15 Moments When Celebrities Completely Lost It On Air

Celebrities! They're just like us right?! If you woke up this morning next to George Clooney in Lake Como, then yes, celebrities are just like you. But for the majority of us, celebrities are completely unrelatable. Celebrities live an entirely different lifestyle than the regular ol' 9 to 5'er, but for all the pros that a celebrity has, there are a few cons. (Not enough to actually make us feel sorry for them but just enough to point out in an article purely for our entertainment.)

For example, a celebrity's career hinges not only on their actual job of acting, singing or whatever it is Carrot Top is famous for, but it also hinges on how they act outside of work. While a lot of us can have a bad day that's usually forgotten after a day or two, a bad day for a celebrity can be immortalized into something they can't forget even if they wanted to thanks to the internet. Celebrities aren't supposed to have bad days like us, that is why publicists exist.

But publicists aren't magicians, they only have so many sugar-coated words to cover up bad celebrity behavior. They can instruct a celebrity how to act and what to say but when a celebrity is in a bad mood, has a bad day or is in the middle of an alcohol and hookers spree in Las Vegas, the public doesn't care or believe the well-rehearsed apology interview a publicist has them do the next day. The public loves to see a crack in Hollywood's perfect, shiny veneer because no matter how bad any of them has it, they still don't have to fly coach. So we relish the moments when they seem every bit as human and as flawed as us, like these 15 celebrities who completely lost it on air and made their publicist work overtime.

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15 RIGGED! Faith Hill Loses To Underwood

Oh award shows. Or in layman's terms, one big celebrity love fest that's nationally televised. Talented, pretty people giving awards to other talented, pretty people doesn't sound like something anyone would purposely watch and yet we do. The public loves it so much, they even watch pre-award shows where Ryan Seacrest kisses every famous person's ass on the red carpet for a few hours. As superficial and pointless as it is, sometimes staring at pretty people on TV gives your eyeballs the eye candy it deserves, after spending all day looking at normal, non-exfoliated, people. But also, some of us really like to watch the awards for unscripted moments between celebrities. And deep down, the producers know the audience is starving for this, which is why they invented the cameras that focus on each nominee's face as the winner is announced. When someone else wins, can they really be all that good of a sport? What's really going on inside their head when they don't win the award? Thanks to this video of Faith Hill's reaction after Carrie Underwood won, we won't have to wonder about that anymore.

14 Anderson Cooper Gets Pissy

Anderson Cooper is well known for being one of the most put-together journalists out there. Intelligent and good-looking, he's the Chris Hemsworth of network news...only he's a Vanderbilt. Anderson just has an air about him that says whatever you do, he'll do it much cooler than you, and that even includes getting his boxer briefs in a bunch. In this coming election, the public has recently discovered Anderson's trigger word is "Trump." This clip shows Anderson going from level-headed, Yale graduate, respected broadcast journalist to some drunk guy getting into someone's face at a bar. Watch the transformation happen as Andy Dean tries to clarify Trump's stance on Muslims. Anderson aggressively starts questioning-slash-mocking Andy on his experience overseas to the point that the guy can't even answer his question without Anderson spitting off another biting question rather than discuss the topic at hand. The eyes get beady and the tone gets bitchy in such a diva-esque way, you can't help but wonder if somehow Nene Leaks from Real Housewives of Atlanta took over Anderson's body.

13 Judge Goes Off on Pompous Law Student

Marilyn Milian has been The People's Court judge for over twelve and a half seasons making her the longest presiding arbitrator on the series. Her name is synonymous with the show just like Judge Wapner was in the 80s. Viewers of People's Court have seen Judge Milian lost her temper many times in court, but by far one of the best times is when she schooled a wanna-be lawyer on how shit gets done in her court. Milian is a former Florida State Circuit Court Judge and when junior tries to get lippy with her, Milian shuts him down and reminds the little boy that she's not the one. The guy's Doogie Howser looking face eats its own pompous smirk when Judge Milian had a few words for him. His face looking more and more terrified the louder the Milian got. We're pretty sure that guy left there with his ego ripped to shreds and his pants ruined from the turd he crapped in his pants while he was getting yelled at. Milian should not be messed with in the courtroom, especially if you still look like a 12-year-old playing lawyer in your daddy's ill-fitting suit.

12 Paula Abdul Is A Happy Drunk

As we all know, there are many different phases of being drunk. There's a slightly tipsy drunk, the "I love everybody drunk," the philosophical drunk, and "I'm going to take a piss in this water fountain drunk." But in the celebrity world, there's another type of drunk that only people like Paula Abdul can attain. While it's common for celebrities to be shown on TMZ stumbling out of a club, drunk and out of it, it is pretty uncommon to show up drunk during interviews. That's a whole other level of celebrity drunk that Paula Abdul did masterfully during a press junket for American Idol where she had to do interviews with several radio stations and local newscasts. Thankfully, Paula is a happy AF drunk who gave hilarious, sometimes nonsensical answers to their boring questions. In those wonderful moments, Paula became everybody's fun, drunken aunt who laughs at her own dick jokes at the Thanksgiving table.

11 Naomi Campbell > Everyone Else

You know who doesn't give a shit about your problems? Naomi Campbell. You know what level you're not on TYRA? Naomi Campbell's level. You know whom Naomi Campbell has time for aside for Naomi Campbell? NO ONE. Here weapon of choice? Shade, side-eyes, cell phones, and exasperated sighs. Naomi Campbell is already annoyed with people she hasn't even met. Naomi Campbell is well known for having the reputation of someone who's always on the edge of biting your head off or at the very least, physically assaulting you with her Samsung Galaxy. In fact, there's actually so much footage of Naomi Campbell losing her shit all over poor innocent souls who dared cross her path that picking one moment became Sophie's Choice and proved to be impossible. So thankfully, some enlightened soul on the Internet put together a montage of Naomi's best tantrums and rants. I think we can all agree that when it comes to losing their shit, Naomi does it best.

10 Casey Kasem (?!?)

Casey Kasem was a precious relic from radio's past when voices were rich and always sounded a little "Shatner-y." He was probably best known for counting down the hits on the radio for American Top 40. Casey Kasem's voice was as delicious and comforting like hot chocolate and a fleece blanket. It was a voice that belonged to a nice guy. The kind of guy that would help an old lady across the street, a neighbor who'd offer you a cold beer on a hot day, a Panda Express employee that everyone is glad to see making their order because you know that guy always piles on the orange chicken. But this voice also belongs to a frustrated radio celebrity who goes off on a tirade about up-tempo songs and dead dogs. But in true Casey Kasem style, every bad word is clearly enunciated in such a pleasant tone that makes you want to egg him on just so he'd keep yelling.

9 Meatloaf Vs. Busey

Leave it to celebrities to turn an innocent senior moment into pure entertainment. I don't know much about this clip except that it's obviously from a reality show I'm now kind of bummed I didn't DVR. If they had just aired this scene as a promo for the show, I would have been sold because any show that has Gary Busey and Meatloaf FIGHTING OVER PAINT AS SUGAR RAY REFEREES is clearly a damn great show. It starts off with them all in a room with easels and paint like they're having craft night for senior citizens at Home Depot. Meatloaf can't seem to find his bag of paints and somehow, he gets it in his head that Gary Busey took his bag of paint. Now most people in this situation would start their tirade with the standard, "Hey you pulled pork looking m*****f*****, give me back my paint!" But not Meatloaf! Meatloaf blows his top with a loud, "Okay!" like a cheerleader reject, before spouting off death threats to Gary Busey (again, over PAINT). The geriatric showdown stops as fast as it started when someone finds Meatloaf's bag of paint on the floor. #wompwompwomp

8 Mike Tyson Goes Off

You ever watch one of those National Geographic shows when a lion is about to take down the prey. They focus on who they're about to kill with steely cold eyes. There's no emotion in them. It's just blank and black with killer instinct. It's fascinating and terrifying at the same time and even though you know that lion needs to eat, you also can't help but feel sorry for the poor deer it's about to take down. Oddly enough, I got that very same feeling when I watched this video of Mike Tyson in an interview that almost turned into a National Geographic situation. The interview was done between Mike Tyson and his agent promoting some show. All hell breaks loose when the interviewer casually describes Tyson as a "convicted rapist" in the middle of the conversation. Mike goes off in that adorable toddler voice of his that wouldn't be threatening in the very least had it not been coming out of a man whose tattooed eyes scream "I'm two seconds away from biting your ear off motherf*@ker."

7 Baldwin Blows Up

Just like Naomi, her male equivalent, Alec Baldwin, has no time for anyone's s**t. Baldwin especially has no time for paparazzi getting close to his wife and baby. It seems a reasonable request until that request comes out of unshaven, bed-head havin', Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is every news show's wet dream because he gives them just enough material to blow out of proportion when they run out of news stories. Watch the feigned shock disguise the newscaster’s absolute glee as they report on another Baldwin tirade that's been caught on camera. It's slightly more fascinating to watch than Alec. While we agree that Alec Baldwin's use of an offensive gay slur is reprehensible, the fact that he wants the paparazzi swarm to lay off his wife and baby when they're outside made his "crazy" behavior seem more like a reasonable reaction and not at all as crazy as the newscasters who don't understand why he's angry in the first place.

6 Bale Is Done With You! Professionally.

We know, we know - technically this wasn't a tirade that was on air meltdown for Bale but come on. Did you really think we would make a list of celebrities losing it and NOT write about Bale? Since audio of Christian Bale going off on someone from the set of Batman came out a few years ago, it's been immortalized as a song and created tons of classic sound bites that were just perfect to use for your cell phone notifications. Bale is the unlikely champion of the meltdowns with big time loose cannons like Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen on this list. But if celebrities going insane was a horse race, the Bale meltdown is the Seabiscuit of meltdowns. It came out of nowhere and dominated the competition with expletives shouted loud and shrill, peppered with condescending questions and pretentious insults. Legend has it that four-minute bitch fit has enough hatred to light up a small village in Calcutta for one month.

5 "We Were All Rooting For You!" (to cry)

America's Next Top Model was on for a whopping 23 SEASONS. It was hands down the slowest moving train wreck in television history. What started off as a model competition with runway challenges and photo shoots morphed into something resembling a Japanese game show with models dodging faux wrecking balls as they walked on the runway, dreadlock head shaving makeovers, and tongue kissing a snake for photo shoots. Over the years the judges ranged from crazy (Janice Dickenson), to calm (Twiggy) to everything in between. But by far, no one was as crazy as the head diva of the show, Tyra Banks. ANTM was Tyra's kingdom and she couldn't get enough of the new models gushing over her, begging for her approval and having them on the edge of their seats every time she said "For the very first time in Top Model History ..." Eliminations were Tyra's climax, as each girl who got booted would tearfully thank her for the "opportunity." Except Tiffany that is, whose nonchalant response to being eliminated prompted this insane scene where Tyra yells at Tiffany until she was in tears like all the other girls.

4 Tom Cruise Malfunctions On Oprah

There were a lot of memorable moments that happened in 2005. But none of those events were as magical as when Tom Cruise went on Oprah and lost his ever-loving mind. If you're old enough to have remembered Tom Cruise pre-2005, you'll know this was an especially momentous event because prior to this, Tom Cruise was Hollywood's leading man. Every movie this man was in was a hit, he was the epitome of A-List celebrity and, prior to this Oprah interview, Tom Cruise always came across as smooth and polished as his public image. But then 2005 came, Tom Cruise went on a press junket to promote his new movie, War of the Worlds, but ended up being a press junket of how in love he was with Katie Holmes. Listen, I get it. I've been in love before and in the beginning, you really do want to jump on couches and scream excitedly at Oprah's and all that adorable shit, but somehow when Tom did it, it reeked with insincerity and got downright creepy slash hostage-y when he dragged Katie out to parade in front of Oprah's audience.

3 Tom Just Can't With Matt Lauer's Glib

We can only guess that somehow, some way, Tom's publicist must have been tied up in a Scientologist's basement in 2005 because the Tom Cruise Crazy Train Tour that year didn't end on Oprah's couch. It also made a stop on the Today show and practically ran Matt Lauer's head over. Somehow, the interview lead to a discussion about psychiatry and drugs, with Tom vehemently defending his stance against psychiatry. The conversation takes a turn for the awkward when Matt Lauer makes it personal and passive aggressively challenges Tom Cruise's stance by bringing up Tom's good friend, Brooke Shields experience with using prescription drugs and psychiatry to combat postpartum depression. While Tom doesn't completely lose his temper in Bale fashion, it was at this moment when the world knew that we had entered a new era of Tom Cruise. A Tom Cruise who unapologetically called Matt "glib" on morning television as he pointed his quivering bicep at him. Had the interview gone on any longer, the Mike Tyson look in Tom's eyes says Matt was just a few moments away from being sacrificed to the Xenu.

2 Charlie Sheen Made It So

How much crazy is in this video? Let us count the #winnings. If Tom Cruise's normal days are but a distant memory to most of us, Charlie Sheen's normal days seem almost non-existent. The public has always known that Charlie Sheen was a fan of drugs, drinking, violence, and women but it was all just side news on TMZ until 2012 when Charlie Sheen got fired from his hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men, after the show told him to clean up his act. Charlie went to "war" with CBS and started calling in to radio stations to speak his mind. This particular interview with the Today shows Sheen acting a little spastic as he explains that he's clean and that he sobered up by staying at Sober Valley Lodge (his house) and using the power of his mind. It's hard to take him seriously because he looks like a Halloween costume of his former self. And even if Sheen is clean in this interview, I think we can all agree that, sober or not, what Charlie Sheen really needed to do was cozy up with a big ol' bong before he went on camera. #calmdownbrah

1 1.Kanye's "Impactful" Tantrum

Four seconds into this video Kanye screams that he is "Warhol!" and that he's "Shakespeare in the flesh!" So you know this is going to be the start of a rant that only Kanye West could do and this video doesn't disappoint. It's a mess from beginning to end. While he's shouting his superiority, he's also simultaneously begging for someone to finance his genius. Sway calls him on his bullshit and Kanye West proceeds to throw a tantrum like a 3-year-old who missed his nap and just crapped himself. He gets loud, he gets irrational, and in a few instances, he looks like he's about to cry. Kanye screams and interrupts Sway until it looked like Sway was going to lose his temper and unleash the kraken from under his hat. Kanye starts using his inside voice again but continues to try to clue in Sway and the other mortals around him on what life is like for someone who's on a higher level than all of us.

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