15The Sallie House, USA

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One of the most haunted places in the 21st century is situated in the United States of America. The Sallie House, situated near the Missouri River bluffs in Atchison, has been in the center of attraction for paranormal enthusiasts for quite some time. There have been TV shows dedicated to

this particular place. It is believed that the ghost in this house tends to be quite violent. The ghost apparently attacks people in the house. According to legends, an Atchison doctor practiced in this house. The house is named after a little girl named Sallie, who was brought to the house for treatment in 1905. The doctor diagnosed that the girl was suffering from appendicitis. When he tried to operate on the young girl, she thought he was trying to torture her. And, that was the last thought she had in her mind when she died on the operation table. In 1993, a young couple came to the house and first claimed that the house was haunted.

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