15 Moms And Sons Who Were Way Too Close

A mother is meant to be someone who loves you, who cares for you, makes you soup when you are sick…. a mother is a very special person who should be an example for you throughout your whole life, be at your wedding, be a good grandmother to your children...

Note, be AT your wedding. NOT BE THE BRIDE!

If there is something a mother or a step-mother, or even a GRANDMOTHER should not be doing, it is having a sexual relationship with their child. Even if the child is a step-child. Even if that child is an adult.

The following 15 mothers have jumped into the river, broken the last taboo and, in some cases, solidly pursued relationships with their children even with the threat of jail looming over them.

Sure, there is the psychological phenomenon of GSA, or Genetic Sexual Attraction, which can hit an estranged family member with a forceful rush of unwanted sexual feelings upon meeting their relative, but is that a good enough excuse? Even between adults? And lets not forget that these women are not always targeting adults, but boys as young as 12 who they should be looking after.

So put one hand firmly over your eyes, open your fingers just a tiny bit and peek into this list of mothers behaving very, very badly.

15 Elisabeth Lorentz And Eric Holder

France, ooh la la, so romantic! Well I suppose it was for Elisabeth Lorentz and her former stepson Eric Holder, who fell in love after knowing each other for more than 15 years – knowing each other because they were step-mother and step-son, that is.

It seems that in this case, at least, there are a few factors that make this ‘forbidden’ romance a little less icky – to begin with, Lorentz is only 3 years older than Holder. They also waited until after the breakup of Lorentz and Holder’s father to have a relationship. They were adults when they met.

Both Lorentz and Holder have daughters who are about the same age – Lorentz’s daughter just happens to be Holder’s sister, goddaughter and now stepdaughter!

It took years for the pair of lovebirds to be allowed to be legally wed, but finally they managed, and had a lovely wedding involving both daughters.

And a special guest – the dad, ex-husband, granddad of the family who came with his blessings for the marriage!

14 Sharon Murphy And Simon Monjack - Brittany Murphy's Mother And Husband

The true cause of death of the late Brittany Murphy is still somewhat hazy – everything has been suggested from drugs to AIDS to murder to mold, but officially the cause of death was severe anemia and pneumonia, the very same thing that her widower, Simon Montack, died of only months later.

But that is not the only thing that was weird about the sudden and sad deaths of the young star and her husband.

It turned out that after the death of Brittany, her mother Sharon moved into the bedroom that she shared with her husband, Simon, and slept in the bed with him.

When investigators from the coroner’s office visited the late star’s house after the death of her husband, Sharon Murphy took them to the master bedroom and pointed out ‘her side of the bed’ – a side that also included prescription drugs that had been prescribed to ‘Sharon Murphy’ AND ‘Sharon Monjack’.

Really not cool. Grief may do many things to a parent, but sleeping with your son-in-law should not be one of them.

13 Felistus Gopoza And Judah Magarasadza

When Judah's wife, Rozie Gopoza died, he was no doubt heartbroken to lose the love of his life so young.

Or not. I really can't tell.

Rozie died in 2008 and then in the period of two years following that, love seems to have blossomed for young Judah in the most unlikely of places, the mature arms of his mother-in-law Felistus.

Have a look at the picture. Isn’t that a match made in heaven?

Well it wasn’t to be a match for long. Shortly after the pair tied the knot, poor old Judah passed away, leaving his mother-in-law/wife alone.

His family jumped on the chance to get rid of her from their lives, and she was not even allowed to attend his funeral, which would be sad except that does anyone else find it odd that two young people died so close to each other and this lady was connected to both of them? No? Just me…really?

12 Melissa Kitchens And Shaun Pfeiffer

Ok, so I literally DO NOT understand how the police figured this one out, but I’m suspecting Facebook.

It seems that the 44-year-old North Carolina mom Melissa ‘Missy’ Kitchens and her son, 25-year-old Shaun Pfeiffer were living together, with Shaun’s wife and child of course, and decided to get it on.

Where? How? Why? All I can guess is that he got up one night and went in the Kitchen… slow clap… hmm, anyway.

Why this happened is one part of the mystery, the bigger part is that the pair was arrested and charged with incest (and the son with a bunch of other things) – and yet they weren’t caught in the act. So how did the police even know it happened?

One guess is the wife, yet according to her Facebook she was intent on forgiving her lying, cheatin', motherf-ing husband.

I guess she wanted a good relationship with her mother-in-law.

11 Brenda Blunden And Clive Blunden

In the UK a man may, if he so wishes, marry his mother-in-law, which is excellent news for the Blundens.

Not so much for the daughter of the bride, Irene Little, who is furious because of the betrayal she felt at her mother marrying her first husband Clive.

Irene has accused her ex-husband of being a violent man, and despite being angry with her mother, Irene has expressed concern for her mother's safety. Irene believes that her mother was there for her through a nasty divorce with Clive, and knows full well that he was abusive to her daughter. She claims that Clive told her he married Brenda to get back at his ex wife, and that her mother stood by Clive when he refused to pay child support for their two daughters.

Clive denies all this, and says that his ex-wife/daughter in law uses their internet and eats fish and chips with them.

I don’t know who to believe, but I know which family I am not going to for Christmas.

10 Betty And Farai

For this next inexplicable romance we take you to Zimbabwe, where a 40-year-old widow of 12 years has had her 32-year-old son living with her. Betty had paid for her son’s schooling and Farai was living with her and working to support her, in return for all the tuition fees.

So much, so normal.

Then Betty became pregnant, and went before the village court council to request to marry her son, telling the stunned and horrified council members that she should be allowed to marry him because her late husband’s brothers were coveting her, and she did not want anyone else getting her son’s money. Plus it was her son who knocked her up.

I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure that there was a whole lot of silence in that court, until there was a whole lot of NOPE.

The headman, Nathan Muputirwa noped loudly when he said 'no, this cannot happen in the village, it is a bad omen, really we ought to kill you but we can’t because the police won’t like it, stop it or GTFO.'

So they left and hid somewhere else, probably where they could pretend not to be mother and son.

9 Gloria Grahame And Anthony Ray

Gloria Grahame was a blonde starlet from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sassy and sexy, with a partially paralyzed mouth due to plastic surgery, Gloria Grahame was an Oscar winner and well known in her time. She is probably better known now for her portrayal of Ado Annie in the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!

Known at the time as ‘the tart with a heart’. Gloria played femme fatales and women who were attracted to dangerous men. This was echoed in her personal life.

Gloria married her second husband, director Nicolas Ray, and despite a tumultuous on/off relationship, they had a child together.

Nicolas had a son from his previous marriage, Anthony ‘Tony’ Ray. He was home from school for the holidays at the age of 14 when his father opened his door to find him in bed with… his own step-mother.

Busted in bed together, the child was thrown out and Gloria tried to make it work. They decided not to tell anyone about the stepson incident, but divorced anyway. She married again, and had another child, divorcing shortly after.

Unfortunately for Gloria, in 1960 she got a LOT of media flack when she married her own step son, Tony Ray. Sued for custody of her second child due to the unsavory nature of the relationship, the media ripped Gloria apart. Consoled by her step-son husband, she remained married for the next 15 years, having two sons who were also the nephews of her younger husband.

8 Emeline

Emeline, last name unknown, is a sad story of a 19th century Maine woman who lives on only as a cautionary tale. Despite how long ago the terrible events took place, local historians personally remember the Emeline in question as a kind but very lonely woman.

Emeline was a bright and pretty child who left the poverty of her family to work in a cotton mill and send money home, as many children did in those pre-Child Labor Law days.

She was excellent at her job, and caught the boss’ attention – but for all the wrong reasons. Soon she was pregnant with his baby and at 14 she became a mother, away from her family and home near the cotton mills.

She sold her baby to a childless and good couple, who paid for her to go home, to a community where no one knew about the baby she had birthed at 14.

Emeline worked hard and kept her nose down. Obviously traumatized, she pushed away many suitors and was quiet and tried to fly under the radar.

When she was in her early 30s a man came to her town on business and rented a room from Emeline’s family. The two fell passionately in love despite the age difference, married and built a cottage together.

When his parents came to visit, of course they recognized with horror that their son had married his own mother, and the marriage was quickly annulled. They dragged him away from his mother/wife. Emeline was left an outcast, despised for the double sin of having a baby out of wedlock, and then marrying her own son.

She lived the rest of her life in poverty, an outcast who was shunned by all who knew her, wandering the grassy fields to eat berries and weep for her lost loved one.

7 Pearl Carter And Phil Bailey

There is so much nope in this I can hardly believe it is true, but by all intents and purposes it seems to be:

So this Carter woman has a baby at 18, and her very strict parents make her give it up. That is awful, but seems pretty standard for the time.

That baby grows up, has a son and dies.

That son is determined to find his grandmother and connect with her – and oh boy does he ever.

He sends her a picture of himself, which she thinks is super hot and they meet.

Despite the 50-year age gap, when they meet they are instantly attracted and after a night out, wining and dining, Carter seduces her grandson on the edge of her bed. I wonder if she took her teeth out and said ‘ Hello Sthonny?’ No, that’s just mean.

Then, after a year later of living together in unwedded bliss, they decide to have a baby with a surrogate.

They purchased an egg to make the baby, so thankfully, the baby will only be related to each of them once.

6 Patricia Ann Spann AND Jody Spann Jr. AND Misty Velvet Dawn

Some people love their kids a lot, I totally get that. Some, as we have seen, will pick one special child and marry it.

Patricia Ann Spann was more of an equal opportunity child wedder, and married two of them.

In 2008 Spann married her son, Jody Spann Jr., using a different last name on the wedding certificate.

Jody must have finally managed to get away, because he filed for divorce, citing ‘incest’ as the reason to split from his bride.

Well, you win some you lose some, and after reconnecting with her 25-year-old daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn (which is a fantastic name, anyone has to admit), Spann felt a strong closeness with her child.

She liked it, and so she put a ring on it in 2016, which unfortunately could end up putting both her and her daughter in jail for up to ten years.

5 Barbara Daly Baekeland And Antony Baekeland

A lot of the other entries on this list are women who were not blood relatives of their future spouse or conquest, or were victims of GSA.

Barbara Daly Baekeland was just a homophobic psycho.

Rich and beautiful, Baekeland was a socialite and model. She had one son, Antony Baekeland.

In 1967, the aptly named summer of love, 20-year-old Antony plunged headlong into a world of LSD and free love – love with another man.

Desperate to train him back to the straight and narrow, she hired her son prostitutes and when that didn’t do the trick, she figured that if you want a job done properly, you have to do it yourself.

Five years later, at the age of 25, Antony Baekeland killed his 50-year-old mother with a kitchen knife. Found to be criminally insane, he lived in Broadmoor hospital prison in the UK until he was released 8 years later, only to attempt to kill his grandmother and then successfully kill himself in a cell at Rikers Island.

4 Kim West And Ben Ford

Kim West and Ben Ford have "incredible and mind blowing sex".

This is lovely, except that they are mother and son.

Kim West gave birth to Ben when she was only 19, studying in America away from her native England.

30 years later she reunited with the son she had lost and they fell deeply in…lust? Love? Genetic Sexual Attraction?

Whatever the reason, Ford soon left his wife for his mother and now they both live in Michigan and are planning to marry and have a baby together.

When telling his wife that he was leaving her for his own mother, Ford, in what can only be one of the worst breakup lines in the history of the world, said ‘Its just that every time I have sex with you I have to pretend it's Mom or I can’t get it up.”

I bet his wife couldn’t even. I can’t even. I doubt you can even.

His poor ex-wife is still probably sitting at the kitchen table with her mouth open in horror.

3 June Howard And George Hamilton

When Hollywood actor George Hamilton had sex with his stepmother at the age of 12, he refused to label it as abuse.

Instead he insisted that they had had a very ‘normal’ affair, and that he didn’t feel badly about it as Howard had ruined his parents' marriage and was a home-wrecker.

“Was I molested? Damn, I’m down for it again” he said on The View.

In fact it seemed that he was ‘down for it again’, as the pair met up again when he was an adult and had another brief affair.

Hamilton stated that sex with his stepmother first occurred when his father was at work and his stepmother lay down next to him and started cuddling him.

He did not even know what sex was until his stepmother coerced him into having sex, but as he said she didn’t have a motherly bone in her body he–

No. I won’t.

2 Monica Mares And Caleb Peterson

With only 16 years between them, Mares and Peterson look like a normal couple with a bit of an age gap. Except that (of course) they are mother and son, Peterson being given up for adoption soon after birth.

Mother and son connected on Facebook and the rest is history.

The New Mexico couple were charged with criminal incest, but are fighting these charges by claiming that they are victims of Genetic Sexual Attraction and that despite the fact that they are ‘madly in love’, their relationship is not incestuous.

Mares and Peterson have the backing of Mares' family and her other children, of which she has 9 in total. Peterson lived with Mares and her eight other kids and they called him Dad. Not bro.

The couple plead guilty to fourth degree incest, intent on remaining a couple, despite having parole conditions not to see each other.

Now she is not allowed to see any of her children, but remains true but apart from the ‘love of her life’.

1 Shauna Sand And AJ Lamas

In 2002 Lorenzo Lama suddenly divorced Shauna Sand, model, woman about town who wears stripper heels and Playboy Playmate.

Now why would anyone want to do a thing like that?

Well rumor has it that the reason that the marriage got the big kiss off was because Sand was having a big kiss on with her very own 18-year-old stepson AJ Lamas.

Allegedly, Lamas senior thought that Shauna was taking a motherly interest in his son. Hmm. When apparently it was more than motherly. Hmmmm.

Sand herself denies the accusation and says it is an outright lie.

She released a statement “It turned out that the whole first episode of ‘Leave it to Lamas’ [a reality show that did not outlast the Kardashians] revolved around a lie that the Lamas family concocted about me sleeping with my step son AJ. It is absolutely untrue and I’m sick of being used and ridiculed by this family for the benefit of their show."

Jury is still out on how much benefit the show actually received for this rumour.

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