15 Most Chilling Pics Serial Killers Took Of Their Victims

No matter how hard we try, it's not an easy task to see through the eyes of a serial killer. Even if we try, for most of us at least, there's some restraint on our behalf due to the fact that the mind of a killer is a dark place where none of us want to be. The closer we are to trying to understand the actions of a killer by looking at the world through their perspective, the more likely we are to push back due to how disturbed we become. This proves most difficult for those in the police and forensic investigation fields. These are people who have to attempt to look through the darkly disturbed minds of serial killers on a regular basis in order to crack a case, whether that means trying to find the killer or understand the motive of a killer once they've been caught. Again, such a feat proves to be easier said than done. What makes their job easier is when serial killers tend to photograph their victims, literally providing a glimpse of the viewpoint of a serial killer. Even when restricted to the confines of a photograph, seeing the world through the eyes of a psychopath can be a damning sight for the average human eye to behold.

It's typical for a serial killer to carry mementos to remember their slain victim. Sometimes, that may involve an item belonging to the victim (i.e. clothes, locket, etc.) or an amputated limb of the victim, but more often than not, serial killers have been known to take documented footage of the victim. This usually comes in the form of either video or, as is more typically the case, photographs. These photographs tend to wind up in police possession during the investigation upon the killer's arrest, but in this day and age when everything that can be documented winds up on the internet, these photographs eventually end up online. All of the photographs listed below are taken of the victims right before the killer killed them, and in many cases, each photograph looks more grisly than the last. The easily squeamish and frazzled should take heed now and turn back if you think you can't handle the awful sight of what these victims looked like. You've been warned. For the brave souls who've chosen to stick around, here are 15 chilling photographs of murder victims that were taken by their killers.

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15 Rodney Alcala's Victims

Often called The Dating Game Killer due to his 1978 appearance on the game show of the same name, Rodney Alcala is better known today as a convicted murderer and rapist whose body count could range anywhere from 8 to 130. He was only convicted of murdering eight people, but much of the investigation has led authorities to believe that he could have killed many more based on some eerie photos found in his storage locker. In said locker, police found hundreds of photos of women, young girls, and teenage boys. Some were posed in either partial or fully nude positions. Since only a small portion of women came forward to admit they posed in Alcala's pictures, it's speculated that most of the people in these photos were murdered by Alcala. He was arrested for his crimes in 1979 and sentenced to death in 2010.

14 Madyson Jamison

On October 8th, 2009, an entire family in Eufaula, Oklahoma were declared missing all at once. Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilyn, and their six-year-old daughter, Madyson, were looking to buy a forty-acre plot of land in Red Oak at the time of their disappearance. Then, in November 2013, almost four years exactly after the family went missing, all three of their skeletal remains were found by two hunters in a remote spot just three miles away from where the family's pickup truck was abandoned. During the investigation four years earlier, a cell phone was discovered near their pickup truck, and on that phone was a highly suspicious photo of young Madyson. It isn't clear who could've taken the photo, but taking into consideration the widely distressed look on Madyson's face, it's suspected that whoever took the picture is the person who killed the family.

13 Anatoly Slivko's Victims

When most people witness a horrible car accident that claims the life of a young boy, they find themselves mentally scarred mentally and emotionally shaken. For Anatoly Slivko, however, when he saw such an occurrence in 1961, he was inspired -- more than inspired, actually. Slivko saw the crash and was sexually aroused. The experience influenced Slivko to lure young boys into the woods and convince them into some disturbing acts. With his position at a Children's Club, he befriended young boys aged 14 to 17 and notified them of a special experiment he wanted to conduct where he would suspend the boys by their neck in a tree with a rope and promised that right before the boys would lose consciousness, he'd revive them. When the boys lost consciousness, he photographed them in the positions and fondled their bodies. Over two decades, Slivko conducted his experiment with 43 boys and killed seven.

12 Dean Corll's Victim

As a man who was notoriously known around the city as The Candy Man, Dean Corll was a legitimate candy salesman thanks to his family owning a local candy factory in Houston, Texas. Corll had a knack for giving away free candy to the neighborhood children. Sometimes, he would lure unsuspecting children into his vehicle with the promise of even more free candy. This is when Corll found the opportunity to sexually assault, torture, and kill the children in his path. He reportedly did this to 28 little boys, but there may have been a 29th boy unaccounted for. When police investigated Corll's possessions, they found this blurry photograph of a boy who didn't match the description of any of Corll's other victims. There's a strong chance that Corll had a handful of victims whom investigators never even knew about.

11 Asunta Basterra

Asunta Basterra was a 12-year-old girl who was taken in by a seemingly loving family in Spain after coming all the way from China. As a lawyer/journalist duo, Rosario Porto Ortega and Alfonso Basterra Camporro were a wealthy couple and Basterra was expected to live a long, prosperous life thanks to her adoptive parents' wealth. Then, tragedy struck days before her 13th birthday when young Asunta was declared missing by her parents in September 2013. The next day, the girl's body was found by two people on a forest track in the parish of San Simón de Ons de Cachoeiras in the municipality of Teo. Within the next couple days, both adoptive parents were arrested on suspicion of homicide. Lo and behold, authorities would come to find out that the girl was repeatedly poisoned with the drug lorazepam and then suffocated by her adoptive parents who hoped to acquire her hefty inheritance money given by the girl's grandparents.

10 The Mysterious Polaroid

On a warm August day in 1989, a Floridian woman pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and found a disturbing polaroid on the ground. The photo depicted a young woman and an even younger boy bound and gagged on a bed. Police immediately launched a harrowing investigation on the matter, but in the 28 years since the investigation commenced, there have been no leads on who either captive is, if they're still alive, nor who their captor is. There was a point when 19-year-old Tara Calico was speculated to be the woman in the photo after she had been missing since September 1988, but there wasn't enough evidence for police to confirm this. The boy was speculated to be young Michael Henley, but the missing boy's remains were later found in a New Mexico forest.

9 Regina Kay Walters

At the age of 14 years old, Regina Kay Walters ran away from home with boyfriend Ricky Lee Jones in Texas. Along the way, in Illinois, the two crossed paths with Robert Ben Rhoades, who eventually killed Jones and kidnapped Regina. While under his captivity, Rhoades forced Regina to cut off her hair and wear a black dress with heels. This is the photo depicting the instance. In the same instance, in the back of this Illinois barn, Rhoades killed Regina. Based on the number of bruises on her body and the hair growth when her body was discovered in 1990 in the wake of Rhoades' arrest, it was presumed that Regina was held captive for a long time. Regina was just one of many of Rhoades' victims, their numbers ranging anywhere from 3 to more than 50.

8 Karen Sprinker

Karen Sprinker was a 19-year-old college student who fell into the deadly clutches of a man named Jerry Brudos. Brudos was a serial killer and a necrophiliac who committed at least four murders in the Oregon area between 1968 and 1969. He snapped a picture of his third victim, Sprinker, while in his garage. Brudos's ritual would find him luring unsuspecting women to his home to model some women's clothing (i.e. heels and underwear), and then, when the women least expected it, he would strangle and bludgeon them to death. Often, after the killing, he would find himself sexually aroused enough to wear high heels and masturbate. He also kept trophies of his victims, such as their amputated breasts. After getting caught, Brudos served a life sentence in prison. After serving 37 years, he died of lung cancer.

7 Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander began dating in 2007 and in 2008, but the two eventually had a major falling out, so much so that Alexander was under the impression that Arias was stalking him given that she wouldn't stop calling him and that she slashed his tire. Finally, on June 4th of 2008, Arias refused to be ignored any longer. She caught him in a precarious position while he was in the shower and then stabbed him 27-29 times in the back, hands, jugular vein, trachea, and common carotid artery. To add insult to injury, Arias slashed his throat and shot him in the head. Jodi Arias took several pictures of Alexander before and after she killed him. While this is one of the less disturbing pictures taken of Alexander right before his death, trust us when we say you do NOT want to see the more graphic images taken of Alexander's dead body. It's not a pretty sight. Arias is currently serving a life sentence in prison for murdering Travis Alexander.

6 The Boy in the Cardboard Box

60 years ago, the battered remains of a young boy lay dead inside of a JC Penney bassinet box found by authorities in Susquehanna Road on Fox Chase. Filled with bruises and scars, the body was in such a poor shape that it proved difficult to identify who the child was, especially when using the less advanced technologies of 1957 forensics. All police could gather was that the boy's age likely ranged between four to six years old, that he was a victim of physical abuse, and that he suffered from malnourishment. Investigators also came to the conclusion that the boy's killer had cut the boy's hair after murdering him in order to hide the boy's identity. Despite taking the boy's fingerprints, police failed to find any solid links regarding the boy's killer or the boy himself.

5 Reynaldo Dagsa

This one isn't a picture depicting a victim and taken by the killer; it's actually quite the opposite. Reynaldo Dagsa was a Filipino politician who served as a councilman for Barangay 35 in Maypajo, Caloocan. This photo was taken in 2011 when Dagsa was enjoying a New Year's Day celebration with his family and decided to snap a picture of all of them together. Off to the side, there's a man visibly pointing a gun at Dagsa, and the moment that Dagsa shot his picture, Dagsa was himself shot with a bullet. Dagsa would die from his wounds, and his assailant was later identified as Arnel Buenaflor, a member of the Pasaway Gang. Buenaflor claimed that his motivation was that an associate of Dagsa had shot Buenaflor months earlier during a gang/police shootout.

4 Fred Miller & His Daughter

In 2014, a Marine veteran named Fredrick Miller went on a murder rampage in light of a divorce he was going through from his estranged wife. Their three-year-old daughter, Laila, was living with her grandmother and great grandfather, but one day, Miller shot down both elders in cold blood before snatching up the girl and driving off. Miller took a selfie with his daughter just moments before police were on his tail. When he found himself surrounded by police with no way out, Miller stabbed and shot his daughter to death before turning his gun on himself and killing himself. The whole situation shook police observers as well as the entire neighborhood. It still feels unsettling to even think about the whole thing.

3 Jerry Howell

Jerry Howell was a 19-year-old male prostitute who befriended Robert Berdella for a year in 1984. One night, Berdella picked up Howell, promising to drive the boy to a dancing contest. Instead, Berdella loaded Howell with alcohol and Valium and cuffed the boy to his bed in Berdella's home. Over the course of 28 hours, Berdella repeatedly drugged, tortured, and sexually assaulted Howell. Howell would die later after choking on his own vomit as a result of being overly medicated. Howell was the first known victim of Berdella, but Berdella reportedly killed at least five other men before a victim named Christopher Bryson escaped Berdella's home and notified the police of his captor. Berdella took graphic polaroids of each of his victims.

2 Harvey Glatman's Victims

Better known as "The Lonely Hearts Killer" or "The Glamour Girl Slayer," Harvey Glatman gained notoriety during the 1950s for his gruesome crimes. Posing as a professional photographer, Glatman often lured unsuspecting and aspiring models up to his apartment where he would repeatedly sexually assault them and tie them up. Once his victims were bound and gagged, he would photograph each of his victims. It's unsettling to see the sheer terror in these women's eyes knowing these moments would likely be the final time they would ever be photographed alive. As soon as he finished photographing them, Glatman would strangle the women to death and dump their bodies in the desert. He claimed three victims before he was arrested.

1 The Victims of William Richard Bradford

In 1984, William Richard Bradford convinced his aspiring model neighbor, 15-year-old Tracey Campbell, to follow him to a desert site where he could photograph her. She complied, and once they got there, he strangled her to death. He left her body there with her face covered by a blouse belonging to Shari Miller, another victim of Bradford's. Shortly afterward, Bradford was arrested for murdering both women, but as police soon discovered upon investigating Bradford's home, his body count was much larger than just two victims. In Bradford's home was a collection of women in modeling poses. All women were declared missing persons, and it was assumed that they were all additional victims of Bradford, who was sentenced to death for his crimes.

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