15 Most Disturbing Images Taken From Security Cameras

Security cameras can be considered a blessing or a curse. On one hand, they’re able to provide eyes for us when ours are currently being used elsewhere. Thus, they can provide reassurance that your home is safe and protected while you’re at work or on vacation. They can even allow us to capture evidence to solve a problem that’s been terrorizing our lives. They also allow us to spy on our children when we’re not around to be sure that they, like our homes and belongings, are safe when we’re not around. However, although they've saved lives and addressed many, many headaches, they've also caused unnecessary terror at one time or another.

Sometimes people set up security cameras after having things go missing or hearing strange noises in the night in an attempt to figure out what may be the cause of the curious occurrences. Other times, we just set them up as an extra precaution should tragedy strike. Most of the time, security cameras do their job with no problem. Others, they end up capturing a terrifying sight we’d be fine with if we never saw. The next 15 entries on this list show the scariest images caught on security cameras. These are anything from something a little paranormal to something real and truly terrifying.

If you have a security camera and have captured something spooky, share, and let us know! Here are the 15 Most Disturbing Images Taken From Security Cameras:

15 An Unexpected Visitor

One of the greatest technologies to come along with being able to have a security camera set up outside your home is the ability to get email or text notifications when some activity is detected outside the house. That was the case for one Reddit user, who shared this terrifying image with the world after receiving notifications that someone was on his front doorstep. The man claimed to not have any idea who this visitor might be and that no one had broken in, but the man had come several times throughout the day, just staring into the camera each time. The scariest part of the image is the eerie smile he’s giving the camera as he just stares blankly into the lens. This is not the kind of notification anyone would want, especially when it’s letting you know who might be waiting outside your house.

14 A Mom Receives A Disturbing Text From The Nanny Cam

As we’ve already discussed, getting notifications from nanny cams is one of the greatest technologies that have come along with security cameras in recent time. One night, while the mother of the little boy in the photograph above was at work, even though her husband was home, she decided to check the security camera notifications so she could sneak a peek at her little boy while she was away. What she saw instead was absolutely terrifying! The little boy doesn’t seem very phased as he plays in his bed, but behind him, there seems to be a pretty terrifying-looking man! Imagine the mother’s horror when seeing someone so terrifying so close to her baby! She ended up calling the father and freaking out only to find out that she was pranked by her husband! This is the least mysterious on the list and is one of the few proven as a hoax, but you have to admit that this image is terrifying even with the true backstory.

13 A Burglar Watches A Baby Sleep

A nanny cam is put in place to help us catch our children sleeping when we can’t always be around to watch them with our own two eyes. Sometimes, however, they end up catching something much scarier. The nanny cam one family used ended up capturing a burglar one night! The scariest part? The burglar stopped and stared at the baby for several minutes! When the police were notified, they checked out the house only to find that there was no sign of forced entry, nothing missing, and pretty much no sign of the intruder at all except for what was on the nanny cam. Had he come for something and seen the cameras and decided it wasn’t worth the risk? Was it someone the family knew trying to take something they might not notice was missing? The intruder still hasn’t been found, and this terrifying occurrence only happened a couple months ago!

12 An Intruder Crawls Around With His Knife In His Mouth

While the intruder above staring at the baby was absolutely terrifying, it was a bit alleviating knowing he didn’t take anything or have any visible weapons. That’s not the case for the burglar in the photograph above, who was seen carrying around a knife in his mouth while he crawled throughout the home of these unsuspecting people! He ended up taking a Samsung phone and fortunately didn’t harm any of the sleeping members. It’s one thing to wake up to an intruder, but to know that you completely slept through the entire ordeal without knowing someone was crawling around with a knife in his mouth is absolutely horrifying! Unfortunately, this intruder was another who was never caught, so that means two men are lurking out there somewhere among the hundreds of others waiting to break into an unsuspecting person’s home. If you don’t have your own security camera already, are you wanting one yet?

11 A Man Beats A Young Mother On The Nanny Cam

Imagine watching Saturday morning cartoons with your child all cuddled up on the couch with no worries in the world. Out of nowhere, a man breaks into your home and starts to beat you while your helpless child watches! That was the unfortunate nightmare of one New Jersey woman who was mercilessly beaten by an intruder as it was all captured on a nanny cam that had been hidden in the living room. The man was caught and charged with attempted robbery, assault, and breaking and entering. Luckily, the camera was enough evidence to prove it all as well, even though he pleaded not guilty! He had also been charged with similar crimes decades before! Sometimes, we can understand why someone in need might steal something to get money, but to break into someone’s home just to beat them up is insanely terrifying. The saddest part of the photograph is the child sitting on the couch covering her face with a pillow.

10 A Surprise Clown Shows Up

After one man noticed that his gate in front of his house in Texas was open the next morning, he decided to check the security camera to see who might’ve been the one who had left it open. Much to his terror, he discovered a terrifying clown attempting to enter his home while wielding a knife! The last thing anyone would ever want to see would be an intruder attempting to break into their home, but for the criminal to be dressed up like a terrifying clown makes it so much worse! Not only did the clown try to enter through the front door, but he also went around all of the windows and doors throughout the rest of the home trying to find a way in. He eventually left, so many speculated that it was simply a prank as he hadn’t even tried to break into any of the entrances and simply checked if they were open.

9 Creepy Doll Caught Acting Up On Camera

Children have wild imaginations and most would say, at one point or another, that there might be a ghost or a monster in their room with them. Most parents would ignore such behavior and simply think they were making things up. The father of the little girl in the photograph above actually believed his daughter when she stated that someone was in her room and bothering her while she played. He decided to set up a nanny cam in hopes of catching what was causing his daughter’s terror. What he ended up capturing was much more terrifying. If you look at the doll to the right of the child, not the one she’s playing with, nothing seems out of the ordinary. In reality, he ended up capturing the doll moving around and shaking! Some speculate that it’s evidence of a poltergeist while others believe it was simply a prank by a father who wanted attention. What do you believe?

8 A Son's Late Night Strange Behavior

It’s hard getting kids to go to sleep sometimes. They have serious FOMO and because they spend their days playing, they don’t fall asleep as easily as many of us working adults do. Because of this, it’s not out of the ordinary to capture a child awake and alert in the middle of the night. One father was not expecting what he ended up capturing, as seen in the image above. At 2 a.m., this man’s son woke up, began doing cartwheels and flips around the house, and turned the kitchen light on and off several times! When confronted about his strange behavior, he didn’t explain anything out of the ordinary, but his behavior was certainly peculiar. The way he looks in the image above makes it seem as though he’s in pain and even possessed! Some claim it’s just a little boy playing, while others think it may be a hint that something more sinister is going on in their home.

7 Nanny Abuse Caught In The Act

Nanny cams are a common item to have in a home and exist mostly to spy on children and nannies to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Most of the time, they catch nothing out of the ordinary, but unfortunately, that was not the case for this family who ended up capturing the nightmare of nanny abuse. They had had the nanny for almost a year when they noticed their youngest child starting to withdraw from the nanny and become a bit scared of her. They didn’t suspect much, as the older children never said anything, but they still set up a nanny cam just to be sure. They ended up capturing the nanny abusing the youngest child throughout the day. At one point, she stuffed a towel inside the mouth of the youngest child while said child was crying. She was immediately charged and fired, and the family is recovering well.

6 The Peculiar Last Footage Of Elisa Lam

One of the most disturbing missing person’s cases of recent times has to be the disappearance of the young woman, Elisa Lam. She was like any other model college student -- not too much of a partier, and overall, displayed no strange behavior. That was, until she went missing. After staying in a hotel in Los Angeles, Elisa was reported missing. Since this was the last place she was seen, the police department looked through the security footage from the hotel in hopes of finding some answers. What they found was Elisa behaving very strangely. She kept entering and exiting the elevator, and it seemed as though she was talking with someone who couldn't be seen in the video. Five days after the footage was released, her body was found in the water tank of the hotel with no signs of physical abuse. The cause of death was listed as “accidental.”

5 A Ghostly Figure Caught On Camera

If you live in a city, you know that it’s hard to live anywhere without hearing strange activity outside your building at all hours. When it comes to living in a more rural area, it can be much more terrifying to hear strange noises all throughout the night. That was why one man decided to set up a security camera outside his home: to attempt to find the cause of strange noises throughout the night and potentially capture anyone who was possibly involved in trying to break into his home. What he captured instead was a transparent figure running throughout his yard! It’s hard to decide whether it’s relieving to discover that no one is trying to break into your home or terrifying to discover a spooky presence lurking in your yard. Like most paranormal photos, it has its critics, but either way, it’s still a pretty spooky thing to discover on a security camera.

4 An Intruder Watching A Couple Sleep

The photograph above was taken from one Chicago couple’s security camera after they discovered that someone, standing on the top of the stairs, stared down at them while they slept on the couch. The couple had fallen asleep one night with the TV on and discovered that the girlfriend’s purse had gone missing. The couple got into an argument with the girl claiming someone stole it and the boy claiming she had forgotten it at the restaurant. In an effort to find the truth, the couple watched through their security camera from the previous night only to find out that the purse had, in fact, been stolen by the dark figure standing at the top of the stairs! The man watched the couple sleep for several minutes only to leave with just the purse. The man still hasn’t been caught, but the couple has taken extra steps in making sure they have a sound security system!

3 A Mother Captures A Potential Stalker

Imagine being the mother of three children only to discover the image above on your security camera the next morning. We’ve seen several images taken from security cameras that include an intruder breaking into someone’s home. The thing that sets this photograph apart is how terrifying the man in the photograph looks. His eyes glow like a cat’s eyes, and his face is shaped devilishly. His coat shines as if it was a raincoat, attire synonymous with that of serial killer’s. The man was never caught, and as he didn’t even try to break into the house, technically never committed a crime. The way he lurked around the home and the way he dressed was much scarier than just your typical burglar. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s certainly something unsettling about this photo that we won’t soon be able to forget.

2 Something Strange At The Red Box

The photograph above was one taken from a convenience store security camera. It shows a girl acting demonic while choosing a flick from the Red Box. Nothing before or after the photograph shows anything too out of the ordinary, and the girl hasn’t come forward to clear up anything about the picture. Some say the photograph was snapped while she was doing a hair flip or possibly sneezing or coughing. But when doing any of those things, who really flips their head that far back? Her eyes also seem to lack pupils. The picture doesn’t show many signs of alteration, but something is certainly not normal when it comes to this photograph. What do you think? Was the girl just caught in a bad moment or do you think something more sinister is going on?

1 The Last Known Footage Of A Missing Man

The photograph above is one of the last known pictures of Lars Mittank, a man who’s been missing since 2015. Before this photograph, Lars was visiting a medical center at an airport, hoping to find a doctor that would allow him to fly despite having an ear injury. He received the injury the night before after getting into a fight with four other men over sports. He had been visiting the area for a game and staying at a hotel with friends. After the injury, he feared he would not be allowed to fly because of the ear injury, hence his visit to the medical center at the airport. What happened the day he went to the airport was that he walked in with several bags, went to the medical center for almost an hour, and was last seen sprinting from the medical center with no bags. Afterward, he hopped over a barbed wire fence and was never seen again. His mother stated that the night before, he had called her, scared of the hotel and also claiming that four men were following him. No one knows why Lars sprinted from the medical center like he did, but you can clearly see in the photograph above that he seemed to be running from something or someone.

Source: Reddit.com

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