15 Most Disturbing Things Discovered By Hotel Maids

A lot of strange things happen in hotel rooms and maids know all about it. So you thought all the crazy things you did remained secret? Don't forget that someone always has to clean up after you. Hotel rooms appear to be private or intimate places, but the hotel staff can enter it at any time. It is easy to forget to put the "Do not disturb sign" on the door, but it's difficult for maids to forget the shocking things they find.

Either you left adult toys in your room,  had a little accident after attempting to do something weird, or couldn't find any other place to hide your corpses, but just know that someone knows about this. Being a hotel maid could be a difficult job: they have to do all the chores that people don't want to do on their vacations like cleaning their room or doing the laundry. What's worse is when they have to take care of things people never ever want to do. No one wants to clean a room covered in excrements,  get rid of blood stains after god only knows what happened, or defrost several severed heads.

Could you believe that Jennifer Lawrence hid something she wished no one knew about in her room? Stay tuned to read about her secret. You'll give hotel maids the respect they deserve once you hear about the 15 most disturbing things they discovered in hotels:

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15 Not One, But Three Adult Toys

Via Sexual Health Men

If you ever want to have fun with adult toys in your hotel room, you would probably try to hide them in a drawer, or in your suitcase. However, some people aren't shy at all and don't mind exposing their sex toys in their room.

As someone reported on Reddit, her coworker one day walked into her first room that day and saw three sex toys neatly arranged on the desk. A note read "Please wash" with a smiley face and 2 dollars. That's not even one dollar per dildo! If you wouldn't ask your mother to clean that, don't ask a stranger to do it. Obviously, the hotel maid didn't wash them but certainly had fun laughing about it with her coworkers.

Hotel maids are not slaves, they are human beings who certainly don't want to know that much about your sex life. Or maybe someone was interested in the idea of a woman washing these phallic toys? Ew.

14 A Baby Abandoned In The Room

It seems like a woman decided that mums deserved a break too so she abandoned her baby in the room. Or at least, this is what the hotel maid thought happened when she found a little human being lying on the bed.

The hotel maid said she carried it and took it to the management, as reported in an interview with the Huffington Post. They quickly found out that is was actually a realistic robot baby making sounds just like a real one. She thought it belonged to guests attending a medical or science convention. Even though the situation wasn't as dramatic as she thought, the hotel maid was really scared when she found this in the room.

The scary thing is, people do forget their real babies in hotels. It happened in Edmonton when hotel staff found a baby boy alone and unsupervised in a room, as reported by the Toronto Sun. What is more disturbing, a real baby or a fake one?

13 A Room Covered In Excrement

Via Shutterstock

Poop usually goes in the toilet but an unlucky hotel maid found some anywhere but there. When she noticed there were some excrements on the bed and on the towel, this woman was happy that she was fired shortly after.

When this Reddit user found the room covered completely in paper towels, it was weird but not horrifying. But she never thought she would find it covered in human poo. The worst thing is that her manager didn't even want her to use gloves to clean this awful mess, simply telling her to grab the stuff by the edges where there is no excrement. She is not the only one who has a crappy story to tell, as another hotel maid found excrements in the coffee pot as if someone made a pot of hot poop water.

The next person to sleep in this room was probably not lucky either. When there are so many excrements everywhere, it is difficult to clean everything. And what about the smell that probably stayed in this hotel room forever?

12 Pulling A Breaking Bad

Via ABC News

If you want to start a meth lab, you would usually try to make sure no one knows about it. This is why Breaking Bad in a hotel room is probably a bad idea, as the hotel staff always has the key to your room and can enter at any time.

Hotels and motels are often used as meth labs, about 1,300 rooms in 2013, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center. If there are unusual odours, chemical waste, curtains that are always drawn, frequent suspicious visitors, and extensive security measures in place, hotel maids should make sure that the police is there when they open the door. As a Reddit user reported, more than a couple of rooms were used as meth labs in their hotel and it was dangerous to be around them.

Are the hotels willing to do something about this or would they rather not get involved? Even if Walter White was a good customer, most people wouldn't like to live or work in a hotel filled with criminals and drugs.

11 What Hotel Maids Did Not Find


There are some things that hotel maids should have discovered in hotel rooms but didn't. This only makes it more disturbing for the customer in the room when he found a note in the bed reading: "If you are reading this, then housekeeping didn't change your sheets!"

The last person who slept in this bed had the great idea of hiding a note in the bed to see if the hotel staff would find it or not, as reported by Metro. And it seems like they do not change the sheets every time. What is even more horrifying is that this note could've been hidden there for days or even weeks. And if they don't even wash the sheets, they probably don't take the time to clean everything else. This is one disturbing idea hotel customers wished they never knew about.

Would you leave this note in your bed, too? Make sure you write your date of departure so future guests know how long the bed sheets haven't been washed in. We hope hotel maids will be the first to discover it next time.

10 A Man Who Died Happy

It's not the first time that a hotel maid opens the door to find someone having sex or a dead body, but it is rare to find a man who died while he was having sex. Who was the most shocked: the woman who found him or the woman who accidentally killed him?

The man suffered a heart attack after popping aphrodisiac pills, as reported by The Mirror. The cause of the death was probably the drug or the large meal he had before a vigorous activity. He was with an escort, as a woman came by 10 pm at the sleazy motel in Thailand and left shortly after. Unfortunately for her, no money could ever erase this terrible memory. An hour later, by midnight, a horrified hotel maid found him and called the police.

However, what is even more disturbing is that the woman who was with him when he died didn't do anything. It seems like she doesn't mind if her man is unsatisfied in bed. At least he was happy when he died because the maid said he still had an erection!

9 Too Much Money For A Tip

Via Mises Institute

Hotel maids sometimes expect to find tips in the room after the guests have checked out. However, when one maid found $6,000 in the nightstand, this cleaning lady knew it probably wasn't for her.

Who hides so much money in their hotel room? Criminals? Thieves? The girl from Psycho who is about to be killed by Norman Bates? Finding something so important might make you wonder if someone will try to get it back. To make sure she wouldn't have to worry about this, the hotel maid decided to return the money to the customers, as reported by NBC Miami. Turns out that it was left behind by a group of missionaries who wanted to help people in Haiti after the earthquake.

The hotel named her employee of the month. After all, many people would have kept the $6,000 and made sure no one knew about this. What would you do if you found that much money in a hotel room?

8 Stolen Goods From Multiple Burglaries

When guests checked out and asked the hotel maid to throw away everything they left behind, she knew something was wrong. Who wants to throw away electronics, legal documents, and pictures?

The cleaning lady called the police and was right to do so, as reported by CBS. Turns out these were all goods linked to a series of break-ins. The thieves stole money, computers, iPads, and much more from families. Some of them were also irreplaceable things like pictures. Telling the news that she called the police because she would like someone to do that for her if she was in this situation, this hotel maid is certainly someone you can trust.

Hotels are not the best place to hide if you are a thief because a good hotel maid can know about all your secrets. At least, as good hotel guests, we are happy to hear that the hotel staff do care about us.

7 The Murderer The Police Were Looking For

FILM :"MAID IN MANHATTAN" (2002) Starring JENNIFER LOPEZ Filmtitelnennung

When she found a bunch of newspaper clippings on a murder that happened in Belgium, this hotel maid was concerned about her guest. What does he have to do with this crime? Is he the murderer, someone close to the victim, or simply a journalist?

This Reddit user was disturbed when she saw a news segment about that murder on TV and learned that the killer was thought to be in the city where she lived. And when she saw the picture of the murderer the police was looking for, she knew it was her guest. The cleaning woman phoned the police but the customer had already checked out.

This killer probably underestimated this hotel maid. After all, she knew what he looked like and he didn't hide the newspaper clippings in his room. Hopefully, with this lack of discretion, this man was probably arrested shortly after.

6 Tourists Running Away From Their Country

Via Italian Good News

Even though no hotel maid likes to clean a disgusting room, an untouched room is strange too. Why did they rent a hotel room if they don't want to sleep in it? The truth is actually really sad: they are running away from their country.

When this Reddit user found a room as clean as new, he knew that his guest had left to live a better life in Australia. Chinese tour groups would stay with them and eventually run away in the early hours of the morning. They had nothing but a suitcase to start a new life in this country. Even if they were able to take a plane and go back to China if their plan failed, they would never have the right to leave their country again.

What can hotel maids do about this anyway? People from other countries deserve to live in better conditions, too. If only there was an easier way for them to leave China. One thing is for sure, having to deal with this is certainly disturbing.

5 Dozens Of Cats In One Room

This motel cleaner was suspicious when he noticed that a guest nearly never come out of his room for ten years, even though a strange smell did. The hotel staff had to wait until there was a fire in his room to discover the many secrets he was hiding.

Because of that nasty smell, the Reddit user thought this customer was a speed cook. He wouldn't have been surprised if this whole room was blown out without any of them realizing it before they were all incinerated. However, what they found in his room was much creepier. After an incident, firefighters came out of the room with tons and tons of cats. They never stopped coming out of this room because there were so many. Fortunately, it was not a big fire but people were more disturbed by this strange guest.

Not only women can be cat ladies, men sometimes feel lonely, too. At least, even though he never went out to meet ladies, he was always surrounded by affectionate felines. But how come the hotel staff never noticed so many cats in their building?

4 Body Parts Around The Hotel Room

What's worse than finding a corpse? Being terrified a little more every time you find a new body part. It is not surprising to know that this hotel maid was disturbed when she found a man whose body was cut up in into five different parts.

As reported by L.A. Times, the man's limbs were removed and hidden in different places in the room near downtown Los Angeles. The first body parts were found in a backpack left behind in the rooms and the rest was found wrapped in a blanket underneath the bed. Detectives think that the suspects were trying to clean up the scene and remove the body from the location, but they gave this job to an unlucky hotel maid instead.

She is not the only unlucky cleaning lady; a Reddit user said he met a woman who one day found 10 severed heads in the bathtub with the water running. Turns out the guest was in charge of a cadaver lab and wanted to defrost them. But why did he do this in this hotel?

3 The Worst Things You Could Ever Imagine

Think about all the most repulsive and dangerous things to touch. Use your imagination. Here's what this 17-year-old found in one hotel room.

This ex hotel housekeeper said on Reddit that he found a lot of body fluids: used condoms filled with semen, weird stains on the bed, and so much blood that a murder must have happened there. There were used needles, crack pipes, empty pill bottles, cigarette butts, and a lot of trash. And he hadn't even entered the bathroom yet! There was piss and vomit everywhere including on the ceiling. How did it get there? It's difficult to explain how someone did all this and managed to get out of this room alive!

Even though the police took care of the drugs, this teenager and his minimum wage couldn't clean all of this. How much money would you have cleaned this disgusting hotel room for? The salary of a hotel maid is definitely not high enough!

2 Men Who Expected A Little More From Them

Some men don't understand that, even though a woman is in their room, this doesn't mean that she wants to be in their bed. A lot of hotel maids reported stories of sexual harassment and this is certainly disturbing.

As a woman told ABC, a man asked her if she would like to have sex with her in exchange for money, and it was not the first time that happened. Male customers often open their door even though they are naked or simply covered by a towel. Reddit users also said that many men just masturbate in their bed while they clean the room and another one recalled that two men trashed their room when she refused to have sex with them.

If men are interested in having sex with a hotel maid, they should know that being nice is worth much more than the money you can offer. Otherwise, there are many adult movies to watch on TV if they are just looking for this kind of entertainment.

1 Jennifer Lawrence's Butt Plugs

MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 19: Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends "El Hormiguero" TV show at Vertice 360 Studio on April 19, 2012 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)

Jennifer Lawrence told Conan O'Brien that a hotel maid found "copious amount of butt plugs" in her hotel room. Even though she probably wished no one knew about that, she wasn't shy to tell this funny story on TV.

The actress claimed that someone bought her these sex toys as a joke. It seems like her friend had a lot of money to spend because there were butt plugs in all different kinds of colour. She tried to hide them under her bed but when she came back, they were in a beautiful display on her bedside table. Jennifer doesn't seem too embarrassed about this because she said that she would like to go through everybody's stuff, too. She said she wouldn't mind being a hotel maid if she wasn't an actress because she likes cleaning.

Anyway, who brings this kind of stuff to their room? Don't try to fool us, Jennifer Lawrence, we know what you've been doing, and it's not just your little secret with the hotel maid anymore!

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