15 Most Disturbing Facts About Vladimir Putin

Not everyone sees Putin through rose-colored glasses; specifically, most of the free world.

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and he is the sitting President of the Russian Federation. How he got there is questionable in the first place.

Putin has already served the limit of two consecutive terms in that office prior to being appointed Prime Minister by the new President. Putin then ran and won a third term. This was allowed because it was not a consecutive term to the previous two. Putin then had the Presidential term changed from four to six years. This makes Putin eligible to seek a fourth term in 2018.

The Russian economy increased each year under Putin’s first presidency and the Gross Domestic Product, measured in purchasing power, has grown by 72%. All of this has contributed to Putin’s popularity among his people.

However, not everyone sees Putin through rose-colored glasses; specifically, most of the free world. Many perceive Putin as strange, bizarre, creepy, and disturbing.

We have put together this list of 15 Most Disturbing Facts About Vladimir Putin. Take note that one aspect did not make it to this list because of it being so controversial—Vlad’s claim that same-sex marriages are the same thing as worshiping Satan. An entire article could have been written on that topic alone. We will let you judge for yourself.

15 Putin Hates P*ssy...The Band

A Russian all female punk band named P*ssy Riot consider Putin to be an evil dictator. Their claim is that he has commanded the Russian Government as president or Prime Minister for the last 14 years. In 2012, the group reached international fame, but not for their music. They protested Putin's leadership at a Russian Orthodox Church in February 2012. A short time later, three main members of the musical act were arrested, denied bail for their unspeakable crime of free speech, and sentenced to two years in prison. The punk rockers were liberated just prior to the Russian winter Olympics due to international sympathy but they continued to suffer assaults from angry Russian citizens.

14 Late Bloomer

Putin has a black belt in Judo. Okay, that’s not so strange. The reason he took Judo lessons in the first place is because he had not reached puberty. He was still 18 in Judo classes. Talk about a late bloomer. He never really did fill out as he only stands 5’6” today. That’s four inches below the average height for men. This made former U.S. President, Barak Obama, seven inches taller than Vladimir as Barak stands 6’1”. The current Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, towers over his secret Russian friend by eight inches at 6’2”. Maybe the orange president told the red president, “I am bigly compared to you!” For the record, Napoleon Bonaparte also stood 5’6”.

13 Rat Hunter

Putin came from humble beginnings and there is nothing wrong with that. He lived in a communal block apartment with his parents, siblings, and three other family members. Again, this is not the issue here. We salute anyone who can overcome the odds and become successful, even if they become a weirdo in the process. The disturbing aspect of this is that young Putin would spend his free time hunting rats in the stairwells. Setting traps or eradicating the vermin is one thing, but to make a sport or game out of hunting rodents is just not normal in any way whatsoever. If the boy couldn’t afford an Atari to occupy his time, hide-and-seek, tag, singing, and dancing, are all free.

12 He Found His Thrill

Putin considers himself to be an avid vocalist. Sing in the shower, man! As the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, you should not find any pleasure or diplomacy on singing Fats Domino’s "Blueberry Hill" in front major Hollywood Stars. Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, and Sharon Stone were among the A-Listers in attendance. Putin also tried to play "From Where the Motherland Begins," a Soviet song. But he stopped when he hit a wrong note. Thank goodness! We are sure no one noticed as they probably never heard the song before. Putin is not the only world leader who likes rubbing elbows with celebrities. One president serves as a producer for a celebrity reality show.

11 Tribute Art

A Russian artist created a work that depicts the Russian President shooting down American planes with a mere bow and arrow as well as strangling terrorists with his bare hands. There a few things creepy about this. First, someone creating this and calling it art is strange enough. The fact that someone admired Putin so much as to make appear Herculean is awkward. Wondering the possibility that Russian Police could have imprisoned the artist and threatened the lives of his wife and children if he didn’t create the art, is in itself disturbing. We are sure that that last thing didn’t happen, but knowing Russia and suspecting it as a possible scenario is quite unnerving.

10 Cooking For The Commies

Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, was a cook for two of the most notorious Russian leaders in history. Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin are often not looked at kindly by historical standards and are often referred to as ruthless tyrants. Poppa Putin prepared meals for both leaders. First for the Bolshevik premier, Lenin, at his country home. After Lenin’s death, gramps kept bringing out the Borscht to Stalin throughout his reign.

9 Taste Of Putin

Putin’s image and likeness is used to market many Russian products. You can buy Pu Tin brand canned vegetables and mushrooms. Gorbusha Putina caviar is sold all over the Russian nation. The mother of all Putin franchise, though, is that Russian Vodka. The government-owned Moscow Distillery Crystal distributed Putinka brand vodka. Nothing says class like some Putin fish eggs and Vladimir vodka at your party. We cannot confirm if Putin profits off these products, but an educated guess would indicate that he does.

8 I’m Rich. Biotch!

Since this site is called TheRichest, we would be amiss if we failed to mention that Vladimir Putin has an estimated net worth equivalent to about $56 billion (U.S.). There is no verifiable proof of a confirmed number, but Putin has tremendous estimated personal wealth. Reports indicate that Putin owns a dozen luxury watches, no less than 20 villas and palaces, and secret financial interest in many Russian companies. Putin is having a new home build and it has been dubbed "Putin’s Palace." Construction on the home is rumored to be just under 1 billion US dollars. It’s always disturbing when a world leader, a supposed servant to the people, has such riches. That type of situation creates speculation that the leader may not always be acting in the nation’s best interest. Some deals, agreements, or policies may enrich the leader’s wallet. This may be why Putin keeps his finances so secretive and other world powers, who shall remain nameless, refuse to release their income taxes.

7 Superputin

In 2011, a Russian writer started an online comic series titled Superputin. The super Russian battles the evil forces of free speech in this story and is often seen combating protesters. To balance things out a bit and to make protesting appear to be a crime, Superputin also fights and kills terrorists in these comics. His super power is his mighty Judo chop. The character once stopped a bomb from blowing up a bus and killed an army of Zombies. It’s okay though. The Zombies were capitalists.

6 Rinse & Spit

During the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Putin ordered saliva samples to be collected from religiously conservative Muslims that lived nearby. This was done so their body parts could be identified if they turned out to be suicide bombers and attack the Olympic Games. This makes perfect sense. By identifying their body parts, he would be able to prosecute them. Seriously, it was probably done as a deterrent and it worked. No one bombed the Sochi Olympics. This is not so bad. It’s not like he put a ban on Muslims entering the country and tried to deport a bunch of people. No one would ever do something like that.

5 Wife Beater

German Intelligence sources have indicated that Vladimir Putin has physically assaulted his wife. A big-breasted BND reporter, codenamed "Balcony" due to her massive breast implants, became close with Putin’s wife. Lyudmila Putin told the journalist about Vlad’s extramarital activity and his abusive nature towards her. Vladimir also once announced that he and his wife were getting divorced during a ballet that they were both at. Vlad claimed it was a "civilized divorce" because they practically never see each other.

4 Super Bowl Shuffle

In 2005, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, met with the Russian President. Kraft took off his $25,000 Super Bowl Championship ring to show Putin. Putin put the ring on his finger and joked about the enormous size of the ring, which must have looked even bigger on Putin’s little finger. Kraft extended his hand to retrieve the ring when Putin took it off but Putin just placed it in his pocket. The leader was immediately surrounded by three menacing KGB guys, according to Kraft, and then walked away with his property. Putin has made no effort to return the ring despite Kraft publicly stating he wants it back. This is plainly wrong on so many levels and really shows the kind of person Vladimir Putin is.

3 He Kissed A Boy And He Liked It

This happened and there is video to prove it. Putin once got on his knees during a public appearance and lifted a boy’s shirt and kissed his chest or belly area quickly before getting up. Then he quickly walked away. Putin stood right up afterwards and hurried off looking as if he knew he did something wrong and was going to get yelled at by his parents. This is quite disturbing alone. But what's even more disturbing is what Putin had to say when he was asked about it. “You know that this was not planned. People came up and I began talking to them, among them this little boy. He seemed to me very independent, sure of himself and at the same time defenseless, as a child always is, an innocent boy and a very nice little boy…I tell you honestly, I just wanted to touch him like a kitten, and that desire of mine ended in that act that you mention.”

2 "Saint" Putin

Mother Fotina founded an all-woman religious sect that believed that Vladimir Putin is the reincarnation of Paul the Apostle (what?!). The Chapel of Russia’s Resurrection has actually dubbed Putin as Saint Vladimir the Great. So this means that, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is basically a living saint. This is something that even the Russian Czars did not claim to be as they were not worshiped as living saints.

1 I Voted “Putin” 3 Times, In The Same Election

You should be disturbed that Putin is sitting at the President’s desk since he may not deserve to be there in the first place. There are some shady and questionable issues with the results of Putin’s election. In Precinct 451 in the capital Grozny, Putin secured 1,482 votes and while former Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov got only one single vote. There is certainly nothing wrong with a landslide victory of 99.99%, as long as it is legitimate. A total of 1,483 votes were cast in an area where there are only 1,389 registered voters. This territory saw an impressive and impossible voter turnout of 107% of eligible voters. This is just one case and makes us wonder a few things. Did this happen elsewhere during the election? Did Putin teach his tricks to anyone else who ran for President in another country? Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm!”

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15 Most Disturbing Facts About Vladimir Putin