15 Most Heartbreaking Valentine’s Day Murder Tragedies

Not every Valentine’s Day ends with couples being wined and dined. Sometimes, this can be the time of the year when you see many tragedies.

Valentine’s Day is expected to be a day of love, whether it’s your significant other or your family. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of the year, besides Christmas. Most people who are married, in a relationship, or casually seeing someone can expect to get some chocolates, roses, a card, or some other form of appreciation. Some people even receive expensive gifts such as jewelry, TVs, or designer clothes. However, not every Valentine’s Day ends with couples being wined and dined. Sometimes, this can be the time of the year when you see many breakups, arguments, or other tragedies.

On Feb 14, 1884, Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and mother died within just a few hours of each other. His wife, Alice Lee, lost her life due to Bright’s disease and his mother, Mittie, died due to typhoid fever. On Valentine’s Day 2008, the Northern Illinois University shooting took place. Steven Kazmierczak used three guns to shoot and kill five students while injuring another 17 individuals. Throughout the years, many people have lost their lives on Valentine’s Day. Tragically, there are more people who have been murdered on Valentine’s Day than you may have thought. Check out the list of 15 Valentine’s Day murder tragedies.

15 The Lovelace Murder (2006)

Lovelace had the all-American reputation. He was a graduate from the University of Illinois Law School, president of the local school board, and spent time as an assistant county prosecutor for seven years. His outstanding reputation became tainted after his wife, Cory Lovelace, was found dead in their home. Curtis claimed that he dropped their kids off at school and when he came home, he found his wife’s dead body in the bed. An autopsy was conducted, but the results came back as inconclusive.

14 Missionary Murder (2013)

13 A Really Bad Break-Up (2011)

12 Bludgeons Boyfriend to Death (2014)

11 Jealous Ex-Boyfriend (2009)

Tiana Notice and James Carter began chatting on an online dating site. Notice’s family immediately disliked Carter and could not understand what she saw in him, especially since she was educated and was working on her Master’s degree at the University of Hartford. Kathy Lewis said, “I don’t know what she saw in him because I never met him in person. I only saw photos of him and I immediately disliked him. You may want to call it mother’s intuition.” After just six months of dating, Notice found out that Carter was not this nice guy like what she initially thought he was. He was sentenced to spend “five months in jail for the domestic abuse of a previous girlfriend.” That was not the only charge and he had a criminal record for assault and other violent crimes. Notice decided that it was time for her to move on and she even got a restraining order against Carter. Afterward, the harassment started and she told her father, “He’s just bugging me. He won’t leave me alone.”

10 Bogus Bouquet of Flowers (2001)

One would think that Dr. Hamilton would have a special evening planned for his wife, Susan Hamilton, especially since he was known for being romantic and even bought her a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, something happened on Valentine’s Day that changed. John arrived home from performing a surgery and allegedly found Susan dead. He called 911 and said, “Please send police. Please send an ambulance, please. I think my wife is dead.” While John appeared to be distraught over Susan’s death, he was much more sinister than initially thought.

9 Murder for Hire Plot (2010)

Richard Schoeck’s family took Stacey in as part of the family. Little did they know that she would ultimately be the cause of Richard’s death and that greed would be a big part of it. Stacey wanted to cash in on Richard’s life insurance policy which was worth $500,000. She hired Reginald Coleman, who is a personal trainer known as Mr. Results through her co-worker, Lynitra Ross, to murder Richard. Stacey offered to pay Mr. Results $10,000 to finish the job. Stacey and Ross set up the transaction at a Mexican Restaurant where she gave Ross one of the houses she owned.

8 Valentine’s Day Dance (1971)

Patricia Mann and Jesse McBane were both excited about the Valentine’s Day Dance at Watts Hospital. McBane picked Mann up at her dorm and she told her roommates that she would be back by 1 a.m. However, she never returned and her roommates got worried since this was not her typical pattern. While the roommates were out looking for Mann, they discovered McBane’s car parked “at lover’s lane.” The families were notified that the couple’s whereabouts were unknown. Mann’s cousin, Carolyn Spivey said, “I just got the sickest feeling in my stomach that something terrible had happened. She was a good girl. She went by the rules.”

7 Body Stuffed in Garbage Bags (2007)

Tara Grant was allegedly missing for five days before her husband Stephen Grant reported her missing. He told law enforcement that he waited days before contacting them because “it was not the first time his wife had disappeared.” Stephen went on to say that he overheard Tara’s conversation with someone over the phone in which she said, “I’ll meet you at the end of the driveway.” From there, Stephen claimed that she got in a vehicle and left. Police were not just going to buy into his story and weeks later, they showed up to his house with a search warrant. They found part of Tara’s body in the garage. Investigators also discovered a Ziploc bag which had metal shavings, blood, and latex gloves nearby the couple’s home. Upon an autopsy of Tara’s body, County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz revealed that the results showed she “likely died of strangulation before her body was dismembered.”

6 Subway Restaurant Murder (2000)

5 Husband, Wife, Murder-Suicide (2015)

4 Valentine's Drive-By (2016)

Ismael Ortiz was involved in a drug deal to sell marijuana and Xanax. He met up with Denis, Salvi and two other individuals for the transaction at the Suburban Lodge parking lot. Denis approached Ortiz’s SUV and proceeded with the transaction in exchange for drugs. Ortiz drove off, but returned and blocked in the vehicle that was carrying Denis and Salvi. Ortiz opened his window and started firing shots. The vehicle Denis and Salvi were riding in sped out of the parking lot as quickly as possible, but both were already shot. Denis had a gunshot wound and Salvi died after he was shot in the back.

3 The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929)

The massacre happened at the warehouse at Dickens and Clark in Chicago. A gang war between the South Side Italian gang and the Irish American gang led to the murders of seven men. The men killed were Albert Kachellek, Adam Heyer, Albert Weinshank, Frank Gusenberg and Peter Gusenberg. Reinhardt Schwimmer and John May were also shot. The South Side Italian gang was headed by Al Capone who wanted “to take control of organized crime in Chicago.” Al Capone also planned the massacre so that he could eradicate his long time enemy, George Moran aka Bugs, who was the head of the North Side gang.

2 The Olympian Shooter (2013)

1 Valentine's Stabbing (2016)

An argument between Lashonda Terry and her boyfriend, Courtney Jackson, escalated into physical violence that turned fatal. Law enforcement arrived at Terry’s home after receiving reports of a stabbing. When they walked in, they found Jackson “with two severe stab wounds” on the upper part of his body. The efforts to save his life failed and Jackson was pronounced dead at Phoebe Sumter Hospital. Terry was placed under arrest for murder. Her defense team indicated that she was defending herself once Jackson began choking her “in a fit of rage.”

District Attorney Plez Hardin said, “The crux of the matter is whether or not the defendant actually felt her life was in danger to afford her the opportunity to defend herself with a weapon, ultimately killing Mr. Jackson.”

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15 Most Heartbreaking Valentine’s Day Murder Tragedies