15 Most Disturbing Images Taken In Schools Around The World

Most of the memories we have probably occurred in or around schools. Even if you were homeschooled your entire life, schools still played an important role in your society and your entertainment. Schools are supposed to be safe places meant for children to learn and adults to educate. Although these are meant to be happy places to inspire knowledge and creativity to the youth, they can sometimes be quite haunting.

If you’ve ever been in school after hours, whether you’re a teacher or just a student lurking behind in the halls, you can understand how creepy schools can be sometimes. The halls that were so recently bustling with excited kids and loud teens quickly become so quiet, you can hear a bug crawl across the ground. Even though schools are meant to be filled with happy childhood memories and moments of inspiration, they can also be home to some pretty terrifying tragedies. In the world today, it’s not surprising to hear about cases of abuse, and even more horrifying, murder, in the halls of schools all around the world. The majority of young lives are spent inside the halls of a school, so they should be places filled with happiness, not horror.

What's your most terrifying school memory? Some schools are known to be haunted, others the place of tragedy. Share with your friends, especially teacher friends, to find out what spooky things happened inside their school! Here are 15 Most Haunting Images Taken In Schools Around The World:


15 Disturbing Video Of Abuse By A Gym Teacher

The Ohio gym teacher in the photograph above took matters into his own hands, literally, when he had a female student who refused to go swimming one afternoon in class. The girl had gotten her hair done earlier in the day for a special occasion after class. When it came time to go swimming for the class exercise, she decided to take an F for the day’s grade if it meant preserving her look for the event later in the day. It seems like a silly reason, but it’s her burden to bear if she chooses a failing grade.

The gym teacher decided that this was unacceptable and instead felt it necessary to drag the poor child around on the dirty, rough, cold pool floor so he could throw her into the pool. It’s absolutely horrifying to know that things like this occur inside the walls of a school. Luckily, this teacher was punished, but it seems as though it should’ve never gotten to that extreme in a place where children are supposed to feel safe.

14 What Happens In The Halls After Hours


Some teachers are lucky enough to have days where they get breaks from students and do nothing more than relax in an empty classroom. That was the case for one teacher, who decided to share a pic of her bare room, reminding people how relaxing it can be for teachers when the students are on a field trip or rehearsing elsewhere.

What this teacher actually ended up capturing was something terrifying. Zoomed in, you can see a disturbing shadowy figure lurking in the hallway. From the look of the face, it doesn’t appear to be any student she’s familiar with! Seems like a classroom filled with children wouldn’t be so bad after seeing something as horrifying as that! Imagine relaxing in a quiet school only to later realize you weren’t as alone as you thought! The face is absolutely terrifying and certainly sends chills down one's spine.

13 A Teacher Pushes Down A Child With Special Needs

Children with special needs need someone with extra passion and patience that not all teachers have, unfortunately. They don’t need someone like a bully who takes out their aggression on innocent children. In the photograph above, you can see the terrible special-needs teacher bullying a student. The photograph was a still taken from a security camera that captured the teacher nudging the student down with her knee.

The child, unfortunately, fell to the ground after this picture was snapped. Fortunately, that teacher was punished; however, the child still had to live through the trauma of the push in the first place. To be mean to a child in the first place is terrible, but to be horrible toward a special needs child, who loves and trusts you more than average students, is absolutely sickening! These children are looking for role models whom they can rely on, not someone who’s going to throw them to the ground with a knee.

12 School Killers Caught On Camera


One of the most horrific school massacres to occur in the past few decades was the Columbine school shooting that occurred in 1999. High school is supposed to be one of the best times in our lives. We usually make some of our best friends forever during this time, and some of us are lucky enough to fall in love. These high schoolers, however, never got the chance. For a while, it was unknown why the shooters did what they did.

Some stated that they were bullies; others claimed that one had a love for Nazis. No matter what the truth might have been, what they did was tragic, and for it to be captured on security cameras is absolutely horrifying. There's no reason why these teens should've been able to access to such deadly weapons. The fact that this could happen anytime, anywhere is absolutely terrifying.

11 Abuse Mock Of Rihanna And Chris Brown At The Pep Rally

One Hollywood tragedy that people are still talking about, rightfully so, was the domestic abuse on Rihanna from her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. What happened between the two was horrifying and tragic and not something anyone should make light of. Abuse is a very real problem that many people face, and to mock it is horrible. However, three white male students decided they would do just that for their school’s comedy skit contest during a pep rally.

The New York school is home to a student body with a 90 percent white population, so it’s not surprising how ignorant these white boys are. Not only is it horribly sexist to mock such a terrifying event, but to make matters even worse, all three of the students wore black face! They decided that it would be hilarious to paint their bodies and make fun of a domestic-abuse scenario. The fact that they got away with it inside these school walls is absolutely horrifying.

10 A Teacher Pushing An Innocent Child Down The Stairs


The still above was captured from a Philadelphia school’s security camera and used as evidence against the childcare worker. In the photograph, you can see an innocent 4-year-old girl fall down the stairs moments after the childcare worker pushed her down them. The woman has since been charged with the crime, but why she did it in the first place is entirely unknown.

What possible reason could exist in the world for someone to push an innocent child down like that? The entire thing was seen in real time by the security guard sitting behind the monitor, thankfully. Had she been looking away, would this woman have gotten away with her crime forever? The woman claimed that the child’s shoe had been the cause of the push, but there’s no denying that the child fell down the flight of stairs with a lot of force. Luckily the child suffered nothing more than a knee injury and burdened her with a traumatic memory.

9 Excessive Force On A Teen Girl

The photograph above is a still taken from a cell phone recording of South Carolina cop, Ben Fields, using excessive force on a teen girl after she refused to get up from her desk. The student had been disobeying the teacher’s orders, so the teacher asked the officer in to escort the girl out. The girl still refused to leave her desk, so the officer decided to violently grab her and physically remove her from the chair.

This officer was put in the school to protect the children, not be whom they’re scared of! He turned their educational place into a haunting one. Many have defended the video, saying the young girl got what she deserved for disobeying. For anyone to think that that was a reasonable way to handle the ordeal is absolutely insane! There’s no way a grown man should have to toss a little girl around to get her to cooperate.


8 Vintage Photo Of An Old Medical School


The photograph above was taken from a medical journal showcasing several young doctors during their studies. The young men were in the middle of class when they were snapped dissecting a dead body. Aside from the rotting corpse on the table in front of them, the part that’s terrifying is thinking about how this was common practice for the same doctors that treat us today!

It seems strange to think about how most of what we know about medicine has some roots in times when the only subjects aspiring doctors had to study were dead, partially decayed, corpses. It’s also pretty scary to see all these young men just staring at this corpse without covering their faces, breathing in all the terrible smells of a rotting body. There’s just something about black and white vintage photographs that make such a scene all the more haunting. Luckily, this isn’t as common of a scene today.

7 Haunting Crime Scene Photo In A Child's Class

The photograph above looks like one of any other children’s classroom. It has a bulletin board full of children’s future dreams. It has drawings and colorings done by children proudly hanging on the board. Nothing looks particularly haunting about this photograph, so why might it be on a list of terrifying pictures taken inside schools?

This photograph is actually a crime scene photo taken from the Sandy Hook shootings. The classroom belongs to the innocent lives that were taken inside this school. The strings that stretch across the photograph indicate the path the bullet took from the white terrorist’s gun to the body of the innocent children. Anyone who can look at this photograph and not see something absolutely frightening must be sick. These children were hoping for a class in which they would learn and grow, but instead, they were brutally murdered by a psychopath who somehow had access to a gun.

6 An Unknown Student's Arm Captured On Camera


The photograph above was like any other school photograph. All the kids had to line up and stand close to other kids they possibly didn’t really like that much to snap a picture they’ll probably be embarrassed about the following year. This picture is like many other photographs; however, they actually captured something a little more sinister. What they actually snapped when taking the class picture was an arm behind them all that doesn't seem to belong to anyone in the class. All of the kids in the class can be accounted for in the photograph, and even the photographer claims no one else was missing who could've been the owner of the mysterious arm! It’s pretty terrifying to imagine that there might be a student lurking around in the afterlife that no one else knows about! What would you do if this was your class picture?

5 More Unnecessary Punishment On A Kindergartener

The photograph above is yet another terrifying instance of a teacher who decided to use too much force on an innocent child. What we have to remember when it comes to punishing children is that they believe the teachers to be the correct authority and that what teachers say is the truth and the law in the classroom. Children don’t realize at the time that what is being done to them is wrong and not actually their fault. No child could ever do something terrible enough to deserve torture like this. The little boy is screaming in pain while the 20-year-old teacher laughs and records it. This occurred in China and there are no laws, or at least there weren’t any at the time, that prevents terrible things like this from happening. Anyone who sees a picture like this and chooses to side with the teacher over the child is nothing more than a monster.

4 Terrifying Ghost Caught In The Classroom


The two girls in the photograph above claim that the figure in the background was not in the classroom at the time that they snapped the pic. They were simply trying to capture a memory of one of their final days before summer when they inadvertently also captured something sinister. The two girls were some of the last to leave the building once the final school bells rang, but it seems as though someone, or something, might be trapped behind the four school walls for eternity.

Pictures like these make us wonder what reason a ghost might have to haunt a school. Were they a lost soul on the grounds before they became school grounds? Were they a student who got sentenced to a life in detention in the afterlife? Pictures like these also make us wonder if there’s any ghost at all or if the girls were just trying to go viral.

3 Is This What The Kids Are Eating?

Some of us were lucky enough to have school lunches that we actually wanted to eat every day. Others would pack their lunches to avoid the chemical poison that was school lunch. This photograph above is a disturbing one taken of a burger that was actually served to children. Would you eat such a horrifying looking patty? At first, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what the food might be. It has the consistency of a no-bake cookie but seems too large and flat to be so. It looks like prop food from a horror movie.

It’s haunting to know that children are fed meals like this around the world in various schools. Unfortunately, a school lunch might be the only thing a child gets to eat in a day. If this is the only thing an innocent child gets to have for his or her meal in an entire day, that’s horrifying.

2 Abandoned Vet School And The Horrors Left Behind


There seems to be a growing trend of breaking into abandoned places and documenting the experience. For the most part, nothing more is ever captured than creepy looking rooms and broken down buildings. The explorers of this abandoned veterinary school in Brussels hit the jackpot! Hiding in one terrifying room were the chilling remains of animals and other props used for educational purposes. The jars and bottles filled with animal heads and sickening fluids look like really authentic Halloween decorations.

That’s because they’re the real thing! They’re not just goo-filled jars; they’re body-filled jars! Imagine the horror the tourists must've felt when entering the room! It seems like common sense that when abandoning such a site, the owners wouldn’t leave such disgusting materials behind! But there they sit awaiting visitors looking for a terrifying sight!

1 Someone Lurking In The Bathroom

This photograph is yet another one on the list of two young girls that just wanted a simple picture of themselves. Instead, they captured something absolutely horrifying lurking in the background. The girls didn’t realize that they weren’t the only two in the picture at the time the photograph was taken. They actually wanted to snap a picture for the same reason most teens like to take pictures of themselves: because they can. However, in the back corner of the bathroom, someone, or something, had other plans. It wouldn’t be shocking to find out that pictures like this are fakes made by teens hoping to get some attention. It doesn’t make them any less terrifying, however. It’s still spooky to imagine being in the bathroom alone only to later find out there’s a dark figure in the back.

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