15 Biggest Jerks To Appear On A Talk Show

In the early 90s, talk shows started to replace the once popular soap operas of the 70s and 80s in ratings. Audiences turned away from the melodramatic fictional storylines to watch real people deal with real issues.

Talk shows started out dealing with serious issues but after a year or so, and to keep audiences enticed, they began to focus less on serious issues and more towards what became known as tabloid talk. Talk Show producers sought out guests and shows that would illicit controversy and provoke strong emotions. The more controversial and outrageous the guests, the higher ratings.

Talk Show hosts like Phil Donahue and Sally Jessy Raphael catered to the Baby Boomer generation and paved the way for talk show hosts like Ricki Lake. Ricki Lake became very popular with Generation Ex. Sensational, young, and provocative storylines were what audiences wanted to watch. When Donahue saw the success of Ricki, he went from discussing foreign politics and current events to talking about baby mamas. Donahue wasn't the only talk show host to foray into the dark side. Montel Williams and Maury Povich also went that route.

The most popular trash-talk show that emerged from the 90s would have to be The Jerry Springer Show. Jerry Springer became known for having the most outrageous guests that would beat each other up on stage. The hair pulling, nail scratching antics of the guests made audiences go crazy. Let's take a look at 15 of the craziest talk show guests in the history of talk shows.

15 Tom Cruise, on Oprah

In 2006, Tom Cruise went on Oprah to promote his new action film War of the Worlds. Things went from strange to downright bizarre when Tom was quizzed about his love life. It started with some enthusiastic on-the-knee cheering to bear hugging Oprah to jumping on the couch! Oprah couldn't hide her shock at his behavior. The audience loved this crazy Cruise and were highly entertained with his over-the-top antics.

14 I Am (Not) Pregnant, on Dr. Phil

Haley was convinced she was pregnant and due to give birth in a matter of days. Her mother and sister believed her to be lying but she was so adamant and even agreed to go on Dr. Phil to prove to everyone once and for all that she was going to have this baby.

13 Pickle Phobia, on Maury

Mariah reached out to The Maury Show to help her get over her fear of... pickles. Yes, pickles. Her fear was so great that it was interfering with her everyday life and causing her absolute misery. She was relentlessly teased at school and work over her really odd fear. Terrified of pickles.

12 Toilet Paper Eater, on Tyra

Ianieka appeared on Tyra Banks' talkshow to discuss her diet. Ianieka's diet was definitely uncommon, and quite unhealthy. Ianieka enjoyed eating toilet paper: rolls and rolls of toilet paper. On average Ianieka ate four rolls of toilet paper a week! She said she enjoyed the taste and the feeling of it temporarily blocking her airway. Her addiction started when she was kid.

11 Don The Vampire, on Tyra Banks 

Don Henrie, also known as 'Don the Vampire', appeared on Season 4 of Tyra. He went on the show to discuss his affinity for the vampire lifestyle. Don was extremely pale from lack of sunlight. He had his raven hair grown out and his canine teeth sharpened into points.

10 Frostbite The Gangster, on Sally Jessy

9 Big Baby, on Jerry Springer

Heidi appeared on The Jerry Springer Show in a diaper. That would be perfectly fine if Heidi was an infant but Heidi was a grown man! This grown man insisted on living as a baby! He wore a diaper and a bonnet. He slept in a crib and enjoyed playing with infant toys. He went around town and his daily life as an infant!

8 Extreme Hater, on Tyra

Shirley Phelps-Roper is a particular nasty brand of crazy. She was one of the lead spokespeople for the extremist church Westboro Baptist Church. She's also the daughter of the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps.

Shirley appeared on Tyra and admitted to being one of the biggest lovers of homosexuals. She said she was the biggest lover of them because she could tell them they were going to hell for their behavior. She had no problem with protesting at the funerals of AIDS victims, soldiers, or homosexuals.

7 You're Not The Father (Of One Twin), on Maury

Maury is well-known for his "You are not the father" segments on his show where he reveals the results of paternity tests. In 2008, one particular guest was a woman that gave birth to a set of twins. Normally it's just assumed twins have the same mother and father, right? At least that's the case with 99% of twin births. Not in this case. These were fraternal twins. Each twin had obviously the same mother but completely different fathers. Their DNA was completely different! The man being told that he was without a doubt the father to the twins was visibly elated that only one of the kids was his. He was jumping for joy over the revelation.

6 Real Heartbreakers, on Jenny Jones

The 2001 romantic comedy Heartbreakers starring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt, was about a mother-daughter duo who enjoyed a pretty good living by getting unsuspecting men to shower them with gifts and money. Well, it seems art imitates life. The real life mother daughter duo of Heather and her mother, beg men for jewelry, cash, cars, and more.

5 Broken Nose Battle, on Geraldo

In 1988, on the infamous Geraldo episode "Teen Hatemongers" Geraldo Rivera got punched and ended up with a bloody and broken nose. He's lucky that's all he received.

The fight started when one of the racist teenage punk guests called a black guest, Roy Innis, "Uncle Tom". Roy calmly got up from his chair and walked over to the punk. He suddenly grabbed him by the neck and started choking him. All hell broke loose. The production crew and security ran to end the fight but the other guests and audience members ran the stage throwing punches and chairs. Geraldo was hit with a chair and then punched in the nose.

4 Bobcat The Pyro, on The Tonight Show

Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait was a popular comedian in the early 1990s. His comedy bordered on edgy and obscene. Still, his antics on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, were definitely not something anyone could have predicted. During the middle of the interview Bobcat got up from his chair and pulled out a bottle of lighter fluid he had concealed in his pocket.

3 Cash Me Ousside Girl, on Dr. Phil

You probably know Danielle Bregoli best as the "Cash Me Ousside" girl. Danielle's mother appealed to the Dr. Phil Show for help with her out-of-control teenage daughter. 13 year old Danielle came on to the show spewing all sorts of crap. She was definitely a teenager with a severe attitude problem. It wasn't until Danielle turned to the audience and yelled at them for laughing at her, that it turned her into a viral internet sensation. "Cash me ousside, how bow dah?!" she yelled multiple times.

2 Sinead O'Connor, on SNL

Okay, Saturday Night Live isn't exactly a talk show, but it does have guests, and this one was so offensive that we had to mention her. In 1992, Sinead O'Connor appeared on the late night sketch-comedy program. Producers made a tragic mistake in allowing the controversial singer to perform the Bob Marley song "War", using her own lyrics.

1 Cut Off My Legs, on Jerry Springer

Sandra takes the cake for the craziest guest in talk show history. Sandra cut off her own legs with an electric saw. Sandra was born as Wendell. Wendell never wanted to have legs.

As a child he always wanted them to disappear. He dreamed of being legless and confined to a wheelchair. Finally after a lifetime of depression and anxiety stemming from having legs, he decided to do something about it. Wendell got an electric saw and intentionally chopped off both of his legs.

Wendell eventually began transition into becoming a woman named Sandra. Sandra came on The Jerry Springer Show and said she was the happiest she has ever been. Sandra's ex-wife and daughter also appeared on the show. They were disgusted with Sandra's behavior and called her "one sick puppy".

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