15Rodney Alcala's Victims

Often called The Dating Game Killer due to his 1978 appearance on the game show of the same name, Rodney Alcala is better known today as a convicted murderer and rapist whose body count could range anywhere from 8 to 130. He was only convicted of murdering eight people, but

much of the investigation has led authorities to believe that he could have killed many more based on some eerie photos found in his storage locker. In said locker, police found hundreds of photos of women, young girls, and teenage boys. Some were posed in either partial or fully nude positions. Since only a small portion of women came forward to admit they posed in Alcala's pictures, it's speculated that most of the people in these photos were murdered by Alcala. He was arrested for his crimes in 1979 and sentenced to death in 2010.

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