15 Most Chilling Footages Captured By Dash Cams

Dash cams can serve many purposes, and there are a lot of reasons why one might get a dash cam in the first place. Though pretty much anyone with a car has the ability to get a dash cam, for the most part, we often see them on police cars. They use them in order to protect themselves but also to protect the citizens they might pull over or encounter. Although not all cops are bad, there have been instances of police brutality and officers abusing their power, so a dash cam can come in handy when it comes to protecting against bad cops.

On the other hand, dash cams are definitely necessary for collecting evidence against various criminals who commit various crimes. For the most part, dash cams catch people speeding, running away, and other encounters with police officers. They also often catch some pretty terrifying things, depending on the officer. Police aren’t the only ones who like to use dash cams either. Some people who drive often or depend on their vehicle for employment also like to have these cameras to protect themselves and record any accidents that may occur. Normal people with dash cams as well as police officers sometimes catch much more than what they were originally trying to catch with the camera in the first place!

Do you or anyone you know have a dash cam? Have you ever caught anything absolutely terrifying that you would've never expected! Here are the 15 Most Disturbing Pictures Ever Taken On Dash Cams:

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15 A Woman In White Chases A Car

The photograph above was taken from a video that was caught on a dash camera from two people who decided to park their car for a break one night. Suddenly, out of almost nowhere, a crazed woman in white began attacking their car. They said that she was screaming frantically, scratching at the car, and acting overall terrifying! They called authorities, of course, but nothing was ever found out about this crazed woman chasing down innocent cars. What do you think you would do if this woman attacked the vehicle you were in? It's photographs like these that make us want to get a dash cam in order to protect ourselves in these situations. It also seems as though not many people would believe your story if you didn't also have the video evidence to go along with it!

14 An Unidentified Creature Running From Police

A chupacabra is a mythological creature said to feed on the blood of other animals in various parts around the country. One police officer’s dash cam caught this beast one day when driving around with a rookie at the time. They began driving off road to follow the creature, only to have it outrun them and hide at one point. To this day, no one can say for certain what on Earth this creature might be, but many people certainly have their opinions. Some state that it's simply a wolf that lost its hair due to some rare disease. Others claim it’s a wild pig that's running from the camera. But many would like to believe that this is actual evidence of a chupacabra! What do you think? Would you ever believe that this animal would just be running out in the open? Does it make it more believable since it came from a police officer?

13 A Possible Witch Caught In The Act

The photograph above was captured on the dash cam of a police car as officers decided to investigate a small light he saw off road one night. When he turned down an off-road, street, he ran into a chilling discovery. It appeared that there was a woman there hunching over a small fire! The police officer was scared, but what she did next was even more terrifying. The woman then spread her arms, turned to the sky, and began laughing! Not much more has been released about the tape, and some even claim that though it was released by a real, legitimate police officer, he still might have faked the whole thing and was in on a prank with another woman! It seems like that would be a pretty big stretch and something that could be risky for his job! What on earth do you think she was doing out there in the middle of nowhere that night?

12 A Possible UFO Sighting?

The officer who shot the video that the stills above are from claims to have captured a UFO! During his patrol of the area, the officer noticed some sort of strange light in the sky. They called the station to figure out if it was some sort of aircraft, but nothing was scheduled to be passing by that time of the day. It was also clearly not the sun, and since it moved so strangely, he knew it wasn’t a light or the reflection of a light. The video goes on for several moments with the officer sounding truly baffled. Other calls came in that night, too, to report the strange activity happening in the sky. It seems that if an alien were to come to Earth, they’d want to be a little more secretive and not use some big bright light to let people know they’re landing. The video is convincing, however, so it’s hard to decide what to believe.

11 Two Clowns Are Chased By Police

It seems as though the trend of dressing up as a creepy clown and walking around towns at night is a growing phenomenon that doesn’t really make much sense. The chilling image above is a still taken from a time when cops showed up to the scene after callers had stated there were random clowns harassing cars. Luckily, the officers stopped this funny business from continuing, but it’s still rather chilling to know that it happened in the first place. There are murderers all over the world, so the place is scary enough as it is, but to know that sickos like dressing up like clowns now make us all the more terrified. What do you think about the creepy clown trend? Is it scary or just another stupid fad that will fade away?

10 A Crazed Hooded Man Chases People's Cars

This picture of a hooded man in the photograph above was captured by another driver’s dash camera after being in the middle of a terrifying situation one night. Several drivers in the area claimed that this man had stopped them and attempted to rob them when they rolled their windows down. Eventually, the police were called, and this man was caught in his car with crystal meth. In the video version of this clip, you can also hear the man scream at the top of his lungs as the people drive away. His scream is absolutely terrifying and almost sounds demonic. That’s not surprising considering that he was high out of his mind when this video was first taken. We no longer have to worry about this man harassing us as we drive by anymore, but that doesn't mean there aren’t more weirdos out there waiting to reach inside your car should you try to help him.

9 A Car Disappears In Thin Air During A Police Chase!

This video is certainly one of the most baffling videos we have on the list. It has to be one of the strangest occurrences any police department has ever experienced as well. The video has been provided for you so you can see it for yourself, but if you don’t feel like watching it, we’ll explain it to you. Basically, a police car is on a high-speed chase with what was listed as a stolen vehicle. The police chase the car for a while, almost catching up to it when they turn down a dirt road. The police car gets close when all of a sudden, a metal chain fence appears right in front of them! The car seemed to have driven through the fence with no problem at all! How it managed to completely disappear and escape from the police officer has still baffled viewers to this day.

8 A Tree Falls Directly On An Officer

Routine traffic stops are called that because they're just that: routine. Normally, an officer will pull you over, tell you exactly what you did wrong, let you explain yourself, and determine whether or not to give you a ticket or a violation for what you just did. Every once in awhile, something crazy happens, but for the most part, nothing happens out of the ordinary. The photograph above was taken from a dash cam when something out of the ordinary definitely did happen! It’s hard to tell just from the photograph, but as this officer had someone pulled over, a tree fell directly on top of him! An event like this really makes us question what on Earth happened right at that exact moment at that exact place to make this exact thing happen! The chances are so low for this to occur, yet everything happened right to make such a rare moment take place right then, right there.

7 A Naked Woman Screaming "Jerusalem" Runs Through The Streets

Let’s be honest: people are crazy. Your family might be crazy, your friends are probably crazy, and you have to admit you’re probably a little crazy yourself. But is anyone you know running-through-the-streets-naked-screaming-Jerusalem crazy? Probably not. But that can’t be said for the woman whose body is blurred out in the photograph above! This woman was caught on a dash camera running naked through the middle of the street one afternoon! What triggered this meltdown and what caused her to say that phrase while stripping down to her birthday suit is completely unknown to many. Unfortunately, many people suffer from mental health problems, and it’s disturbing to see in the flesh (literally) like in the photograph above. Luckily, that woman was treated and is hopefully doing much better now. We’ll always have this image to remember her by, however.

6 A Mysterious Car Appears Out Of Nowhere

As we’ve seen earlier in the video of the white car going through a fence, it seems that even on the road, vehicles we aren’t safe from paranormal activity. That's the definite truth in this situation, in which a car comes out of absolutely nowhere and crashes into several cars turning left at an intersection! It’s hard to tell from the camera, but the car in the back that seems to be turning is the one that completely came out of nowhere and slammed into the other driver turning left. The fact that it was caught on camera is absolutely baffling. No one has come forward to explain the situation further, which makes some believe that it's a faked video. However, it's extremely difficult to pull off such a prank by using a low-quality camera. For what reason would someone go through all the trouble to fake it anyways?

5 A Man Sets Up A Fake Roadblock

This criminal decided to take things a few steps further when he decided to set up a fake roadblock in order to stop unsuspecting victims. Picture the scene. You’re driving alone at night in the dark with few other drivers on the road. You come close to two orange cones set up, as well as a car stranded on the side. Being the good person you are, you’d probably stop to check if the man who set up the cones needed help, or you at least wonder if you can’t go further due to some unseen danger past the cones. Then, when you roll down your window for an explanation, he robs you! This is what one man did one day when he became desperate to take what other people had. Luckily, the police wasted no time getting involved and thankfully arrested the man and his accomplice. A video like this is a reminder that not everyone you see stranded on the side of the road can be trusted.

4 "Move Over" Law Proves Its Importance

The “move over” law shows how necessary it is in the situation photographed above. If you’re not familiar with what the law means, it basically states that if you see someone stranded on the side of the highway, you have to move to the other lane to give them space. After a routine traffic stop had a civilian car and a cop car pulled over one day, a third driver came at the pulled over car at 85 miles an hour, crashing into it and wrecking both cars. This is terrifying in that if the people standing there would've been just a few feet over, they would've felt the effects of the speeding car! Luckily, the man has been arrested and punished for being so careless and literally reckless.

3 Possible Bigfoot Sighting Shocks Cops

The image above is probably one of the lowest quality pictures on the list, but that's because it dates all the way back to the late '80s! It comes from a police department that claimed that two cops saw an actual Bigfoot one night when driving around! The fact that this video is so old hints that there's no chance there's been any Photoshop or fake editing to make it look like there’s some sort of monster running around. The only other option to make this video fake would be that someone hired someone else to dress up like Bigfoot and run in front of the camera at this exact moment. That's unlikely, though, as the video has been studied, and it's been determined that the figure didn't move in a human-like way at all, making it all the more believable that this is actual evidence of a real bigfoot.

2 An Armed Man Shoots At Officers

Most of the time, when cops pull people over for routine traffic stops, nothing out of the ordinary happens. Most cops never even have to shoot their gun the entire time they’re on the police force. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for the officers who pulled over the man driving a stolen vehicle in the photograph above. Once he was pulled over, he got out of his car. The officers asked him to get back inside, but he refused. He then pulled out a gun, opened fire, and fled the scene. Luckily, no officers were hurt, and they managed to catch him, pull him over, arrest him, and send him to jail. Why he thought he would be able to get away with shooting at police officers is absolutely baffling. Sometimes, not all cops are as lucky as the ones who didn’t get harmed in the video above.

1 A Cop Catches A Possible Ghost In The Distance

These stills that are taken from one dash camera truly terrified the officer who experienced the scene. One night, he was simply driving down a road patrolling the area to make sure no funny business was going down. He suddenly drove through a ghostly white figure and feared he had hit something. He turned around only to realize nothing was hit, but there was a white ghostly figure that walked into the brush on the side of the road. It’s really hard to see, as dash cameras don't result in videos of the highest of qualities, but it really looks as though someone is walking away! The figure is definitely not stationary, and it’s too human-like to just be a cloud of smoke! The fact that this terrified the officer who saw it makes the whole situation all the more terrifying! What do you believe the white figure could've been?

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