15 Most Dangerous Women In Maximum Security Prisons Right Now

You will be shocked to find out some of the most bizarre actions fifteen of the most dangerous women alive today carried out before going to prison. A lot of these ladies have a lot of things in common. For instance, many nurses turned out to be murderers of their patients and quite a few mothers went nuts and killed all their children. They aren’t all the same, though. Some stories are outrageous, you wouldn’t believe what they got up to or what motivated them. Catherine Birnie, for instance, murdered and r*ped women to prove her love to her partner. One woman was just so terribly behaved once in prison, taking hostages and showing great violence and strange behavior towards them, going so far as to even cut the hostages’ hair off their heads, that she increased her sentence for life. Some women teamed up with partners to help kill people. A couple of these women had a thing for hurting really old ladies that they knew! Just bizarre stuff. This is like watching Law & Order come to life. These are real women with real histories and real motivations for killing and these women are still alive today.

15 Francisca Ballesteros

Francisca Ballesteros was born in Spain in 1969. She really had something against her own family. During 1990 and 2004, she killed both of her daughters, her husband, and even tried to kill her son. She met numerous men over the internet and dreamed of a better life for herself. After having her first daughter, Florinda, she struggled with postpartum depression. She decided to kill her family and move away to be with one of her online male friends. In 1990, she killed her first daughter with a drug called Colme when the baby was only five months old. There was a large gap between killings because she didn’t start again until 2004 when she had two more children. She killed her husband and her second daughter with sedative Zolpidem and also tried to kill her son with the same drug.

14 Catherine Birnie

What an evil lady! Catherine and her partner, David Birnie, from Australia, r*ped and killed four women and r*ped and tried to kill a fifth, but she managed to escape and notify authorities.

Catherine’s mother died giving birth to her brother, when Catherine was only two years old. Her brother then died a few days later. Her father didn’t want her and gave her to her grandparents, but she ended up back with her dad again. She dated David Birnie when she was only fourteen. She ended up marrying another man and having children. Their first child died and she ran away to be with David.

They were a sick disgusting couple that enjoyed r*ping and killing together. Catherine did it to show David how much she loved him and to see how strong she was in her inner self. She’s in prison for life.

13 Renee Acoby

This lady turned herself evil once in prison. She’s known as the second worst female criminal in Canada. This beautiful lady is a mother and a poet. She has a family history of violence. Her father killed her mother when she was only six months old. She first went to prison in 2000 for drug trafficking when she was pregnant. She was able to keep her baby with her in a special prison program. She was caught taking marijuana and popping pills in prison and had her baby taken from her and was given to her sister within fifteen minutes of being caught. She was apparently not aware that this was even a possibility. She sort of became nuts after this. She tried to escape with another inmate and her stay was extended greatly. She was convicted numerous times of taking hostages and assaulting staff in prison. Some of the incidents were quite disgusting. Acoby and an inmate took their prison counselor and a nurse as hostages, strapping them to chairs with belts around their necks, threatening to kill them, forcing them to take medication for anti-psychotic behavior, burning their arms with cigarette butts, cutting their hair, cutting their arms with glass, and punching them in the face.

12 Rebecca Butterfield

Rebecca is apparently the worst female prisoner in NSW Australia. She was only sentenced for six years of prison on a minor offense, but was such a violent inmate that she has sentenced herself indefinitely. She’s a daughter of a police officer herself, but nothing like her father. She has reportedly “kicked a pregnant nurse in the abdomen while receiving treatment, has thrown a cup of urine on an officer, thrown boiling water at an officer, and assaulted an officer during a search.” She threatened to kill an officer and murdered an inmate with scissors, stabbing him 37 times. She tried to kill herself by cutting her throat, lighting her cell on fire and burning herself and cracking her skull by hitting it on walls. She’s a challenge every hour of the day. She’s been locked away in isolation, moving her in between two prisons to give the guards a break. She spends her time in both Silverwater and Long Bay Prison.

11 Beverley Allitt

How do people like this even exist in the world? This lady is known for killing children. Beverley Allitt is from England. She seriously harmed six children, murdered four, and tried to kill three more. This was all over a short period of time—February to April 1991. This lady used her position as a nurse at the Grantham and Kesteven Hospital Lincolnshire in the children’s ward to hurt children, administrating huge doses of insulin into their systems. She’s also known as The Angel of Death. The children she murdered were between the ages of seven weeks old to eleven years old. When she was younger, she often tried to draw attention to herself and her wounds, always wearing bandages and casts and putting herself in and out of the hospital. It looks like she might have had Munchausen’s syndrome. They say that as she grew older and people stopped noticing, she started harming others instead of herself, hoping this would give her the attention she desired.

10 Rosemary West

She and her husband killed ten women together between 1973 and 1979. They were both convicted in 1995. Rosemary’s parents split up when she was young and she eventually went to live with her father who violently abused her s*xually. She was a teen who was very interested in her own body. She would often parade around the home naked in front of her brother, and had climbed into his bed at night and mast*rbated him. When she was only fifteen, she began a relationship with Fred West who was twenty-eight years old at the time. Together, they were one of the worst couples in history. They would pick up girls from the bus stop and trap them in their home for a few days before murdering them. They had a child of their own that they both s*xually abused and forced to be a prostitute in their home. Mary West was a prostitute as well, and her husband enjoyed watching her. She had lots of babies—five babies to her husband and three more from her job. She is serving a life sentence and is an inmate at HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham.

9 Kristen Gilbert

This is a photo of an evil nurse serving a life sentence at a federal prison in Texas. She was troubled from a young age. Growing up, people said she was a habitual liar and she was also known to fake suicide attempts to manipulate people. She received psychiatric treatment. She was jokingly known as the Angel of Death due to the great number of deaths that appeared on her nurse watch. An investigation began after nurses reported an increase in deaths by cardiac arrest and they noticed the supply of epinephrine had decreased. Gilbert, desperate to slow down the investigation, called the hospital with a bomb threat. Gilbert was caught out for the bomb threat and was convicted. She would inject large doses of epinephrine into the patient’s intravenous therapy bags causing cardiac arrest. Hospital staff at VA suspect that she might be responsible for the death of eighty or more patients. There is a theory that she did all this to attract the attention of her then boyfriend, Officer Perrault, because a police officer was required to be present during a medical emergency. Officer Perrault said that she confessed one of her murders on the phone during one of her psychiatric stays at a ward.

8 Juana Barraza

Juana Barraza is an odd assortment of personality. She was a professional wrestler from Mexico sent to prison for killing around forty-one to forty-eight old ladies. So ruthless! The judges thought so too. She then served 759 years in jail. You understand her crazy a bit better when you look at her childhood. Her mother was an alcoholic and ended up selling her to a r*pist for three beers. After this man continued to r*pe her, she became pregnant and ended up having four children. Her eldest son later died due to a violent mugger, but Juana turned out to be the most violent mugger of them all. Along with her wrestling career, she would gain the trust of women over sixty years old. She would kill them with strangulation or bludgeoning and then rob them.

7 Marybeth Tinning

Marybeth Tinning is from a small town in New York. This lady married her husband, Joe Tinning, after meeting on a blind date. They ended up having nine children. They either had the most terrible fate in life that caused Marybeth to smother her ninth child to death, or she was twisted from the start. Each child she had, at a young age, she had to rush to the hospital for various reasons. Then they died. Even an adopted son, Michael, died in her care after falling down the stairs. It was only after she rushed her ninth child to the hospital and the tests came back showing that the child had been smothered to death, did an investigation come underway. When she was being investigated, she initially signed a document stating that she had murdered three of her children, Tami Lynne, Timothy, and Nathan. She later tried to claim that she was forced to sign the document to get parole. She was denied parole numerous times as her understanding of the deep gravity of the crimes she committed never seemed to sink in. She said she remembered doing it, but she couldn’t really explain or remember why. She’s serving her time at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women.

6 Genene Jones

For some reason, I always had the idea that nurses were the most selfless people on earth. They were the ones that really cared about people and began the profession because they wanted to help humanity. But it seems as though most of the crazy ladies on this list were nurses. Genene was another one of those ladies. She killed between six to maybe even over sixty babies in a hospital by injecting harmful substances into their bodies. She liked doing this to create a situation of crisis and then save the day by reviving them and getting praised for her quick actions. They aren’t sure exactly how many children she has actually harmed as the hospital ended up destroying their records after they found out about it to save themselves from serious litigation issues. Genene didn’t have the simplest life. A nightclub owner adopted her when she was young. She is serving her time at Lane Murray Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

5 Kathleen Folbigg

Kathleen Folbigg, from NSW Australia, was married to Craig Folbigg. They had four children together. Each one died at a very young age. The doctors attributed each death to different things, like cot death and epilepsy. But each one died not long after being born between nineteen days old to nineteen months old. It wasn’t until after the fourth child that Kathleen’s husband, Craig, found her journal that a trial ran against her. He then put her in prison. One of her entries on November 9, 1997 stated the following:

“Craig was pretty drunk Friday night. In his drunken stupor he admitted that he's not really happy. There's a problem with his security level with me and he has a morbid fear about Laura - he, well I know there's nothing wrong with her. Nothing out of ordinary anyway. Because it was me not them.

Think I handle her fits of crying better than I did with Sarah - I've learnt to, once getting to me, to walk away and breathe in for a while myself. It helps me cope and figure out how to help her.

With Sarah all I wanted was her to shut up. And one day she did.”

4 Junko Ogata

Junko Ogata started off as a normal girl from a rich family. She even worked with children at a preschool after she finished school. It was when she started dating Futoshi Matsunaga that she turned evil. They had two children together. He was abusive to her and often got angry at her, thinking that she was cheating on him. He would also get angry at her because apparently, he said her mother was hitting on him. She later thought that he had r*ped her mother. Together, Junko Ogata and Futoshi Matsunaga became a very harmful couple. They killed Junko Ogata’s parents and two of her nephews together. They killed seven different people. Junko is now serving a life sentence in prison but she just escaped the death penalty.

3 Marianne Nolle

Marianne Nolle was yet again another crazy nurse. I honestly don’t know if I’ll trust a nurse again any longer. She was from Germany, born in 1938. She was sentenced for killing seven different people, though police believe she actually killed about seventeen people between 1984 and 1992. She did this by using the drug, Truxal, also known as Chlorprothixene, a drug used to treat psychotic disorders that is not even legal in the United States. Marianne is serving her life sentence since 1993. Surprisingly, there is not much information out there about Marianne. If you try searching her, this is about all you’ll find. Interestingly enough, she still hasn't admitted to any of her crimes.

2 Marie Noe

Not sure why Marie Noe wasn’t given a proper sentence. Marie, an American born in 1929, murdered eight of her children before they were even fourteen months old and two of them died naturally. She admitted to murdering all eight of them. She said she suffocated the first few with a pillow, but she couldn’t remember what she did with the others and didn’t want to think about it. She could never give a proper reason as to why she did it. She believed she was just a messed-up evil woman with serious problems. She remembers that her first child just kept crying so she eventually suffocated him to death.

She was given twenty years of probation with psychiatric examination. They wanted to work out what went wrong to prevent other women from doing the same thing. She was diagnosed with multiple personalities. She also blamed her own mother for never really teaching her how to be a mother. Although she’s not in prison, her husband is now dead and she lives all alone in stillness and quiet each day without any children or grandchildren. In a way, she's living in her own prison by herself.

1 Dana Sue Gray

Dana Sue Gray, born in 1957, is unlike any of the other women mentioned in this article. Although she started off as a nurse, she was dismissed for misuse of drugs. She also didn’t kill her own children. Instead, she murdered old ladies so she could steal their money and go shopping. From a young age, she would steal money to buy lollies and to upset her divorced mother.

She first murdered Norma Davis, an 86-year-old lady she knew very well, by stabbing her, then killed June Roberts with a phone cord, a 66-year-old lady she also knew. She then stole her credit cards and went shopping. She then attacked Dorinda Hawkins with a phone cord and tried to strangle her while she was working alone at an antique store. She stole cash and her credit cards and again went shopping. However, Dorinda Hawkins didn’t actually die from the strangle and managed to tell authorities about what had happened. She went to Dora Beebe’s house a few days later and attacked and killed her and (no surprises here) stole her credit card and went shopping. She’s now in the California Women’s Prison.

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