15Varosha, Cyprus

There was a time when Varosha was the top vacation spot in Cyprus, and if you get to take a look at it in its heyday around 1972 you'll see why. High-rises on the beach with bikini-clad babes only leaving their champagne breakfasts to tan their skin on the white

sand. In fact, from 1970-1974 it was one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world. So what happened in 1974? The Turkish Armed Forces that's what. They invaded Cyprus and their armies came to blows with the Greek Cypriot right on the streets of poor Varosha. Needless to say, the 39,000 people residing in the beach town took one look out of their windows, saw two nations killing each other, and hightailed it out of there as fast as they could. Only other problem was they could never return to retrieve their things. Turkish armed forces blocked off all entrances and the city remains abandoned to this day, stuck in 1974. Imagine being stuck all alone in Varosha with nothing but Turkish Armed forces on their way to kill you and a dusty old disco ball hanging over your head.

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