15 Most Disturbing Pictures Ever Posted On Snapchat

Snapchat is a recent social media app that all people and their moms seem to have. If you’re not familiar with the app, the basic idea is that you can send photos to your friends, but the photos only last for ten seconds. They do videos as well, with you being able to choose the length of both the photo and video. In recent updates, you can make it so the video and photos loop and also save them so you have them forever. Most of us know the app as being the one where the pictures disappear, though. With the technology we have today, however, there’s never any escaping photos and memories once they’re taken and sent to another person.

Aside from being able to take screenshots and stills of videos and photos sent around on Snapchat, you can also save the photos and videos yourself and upload them on other forms of social media. This allows any and all photos taken on Snapchat to be able to be seen by more than just who’s on your friend list. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. For the most part, however, it can be rather disturbing.

What do you think is the most disturbing video or photograph that has ever been taken on Snapchat? Do you have something scarier than what you see on this list? Share with your friends to see if they have anything scary as well! Here are the 15 Most Disturbing Pictures Ever Taken On Snapchat:

15 A Teen Thinks Sticking Her Toe In A Baby's Mouth Is Funny

The photograph above was taken at what was believed to be a daycare by a fifteen-year-old girl who thought it would be hilarious to stick her toes in the mouth of one of the children she was babysitting. Because of how quickly things on social media can spread, it didn’t take long for the police to get involved in this disturbing case. When they arrived at what many parents thought to be a daycare, they realized it was actually an illegal operation that was nothing more than a girl babysitting more kids than she could handle. Since the picture went viral, no charges have been brought against the woman as it's hard to determine what illegal about what she was doing in the video. Furthermore, she was a minor at the time. The case is set to be settled in family court, but public justice will certainly punish her more than the courts ever will.

14 Teens Think Animal Abuse Is Hilarious

The horrifying image above is one taken by two teen boys who clearly had no compassion and instead had sick and twisted minds. Luckily, the Snapchat went viral, so the boys were caught and charged with animal cruelty. However, they might face only light charges because of their side of the story. They claimed that the dog was sickly and close to death anyways, so they decided to put it out of its misery by hanging it. Even if that was the case, is it totally necessary to post the photo to social media? Did they have to mock the poor, sick animal that way? It was also brought to the court’s attention that the boys were in possession of a gun and originally intended to use that to put the dog out of its misery, but instead, they chose to use a more sadistic way of putting the dog down.

13 Something About This Is Way Too Unsettling

As we’ve already discussed, face swaps can be pretty fun. They can also be absolutely horrifying, however. This is definitely one disturbing case that we would have been fine with never seeing. Instead of swapping the faces of the baby and the older man, the facial recognition technology saw the man’s nose as a face and instead swapped that with the face of the baby! It would have been creepy to see the man’s face on the baby and the baby’s face on the man, but this image certainly takes it to an entirely new level. The baby no longer looks like a living human and instead looks like a scary demonic being with no real face and probably no real soul. Snapchat has provided us with some of the greatest face swaps and facial filters of all time, but they’ve also provided us with some pretty scary images we won’t be able to forget.

12 More Teens Murder Innocent Animals

The Snapchat above is yet another one taken of some teen boys who found it funny to torture small and innocent animals who have no real way of defending themselves. The boy in the Snapchat above, along with an accomplice, spent several minutes repeatedly running over a possum they found until the possum’s insides started to burst out. Even after the lower body of the possum had been cut off, the possum still tried to crawl away from the boys. They also posted a video of the possum screaming while under a wheel and trying to scratch itself out from under the tire, but unfortunately, it wasn’t able to protect itself from the deranged teenagers and their huge truck. The boys won’t be facing too much punishment like the rest of the sickos on the list, as we still don’t have that many laws that protect innocent animals from acts like this. It’s a rather unfortunate reality but one we have to live with.

11 Is There Someone Else In The Room With Her?

The photograph above is another scary face swap gone wrong. The scary part about this is that there’s so much empty space behind the woman that there very could possibly be a real figure or ghost behind her that the human eyes can’t see. The technology we use with Snapchat is incredible, and without it, we wouldn’t have great ways to share funny pictures with our friends when we’re bored or want to stay connected with those who live far away from us. This technology can be pretty terrifying, however. Does the facial recognition that Snapchat uses actually have the ability to see something that we can’t with the human eye? Could they possibly be picking up faces of ghosts, demons, or other terrifying things, which we think are just software glitches? What do you think?

10 Whose Face Did The User Swap With?!

The photograph above is an example of what might happen when a face swap goes wrong. The face swap feature is a popular one among users of the Snapchat app. This feature involves two people having their face recognized by the app and then the two faces being swapped for each other. For the most part, it only works when there are two people using the app. In reality, the app sometimes glitches, and the result is something like the image above. The scary part is, however, that there’s no way to determine if this was actually a glitch or if it was Snapchat recognizing a face that can’t be seen by the human eye! Clearly, the girl was alone in the car, or so she thought, and there aren’t any unique designs in the car that look as though they might be recognized as a face. So what could it really be?

9 Is This Blackface Filter Offensive?

Oftentimes on Snapchat, users have the ability to use different face filters that allow them to look like different celebrities and other characters. Sometimes, however, Snapchat finds itself in hot water for being called racist, sexist, or offensive in other ways. The filter above got some serious heat after users who used the Bob Marley face filter found that it tinted their skin a shade darker. Many people were quick to claim that this was a form of blackface and that the filter was horribly racist. Others didn’t see any problem at all with the filter and thought that it was only staying true to the person Bob Marley was. Snapchat quickly removed it and apologized, regardless of what the truth was. Some will argue that this was an example of people being too sensitive, but most would agree that there was something offensive in this Snap filter. What do you believe?

8 A Playmate Mocks Someone's Body

The photograph above was taken from one Playboy Bunny’s snap story. She found herself in big trouble after taking a picture of an elderly person naked at the gym. She joked, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” Not only was this morally disgusting, but it was also illegal, as you can’t photograph people in public restrooms, more so post the photo on social media. The model found herself in court being meted a sentence of community service. Worse than the punishment from the court, however, will be her punishment from the public. It’s likely she’ll never be able to continue working as a model, as no one wants her to represent a brand anymore. Why would she feel it was funny to make fun of someone at a gym anyways? It’s people like her that scare away those who actually want to get healthy and improve their bodies.

7 Giving Beer To A Baby Alligator

The photograph above is another snap that got people in some serious trouble after sharing themselves giving a baby alligator beer during a drunken tour. The disturbing part is how little punishment they received for doing something so horrible. They only got charged with misdemeanors and were forced to pay a small fine. There are people who are locked up for much smaller crimes like selling marijuana or stealing food for their starving family. These boys got to continue to live their lives as sadistic freaks who like to torture small animals. Others who are aware of their case might also get the wrong idea that it's so easy to get away with heinous crimes against animals. If only we could do the same to them so they could realize how disturbing what they did truly was.

6 Thanks For Making Us Aware Of Ghosts, Snapchat

This one definitely has to be one of the scariest face swaps on the list. Not only is it a ghostly figure lurking above the girl trying to take the picture, but it actually lasted a long time and started floating away when she tried to capture the picture. For the most part, face swaps with other scary figures only happen for split seconds and go away before you can really take a picture. However, this one actually lingered, making us think that it was more than just a glitch! Not only did the face linger, causing us to believe that it could potentially be a ghost, but it also has a strange face shape! It’s also taken on a blank wall, making us think that there’s really nothing it could possibly mistake for a face! Who really knows what it could be, however? Technology isn’t completely reliable, but neither are our beliefs about ghosts or other paranormal activity.

5 Who's Lurking In The Corner?

This spooky snapchat comes from a girl who was attempting to take a video of her friends. What she got instead was much more terrifying. The girl stated that she had struggled with sleep paralysis for a good portion of her life. If you’re not familiar, that's a terrifying sleep state in which the dreamer begins to hallucinate figures and people who are not in the room while they feel completely stuck to their bed and paralyzed by sleep. It’s a terrifying state between being awake and dreaming in which the person asleep has no control over his or her body. The person who took this snap stated that the figure in the center of this photo is someone seen while having sleep paralysis! Could you imagine how terrifying that would be to see someone scary from your nightmares in real life? Hopefully, it was just another glitch in the app, but who can know for sure?

4 A Scary Face Caught In The Window

The photograph above was taken by a girl who just wanted to snap a nice and normal mirror picture to show off her outfit. What she ended up capturing, however, was much more spine-tingling. After sending around the picture of herself and her body, she quickly realized that she was definitely not alone at the time that she snapped the photo! Many of her friends who saw the picture asked who might be looking in from outside! This is another one that can’t be blamed on Snapchat, as she wasn’t using any filters or facial recognition technology at the time! She claimed to have been home alone and that this was in no way a hoax. The thing about Snapchat is that you can’t easily Photoshop images, and if you do, you have to go put in a lot of work to alter the picture and upload it later. This might just be a case of a regular old ghost photobombing an unsuspecting snapper.

3 A Woman Snaps Her Murderer Moments Before He Shoots Her

The photograph above is a set of three snap chats taken by a 21-year-old mother with the father of her children and his guns behind her. They were going through moving into a new home, so things seemed to be looking up for their little family. Hours after this photo was taken, however, this young mother was found dead from gunshot wounds with her boyfriend as the suspect. These snaps are truly some of the most terrifying on the list. This poor mother unknowingly snapped her killer just before he shot her during a dispute. There’s no fight that should ever result in a man using a gun on the mother of his children. Now, the young babies will have to live life without a normal family as their mother is six feet under and their father is rotting in prison.

2 An Extra Body Causes Concern

The photograph above was taken by a mother who wanted to capture her and her son but who ended up getting photobombed by a friend. That’s not the only person who photobombed her, however. Between the mom and the child, you can see what looks like the portion of a female's lower body. The mother claims that this figure wasn't in the room at the time that the picture was taken! They only discovered the mysterious body after the picture had been sent out when friends began asking who the other person was! Imagine the horror they must have felt realizing that there was someone else with them at the time the photograph was taken! This one can’t be blamed on Snapchat, as there really is no filter that looks even close to this!

1 The Demon Behind Her Had Different Plans 

The photograph above shows the last and most terrifying snap chat on the list. Many might look at this picture and just think that it’s a Face Swap gone wrong and that the facial recognition technology simply mistook a strange figure in the door as a strange face, swapping it with the girl’s normal, human face. There’s something pretty demonic and terrifying about the face that the girl has in the picture, however. It might just be a pattern on the door, but it’s certainly enough to scare us away from the face swap feature for some time. Some of us might be glad that this ended up being the result, however. Could you imagine how terrifying the face swap might have been had she actually swapped with the care bear? It’s never good to swap with something nonhuman, as you never know what terrifying image might come out. What do you think was the scariest on the list?

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