15 Most Embarrassing Adult Fights In Kids' Restaurants

Just type "Chuck E. Cheese" into YouTube and you'll see many videos of uploaded cellphone footage showing children's birthday parties that went sour

There are plenty of wonderful family restaurants that provide quality service for both parents and children. These family-friendly restaurants include Jason's Deli, Souplantation (Sweet Tomatoes), Red Lobster, Chipotle, Noodles & Company, Red Robin, Mimi's Cafe?, Panera Bread, and P.F. Chang's China Bistro. All of them deserve straight As for offering families healthy and tasty food with a side of fun. Who doesn't love having fun while eating out? Fun activities are necessary because they help bring the whole family together.

However, not all family restaurants are happy-go-lucky. Say, for example, Chuck E. Cheese's. Its slogan offers to provide a safe place where "a kid can be a kid" and adds that it's a place "where awesome parents go." However, the family fun doesn't always extend to adults, which can lead to violent incidents at the family restaurant chain that's headquartered in Irving, Texas. These incidents have been going on for many years and have led to countless assault charges and injuries among adults who were allegedly supervising their children's birthday parties. Just type "Chuck E. Cheese" into YouTube and you'll see several videos of uploaded cellphone footage showing children's birthday parties that went sour. There's nothing wrong with Chuck E. Cheese, but how did it become a hotspot for fights? The answer to that question remains unanswered, despite professional interviews with psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists.

And it's not just Chuck E. Cheese's either. There are other family restaurants that have experienced similar situations. Here are 15 of the most embarrassing adult fights in kids' restaurants.

15 Chaotic Fight At Cici's Pizza

Cici's Pizza is a buffet chain based in Coppell, Texas that specializes in pizza.

One adult and one teenager were faced with criminal charges after a large fight broke out at a Cici's Pizza located in the south side of Indianapolis on March 17, 2017. Video footage confirmed that tables and chairs were used as weapons. The brawl reportedly started when one woman accused another woman of cutting in line. In addition to tables and chairs, the challengers used whatever they found in the restaurant as weapons. One woman pulled a pizza pan off the buffet, dropped the pizza, and smacked somebody with the pan.

During the brawl, one man tried to hit a woman from behind. After the brawl spilled into the parking lot, police arrived to the scene and arrested 18-year-old Deshun Mumford, as well as an unnamed 15-year-old boy. After being tased by police, Mumford repeatedly threatened one of the officers, telling him that "he was gonna find out where he lived and kill his wife and kids."

Here's a life lesson: Learn how to act like adults.

14 Fight Against Bullies At Texamo Spur

Customers and staff members watched as a man violently threatened a woman in front of her children at the Texamo Spur in the Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 21, 2017. The video footage went viral and caused outrage on Human Rights Day. Moreover, Human Rights Day was declared a public holiday after the inauguration of former South African president Nelson Mandela in 1994.

The incident rapidly turned into a public relations disaster for the steakhouse restaurant chain as furious customers asked why management didn't intervene sooner. Some customers even threatened to boycott the restaurant.

Marilize Lloyd accompanied the man and his family to the restaurant. She said that her friend's daughter came to their table twice to complain about a child who pushed her in the play area. The girl cried three times, which prompted the father to get up and confront the woman. Things went downhill from there, and both parents got involved in a heated argument. As a result, Spur issued a statement, saying that the man was no longer welcome in Spur restaurants across the country.

13 Action-Packed Fight At Michael's Family Restaurant

Michael's Family Restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a nice family restaurant with fair prices. The restaurant isn't fancy but it's clean, and that's good enough. The overall service is friendly as its hostesses and servers care about providing quality service to their customers. This is the place to go if you're looking for a tasty home-cooked meal at an affordable price.

Despite the family-friendly atmosphere, fights seem to be a re-occurrence at this restaurant. One review stood out on TripAdvisor as the user lov2tojive wrote, "Ever time i go there it's a fight and the wait staff does nothing just keeps on helping other people with there orders wow people are climbin over chairs and tables trying to get at one another it's sad would NEVER GO BACK,good food after the bar tho!!!!"

First off, the restaurant's management team needs to intervene before a fight implodes and turns into chaos. Second, fighting doesn't belong in family-friendly restaurants. It's that simple.

12 Men Fight In Underwear At Green Mesquite

The Green Mesquite restaurant in the Oak Hill neighborhood of Austin, Texas has always been a good place for people to grab a quick meal, and many people have eaten there as families. It's often described as a family-friendly place that treats both children and infants with respect. The delicious food, casual atmosphere, and quality service has always been a plus.

The family restaurant lost additional credibility one day when a man's daughter paid attention to the television while eating her meal. She asked, "Daddy, why are those men fighting in their underwear?" The father looked up at the television and saw what at first looked like boxing until he noticed that the men were barefooted, wearing Speedos, and kicking each other. One man had another man down on the mat, twisting his arm, and holding him down. It looked like street fighting.

What kind of family-friendly restaurant would show a fight between men in their underwear?

11 Brawl Occurs After A Punch At Bayou City Wings

A fight inside the Bayou City Wings restaurant in Houston, Texas resulted in an outright brawl on April 13, 2017. Bayou City Wings shared their surveillance video with ABC 13 following the incident. The video showed customers punching, shoving, and even throwing chairs at each other. The action ensued after two men had a conversation, and one man appeared to touch the other before a punch was thrown.

Bayou City Wings reportedly said that they were disappointed in the incident. They added that those customers wouldn't be welcomed back into their restaurant. Luckily, there were no injuries as a result of the brawl.

Bayou City Wings director of operations, Max Thweatt, told ABC13 that it was an unfortunate incident because it's a family restaurant. He also said that they try to offer a safe environment for guests and employees who come in the place. He added that some people just want to come inside and kind of ruin the night for everybody else.

ABC13 also spoke to Bayou City Wings CEO, Charles Bryan, who said that they worked tirelessly to make sure guests and employees enjoy a friendly environment.

10 Vicious Chair-Throwing Brawl At Seafood City

Seafood City in the Bronx is best known for its affordable food and family-style atmosphere. However, one night, the bar at Seafood City closed at 6 p.m. until further notice. The closing happened after a vicious chair-throwing brawl broke out at the family restaurant the night before. Video footage captured the chaos that ensued at the restaurant. Multiple people were seen throwing chairs around in the large dining room for several minutes. Police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived, the patrons involved in the fight were gone.

It was unclear what started the fight, but Seafood City's management said they believed that alcohol was a factor. A middle-aged woman told PIX11 News that the kids just seemed to lack any kind of decency or morals and went on to say that it was really sad and unfortunate that the kids would come to a family place like Seafood City to totally disrupt and cause chaos.

Although the incident was isolated, many people in the neighborhood weren't happy about it. Luckily, no injuries resulted from the chair-throwing brawl.

9 Aggressive Fight After Drinking At La Esquinita

Three people faced charges after a fight broke out at the La Esquinita restaurant in Armona, California on May 21st. Deputies were in the area of 14th Avenue and Locust in Kings County when they heard about a fight in progress at the restaurant around 2:00 a.m.

The deputies managed to end the fight, but they said that a woman named Connie Saldivar kept interfering. They said that she went as far as hitting one of the deputies with a napkin holder when he tried to take her into custody. They also said that she tried to kick the rear window of the patrol car before kicking deputies with her high heels after they opened the door.

Connie was booked into the Kings County Jail in Hanford, California on four charges—assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and public intoxication. Her brother, Andres, was booked for fighting in public as well as public intoxication. Another man, Fernando Gomez, was booked for the same charges as Andres.

When all is said and done, having too much booze at a family-friendly restaurant can cause adults to do things they'll regret.

8 Woman Attacks Another Woman With A Shoe At Kings Family Restaurant

Kings Family Restaurants have been dedicated to serving their customers great food and selection at a great value since 1967. It has locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Its logo features scarlet-colored lettering with a saffron outline.

Anyhow, a fight occurred between several people at a Kings Family Restaurant one chilly evening in November of 2011. Things got interesting in the middle of the fight when a Caucasian woman's shoe came off, and an African American woman grabbed the shoe to hit the shoe-less woman. The volume increased, people gathered together, and a man who recorded the entire fight asked his waitress for a discount.

The African American woman who started the fight apologized, but the Caucasian woman refused to accept the superficial apology. The fight continued with the African-American woman saying that she was simply just waiting for her food. The Caucasian woman and her guests eventually left the restaurant.

Bottom line: Playing the race card isn't going to justify your actions.

7 Weekend Fight At IHOP

A weekend fight on February 20th, at the International House of Pancakes in Racine, Wisconsin went viral on social media after it was captured on multiple cellphone videos and is now going viral on social media. The videos showed a crowd of people standing inside the IHOP, pushing and shoving. At one point, a woman lifted a chair over her head to hit a person.

The staff members appeared helpless to stop or remove people from the restaurant during the aggressive incident. Within minutes, a police officer was spotted trying to detain one woman as people threw drinks in their direction. The officer moved people out through the emergency exit. It was reported that broken glass was on the lobby floor, and an unidentified male threw cash on the counter but later apologized for the damage.

Racine police arrested three people and issued citations to two people after the bare knuckle fight ended.

6 Mother's Day Brawl At Kiku Japanese Steakhouse And Sushi Bar

What started as a peaceful Mother’s Day dinner at Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in East Point, Georgia turned into a gigantic brawl between employees and customers. Cellphone footage showed people throwing plates, trays, and an ice bucket into the dining area. According to a police report, busboy Demonte Harrison was cleaning tables when a female customer criticized him for smiling. Harrison bluntly responded, telling the customer that it was his job to smile, and she couldn't tell him not to smile. Then, a male customer reportedly got up and punched Harrison. Three other male customers also attacked Harrison.

Restaurant owner Charlie Son said that his employees tried to help Harrison fight off the men. No one was seriously injured during the incident, but Son estimated that he lost about $5,000 in business after people got up and left during the brawl. The people who started the fight didn't pay for their meals.

Sherrae Barlow, a mother of a family who witnessed the brawl, said that "they tried to make light of [the brawl] so we could continue to enjoy the rest of our Mother's Day."

5 Family Argument Erupts Into 18-Man Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese's

A family argument erupted into an 18-man brawl at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Boynton Beach, Florida. The fight occurred during a boy's birthday party on March 18, 2013. At least three people—including the birthday boy's mother—were arrested on drug charges and defrauding a manager when family members tried to leave without paying the bill. Boynton Beach Police said the mother's purpose contained marijuana and part of a Xanax pill. They also found additional marijuana along with crack cocaine and morphine on the floor.

The fight began when two men exchanged words in the men's restroom. Several minutes later, 18 men fought in the dining room, knocking over tables, trampling all over the birthday boy's grandmother and destroying the custom-made birthday cake. Employees were able to guide the fighters outside. Some of the men drove to a nearby location to continue the fight, and one man pulled out a gun and fired at a car, striking a random passenger in the leg.

4 Three Females Detonate Into A Rumble Of 85 At Chuck E. Cheese's

Adults fighting at Chuck E. Cheese's is nothing new, but there are signs that grown folks are fighting way too much.

There weren't any confirmed reasons as to what sparked a brawl among 80 people at a Chuck E. Cheese location in Flint, Michigan. The first call showed concern about a fight between three teenage girls at the family restaurant. A Genesee County Sheriff's paramedic and state troopers quickly contained the fight and canceled other officers headed over to back them up. But a few minutes later, the officers sent out a second call as the fight erupted again and quickly turned into "a knock-down, drag-out between 75 and 80 people," according to Flint Township police Sgt. Tim Jones.

Other police officers stormed into the restaurant, trying to control the crowd. The use of pepper spray added to the uproar. No one was injured during the brawl, though. The restaurant was shut down at 9:45 p.m. The Genesee County Health Department allowed it to reopen about noon the following day. After the restaurant reopened its doors, a family fight broke out among several women and escalated to a group of 10. No arrests or injuries were made, and most of the brawlers were gone by the time police arrived.

3 Shots Fired After Fight At Zorba's Family Dining

There was a wild scene outside a restaurant called Zorba's Family Dining on Detroit's east side. At least eight to 10 gunshots were exchanged—sending everyone running—and at least one child was at a nearby bus stop when the argument unfolded. A young boy ran inside a nearby business for safety purposes.

The restaurant's surveillance cameras captured the fight between two women, squaring off in broad daylight. Someone then jumped in and tried to mace others. This violent incident occurred one day before a neighborhood meeting with officers at the restaurant as an attempt to bridge the gap between local residents and law enforcement officers.

The fight kept going, despite officers arriving to the scene. Another person came from the side of the restaurant and fired additional shots into the crowd. Officers on a nearby street handcuffed and detained those who they thought were involved. Thankfully, no one was shot and killed, but a man reportedly punched a woman during the fight.

2 Violent Fight Erupts Outside Cheddar's Restaurant Between Two Families

In 2014, a fight between two families at a Cheddar's restaurant in the Fremaux Town Center in Sliddell, Louisiana led to nine people being arrested. Slidell police said that the fight between the families—who reportedly didn't know each other—resulted in two people being tased by a stun gun and one was grazed by a bullet.

According to witnesses, members of one family were waiting for a table and made demeaning comments about members of another family who left the restaurant. A verbal argument resulted and quickly turned physical as both families began fighting each other.

At one point, a Shawn Sorrell pulled out a stun gun and shocked two members of the other family. Sorrell then recovered a .380 caliber handgun and fired one round into the crowd.

A bystander attempted to break up the fight but was grazed in the leg by a bullet. Fortunately, no one was directly hit.

Consequently, Sorrell reportedly aimed for the crowd and faced attempted first-degree murder charges.

1 Sheriff's Deputy Joins Husband In Deadly Fight At Denny's

This particular fight wasn't only embarrassing, it was also deadly.

The violent altercation received national attention after a man's death outside of a Denny's restaurant in Sheldon, Texas. A Texas sheriff's deputy, Chauna Thompson, and her husband, Terry, were indicted by a grand jury for the murder of a 24-year-old man named John Hernandez on June 8.

Hernandez fell into a coma after a fight with Chauna and Terry at a Denny's one night. Investigators said Hernandez urinated outside the restaurant and Terry yelled at him to stop, which led to a physical altercation where Chauna drove over to meet her husband.

Terry's attorney claimed that Hernandez threw the first punch. Terry was put into the back of a patrol car that night, but no charges were filed.

Video footage showed that Terry was on top of Hernandez with his arm around Hernandez's throat. Witnesses said that Chauna was also trying to restrain Hernandez, putting her knee down on his arm. Hernandez stopped breathing, and Chauna administered CPR.

Hernandez was rushed to the hospital, but died days later.

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15 Most Embarrassing Adult Fights In Kids' Restaurants