewers have wondered why the Simpsons are yellow. When Family Guy’s Peter Griffin visited Springfield he suggested that everyone had hepatitis. However, fans online came up with a different and very interesting reason for them all being yellow. According to the theory, everyone in Springfield has been exposed to radiation poisoning because of Mr. Burns' Nuclear Power Plant. This would also mean that everyone is dying and the Fox network is airing a documentary about this town. It’s suggested that Burns is working with the Republican Party to cover up a nuclear disaster and Fox is airing the documentary as a cartoon so nobody figures it out. However, creator Matt Groening, once offered an explanation for them being yellow. He said in an interview with the BBC: “They’re yellow because when it was time to pick the color for the cartoon I didn’t want the conventional cartoon colors. An animator came up with the Simpsons’ yellow and as soon as she showed it to me I said, ‘This is the answer' because when you’re flicking through channels with your remote control, and a flash of yellow goes by, you’ll know you’re watching The Simpsons.”

2 Dead Bart

This theory is one of the most controversial when it comes to The Simpsons. It suggests that there is a missing season 1 episode that features Bart dying. The theory points out that there appears to be a discrepancy with the number count concerning the episodes. The rumor is that Matt Groening put “Dead Bart” in a vault because the episode was so controversial and never aired it. The storyline saw the family go on a vacation. While on the plane, Bart is causing trouble when he breaks a window and gets sucked out falling to his death. The rest of the episode shows the family dealing with the death including attending his funeral. It all occurs in a very realistic way. As it turns out the episode does not exist and it was Creepypasta that created the urban legend. However, a grainy video does exist showing Bart dead but the video has been largely debunked. Luckily for fans of the series, they wisely never killed off one of the most popular and iconic characters in the series.

1 Homer’s In A Coma

The season four episode “So it’s come to this: A Simpsons Clip Show”, revolved around Homer pulling a series of April Fools pranks on Bart. Bart gains revenge by shaking Homer’s beer with a paint shaker, which causes a massive explosion when Homer opens it. Homer ends up in a coma and the family fondly remembers past events. At the end, Homer wakes from the coma and everything goes back to normal. However, Reddit user Hadrtopaickaname, came up with an interesting theory. They claim that Homer has been in a coma since that episode and everything we’ve seen since then has occurred in his head. The evidence is that prior to this episode, most stories were grounded in reality, such as, Bart trying to pass a test or Homer and Marge’s marital issues. Episodes became more surreal with wilder storylines. This would explain the reason his children never age because they're the age they were when he went into the coma. It also helps explain the season 19 episode “That 90’s Show”, which contradicted previous flashbacks about Homer and Marge's past. The other evidence is from an episode that aired 6 months before the 'Clip Show', “Homer the Heretic”. At the end of the episode, Homer asks God the meaning of life and God tells him that he’ll find out when he dies. Homer replies that he can’t wait that long and God says, “You can’t wait 6 months?”. Homer being in a coma might help explain some things, however Simpsons writer and showrunner Al Jean, debunked that theory. He said, “It would mean back in 1993 we would presume the show was going on for years and years more and right before we left, threw this hidden monkey wrench in for all our successors.”


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