15 Most Inappropriate Confessions Ever Made By Teachers

Whenever I read articles on confessions made by teachers, they seem really vague. They only give you direct quotes without ever admitting who said it or even where they got the information. To be honest, it makes me quite skeptical. I’m not even sure if a teacher said any of those things or if a writer thought it would be fun to make a hundred funny quotes a teacher might say. This article is different, though. It gets into the nitty-gritty of what some teachers (real teachers) are saying and actually doing. This is a list of 15 teachers that have actually been sent to jail on such terrible confessions. These are bad teachers that actually stuffed up. One dance teacher abused nine students over a decade and even got their mums to help out by sending nude pictures of the girls. One child was abused by two different teachers at different times without either of them knowing about the other teacher. Another teacher got impregnated by a 13-year-old student with the students’ parents being supportive and excited about the baby. A lesbian teacher seduced one of her young students and denied even doing anything wrong. One teacher took advantage of a girl knowing she was not emotionally stable as she had an eating disorder. As you can see, there are some pretty messed up teachers out there. Read on to see the full story.

15 Anglican Ex-Teacher Confesses To S*x With Student Under 17


Raynor Ian Bartsch worked at an Anglican all-girl school, St Michael’s Collegiate School, between 1989 and 1993 in Hobart, Tasmania Australia. He was a sports teacher who instructed at the school pool. He started a relationship during the ‘90s with one of his students, and although she consented at the time, she now struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to mend her relationship with her parents. Bartsch was in his 30’s at the time he began befriending the young girl. The school heard rumors that he had started a relationship with a young student, but allowed him to continue as an employee. He later moved to Adelaide where he became a school principal, got back together with his wife, and became a Christian. After being charged for his old crime, he stepped down from his position, being full aware that his actions have had long-lasting effects. He’s been sentenced to two years in prison.

14 Lesbian Teacher Denies Doing Anything Wrong After Seducing 14 Year-Old Girl


Amanda Thompson, a teacher from Brisbane, QLD Australia, took advantage of a young student directly after she began attending her class. The student struggled with an eating disorder and panic attacks after her grandfather’s death in 2002. Amanda Thompson used the girl’s vulnerability to get close to her and manipulate her into a two-year relationship. She helped her with her assignments and exams, but she also wrote her love notes, sent her presents, and took her out. The student made a statement later about her teacher saying, “Instead of going out to movies or going over to a friend’s house on the weekend, I was drunk in the Valley with my teacher trying to get me into clubs, only to go back to her place to have s*x.” The student’s mother trusted Amanda Thompson. She had her over for birthday parties, let her into their house, and let their daughter go away with Amanda and her husband only a few weeks after meeting. Amanda made the student swear on her dead grandfather’s ashes that she would never let anyone know about their secret relationship. Amanda was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

13 Teacher Had S*x With Vulnerable Student Up To 30 Times


Nicolaas Ockert Bester started a relationship with an elite 15-year-old student while teaching at a school in Hobart, Australia. Nicolaas worked at St Michael’s Collegiate School in Math and Science. The relationship lasted for six months. He was only charged to two and a half years in prison. He had s*x with her up to thirty times in his office, staff room, a hotel, and a friend’s house. They only added an extra four months to his sentence after they found 28 videos and photos exploiting the girl. This man took advantage of the student with an eating disorder and emotional instability. Thankfully, the school had enough sense to sack him the second they found out about the situation, and he was sentenced to two and half years of imprisonment. He will also have to continue to report to the police for another eight years after he’s released as he’s on the list of s*x offenders.

12 Teacher Starts Relationship By Kissing Student In His Office


An unnamed teacher in Australia admits to starting a relationship with a girl 15 years younger than him. He met her when she was in grade 8, but started a relationship with her when she was in grade 11 by kissing her in his office. This lasted quite a few months, and he had s*x with her in his car and at home. When the dad found out about the relationship, the teacher wanted the girl to run away with him. His plan was to leave, but the job he planned to run away to fell through. He had been flirting with her for some time before the affair began. The judge pointed out the obvious fact that the man had not just stuffed up, but he had been carrying it out over a long period of time with plenty of chance to change or stop. The only thing the man had in his defense was that he was not fully emotionally developed. He was in jail for nine months.

11 Teacher Confessed To Texting 1,100 Messages To Student


Sarah M. Domres was a female teacher at New Berlin West High School in Waukesha. She was 29 years old when she confessed and pleaded guilty to having a s*xual relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy from her school. Sarah Domres was in tears when she was sentenced to two years in prison and put on the list as a s*xual offender. She claimed that she loved teaching and she loved her students, putting in a lot of time to help them. She had s*x with her student while her husband was on his buck’s night, and she sent the student some selfies while she was on her honeymoon. She sent her student hundreds of text messages. One read, “Baby Boo, I love you now & forever! Please be mine forever & ever. Always your baby girl. P.S. Good luck on your quiz [smiley face].”

10 Utah Teacher Confesses Remorse Over Her Decisions


Brianne Altice, now 37 and a teacher from Utah, was sentenced to jail for thirty years! She targeted more than just one child—three. The students had a running joke about who she might be into that week. She was married with two children of her own. After it all came out, her husband obviously filed for divorce and custody of their children. Brianne is trying to get out of prison early. She claims she only acted this way because she had self-esteem issues and insecurity that she’s now aware of and working on. According to The Sun, “The blonde sobbed: ‘I clearly lost sight of all my values and my principles and was seeking inappropriate means to address my own issues.’” She says she’s full of remorse over her actions. They didn’t accept her plea to be let out early. They said that she needs to wait for her next hearing in 2019. She’s having to undergo a program that lasts two years for s*x offenders and she has to pay £600 for the counselling of her three victims.

9 Teacher Confesses On Dr. Phil That She Had S*x With Student 100 Times


Mary Beth Haglin, a 24-year-old teacher from Iowa, was charged 90 days for having s*x with a 17-year-old student and will be on the s*x offender list for 10 long years. She claims that although she understands that the court views her as a predator, she sees it the other way around. She was feeling vulnerable when the student began hitting on her, often leaving romantic sticky notes on her desk saying things like, ‘I love you so much my Empress <3’. He was messaging her on Facebook, asking her to meet up for coffee and to go out. Eventually, after having a big fight with her boyfriend, she responded with something casual about seeing him at school the next day. They ended up having s*x basically every day for nine months. She claims he ended up convincing her to send nude selfies to his phone, which he then proceeded to share with all his friends. She couldn’t believe it. She thought they were in a real loving relationship.

8 Teacher Screamed ‘Sorry’ To Student’s Parents


Lauren Cox, a 27-year-old woman, was a married Geography teacher from Surrey. She was sentenced for having s*x numerous times with a 16-year-old boy. She knew the boy from when he was 13 years old. She would often give him candy growing up, but she waited until he was 16 to start initiating s*xual contact. It all started when she dropped the boy off in her car. Before he got out, she gave him three choices—they could sit in silence, she could just drop him off, or he could hug her. The boy chose to go with the hugging option. She made him keep the relationship a secret (obviously), but acted like a jealous girlfriend, along with sending him provocative photos. They had s*x at each other’s homes. The mother got suspicious when her son started to change his life’s plans and show unusual behavior. She spied on him and caught out the relationship. Lauren Cox resigned from her job and was dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out.

7 Teacher Admits She Gave Student Alcohol And Had S*x With Him


Jessica Storer, 29-year-old lady with a husband and two children, was a former substitute teacher in Ohio with the Putnam County Educational Service Centre. She admits to supplying the 18-year-old student with alcohol and having consensual s*x. Although she takes full responsibility, she doesn’t believe this should be dealt with in court. She believed it was fully consensual. And although she never forced him to have alcohol, she just didn’t say no. She says this should only be between her and her husband, and her priest and God. The student’s father claims that the student has tried to commit suicide twice since the incident with the teacher and the student admits that she ruined the last six months of his life with online bullying and harassment at school. The student said, “Jessica Storer has really made the last six months a living hell for me…I hated it and I hated myself for doing it.” Jessica has been sentenced to two years in prison.

6 Teacher Confesses She Got Impregnated By A 13-Year-Old Student


Alexandria Vera, an English Teacher from Texas, was sentenced to ten years in prison for child abuse. She was convicted for having a s*xual relationship with a 13-year-old student. She even ended up getting pregnant from this relationship, but had an abortion after child welfare investigators started investigating her. She already had a 4-year-old girl of her own from a previous relationship. For some confusing reason, the parents were apparently not concerned when they were introduced to this lady as their child’s girlfriend. Apparently, they were very supportive, and they were excited when they found out about the pregnancy. The student and teacher were caught flirting in school and people often saw the student at her home. She would just tell people that the boy was her brother. In the end, she turned herself in and was charged with ten years of imprisonment.

5 76-Year-Old Teacher Admits To Abusing Two Boys


Neil Joynt, a 76-year-old man, has just been sentenced with 8 months of custody. He was a teacher at Kingston School and has been found guilty for abusing two men (who were boys at the time) in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Considering his old age, they didn’t sentence him for as long as they could have. He assaulted two boys who are now 69 and 56 years old. This was committed when sharing a bed while on a camping trip with these boys. Both men have claimed that they had numerous issues later on in life from these incidents as young boys. One even claimed that this led to suicidal thoughts. They both trusted him and he used this against them. Initially, when faced with these accusations, Joynt denied them saying he couldn’t understand why these two men would make up these stories forty years after the supposed incidents.

4 Male School Teachers Sent To Prison For Abusing Three Boy Pre-Schoolers


Neil Bantleman, a Canadian teacher at Jakarta, was sentenced to 11-year imprisonment for ‘sodomizing’ three preschool boys with the connivance of his teacher aide, Ferdinant Tjiong. One boy reported saying that they had shoved a magic stone up his anus causing everything to go numb, but that he was still able to feel himself being raped. A s*xologist in the case claimed that Bantleman only had s*x with his wife once a week when a normal person would have s*x every night or at least twice a week. He said Bantleman also didn’t mast*rbate, which would all lead to Bantleman having abnormal s*xual desires and behavior. This upset and shocked the US Ambassador as he didn’t agree with the decision to sentence him for 11 years. The two men also had rallies of support by the Jakarta International School community.

3 Atlanta Teachers Admitted They Were Part Of Cheating Scandal


Some Atlanta teachers were sentenced for such harsh crimes, you wouldn’t believe it. A scandal circulated involving teachers helping students with answers, rubbing out incorrect answers, and even filling in the correct response before grading. Apparently, the teachers were being given high incentives to have children perform well and were threatened with demotion if they couldn’t get good grades. If any of the teachers tried to report what was going on, they were also threatened. Eight teachers wouldn’t admit guilt to the crime, so they took the easy option. The judge ended up getting so infuriated that he gave them really high sentences. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Three top administrators were sentenced to seven years in prison with 13 years of probation. Five lower-ranking educators received one- to two-year prison terms.” All eleven teachers accused were African-American teaching in poorer schools. The judge couldn’t believe that no one would man up and just take the blame and show apologetic behavior.

2 Dance Teacher Abused Numerous Students

Grant Davis was a dance teacher in Sydney, Australia. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison after being exposed. His wife reported him to the police after she found inappropriate messages on his phone to an underage girl he was teaching. Grant Davis was charged for s*xually abusing nine young students, both boys and girls. He would groom the students and then threaten them when they wouldn’t play along or ignore them in his classes. He would often befriend the mothers of students so he could have closer access to their children. One mother admitted to sending Grant naked pictures of her daughter. She says he made her fear that her daughter’s dance prospects would be over if she didn’t continue to send these images. Grant Davis taught with his sister, who sadly apologized to the court for not doing more to prevent her brother’s acts.

1 Two Male Teachers Abused The Same Boy


Two teachers from Eastbourne have been sentenced for assault against the same child. Andrew Boxer, now 67 years old, was his History teacher at the time, and Graham Jones, now 63 years old, was his Music teacher. Both were sentenced, but Boxer received a much longer sentence of 15 years and was registered as a s*x offender for life being charged for seven offenses. Jones was sentenced for two years in prison for his two offenses toward the student and will be registered as a s*x offender for ten years. According to the constable, “There is no evidence whatsoever that either man knew what the other was doing with the boy.” He continued, “It again shows that people who come forward to make such reports, however many years ago the events may have been, will be taken seriously and treated with respect, and we will always try to help achieve justice for them whenever possible.”

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