15 Most Disgusting Things Ever Found in Fast Food Orders

Fast food is inherently gross, but it’s made more disgusting when you add foreign substances, such as a paper towel, a nail or a chicken head.

Fast food is never ideal. After a certain age the reality of ordering fast food presents itself; it’s for people in a financial or time pinch, not for an everyday meal. The era of spontaneous fast food purchases ends at around 23, and after that it comes with an immediate twinge of regret. Sure, the food is delicious, and a drunken fast food meal is always going to be delicious; but whether it’s the next morning or after you finish your meal, the regret sets in. Fast food for dinner is particularly sad, as you’re admitting defeat in almost every possible way.

That being said, fast food will never go away. Everyone knows it’s bad for them, and while the market may diminish a bit there will always be a place for mass produced food products. It’s the way of the world, and even though less people are ordering it’s still a billion dollar business. What hurts the growth of these franchises, though, are lists such as this one. Fast food is inherently gross, but it’s made more disgusting when you add foreign substances, such as a paper towel, a nail or a chicken head. These are the types of things that will make people swear off fast food forever, and exactly what these 15 people experienced.

15 Deep Fried Paper Towel

This is sneakily one of the most disgusting items on the list as the poor kid who got the fried paper towel bit into it without knowing. Imagine taking a bite out of an expectedly sub-par piece of fried chicken, only to find a blue paper towel inside. A Newcastle, England boy experienced just this in 2014, as his step-mother bought him an order of chicken tenders. The mother put it perfectly in her response, saying a bad piece of chicken is just a bad piece of chicken, but a paper towel could have been used for all types of disgusting things. It likely wasn’t clean, or else it would have still been on the roll. Who knows if there’s some disinfectant on it or if it was used to wipe the dirty floor? KFC, for their part, offered the woman a refund and a free meal, with the promise that they would ensure it wouldn’t happen again. Understandably, this was not a satisfactory response as far as the customer was concerned.

14 A Chicken McHead

Everyone knows that there are only four acceptable shapes of McNuggets. There’s the boot, the bell, the ball and the bone (these are actually what they’re called). Notice that those four shapes do not include the chicken head itself, as that is disgusting. Well, one Newport Virginia customer was dumping out the chicken nuggets for her children when she noticed that one had a beak and what appeared to be closed eyes. It didn’t take much further inspection to determine that this was, in fact, a full chicken head in her chicken nuggets order. She contacted McDonald’s, who said they could give her a replacement box that would definitely, probably not have a chicken head in it, but she declined saying she no longer wanted to eat there. It’s unclear how this mix-up occurred, but you have to assume it’s not specifically that McDonald’s fault. Sure, someone should have noticed it, but these items come pre-packaged.

13 Free Blue Pills!

This story isn’t as much disgusting as it is unsettling. A Burger King employee by the name of Woody Duclos wanted to… well, no one’s really sure what he wanted to accomplish, but when a few people bit into their Big Macs and discovered a small, blue pill they were not too pleased (obviously). One woman took the pill to the fire station, which determined it to be hydrocodone, a powerful painkiller. Duclos was caught and sentenced to five years in jail, which I have to imagine wasn’t worth lacing fast food with painkillers. Sure, he probably just wanted to loosen everybody up, or maybe he knew that the food they were eating was going to destroy their insides.

12 Finger In The Chili

You'll see why this otherwise #1-worthy item is so low on the list once you get the details, but this story got a lot of play when it happened. In 2005, a Las Vegas woman ordered a cup of Chili at a local Wendy's. She was eating away when she started to scream; in her spoon she was holding a severed finger, presumably found in her chili. Wendy's and the police investigated, but no one at the location was missing a finger. Upon further investigation, it was found that the woman knew a man who had recently lost his finger in a work accident. It turns out that he gave the finger to the woman, who planned to sue Wendy's for the disgusting ordeal. I've heard this story and I'm glad to find out it was faked. I think Wendy's is the undisputed number-one fast food place out there. If that's in debate let me know, but I think we're all on team square burger.

11 Arby’s Skin Sandwich

There are few things more disgusting than biting into your Arby’s sandwich and coming away with a ¾ inch long piece of skin, complete with a fingerprint. This happened to one man in 2005, who sued the restaurant for $15,000. He told Fox News that he found the piece of skin after biting into the sandwich, and promptly went to the bathroom to vomit. When health inspectors arrived, they talked to the manager who appeared to have cut his finger. The manager said that he sliced a chunk out of his finger when he was cutting lettuce. He had sanitized the area but failed to throw out the lettuce he was cutting, which is where his skin made it into the man’s sandwich.

10 McDentist

If you're disgusted by the McDonald's stories by the end of this piece, just be thankful that this isn't Japan. Japanese McDonald's have had all kinds of disgusting incidents in recent history, including plastic found in the ice cream, vinyl found in chicken nuggets, and finally a human tooth found in the french fries. The woman who found the tooth complained, obviously, and was told that the tooth had been accidentally cooked. Upon further testing, it was shown that the tooth had not been cooked, meaning it got in there after the fries were prepared. McDonald's responded by saying that these are isolated incidents, and they're working to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Still, you're probably better off eating the local cuisine than trying to get a taste of home when you're in Japan.

9 BK Syringe

McDonald’s isn’t the only big-name fast food company that has some questionable sanitary practices, as Burger King has been in the news for the similar, albeit more troubling reasons. A New York Woman was eating her breakfast sandwich when a sharp object inside the sandwich pinched her in the cheek. She took it out and saw that it was the tip of a syringe. She was understandably petrified, as there was a possibility of her catching a disease from eating the Burger King sandwich. What is perhaps more troubling is that a soldier stationed in Hawaii experienced the exact same situation, but he actually swallowed one of the needles and had to spend time in the hospital. This man sued the fast food chain for the ordeal.

8 Double McNail, No Pickles

McDonald’s food doesn’t usually make you feel pain until at least a few hours after you eat it, but one Swedish man felt that pain immediately after biting into his burger. He didn’t seem to know what was happening, because he bit into the burger a second time and felt even more pain. He then decided to do some investigating and reached into his mouth to find a 3/4 –inch nail lodged in his gums. He threw up out of disgust and pain, and while there didn’t ever seem to be clarity as to how the nail got there in the first place, he decided not to get fast food ever again. Usually it takes years to reach this conclusion, but a nail sticking out of your gums will probably get you there all the same.

7 Mouse In The Spinach

Subway has been in some hot, HOT water lately. There was the report that showed that their bread contained some of the ingredients found in yoga mats, there was a dead mouse found in their spinach, and the cherry on top was the massive child molestation case brought against the creepy, pedo face of the company. The rodent in the spinach may have gotten a bit overshadowed there, but for the purposes of this list that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

A Lincoln City, Oregon man and his buddy were eating at subway one day. One of them got the last of the spinach, but when he got back to his table he noticed a rodent in his sandwich. The source of the mouse was determined to be the spinach, so all of those vegans who ordered a salad that day got a nice, spicy dead mouse flavor to go along with it. Subway investigated after it was brought to their attention, and they found that the mouse entered the spinach in the factory, not at the specific Subway location. That’s good news for people who are regulars at that Subway, and bad news for everyone else who intends to eat Subway in the future.

6 Bullet In A Hot Dog

Costco isn’t known for its fast food prowess, but they do have some fast food options at many of their locations. One California woman ordered a hot dog at one of the stores, and found out the hard way to be more suspicious of such prepackaged food. She bit into a hard spot, which she initially thought was her braces, but upon further inspection found that it was a bullet. To make matters worse, she went to the doctor for an X-ray and found that she had actually swallowed a second bullet in the hot dog. It’s not the most disgusting item you’ll see on this list, as a bullet is relatively sanitary (when compared to these other atrocities) but it’s unsettling nonetheless. Costco was completely baffled by the situation, offering no insight into how it could have happened. The woman, for her part, took it in stride, saying there are much worse ways to get a bullet in the gut.

5 A Condom

The only reason this story didn't make the top spot was because it came in a Happy Meal gift bag and was not close to being ingested by anyone. A young girl's grandmother bought her a happy meal, and luckily for the adults the grandmother took a peak in the gift bag before she gave it to her granddaughter. Inside, she found a green condom with its wrapping next to it. She was relatively awestruck, and McDonald's replaced her prize immediately. McDonald's had an explanation for the bag itself, saying they had sold out of their usual Happy Meal toys, but offered no explanation as to why there was a condom floating in the bag. They investigated the situation, but it's unclear if they ever found the responsible party.

4 Deep Fried Rodent

Mice and rats are relatively common around fast food restaurants. They can eat the scraps and live incognito as long as an unsuspecting customer doesn’t spot them. That is, of course, if they don’t slip and fall into the deep fryer and is then served to a customer. There were red flags all over the place (in the form of health code violations) at this Baltimore Popeye’s. That wasn’t enough of a warning for one man, who decided he really needed some Popeye’s fried chicken, no matter the cost. The cost ended up being almost taking a bite out of a fried mouse that had fallen into the deep fryer. He didn’t, but won’t get the chance to make the same mistake as the health inspectors shut the place down.

3 McMaggots

McDonald's is getting some bad looks on this list, amplified by the Australian man who reportedly found maggots in his Big Mac. The man got the burger home and opened it to check and see if it had extra pickles - side note here: that's something you check in your car before you leave. 0% chance you go back for the two extra pickles they forgot to give you. It was a good thing he did though, because what he found was more disgusting than he could have imagined. The pickles were there, but right next to them were a few juicy maggots on the burger patty. He tried to get his money back but the employees just laughed at the situation. McDonald's says they need to test the burger to make sure the situation is legitimate, but it looks like they lost at least one customer for life regardless.

2 Half Pepperoni With A Band-Aid On One Slice

Leftover pizza is arguably the best kind of pizza. It's hotly debated, but there are people out there who actually prefer their pizzas cold. One New York man may have sworn off leftover pizza altogether after he bit into a day-old slice to find a used band-aid baked into the bottom of the crust. The kicker of the situation was that this was a used band-aid, with drops of dried blood on it. He bit into it but didn't swallow, though this left him little solace after the fact. Ken Wieczerza says that he initially wanted to handle the situation quietly, but Pizza Hut forced his hand. He didn't want to give them bad press, he just wanted them to pay for some blood work to make sure he didn't get some kind of pizza-blood disease, but they refused and ultimately stopped returning his calls. Wieczerza reached out to the press, as Pizza Hut reportedly didn't believe him.

1 A Bloody Taco

Taco Bell/KFC restaurants are not generally known for their sanitary conditions. When you’re drunk at 2AM, though, sustenance is sustenance and a taco is going to hit the spot a million times out of a million. Everyone’s preferences differ, as some people like the hot sauce and some people like their taco without sour cream. No one, though, wants their taco to include human blood. One Louisville, Kentucky resident experienced just this when she ordered her takeout meal from her local KFC/Taco Bell. She came home to eat her dinner with her family, and ate most of her items before she noticed the blood smear on some of the wrappers. There was even blood apparent where the wrapper met the taco, and she promptly called them and reported it to the health department. Taco Bell said that a worker had cut their finger, which is why there were smears of blood, but I can’t see this being much more settling. Of course someone cut themselves; I don’t think anyone was assuming Taco Bell had a torture chamber out back.

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