15 Most Freakish Things You Can Actually Buy Online

So many crazy and interesting things exist online. From quirky cat videos to important information, the internet really does seem to have it all. Some say that this is a bad thing, however, with such a large space of information left to our disposal, it's no wonder that we make use of it in as many ways as possible. We fill the internet with practically everything that we know how to do. It's not about limits, and because of that fact, there are also plenty of strange things to be found.

For example, most of the stuff that is bought online is fairly normal. However, there are a select few items which have been brought together in this list to show people that there are some very messed up people online willing to sell and do pretty much anything. Some of it isn't even for attention-- it is simply just bizarre. Take a long look at all of the items and you will see that sometimes it's hard to imagine that anything so crazy is actually being sold. But given the world that we live in, maybe you're not surprised.

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15 Jesus Toast

via twitter.com

If you watch TV, you probably already know about the many cases of people seeing Jesus randomly in their toast. While this sounds crazy and downright strange, that doesn't mean that it isn't happening. Many people have gone to the internet, showing off their pieces of toast that clearly look like the picture of Jesus has been burnt into the toast. People have been into the gimmick for so long that certain individuals have used photoshop and even burnt the toast themselves just to make a buck online. What's even crazier is that people have actually bought the pieces of toast, and for a very high price at certain times. There even exists sandwich presses which have the face of Jesus on them so people can have their very own Jesus toast for when they wake up in the morning. It's a stretch, but a real one to say the least.

14 Perfectly Good Parents

We all have our days where we don't necessarily get along with our parents, however, no one really goes as far as to posting them for sale online. That's just what Michael Amatrudo did when he made the post on Craigslist, selling his parents for an interesting amount of $155. This is certainly a strange case, and when asked about why he would do such a thing, Amatrudo replied, saying he was simply bored. Of course, there is no excuse for such an act. Not to mention, selling anyone for such an amount is certainly considered undervalued. The price of a human life shouldn't even have a value, it should be made priceless. But Amatrudo was probably not thinking with the same mindset. Certainly it stands to reason that if someone cures their boredom by selling their elderly parents online, then they have some serious mental reprogramming done inside their head.

13 Illinois Cornflake

via elikeviral.com

When people talk about strange foods they probably do not take into consideration that a cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois could actually be something sought for. However, many articles were posted online about two sisters who sold the cornflake in 2008. The small piece of cereal sold for $1350. Some people may find that quite an alarming amount for something so small and, for lack of a better word, useless, but in our day and age, so many crazy things are going on that make this seem practically normal under certain circumstances. But what would overcome a person to purchase such a dull item for so much money? The purchase came from a person who owned a trivia site online. He wanted it to be featured as well to a traveling museum to be a part of the collection. It goes to show that sometimes the smallest items can be the biggest deal in someone's eyes.

12 Sell Your Soul on eBay

via youtube.com

We have all heard the rumors and legends of people in stories selling their souls to the Devil in exchange for something even greater such as power, money, skills, and so forth. The list really does go on and on. But there are also stories of people in real life trying to "sell their soul" to the Devil. In these stories, people have claimed to have already given their soul over in exchange for whatever they desired. While this may sound silly and downright strange, there are people that believe this can be done. Even a man in 2008 decided to see if he could sell his soul on eBay to raise money for his band. His name is Dante Knoxx. However, it wasn't long before big eBay bosses were letting Knoxx know that he couldn't do so and that it was not permitted on the site. Knoxx had a few things to say about the whole ordeal, stating: "I had lots of emails asking if I was serious and religious groups telling me I couldn't do that - others wanted to talk about my soul." So it seems as though we won't be able to sell our soul on eBay anytime soon. Which is probably a good thing.

11 Fat Arnold Schwarzenegger Statue

via Keepo.com

There exists many different stores online which allow you to buy some crazy and downright ridiculous things, but one of the crazier sites is known as Alibaba. From this huge Chinese site, one can buy an array of some very strange things, including wax-silicone celebrity statues that are quite life-size. Some of them look very uncanny and normal, while others are deformed and depict celebrities in such a way that you would never want to see again. One such celebrity wax being sold is that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The figure's head seems rather normal, but move the angle down just a bit and on obese, naked form shall appear, making you wish you had never set eyes on such a weird figure. It also has chest hair running down the middle of its frame, probably trying to make it seem more realistic. The wax Arnold comes with sunglasses and a shotgun, and is priced at $16,800. And if that doesn't break the bank, imagine having to explain a buy like that to your friends.

10 "Medicinal" Nipple Hair

via MensHealth.com

It might come as a surprise to some that something as crazy as medicinal nipple hair could actually exist, while others probably find no surprise at all in the fact. However, whether or not something like this actually works is highly up for debate.

When it comes to fake truths, the internet has a motherload. So, when a seller posted online about his medicinal nipple hair being able to cure certain injuries and such, people didn't really buy into the gimmick. But the fact that someone actually came up with something so silly and strange is an entertaining concept in itself. What possessed this man to do such a thing? It probably goes under the list of things we shouldn't ask about. Anyone who is willing to post something like this probably has a few screws loose or is looking to scam people and make another fine buck in the world.

9 Grow Your Own Gay Best Friend

via all-that-is-interesting.com

Believe it or not, there exists a toy known as 'The Gay Best Friend". It is a small miniature plastic man that can grow up to 600% of his normal size. The toy can sell for around $1.28, but who would really buy such a thing? The thought of a toy like this seems kind of like a knock to the gay men of the LGBT community, to say the least. However, maybe this was the company's way of expressing their support. It's certainly a step up from the dinosaurs many toy manufacturers spit out every so often. But what really makes a gay best friend? According to the packaging that encloses the toy, he will give you an honest opinion on your hair as well as your style. He loves to shop as well as dance at clubs. He also has great relationship advice and will tell you when your bum looks too big. As well all know, not every gay best friend will know these topics, but it's a fun little toy that the creators thought would make a great laugh.

8 Kangaroo "Part" Key Ring

via babyru.com

It's safe to say that the lack of imagination certainly was not present when the creation of this item began. Who would have thought that something as weird and disgusting as kangaroo testicles could ever be an item bought on the internet. It certainly isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about e-commerce. These bad boys are usually sold for around $39 and they aren't without wonder. But we are left to wonder about the means of retrieving them, as well as why anyone would ever buy this. But, if kangaroo scrotums, or any type of scrotum for that matter, is your thing, then this item is certainly up your alley. And if we didn't know before, how much kangaroo testicles were worth, we can sure bet that we do now. It makes one wonder if these would be worth more in a place like Australia, perhaps?

7 Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

via cbsnews2.com

Once again, we have a religious image showing up on a piece of toast, or, in this case, grilled cheese. While many look at this and brush it off as another phony way to make a buck, many people are still looking at is as a sign from God or a message from the higher powers. Whether or not the owner of this grilled cheese is lying or telling the truth, the price for the thing online was absolutely astounding. The image on the top of the 10 year old grilled cheese appears to show the Virgin Mary and was sold for a whopping $28,000! That's a lot of money for something that seems so useless to so many. However, the sandwich was bought by someone who wanted it to be used for a good cause and planned to use it as a means of collecting for a charity.

6 Five Pound Fat Replica

via nexcesscdn.net

While this isn't exactly the real deal, this replica of five pounds of fat is something strange to look at. At first glance, you would think it was simply a deformed glob of yellow and orange. No one would know what the model was, unless of course you were an anatomy teacher or a type of scientist needing such a replica. Probably the most sensible reason anyone would ever need a replica of fat would be for teaching purposes. Luckily, nothing online sells pounds of real body fat (that we know of). Of course there exists the posts all over the black markets, but those are something better left mentioned for another article. The replica has been known to be sold for around $80 which is quite the amount for a replica of body fat. The item weighs exactly as much as five pounds of body fat, so you can imagine what kind of monster it is.

5 William Shatner's Kidney Stone

via thesun.co.uk

4 Civil War Soldier's Foot

via mashable.com

The Civil War was a terrible time. Death was abound as well as infections, wounded soldiers, and the ones who were still out in the field giving their lives to do what is right. But there was a lot that happened when it came to injuries. Some soldiers suffered a great deal of pain and torment due to their grotesque situations. Others were lucky and didn't receive any major injuries. However, for those who weren't graced with the grip of luck, it was a very bad day. Sometimes the soldier's injuries were so bad that the injured limb had to be removed, and it wasn't pretty. That seems to have been the case with this severed and infected foot which now sits for sale online at just $40. This is certainly not an item you would want to see if you are in anyway afraid of body parts that have been preserved over a long period of time (Okay, actually it's just a prop, but that's weird too, right?).

3 Apocalypse Kit

via The GutterTrash.com

Something that a lot of people aren't willing to talk about is the apocalypse. To many, it sounds silly and doesn't really appeal to what people are really talking about these days. To others, something like a zombie apocalypse is not an event they would like to take lightly. And believe it or not, a scientific supply company by the name of Optics Planet, has put together a zombie apocalypse kit, but it isn't cheap, and it's certainly not for the faint of heart. The kit can be bought at $24,000, which sounds like a very high amount, but when you take a look at what is in it, you won't be surprised. Just a few of these items like the guns, tactical watch, bullets, gun cleaning kit, and targets are included and are meant to insure your survival. And at $24,000 you better hope that, that's exactly what it will do, given you have the knowledge to shoot a gun and use most of the items in the kit.

2 Urine Powered Batteries

via Gizmodo.com

Something we have all used at least once is batteries. They have so many uses and we use them pretty much every day in many different devices. Unfortunately, batteries are normally very harmful for the environment, leading many to try their hand at finding ways to make batteries less harmful and more efficient. Luckily, the future is here and believe it or not, there is now urine powered batteries. They can last quite a long time and have been invented in Japan by the company Aqua Power System. The batteries come in regular AA as well as AAA format. However, the batteries aren't restricted to just urine. If urine being in your battery is something that bothers you, water can be used to fuel the battery as well. Prices have not yet been released for America or Europe, only in Japan. Hopefully, soon we will have the wonders of the pee battery.

1 Nose Gel Dispenser

via AliExpress.com

Technically a gag gift, the nose gel dispenser is guaranteed to give guests quite a laugh when taking a shower. That is what the description says, at least: "With this hilarious Nose Shower Gel Dispenser nothing says clean like rubbing snot in your hair! Guaranteed to freak out guests. Just squeeze the enormous sniffer to make boogery green shower gel ooze out. The dispenser easily attaches to any smooth surface using the provided suction cups. Just unscrew cap on back of nose dispenser to fill with shower gel (small bottle included). The perfect holiday gag gift!" Gifts don't normally come in small packages and this one certainly doesn't. It's a little larger than you would imagine but it is still the perfect gag gift. Christmas is just around the corner!

However, if you are a person who doesn't really get off on disgusting things, this probably isn't the gift for you, granted it's a display of soap coming out like snot.

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