15 Most Haunted Places Of The 21st Century

There are people who believe in ghosts. Then, there are those who don’t. No matter if you believe in the paranormal or not, you may still be intrigued by it. It is the mystery attached to it that makes it extremely exciting. There are paranormal activists who constantly claim to have found evidence of the existence of the supernatural. It has been an age-long debate about the existence of supernatural beings. Non-believers continue to question it. However, paranormal experts keep coming up with photos, videos, audio clips, and other recorded evidence to prove their point. At times, the evidence is convincing enough to scare all of us.

It has been found that there are some places which are more likely to be haunted. In most cases, these places have a certain kind of history. In the past, people might have been tortured to death over there. Or, they might have felt a lot of pain before death. All of these aspects caused the creation of unsatisfied, angry spirits that continue to haunt the places. The most interesting thing about supernatural myths is that you’ll find it everywhere in the world. No matter where you go, you’ll get to know about its supernatural past. No matter how modern and technologically-advanced the country is, there is always some kind of paranormal element attached to its history. One of the greatest mysteries of life is death and what happens after it. Simply because we know almost nothing about the “afterlife,” we keep guessing about it. We keep trying to find elements that connect us to the other world.

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15 The Sallie House, USA

Via: YouTube

One of the most haunted places in the 21st century is situated in the United States of America. The Sallie House, situated near the Missouri River bluffs in Atchison, has been in the center of attraction for paranormal enthusiasts for quite some time. There have been TV shows dedicated to this particular place. It is believed that the ghost in this house tends to be quite violent. The ghost apparently attacks people in the house. According to legends, an Atchison doctor practiced in this house. The house is named after a little girl named Sallie, who was brought to the house for treatment in 1905. The doctor diagnosed that the girl was suffering from appendicitis. When he tried to operate on the young girl, she thought he was trying to torture her. And, that was the last thought she had in her mind when she died on the operation table. In 1993, a young couple came to the house and first claimed that the house was haunted.

14 Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

Via: YouTube

This hospital in Singapore was under Japanese occupation during WWII. The Japanese Secret Police used this place as its torture facility for more than 50,000 war prisoners. And, the painful history of this place is apparently responsible for the Old Changi Hospital being haunted. Later on, it was called the Royal Air Force Hospital and served the British military. The name of the hospital changed a few times, as the ownership of the property kept changing over the years. Ghosts here include injured Japanese soldiers, children, and adults. Even the government of Singapore acknowledges the fact that many people find the place extremely scary. However, it does not officially agree to the claim of the place being haunted. Arguably the most haunted place in Singapore, the Old Changi Hospital was used to film Hunted Changi. The cast and crew of the film experienced a number of supernatural activities. They also claim that they have captured some of the ghostly apparitions on camera.

13 Bhangarh Fort, India

Via: HelloTravel

Often tagged as the most haunted place in India, Bhangarh Fort is known for its chilling ghost stories. India has its share of extremely horrifying haunted places. It is no small feat that this place beats all of those to top the list of such names. Although it is a popular tourist attraction in the Indian state of Rajasthan, it is said that nobody can dare visit the place after sunset. The place is believed to have been cursed by a tantric, who failed to marry the beautiful princess of this empire. The tantric cursed the kingdom before his death. Because of this curse, there was a battle which eventually killed the princess. Now, ghosts reside in the fort. There are strict government regulations against entering the fort after sunset. There are different versions of the paranormal activities in the fort. Local people have heard women crying inside the fort at night. At times, the sound of bangles are heard. People have also heard screaming sounds. There are strange shadows, unusual music, and lights coming from inside.

12 Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Via: Instagram

Aradale Lunatic Asylum is the largest abandoned mental hospital in Australia. Before this place became one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in the country, it had the most dreadfully insane people in it. After the building was completed in 1867, it welcomed the so-called “lunatic” who had earlier been kept in jails. The hospital was operational for 130 years. On average, around a thousand patients died every year. This made it vulnerable to being a target for paranormal activity. People report hearing footsteps and moaning sounds. They have also seen ghostly nurses moving around in white uniforms. People believe it is the spirit of Nurse Kerry who haunts the building, especially the women’s wing.

11 St. Augustine Lighthouse, United States

Via: YouTube

The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, United States is one of the most haunted places of the 21st century. The supernatural activities of this place are so authentic that some agencies promise clients that they will see ghosts here. Paranormal experts believe that this lighthouse has a strong paranormal presence. The spirit of a man who hanged himself on the front porch remains here. However, it is not the only ghost. People also talk about hearing the voice of a young girl and the sound of people running up and down the stairs. There are moaning and groaning sounds. There are times where people hear the sound of buckets dropping. On one occasion, a mystery woman in a white dress was seen. Multiple people have claimed to have heard a woman whisper “help me.” It is a common thing for people to see shadows and hear voices. There has been no explanation behind such mysterious occurrences.

10 The White House, USA

Via: World Alliance

Not many are aware of this, but the White House is one of the most haunted places of the 21st century. Many presidents, as well as their families, have claimed to have had paranormal experiences over there. Even some of the foreign dignitaries who visited this place experienced the same. Winston Churchill claimed that he had seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln while he was staying in the Lincoln Room during his visit. And, he is not the only one to claim such a thing. Dwight Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, and Theodore Roosevelt also claimed the same. Abraham Lincoln’s ghost troubled Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands while she was staying in the Rose Room, which is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Andrew Jackson. People claim to have heard the former US president laugh or swear in anger. Not only former Presidents, but also former First Ladies and employees haunt the place as ghosts. People keep hearing footsteps, knocks, and whispers at the White House.

9 The Old Vicarage, Sweden

Via: YouTube

Borgvattnet, a small village in Northern Sweden, has one of the most haunted places of the 21st century. The Old Vicarage was built in 1876, but it was in 1927 when it was first reported that the place was haunted. One day, Nils Hedlund found his laundry torn down. In the 1930’s, Rudolf Tangden saw the ghost of an old woman. Otto Lindgren, as well as his wife, had many paranormal experiences in the house in the 1940’s. They saw things moving and heard mysterious sounds. A guest claimed that she woke up in the middle of the night to see three old women looking at her. There are many more stories like this. Erick Lindgren kept a written record of the supernatural experiences he had after moving into the house in 1945. According to him, ghosts used to throw him out of his chair. Now, the place is used as a hotel and restaurant. People who spend a night here get a certificate for the dare.

8 Chateau De Brissac, France

Via: YouTube

Chateau de Brissac in Maine-et-Loire, France was built in the 11th century. Everything was alright until there was a double murder at this beautiful castle. Since then, the castle is believed to have been haunted by the Lady in Green. The spirit of Charlotte de Brézé, who was King Charles VII’s illegitimate daughter wears a lovely green dress. However, her face is said to not be so gracious. While there were other ghosts here (such as Pierre’s ghost), only the Lady in Green is reportedly left here at the moment. According to the owner of the place, they have become habituated with the ghost. However, guests claim to be seriously scared of it. The story behind the Lady in Green is interesting. Legends say that the woman cheated on her husband, Jacques de Brézé. He murdered her and her lover. He soon left the castle as the ghosts of the adulterous couple kept disturbing him.

7 Babenhausen Barracks, Germany

Via: Ghostwatch.net

One of the most haunted places of the 21st century is in Germany. The war-torn history of the country is responsible for Babenhausen Barracks being a favorite place for ghosts. People claim that the ghosts of WWII soldiers in German Nazi uniform can still be seen here. It is commonly claimed that the ghosts of German commanders give loud commands in the middle of the night in this facility in Hesse. People have seen footsteps and heard soldiers talking in the basement. It is also quite common to see lights turn on and off on their own. Now a museum, Babenhausen Barracks’ history of ghosts goes back to the 19th century. It is believed to be the home for a witch who was burned to death. Reports suggest that the ghost is responsible for the death of many German soldiers in Babenhausen Barracks. The witch seduced and killed many WWII soldiers in this facility.

6 Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa

Via: Trip Advisor

One of the most haunted places in the 21st century, the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town is known for a number of interesting ghosts. The most exciting one was the spirit of a woman who was seen running around the building. She was heard crying during her mysterious rounds. However, it all stopped when the woman’s corpse was discovered during excavations. Nevertheless, it is not the only ghost that haunts the Castle of Good Hope. The sighting of the spirits of a man and a dog happens to be common here. It is also common to hear eerie voices and footsteps around the building. At times, people have heard chilling screams. The guards of the building find it terrible to work the “graveyard” shift. According to legends, various people were tortured in the castle many years ago. The furious spirits apparently move around the building and make their presence felt.

5 Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

Via: Calgary Herald

This historic hotel in Canada is known as one of the most haunted places of the 21st century. The hotel is almost 130 years old and opens up possibilities for a huge variety of ghosts. Some of these ghosts are quite helpful. For instance, there is Sam McAuley, the Bellman. During the ‘60s and the ‘70s, Sam was the head bellman in the hotel. While he passed away in 1975, he still likes to perform his duties. On one occasion, he helped two women open the door of their room. Then, there is this bride who died on her wedding day here during the ‘20s. Many claim to have seen her spirit in a wedding dress moving up and down the stairs. At times, she is also seen dancing in the ballroom. If you’re really interested in paranormal elements, you may like to stay in room 873, where an entire family was murdered. Guests of this room have claimed to have seen bloody hand prints on the mirror and other spooky stuff.

4 The Ancient Ram Inn, England

Via: Author Lyn Gibson

The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire could easily win the title of the most haunted place in England. Built on a pagan burial ground in 1145, the place has reportedly hosted many events of devil worship and child sacrifice in the past. The place, located in the village of Wotton-under-Edge, is so scary that people have to jump off the window at times to escape the ghostly torture. According to reports, there are around 20 ghosts that trouble guests at the Ancient Ram Inn. The spirit of a young girl, Rosie, moves around the property. Guests claim to have seen furniture flying around. Caroline Humphries’ family has been living in the inn for almost 50 years. According to her, her father does not go anywhere in the property without his Bible. The Bishop’s Room is believed to be the most haunted one in the Inn.

3 Mary King’s Close, Scotland

Via: Tourist Destinations

This one comes from Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary King’s Close was hugely popular for traders, who used to live and do business over there. Things changed in 1645, when the place was affected by a plague outbreak. The place was closed, and the people who were already infected stayed back. The place soon grabbed the attention of paranormal experts. It was 1685 when the first paranormal incident reportedly took place. The Coltheart family started having ominous nightmares and seeing scary apparitions. They had to leave the place as the ghostly events became more prominent. The most infamous ghost of the place is Annie who left a Japanese psychic petrified in 1992. Legends say that Annie was a little girl who was left to die by her family. No matter if you believe in ghosts or not, you’re sure to get terrified if you visit “Annie’s Room.”

2 Island Of The Dolls, Mexico

Via: This Is My Horror

Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco became one of the scariest places on earth over the years. It was Julian Santana Barrera who discovered the dead body of a little girl, as well as her doll that was left behind. The girl drowned to death, and her doll was floating in a canal. Julian wanted to settle down on this island, as he wanted to stay out of the city. However, he started hearing unnerving footsteps at night. He also started hearing painful cries of a girl. Then, he decided to hang the doll from one tree. This practice continued, as he kept on hanging more dolls to calm down the seemingly discontented spirit. The practice of hanging dolls went on for more than 50 years, as Julian spent his life on the island. Now, the place is considered a tourist attraction.

Here is one more chilling fact: Julian was found dead in the same canal where the little girl drowned.

1 Poveglia Island, Italy

Via: Pinterest

This tiny island in Italy has been deserted for a while. However, it was not like that before. The history of this island is pretty old, as people started living here in 421 AD. Local people strongly advise foreigners against visiting this infamous island. There are many troublesome ghosts on the island. It is believed that there are around 100,000 ghosts residing on the island. One of them is Paolo who was a doctor. People claim that he keeps pushing people and moving things. There have been cruel deaths on this island for many centuries, which has made the island extremely haunted. And, that’s why many call this island “Hell on Earth.” In ancient times, the ones who were dying from the bubonic plague were sent to this island to die. Later on, even half-dead people were burnt to death on this island. Make no mistake, all these ghosts are extremely angry and harm whoever comes to the island.

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