15 Most Eerie Instagram Photos That Will Give Us Nightmares

Most of us will know what Instagram is. But for those who have only recently been thawed out of your cryogenic chambers here’s a quick recap: Instagram is a web-based photo-sharing social platform. On it you may share pictures and videos and comment on other people’s offerings.

Okay, with that out the way, we must first ask ourselves how Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger (the founders) managed to persuade their investors that a blank all-access online canvas would be a good idea. After all, Facebook was already in its sixth year by the time Insta came along and was already being used by the dodgiest of humanity’s picture-takers.

Nevertheless, the two founders anticipated great things and persuaded people with deep pockets to invest. Soon, the faithful were rewarded handsomely: it is now valued at $35 billion, has 300 million users, and according to Citigroup analysts in 2014, it “accounts for about 16 per cent of Facebook's roughly $221 billion market value”.

There have been a few glitches along the way. In 2016, British newspaper the Daily Star claimed that a blogger had found one million explicit adult images and films on the platform (something the Instagram “police” go to great lengths to obviate).

Today, we’re not showing you a selection of those one million skin flicks, but we are going to reveal some of the weirder and creepier pictures from Instagram that you may not know about. Stand by for 15 eerie things caught in Instagram posts.

15 Abandoned House

When the makers of Paranormal Activity 3 (namely Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman) were chewing over plot lines, they opted for the story of an imaginary friend for the children of the movie, who turns out to be anything but a friend. Shortly after one of the girls Kristi introduces her imaginary friend, Toby, to the rest of the family, creepy things start to happen around the house.

It is believed that the idea for Toby came after producers visited a haunted house in California where they found a picture of the wall of a room covered in graffiti. Some of the writing seen on the door of the room cupboard states "Alice's Room Do Not Enter." Obviously, for a creative team, this sort of temptation is too great to ignore (although it is not clear whether they took the plunge).

14 Alien Abduction

It always astonishes how quick the authorities are to dismiss alien encounters. They will go to any lengths to dispel suggestions regarded as quirky or fantastic. However, it is just as idiotic to suggest the Earth is the only inhabited planet among billions as it is to say that we are not alone. That said, the Australian Air Transportation Board was not willing to entertain the idea that young pilot Frederick Valentich was abducted by aliens in October of 1978.

Despite eye-witness testimony and the pilot himself describing something hovering over him that was not an aircraft, the disappearance of Valentich was deemed “accidental.” In fact, the Board stated in their report that it was likely the 20-year-old had become disorientated. The Associated Press in 1978 concluded that “Valentich became disorientated and saw his own lights reflected in the water, or lights from a nearby island, while flying upside down.”

13 Ghost Apparition

Some people believe that a ghost is a free-flowing energy rather than the spirit of a dead person. In truth, the consensus is still out on the identity of the “ghost” in this picture. But even scientists who claim to know everything about science are baffled and that is what makes ghost investigation so compelling. There is no explanation for their presence and there is no definite answer to the age-old question of whether ghosts exist.

In order to believe that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person, we have to believe in the afterlife. Half of us do, but the other half think it's baloney. You will have to make up your own mind on that. But bear in mind that the idea of ghosts and demons and spirits has been around for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years.

12 Cow On Telegraph Wire

Back in 1903, the residents of New Jersey at last rested soundly in their beds after author Charles Skinner announced the end of the reign of terror of one of the state's most fearsome creatures. The New Jersey Devil had been terrorizing people and animals for years up until then. It was said to have been "bird-like with a horse’s head and a piercing scream,” according to E.W. Minister.

Six years later, the Devil was back and this time more vengeful than ever. Eye-witness reports flooded in, with some claiming to have taken shots of the creature as it flew away; its bloodcurdling scream filling the night sky. With no firm evidence to go on it looked like the Devil would remain an urban legend until one day, someone took a picture which appears to show a disemboweled cow lying across telegraph wires.

11 Baby Monitor

If you have ever needed a baby monitor to keep an eye on your child, you may well have opted for one which was fitted with a two-way screen. It was this model a couple decided to buy for their child. But when they woke up on their first night having installed it earlier that day, they probably wished they’d gone with something more basic.

This picture was taken after the mother and father of the child woke up to sounds coming from the baby’s room. They reported it as sounding as though someone was walking around the room and clearly they had remembered to vector in any visitors who were staying with them overnight. Instead of seeing their child sleeping, they noticed her looking straight at the camera, in a stare that comes straight out of a Wes Craven blockbuster.

10 Still Alive?

These incredibly well-preserved humans in the Guanajuato region of Mexico are thought by some to have been victims of a cholera outbreak in 1833. But others have suggested that rather than being the victims of an epidemic, they merely died of natural causes. Whatever the cause, the mummies are of people who were subsequently exhumed between 1870 and 1958.

During this time, the government of Mexico imposed a tax on the families of those who were buried in the ground. The “perpetual” burial tax forced some who couldn’t pay to have their loved ones dug up and stored above ground. At least in Guanajuato, this didn’t pose a problem since the climate of the region is particularly conducive to mummification of flesh. In other parts of Mexico, those that were exhumed didn’t fare so well.

9 Abduction

In this picture that looks as though it came from the child’s own nightmare stand two clowns and a Santa Clause. The caption written on the reverse of the photo suggests that the picture was taken only moments before the child was abducted. Whether she was or wasn’t, we can't be sure. Even without the note in the back, this photo is ridiculously creepy.

8 Cool Toilet

Let’s talk about restrooms. They’ve been around for a while and unless you’re French, most of the restrooms/toilets/lavatories we use look more or less the same, which is probably why some people like to spruce things up a little. It's even said the Queen of England has a heated toilet seat (but who really would know such a thing). Instead, how about this offering from a company specializing in extreme loo seats?

Of course, this isn’t a real person but real people have been flushed down the John in the past, or at least pieces of them. A London serial killer called Dennis Nilsen famously disposed of what was left of his victims this way. Between 1978 and 1983 Nilson murdered, mutilated, and ate at least 12 men and then flushed them down the loo.

7 Baby Tree

In a town called Tana Toraja located in the remote Indonesian mountains, the locals have a unique way of burying their children. These children are wrapped in cloth and placed inside large holes that have been carved into the trunk of a tree. The tree is known as a baby tree for this exact reason. The locals believe that by burying them this way, the tree will absorb their bodies and their spirits will be taken away with the wind.

It is a fascinating concept and for some, it marks Tana Toraja as progressive in their thinking when it comes to returning our bodies back to the ground. However, the town is also famous for its triennial Ma'nene festival during which dead grown-ups are exhumed, given a fresh change of clothes, and walked around the village.

6 Ghost Face

There may be nothing to it, but this picture taken many years ago and looking down into the basement of a house allegedly shows an apparition at the foot of the stairs. Right or wrong, the image has been given the honour of being a genuine capture of a ghost. But how accurate is the image? Is there any way we can be persuaded of its authenticity? Must we not admit that any picture can be doctored or a distortion of a picture mistakenly said to be ghost-like?

Analysts have considered that in light of the lack of decent photo editing in the era it was taken, it is likely an un-doctored image. “I'm pretty sceptical, but it could be that someone out there is sitting on something really interesting," Professor Richard Wiseman told The Telegraph in 2009.

5 Failed Attack

When high-school student Charlie J. Bishop took off from an airfield in Tampa in January of 2002, he had one objective in mind— to end his life. That was, at least, what investigators deemed to be the case. Despite Bishop’s claim in a suicide note that it was an act of terrorism and that he was employed by Osama Bin Laden, the FBI considered Bishop’s crash nothing more than a way to end it all spectacularly.

In the morning of t January 5, 2002, Bishop stole a Cessna and took off heading for the city. In a note he had left behind the student of East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida, he wrote he was acting as an agent for Al Qaeda and that what he was about to do was sanctioned by the failed military leader himself. Bishop flew into one of the top offices of the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa and died instantly.

4 Smiley Faces

The Smiley Face murders are a string of unsolved murders that detectives believe were carried out by a serial killer. The theory is that wherever we find a smiley face drawn as graffiti, we find a victim. Some have, however, dismissed the recent theory as mere speculation and without hard evidence to back it up, it will remain so.

Coincidence? We think not, especially when we consider other murders where the killers left tell-tale signs of their heinous acts. Rory Enrique Conde in 1994 would write cryptic messages on the skin of his victims; the Washington Snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo left “death” tarot cards at scenes of crime; William Heirens would write on walls pleading with the police to stop him before he killed again (although he could just as easily have handed himself in).

3 Fake Gore

Japanese artist Hideshi Hino was born just after the Second World War. At the time, his family was living in Qiqihar, China but fled amid vicious reprisals by the Chinese after the defeat of Japan. He was witness to the plentiful horrors of war as he and his family made their way back to the homeland. It is said that his love of creating horror manga such as Hell Baby, Hino Horrors, and Panorama of Hell are inspired by those early days.

Hino is now a filmmaker specializing in gore and horror, and as this picture shows, he’s not half bad at what he does. His creations have shocked, amazed, and sickened people, but there's no denying Hino is a genius in creating a realistic blood-soaked world of horror which includes murders, monsters, and corpses.

2 Haunted House

There is a haunted house in California which is known for its violent realism. McKamey Manor, in San Diego, is known as the world’s scariest haunted house and features real-life torture and imprisonment, all for the entertainment of the guests. Thousands of people every week attempt to spend eight hours in rooms, dungeons, and cellars in the hope of going the distance. But the fact is, no one has yet to last the eight hours. In fact, the experiences are said to be so terrifying, grown men have been reduced to tears.

Classed as a PG-13 attraction, the house is popular with adrenaline junkies, the brave, and the downright stupid. Visitors are chained, gagged, and forced to eat rotten food, all of which sounds like a recipe for the worst night out in history. Nevertheless, people are queuing up to get a taste (sorry about the pun) of what it’s really like to be degraded and humiliated on a monumental scale.

1 Girl Found In Catacombs

Perhaps not violating their principles, but near enough, this picture was one of the first we came across on Instagram and it stopped us dead in our tracks. Here lies a girl in her 20s who died in 2005 but wasn’t discovered until 2007. The girl attended a New Year’s Eve party hosted deep in the catacombs beneath the town of Odessa near Kiev: an old mining structure and later a bunker during World War II.

Unfortunately for the girl, the morning after the party, her friends left the catacombs but forgot to check that she was with them. The girl was left to find her way out, but with 1500 miles of tunnels in pitch blackness, she stood no chance of reaching the surface. Somewhere deep in the maze of warrens, she collapsed and died only to be found two years later by a group of amateur explorers.


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