15 Most Disturbing Pictures Taken On Beaches Around The World

The mysterious world that is oceans, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water joins the strange place that's known as dry land.

One of the things that make summer such a wonderful time of the year has to be the beach. For many people who don’t have pools or air conditioners of their own to cool off with, a beach is a place where you can dip in the cold waters and escape the summer heat for a relaxing break. For creative builders out there, it’s a place where you can create the sand mansion of your dream. For everyone else, it’s a great place to meet new people, hang out with friends, and remind yourself of how beautiful our Earth can really be. How often do you see someone in a bad mood at the beach?

The beach is the place where water meets land. The mysterious world that is oceans, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water joins the strange place that's known as dry land. Because of this crossing of realities, we can often run into some pretty horrifying mysteries that baffle both land and ocean experts. Not only do people start acting weird once their feet hit the warm sand, but it’s also a place for all the strange things floating around in the water to wash to shore! Most of us have some pretty good memories at the beach, but after looking at these next photographs, you might steer clear of the sandy shores for the rest of the summer.

What’s your most disturbing memory of the beach? Share with your friends to hear theirs! For now, here are the 15 Most Disturbing Pictures Ever Taken At The Beach:

15 What Caused These Manta Rays To Wash Ashore?

After these manta rays washed ashore the beaches of Gaza a couple of years ago, residents are still baffled as to what their cause of death might have been. Close to twenty manta rays suddenly turned up dead on the beach with no known cause of death and nothing to even give a clue as to how they ended up there. It’s terrifying to imagine what might have happened to these massive beasts who actually have a pretty good defense mechanism. Perhaps, they were captured by poachers who had to end up leaving them after accidentally killing them. There’s also a chance that something in the water or food supply could have poisoned them; however, having no other dead sea creatures wash ashore suggests that this might not be the case. No matter what happened, it’s terrifying to know that such a mass of deaths occurred to so many animals! This was certainly not the sight beachgoers wanted to see that tragic day.

14 An Unidentified Sea Monster

The most mysterious part of identifying the creature that washed ashore in this photograph has to be the white mohawk. With the teeth and the rest of the body, it can be assumed it's some sort of carnivorous animal, but the white tufts of hair that still remain on top of its head are absolutely terrifying! This is another beast that washed ashore in Britain’s waters and has baffled residents as to what it could possibly be. Many have stated that because of the teeth and facial structure, it was probably a dog. Knowing that there was some innocent doggie out there that either fell into the water and drowned or was thrown into the water is devastating! When it comes to finding animals on beaches, not much effort goes into figuring out what it was or where it came from, meaning that if it had been murdered, unfortunately, we would never really know that.

13 Tourists Let Baby Dolphin Die So They Can Take Selfies

Although people have been painting and taking pictures of themselves for centuries, many people feel as though our generation has a problem with taking selfies. Most would argue it’s just a form of self-expression that mainly bored youth partake in, but this photograph definitely helps prove the opposite side of this argument. After a baby dolphin washed up on the shores of an Argentina beach, tourists decided the best use of the innocent animal was to pass it around to take selfies with and other pictures of the dying creature. Imagine being that baby dolphin, scared, alone, and ripped from your family, as well as your natural habitat. Dolphins have special skin that can quickly dry out once beached. Instead of helping the innocent animal by taking it back into deep waters, these greedy beachgoers instead used it as a prop for a photo op. Unfortunately, afterward, the dolphin’s dead body was left behind in the trampled mud.

12 Whose Remains Are These?

This massive beast baffled Indonesia residents when it washed ashore on the beaches as recently as this year. At first, many beachgoers thought it was an upside-down boat that had been stranded in the middle of the waters! After getting closer to the object and realizing the water was running red around it, they quickly realized it was some sort of decomposing beast. It was eventually assumed to be a whale, though many can’t say for certain still without doing a full examination and DNA testing. When most whales die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and become a Thanksgiving-like feast for the rest of the ocean animals. In this case, some speculate that a strange cause of death or bacterial infection caused extra gas to form inside the beast, causing it to float rather than sink. Either way, it’s a creepy discovery on the once peaceful beaches!

11 A Creeper Watches Girls Shower

A beach is a place for relaxation, but for many women, even the sandy shores aren’t safe from total creepers. This man either thought it was funny or just has no shame when he decided to post out in front of the beach showers. As if the beach weren’t already filled enough with barely clothed women, he had to make sure he was noticed as he partook in perverted behavior. What kind of person does this? Is the shower really the best place to get the best view? Why make a bunch of women uncomfortable when they just want to get clean after a long day at a sandy beach? Even if it was a joke, what’s so funny about sexual harassment? Perhaps, he only did it for a moment, but the reality is, the beach is full of perverts just looking to ruin the good time of some ladies wanting to relax.

10 This Beach Has Sharks That Chase You!

The photograph above was taken at one of the most dangerous beaches in the world as it's known to be filled with sharks. It’s so overpopulated with the toothy beasts that it isn’t open to the public. That doesn’t stop people from trying to visit the sandy shores, however! In the image above, you can see that the shark seems to be swimming towards the man kayaking! Sharks aren’t known to attack boats, but they're known to follow whatever might be lurking around in the waters. For many of these animals, competition for food in the area can be hard when so many animals live around the same place. Luckily enough for the people who live in the area, shark attacks are rare, but it’s still unfortunate to not be able to hang out at your local beach because of how many toothy predators are lurking around!

9 Some Claim This Is A Raccoon

The image above is yet another scary beast to wash ashore the sandy beaches of New York. With all the strange creatures to have washed up on the beaches on just this list so far, it’s scary to imagine all the other creatures buried by the sand before people got the chance to snap a pic of the rotting corpse! Although this is another one that has not been one hundred percent confirmed, most people say that it’s probably a raccoon. The thing that makes that hard to believe is the beak-like face of the creature; however, experts state that that’s not the beak but rather the skull poking through the decomposing flesh. It’s so hard to identify these beasts because the water bloats the rotting corpses while also partially preserving some of the flesh. The claw-like hands and the shape of the limbs do help to make it look like a raccoon, but it really is hard to imagine with its puffy pink skin and sharp beak.

8 More Greedy Tourists Ignore A Dying Shark For A Photo Op

Unfortunately, the baby dolphin picture that we saw recently isn’t the only selfie incident tourists have partaken in recently. The three images above are stills that were taken from a video that shows a beached shark flail back and forth as it struggles to live after washing ashore. Although sharks can be terrifying, they’re still innocent animals that deserve a chance at life, not props for someone’s social media post! Luckily, lifeguards saw the commotion and set up a barrier protecting the shark from the greedy beachgoers. They then had a rescue team take the shark back into the deep water where it was able to swim away and have a chance to continue living its life. If you ever see an incident like this, please do your best to find a lifeguard or other authorized personnel on the beach, and don’t snap a picture, as it isn't worth the life of an innocent animal.

7 A Trafficker Stalks A Lone Woman

Although sharks and other unknown beasts are terrifying predators of beaches everywhere, humans can be the most horrifying stalkers lurking on the sandy shores. The photograph above is a hard one to decipher, but it's the only one a young Illinois girl could capture of someone she believed to be a sex trafficker. She was reading a book alone one day when a man approached her and began asking perverted and strange questions. He wanted to know personal information like her income, credit score, and what her family and home life were like. He was interested if she had a lot of friends and if she was into having rough sex. Once she pretended to receive a call from one of her friends who was supposed to meet her at the beach, the man quickly fled and wasn’t seen again. Some authorities believe he was a potential kidnapper looking for young women to sell into a sex ring.

6 What Washed Up On Shore? 

The photograph above was taken from a beach in Wales where one woman stumbled upon something gross during her walk. The object in the image above looks to be the remains of some sort of strange sea creature. It appears to have a long spinal bone and cone-shaped head. The woman stated that, at first, she just thought that it was probably some sort of tree branch or long piece of wood. When she saw that thousands of flies were swarming the beast, she realized it was much more than just a tree. Although the picture has been seen by plenty of experts, it’s still hard to say with certainty what the beast could possibly be. Many speculate that it’s an alligator due to the long spiky tail and the large reptilian face. However, others state that it’s not the tail that’s spiky, but rather, the spinal cord. What do you think?

5 Just Your Average Beach Warnings

If you were walking to a beach to enjoy a nice summer day and saw the warning sign above, would you still go? Many beaches might have a sign with warnings that one of the above animals frequents the waters, but all three in one is absolutely terrifying! This photograph was taken at a South African beach, where shark, alligator, and hippo attacks were known to have occurred. Most residents state that nets are in place in order to help deter sharks and gators away; however, the warning sign needs to remain in order to let people know that these attacks do still have a small chance of happening and that officials won't be held responsible for the attacks. Out of the three, the hippo is probably the most dangerous to run into, as the beast is much larger than the other two and will stop at nothing to protect its babies!

4 Not Your Average Jellyfish

Everyone knows how dangerous jellyfish can be, but this particular breed is more horrifying than most would assume. It’s known as the man of prey jellyfish and is mostly found on the south shores around Florida. This jellyfish is absolutely beautiful to look at, but in reality, it can give a deadly sting that you can’t recover from like most jellyfish shocks. It looks like just another blue plastic grocery bag, but in reality, it’s a complex system of multiple living organisms in one. The tentacles can stretch up to fifteen feet, and even when beached, it can still attack when it feels threatened. Even if you have shoes on, the jellyfish might still find a way to attack. If you see one of these, it might seem like a cool subject to photograph, but it’s probably the best for your safety to just stay far, far away.

3 Chris Christie Takes Advantage Of His Status

Chris Christie is the New Jersey Governor with one of the lowest approval rates in history. With just fifteen percent of the population approving of his run as their political leader, he can’t do much without being under attack. His way of celebrating the most recent fourth of July weekend certainly didn’t help his image. Many people were upset when the government shut down several beaches due to a budget dispute. While many planned to go to the beaches to enjoy their weekend of celebrating, they were forced to find a different place to party. Not only did this upset many looking for a weekend to relax, but it also hurt the small businesses around the beaches excited to get a little extra income with the rise of the people out enjoying their holiday. Christie decided to use his power to allow him and his family to have a private celebration on one of the closed beaches! Do you think it was an innocent move or totally wrong of him?

2 I Think We'll Avoid The Water For Now

The photograph above was taken of an oarfish who washed up on shore after it died of unknown causes in the water. The oarfish isn’t known to really attack humans; however, looking at the scale of that thing compared to how many humans it takes to hold it up is pretty terrifying! Just knowing that things like that exist in the waters that we and our children swim in is enough to keep us far away from waters for the rest of our summers! It’s creepy enough when a tiny fish or crab brushes up against your leg, but imagine having a run-in with one of these things! They’re not even close to being the biggest things that swim around in the oceans! The reality behind this picture is that there are a ton of things in the ocean that we know very little about.

1 It's All About Perspective

Many of us might look at the photograph above and think that it’s a beautiful display of the clear waters off the coast of one bright sandy beach. However, for those of us with a fear of heights, open water, or both, it’s a scary reminder of how deep the water goes! This site is referred to as an underwater waterfall, although there really is no such thing that exists in the world. The appearance of the falling sand and downward currents does make it look as though it’s a waterfall, however. Not only is it a scary image of a cliff, but it’s also underwater! Who knows what kind of creatures might be lurking deep in the dark parts that we can’t reach with our human eyes or bodies! The world is a mysterious place full of dark horrors, the ocean being home to most of them!

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15 Most Disturbing Pictures Taken On Beaches Around The World