15 Most Disturbing Things Happening In The Dark Web

Some "old" people, who never truly appreciate technology, think that the Internet is evil, but they have no idea just how evil it can get. However, the Internet will never force you into places you do not want to go, so it is actually as evil or as holy as whoever is using it. Most of us love using Google Chrome to surf the Internet, thinking that Google is the magic key to every section. The truth is that Google can only access a small section, one that is commonly referred to as the "Surface Internet."

The Internet is divided into three broad sections, which someone can easily understand in the image of an iceberg. The surface Internet, where we can easily access using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others, is less than 8% of the whole Internet, according to a number of sources. The deep web and the dark web make up the more than 92% of the Internet where normal search engines do not get to, a section you should not go to unless someone has a gun to your head.

As the name suggests, the dark web is dark and it has no restrictions, making it very attractive to people who want to view and even engage in activities that we all know are evil and illegal. It is important to be very careful when someone decides to visit the dark web, because this section of the Internet can change someone for the worse.

Note that this article contains information that some people might find disturbing. Which of these things do you find too hard to believe?

15 Recordings Of Last Words

Via YouTube

Death is a mystery that people on this side of life will probably never understand, because it is still impossible to send someone or a machine in the world of the dead and have them gather information on what to expect. Furthermore, the people who die for a few minutes and then come back to life hardly ever return with the same report, since each person's story is almost always influenced by his or her faith. Consequently, we all end up fearing death and hold the words of a dying man or woman with far much greater importance than most of their previous conversations. At least one website in the dark web contains recordings of the final events captured by the black boxes in planes that have gone down. Other websites have recordings of the last words that death row inmates uttered before facing their death. These recordings are enough to give people nightmares, especially those who have lost loved ones in any of these ways.

14 Sale Of Rare Animals

Via Freeland.org

We all understand that it is our responsibility to safeguard all the animals on the planet; especially those that we know are on the verge of extinction. In an effort to protect all the wild animals, governments all over the world have banned poaching and all forms of illegal hunting and killing of wildlife. However, some people would care less about some species facing extinction, to the point of hunting them down and putting them up for sale. Of course, such people can only hide in the dark web, where authorities would probably never trace their location or identities. In addition to the horror of hunting down and killing these animals, the people who buy the animals or some of their parts do so in order to enrich themselves or to eat the meat. It is so sad that we could lose whole species of animals owing to the greed of a few people who have the money to choose alternative luxuries and even better tasting foods.

13 Sadistic Animal Killings

Via Motherboard - Vice

This sadistic killing of animals here is different from the illegal poaching mentioned above, because the animals, in this case, are cute puppies, bunnies, and even cats, which fall victim to crush p*rn. Crush p*rn is a twisted form of skin flicks where some women dress up in sexy clothing, or whatever the viewers want them to wear, and then start sadistically killing very young and cute pets. They kill the pets in a number of ways, including crushing them with their stilettos, suffocating them by sitting on them or chopping them up with knives. This is just sick in every way. Both the women who are performing these evil acts and the viewers who are deriving some form of sexual pleasure from these deeds are sick individuals. The dark web is home to such websites where this form of cruelty and despicable madness continues, because it is almost impossible to trace whoever is uploading such content.

12 Human Trafficking

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How cruel does someone have to be to take part in human trafficking? Although no form of trafficking out there is acceptable, human trafficking is just cold. According to statistics gathered in 2016, human trafficking is an illegal industry that makes around $32 billion every year, it is in every state in the United States, and over 20.9 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. In addition, almost 70% of all human trafficking victims are trapped in forced labor, and millions of these people are sexually exploited repeatedly. The people who run these illegal human trafficking businesses have to hide from the law in every way they can, and one of the best places for them to hide is in the dark web. The wicked people who want to own other human beings simply log on to the websites dealing with human trafficking and then follow the instructions.

11 Stillborn Collection

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Giving birth to a lifeless baby is probably the worst thing that can happen to an expectant parent, especially one who is going through the experience for a second or third time. The difference between a stillbirth and a miscarriage is the 20 weeks mark, where if a baby dies before 20 weeks it is a miscarriage, but after which it is a stillbirth. No words exist that can explain the horror a family goes through after losing a baby, regardless of the stage the baby got to. Therefore, it is important for a family to grieve in whatever way they find appropriate. However, the dark web has a few websites on which grieving parents go beyond what is normal and start performing some creepy practices. One of the websites has a collection of stillborn babies all dressed up, where people can view them and leave comments, with some really creepy background music.

10 Sale Of Naked Pictures Of Ex-Girlfriends

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It is so sad seeing the hurt that follows the end of a relationship, where people who were once in love end up hating each other. Ideally, when two people realize they cannot continue to be in a relationship, the mature thing to do is to part ways and continue with their separate lives. However, people often want to hurt each other even after the relationship is over - and the dark web is one of the forums where people do this. In one of the websites, which the FBI took down, men could upload naked pictures of their ex-girlfriends and then add personal details such as their full names, phone numbers, and their home addresses. This is cruel on every level, because you can imagine the calls that the innocent women received and even the possibility of stalking by sex predators. The chances of the existence of other sites such as these ones on the dark web are very high.

9 Hiring Hitmen and Purchasing Illegal Weapons 

Via True Crime - Tumblr

Do you know it is possible to hire a hitman to kill a friend, an enemy, or even a stranger, for the right price? As sad as this sounds, every bit of it is true and you can find these services in the dark web. This dark layer of the Internet has numerous hitmen who are willing to offer their services, but you will have to part with a lot of money. Although some hitmen have some standards, such as having a rule against killing children or a crop of politicians, hiring them certainly doesn't make it okay. Some of the hitmen boast of having a great record, so it seems like they are legit. In addition, anyone can purchase a weapon that is illegal to own. What makes it worse is that it is impossible to do background checks, so terrorists and mentally unstable individuals can easily access the most powerful weapons out there.

8 Buying Fake Documents

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Although you do not have to go to the dark web to get fake documents, the ones sold here are of extremely high quality and a buyer has access to numerous service providers. People who acquire fake passports, identification cards, government stamps, college certificates, or any other valuable documents through channels other than the dark web usually go through the processes in fear. However, those using the dark web hardly fear anything, because it is hard to track down anyone in this part of the Internet. The worst thing about this trade is just how unfair it is to everyone else out there, because someone can pay some money to get credentials that other people have to spend years earning or go through tough and extensive training to acquire. Can you imagine the damage that an uneducated or an untrained employee can do to an organization if he or she happens to get a job as an accountant owing to fake documents?

7 Sale Of Illegal Substances

Via All Things VICE

Almost every country in the world has laws preventing the growing, production, distribution, and sale of drugs that are subject to prohibition laws. This multi-billion dollar industry makes a few people extremely wealthy while damaging the lives of millions. The worst misconceptions that the people taking drugs have are that they can control the habit and that they can do whatever they want with their lives, because they are the ones to suffer the consequences. On the contrary, drug addiction is like a cancer that grows in terms of appetite and kills the victim slowly. The people who suffer most are probably the family members and close relatives of the addicts, who have to pay for the treatment, go through the embarrassment, and have to suffer mental and emotional stress throughout the process. The dark web has numerous sites where people can buy any type of illegal drug, and it is one of the most convenient hideouts for these criminals.

6 Experimenting On Human Beings

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Before a drug or a procedure gets approval for use on human beings, it has to go through numerous tests with non-human subjects, until it proves to be safe and effective. These measures are important, because they protect human beings from participating in experiments where they are likely to develop serious health complications or even die. However, the dark web does not have any moral or professional standards, because you will find some so-called scientists or doctors performing experiments on human beings. This is terrible and illegal on all levels. It would not be a surprise to discover that some of the untreatable diseases we have to deal with today have their origins in such illegal labs. In the same level of despicable acts, some traders in the dark web sell items made from human flesh. In your opinion, who is sicker; the person removing flesh from a human being and sewing it to make a bag or a wallet, or the person buying a product made of human flesh?

5 Videos of Executions And Cannibalism

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Before watching a movie or a series as a family, it is important to familiarize yourself with the age restrictions, because you do not want your kids watching violent scenes, nude/sex scenes, or excessive cursing. However, it is impossible to have suitable age restrictions for some of the videos you will find on the dark web, because no human being should ever have permission to watch them. Some websites on the dark web are full of videos showing people being hanged and others show people being beheaded. What is even worse here is that the people killed here are not necessarily those serving a death sentence, but those killed illegally. In addition, some websites show people barbecuing women to their death, and some of these go even further to show cannibalism. It is easy to come across chat rooms where cannibals talk about the various ways of cooking different human organs and how to make them taste great.

4 Weird Instruction Manuals

Via The Ultimate Chaos Bringer's Blog - blogger

The Internet contains so much information, including instructions to do literally anything. These tutorials and online manuals have helped many people to solve complicated problems without having to engage with professionals. However, the dark web contains all types of instruction manuals, including dark things such as how to murder someone, how to overthrow a government, how to conduct terrorism, as well as how to be a pedophile. These instruction manuals are evil. It seems as if it is possible to find the worst thing that you could think of on the dark web, and it will probably come with an instruction manual. Since terrorist organizations, such as the one responsible for the Paris attacks are known to make use of the dark web for planning and coordination, it is just sad thinking of how many people have actually implemented the manuals on pedophilia, murder, and other despicable acts.

3 Worship Of Satan

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More often than not, human beings define what is good or bad depending on their religion. Therefore, everyone on earth, except atheists, believes in a god, with each religion having its own specific god who is often different from all others. Although most religions hardly agree on anything, most of them believe in the existence of good and evil, with the father of everything good being god and the father of everything evil being Satan or the devil. It is common for people to worship god, a practice that is not only acceptable, but actively encouraged. However, some people choose to worship the devil and his demons, which is not acceptable. The dark web has websites that show people how to worship certain demons as well as the devil - practices that go together with witchcraft and sorcery. Even the people who are reluctant to worship God do not advocate for the worship of Satan.

2 Wicked Live Streaming

Via All Things VICE

One fascinating thing about the Internet is that it offers people the opportunity to not only watch live events, but to have an input and make comments on the same things. Some people on the dark web use live streaming to perform terrible acts - and equally wicked viewers get to log in and participate. People familiar with the dark web have probably heard of Red Rooms - platforms where viewers can watch people being tortured, raped, or even murdered in real time. In most cases, viewers can make suggestions regarding what they would want to see happening to the victims - privileges that come at a cost, of course. How does someone get so sadistic to the level of deriving pleasure from watching an innocent human being receiving cruel punishment to the point of death? If you have never been to a Red Room, please do not even think about visiting one, because you will be scarred for life.

1 People Defiling Corpses

Via Vice

Addiction to blue movies is nothing to be proud of, since, in most societies, watching them is illegal and, in even more societies, people consider it an immoral behaviour. However, you do not need a special browser to access blue movies online, because the "surface Internet" has numerous sites that a simple Google search will reveal. However, as is the case with everything else you can think of, the blue movies sites on the dark web are twisted in every possible sense. People here can find anything on the dark web, but what tops it all is where people watch people having sex with corpses. This is sick and wicked in all the wrong ways. You must be asking yourself who in his or her right mind would want to have sex with a corpse, or whether it is even possible. The moral of all this is that human beings keep getting even more creative, especially when it comes to performing wicked acts.

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