15 Most Hilarious Photos Taken At Disney World

Disney World is a magical place for people young and old. Many people think of Disney World as an amusement park for kids, but adults are known to have just as much fun. There's a reason athletes get paid to say they're going there. It's a destination that appeals to everyone.

Disney is almost the pinnacle of vacation enjoyment. There are fun rides, an engaging atmosphere and rides based around themes from your childhood. It's everything you want in a family vacation, but it doesn't always go as planned. Like many people on this list, some people find out the hard way that the Magic Kingdom doesn't have all that much magic.

There are a few who stage their hilarity. Splash Mountain is one of the classic places to take a funny group picture. Others are victims of bad angles, bad timing, and bad hand-placement. Some of the funniest pictures on this list are just candid photographs that went horribly wrong. Children, more often than not, are involved in these pictures, and they don't know any better. Other pictures are of adults, who do know better, getting snapped at the worst (read as best) moments imaginable.


15 Splash Mountain Chess

Splash Mountain is certainly a fun ride, but chess is a thinking man's game, and an active brain is always a positive. Staging photos on roller coasters has been a tradition as long as roller coasters and cameras are around. It's a perfect way to show all of your friends how original and hilarious you are.

This photo stands out among the other staged roller coaster snaps, though, because of the chess board itself. This is the part of Splash Mountain where the float takes a vertical dive. How, then, are the pieces on the chess board staying put? They may have glued them, but some of the pieces appear to be too off-center to be glued in place. The only knock on these people is that they didn't get the people behind them in on the gag. It could have been a great opportunity for those passengers to witness some high-level chess.

14 Stranger Danger


One of the hallmark pieces of advice parents give their kids is not to talk to strangers. It's generally a good rule for kids, as they are trusting and can be taken advantage of. This girl took it a step further, realizing that Mickey Mouse was merely a stranger inside of a costume. The little girl showed him who's boss.

It's pretty understandable if this kid was scared. Honestly, I'm surprised more kids aren't. The Mickey Mouse on TV doesn't look anything like the mascot version of him at Disney World. These giant monsters are roaming around the whole park and hugging kids at will. It's high time that a hero stood up for the terrified children out there. Thanks to this girl, Mickey will think twice before giving any more unwanted hugs.

13 This Bish

Children come to Disney World to see their favorite characters up-close and in person. There are characters from every aspect of the Disney universe in one place, which is what makes it so magical. However, the one problem is over saturation, as we can see in this picture. There are just too many characters around at one time. When that happens, some of the less recognizable faces get the stink eye from this little girl.

This girl has probably just come from rubbing elbows with some of her favorite Disney characters. She sat down to eat her lunch with her parents and was approached by some princess she's never seen before. This girl just wants to eat, but her parents insisted on capturing the moment she met some woman she didn't know. This one is fridge-material for sure.

12 The Best Attraction At The Park


In many cases, I would say that something like this was intentionally trying to get the Reddit crowd buzzing. However, there's something about this photo that seems so genuine. These don't seem like the kind of people who will drop an "an*l" joke in the middle of Disney World. They look like the kind of people who are all about Disney World, and wouldn't want to cheapen their experience with these types of jokes. On top of that, this guy's head is just big enough to cover the "n" and the "i" and such perfect positioning would take too long to script. This one reads as a genuine "An*l Kingdom" experience. If this guy plays his cards right, he may take a trip to the real An*l Kingdom later in the night.

11 That A*s Though...

This picture serves as proof that women look at other women's butts just as much as men do. It's not anyone's fault, it's just where the eyes naturally fall. The butt is where the magic happens. That's just science.

This picture is particularly great because it's a woman who is ogling this guest and not a man. To me, this situation seems like it's based on jealousy. These two Disney characters are clearly banging, which is why the guy is looking at his princess while he's hugging this lady. The princess is seeing the booty she can't compete with, and her smile reads like she's telling herself, "Don't get mad. Don't Get mad." Hopefully, they were able to live happily ever after.

10 The Magic Kingdom


Even your bookie has to take a vacation. This picture serves as proof that a true hustler is never at rest. This guy looks like he just took the cleaning crew's life savings in a cee-lo game behind Splash Mountain.

There's quite a bit going on in this picture. There's the obvious—a fat guy with a wizard hat counting money and smoking a butt. There are also less-obvious details in this picture like the baby stroller with all of his stuff attached. Is this indicating that this guy has a kid with him? This doesn't seem like the kind of grandfather that's allowed to take his kids out of state. I wouldn't be surprised if we panned down to see an ankle bracelet on this guy. He looks like the kind of guy who's been wanted for questioning quite a few times in his life.

9 Feisty Chipmunk

I'm not sure if Alvin has been alerted about this, but he needs to come get his man. You can't just go around looking down ladies' shirts, even if you're a lovable rodent. Out of all of the costumes at Disney, the chipmunks have to be among the most disarming. They're almost background characters. It's a bad look for all chipmunk-kind to abuse your powers like that.

At first, this looks like an honest mistake. The picture was taken while the left chipmunk was looking to his right, which made it look like he was looking down her shirt. Upon further scrutiny, though, he is almost certainly peeking. If the eye holes are where the chipmunk's eyes are, then the left eye hole is getting a full view of some cleavage.


8 The Ol' Splash Mountain "Grab"


Disney World is one of the most romantic places in the planet for some people. It really gets the juices flowing, and romance can present itself in any form at any time. This gentleman felt the magic while he was on the drop of Splash Mountain, and I can't say I blame him.

First of all, that sinking feeling you get in your stomach could do it for some people. I'm not saying it's inherently s*xual, but people are into all kinds of things. Secondly, this guy was just making sure his lady was comfortable. He wanted to provide support so that she didn't have to strain herself, which is a grade-A move.

At first glance, this picture may seem staged. But I think there are enough genuine moments in the bunch. This guy just really felt it was the right moment to grab his girl's boobs. It's all fun and games until you find out she was actually a complete stranger.

7 Tigger's Happy Ending

While Disney World is primarily a place for family fun, adults can let loose at the same time. It looks like this woman got a little frisky with the Tigger stripper she hired for her Disney World bachelorette party. It's not everyday that you can say you sucked off a tiger while your friends cheered you on.

This is, of course, an angle shot. The only reason it's funny is because of where the camera sits—unless she really is blowing Tigger, which is possible. Pictures like these make you wonder if the photographer knew what he or she was doing. Is it just a perfect storm of angles or did they set it up to make it look like she was showing Tigger a good time? It's not just the head placement. The second woman's eyes on Tigger's crotch are what make the appearance oral s*x even more obvious.

6 Is This A Roller Coaster For Ants?


This is the face of a real roller coaster guy. He's not going to be fazed by this candy-a*s water park ride. His adrenaline only rises when there's a complete vertical drop and five thousand loops.

In all honesty though, the people who are screaming on Splash Mountain are soft. They are about to get wet, but they knew that going in. The drop is so mild that you don't even really need to be strapped in. Give me the rides that superglue you to the seat with ten different straps they have to secure to make sure you don't fall out. That's all that this guy and I are getting out of bed for. He probably went on this ride for his daughter, who appears to be ducking to his left, but he's not enjoying a second of it.

5 The "Girls" Are Out For Mickey

This has to be one of the most inappropriate shirts you can wear at Disney World. First of all, there's no way this is sanctioned Mickey Mouse apparel. There's no chance whoever made these shirts licensed them from Disney. Assuming the guy on the left is part of this family (which may be a far leap), this group has to be enemy number one for Disney purists.

When I originally saw this picture, I thought there were fake boobs on the shirt. Upon further observation, it seems like these ladies just dumped them out the old-fashioned way. One rogue gust of wind and loose tape-job and we have a Janet Jackson situation on our hands. It takes a special kind of person to walk around at an amusement park for kids with your boobs out all afternoon.

4 Goofy Cup Check


It's beginning to set in that many of these Disney World pictures have some creepy s*xual undertones. But in this setting, it's at least a bit humorous. This is a case of a little girl just not being familiar with human anatomy yet. She has no idea that grabbing the crotch of a man in a Goofy suit is not exactly want you want to do.

You can't really blame her in any way. These characters are not exactly anatomically correct, even if the people inside the costumes are. You can't help but wonder what was going through this person's head, though. Assuming it's a man, this has to be one of the most uncomfortable situations imaginable. Good thing his hands are visible in the picture.

3 Donald Duck Hits Kids

I'm torn on whether or not we should even be laughing at this one. The context of the photo looks as if Donald Duck just beat the living daylights out of that little girl with whatever's in his hand. It's funny because the kid looks less than pleased and Donald's grin is almost sinister.

The reality of this picture could go one of two ways. First, it could be a tragic situation of someone hitting a child and leaving a black eye and bruised lip. That, of course, is terrible and there's nothing funny about it. I don't think that's the case, however. I like to look for the best in my funny pictures, and the dark route doesn't make a ton of sense here. I think she just smashed her face in one way or another, but her parents must have known how it would look. If this one went on social media, I'm sure there were a few "pondering" emojis involved.

2 Just A Quick Shave


Taking a goofy picture on Splash Mountain isn't necessarily an original thought. But if you think creatively enough, you can come up with something funny. This guy may have the best Splash Mountain picture of all, as he's shaving while the ride is plummeting. If I'm not mistaken, this is the part of the ride where the whole car gets soaked. He better hurry up and finish shaving before the cart hits the water.

Usually, there are more people in one of these carts, which makes you wonder if he started putting the shaving cream on before he got on the ride. That may have dissuaded anyone from getting on with him. If that's the case, they obviously had no idea what kind of hilarious hi jinks they were missing out on.

1 What A Beautiful Moment

For some people, Disney is one of the most magical and romantic places on earth. Something about the pageantry and ambiance is engrossing to them, and they dream about having some of their most momentous occasions at the park. Proposals are surprisingly common at Disney World. But for this couple, it makes all the sense in the world.

This picture of a man walking in front of a proposal picture is the most hilarious picture ever taken at Disney World. It has everything. Not only is a guy blatantly walking in front of a picture, but you can see by the look on his face that he knows exactly what he's doing. He knows that his face is now enshrined in the lore of that family. These people will show their future kids the moment Daddy proposed to Mommy, and the nitwit who crossed in front of the camera at the worst/best moment imaginable.

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