15 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Mandela Effect

Almost everyone is aware of the Mandela Effect phenomenon. The term was coined in 2010 by a blogger who was baffled when she found out that a few other people have the same false memories as her. It seemed strange to her and she decided to create a blog that documented the Mandela Effect.

However, whether you are aware of the phenomenon or not, and whether you know the term that describes it or not, it doesn’t matter – you’ve probably experienced the Mandela Effect at some point in your life. Even if you didn’t realize that you had experienced it until now.

The thing is, even the biggest skeptics tend to come around to the Mandela Effect phenomenon after some time. Especially when they experience it themselves and especially if they experience a flip-flop (when something changes and then changes back to its original state again – for example, the spelling of the Berenstain Bears was originally Berenstain Bears, then it supposedly changed to the Berenstein Bears and then finally it changed back to the Berenstain Bears again).

So as you can imagine, the phenomenon has freaked out many people. But is the phenomenon even real? What are facts behind it? And what are the theories? Read below to find out!


15 The Mandela Effect Was "Discovered" And Coined At A Dragon Con Convention

The Mandela Effect phenomenon was coined by the blogger Fiona Broome in 2010. At the time, Broome was attending a Dragon Con convention where she started chatting to other people. It was there that she realized that many others shared her false memory of Nelson Mandela dying during his imprisonment in the 1980s.

In reality, Nelson Mandela died only in 2013. But Broome said – “See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison. I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive.

So Broome launched a website called MandelaEffect.com where other people could also share their false memories.

14 Some People Have Been Aware Of The Mandela Effect Since The Late 90s


The term the Mandela Effect was coined in 2010 by a blogger named Fiona Broome. She attended a Dragon Con convention where she learned that it wasn’t just her who believed that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. So she started a blog called MandelaEffect.com that same year to document the bizarre phenomenon.

However, some people claim that they have been aware of the strange phenomenon way before 2010. And that, as strange as it may sound, that they have been using the name “Mandela Effect” to describe it.

For example, one reddit user says – “I’ve known Mandela Effect, both the term and the phenomenon, since the late 90s-early 2000s. I remember a specific occasion when a group of us were discussing the phenomenon, using the term Mandela Effect, at my buddy’s apartment and he hasn’t lived there since 2004”.

13 Could The Mandela Effect Cost Human Lives?

Some people believe that the Mandela Effect may result in deadly consequences. According to some, it is not just changes in logos or spelling. Take this scenario proposed by one Reddit user – “A man is driving home at night on a road he has driven 1000’s of times. He comes to this curve on the road. For the past 20 years it has gone to the right but this night it goes to the left. He turns right and goes into a tree. He is dead and the world never knows.”

Countless people agree with the proposed theory and also propose other examples, such as miscommunication between couples because one of the partners was in another universe when his or her partner talked about something important.

However, another Reddit proposed an interesting idea to the man taking the wrong turn – “One of the more popular theories so far is that dying kicks you into the next, slightly different universe [...]. Anyone who did make the wrong turn would be moved to a universe where it was the correct turn. We, of course, would never realize, because in the universe where the man missed the turn and died, the road has always turned in the same direction.“

12 Some People Come From Realities Where Mandela Effect Did Not Exist Until Last Year


The term the Mandela Effect has been coined in 2010. However, there are some people who claim that they have been aware of the curious phenomenon, and have used the term the Mandela Effect, ever since the late 1990s. On the other hand, there are those who had not heard of the Mandela Effect until 2016.

One reddit user says – “I’m a subscriber and almost a daily follower of to topic-related forums including conspiracy message boards, not to mention topic-related YouTube videos, and never heard of the Mandela Effect both as a phenomenon and as a term until mid-2016. According to current reality’s history, the Mandela Effect term was coined in 2010, where have I been? I started noticing the term popping up everywhere in mid-2016 as if a new whole timeline merged out of nowhere!”

11 CERN Experiments Resulted In The World Shifting Into Alternate Reality

Some people claim that CERN’s (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) experiments have resulted in the world shifting into an alternate reality. Apparently, it is in this alternate reality that Donald Trump is the President of United States.

So how do CERN experiments tie in with the Mandela Effect? Well, according to some, more and more of these Mandela Effect incidents have started to occur ever since CERN has been established. This supposedly means that CERN’s particle physics experiments are resulting in the world shifting into parallel universes.

Some say that evidence of this is Donald Trump being elected President even though polls predicted that Hillary Clinton was going to win the Presidential election.

10 We Exist In Different Dimensions But Are Interconnected In This Physical Reality


Some people claim that the Mandela Effect is proof that we all exist in different dimensions but are interconnected in this physical reality. Supposedly, this connection isn’t without changes or errors. This would explain why sometimes other people don’t understand something that is absolutely obvious to you. Supposedly, they are simply receiving different information than the information you are giving.

Another reddit user agreed with the theory, even giving fascinating evidence that might prove the different dimensions theory to be true,

“I had an ME with my best friend, his parents divorced and his mother was in my past reality or whatever just living with this guy, they’ve been a couple for at least 5-6 years [...] My friend always referred to him as “my mom’s boyfriend” [...]. Being my best friend I obviously hang out in his house every now and then and I never saw wedding pictures hanging on the walls or whatever. One day my friend referred to Bill as his mother’s husband and I was like “Oh shit they got married?” [...] To which he responds they’ve been married for years now and I asked why I never saw any pictures or why he referred to Bill as his mother’s bf not his husband to which he says that there’s a HUGE wedding photo in his living room and that he always refers to him as her husband.”

9 Mandela Effect Residue Is Proof Of The Mandela Effect Phenomenon

If you ever go on to the Mandela Effect subforum on Reddit you will notice people talking about Mandela Effect residue. Don’t be put off by the seemingly complicated term - it simply refers to any evidence that remains in our reality after the supposed change. This evidence is proof that the change occurred.

For example, most of us know of the Apollo 13 movie quote flip flop. The quote used to be “Houston, we have a problem”. It then changed to “Houston, we had a problem”. Finally, the quote changed back to the original “Houston, we have a problem.”

However, residue of this Mandela Effect is present in the form of articles that talk about the famous line being misquoted and how it is actually “Houston, we had a problem”.


8 All Mandela Effect Examples Have A Common Denominator


A theory has been put forward recently that all Mandela Effect examples have a common denominator. According to this theory, all Mandela Effects involve things that were created before the widespread use of Broadband internet, pre-Google and pre-WiFi. The theory gives a start date of 1998 and the creation of Google is seen as a reference point.

A Reddit user has an interesting thought regarding the theory, “The famous Edgar Cayce predicted (at least the human) changes in 1940s that we are experiencing today. He said that in 1998 there would be great earth changes and that it was the beginning of the 5th root race. He also said this date would signal the return of Christ.”

7 Mandela Effect Is The Result Of Our Consciousness Shifting Into The Age Of Aquarius

Some people propose bizarre theories to try and explain curious phenomena. One such bizarre theory is that the Mandela Effect is caused by our consciousness shifting into the new age of Aquarius.

This new theory was proposed by a Reddit user – “Mandela Effect may be a result of our consciousness shifting into the new age of Aquarius. Some of us may still have conscious memory of the old age but I think that time space is resetting itself. Sounds a little sci fi or a little metaphysical but for so long people have waited for a consciousness shift without understanding what that meant and how it would affect people and we went through those times “thinking” nothing happened... now some of us are looking back and noticing “tweeks”.”

6 There Supposedly Is A Way To Test If You Changed Universes


According to one Reddit user, you can check if you have changed universes. The Reddit user provides a method to supposedly check if anything in the world, even the tiniest detail, has changed. The method is a little bizarre and requires some effort but if you really want to see whether you are changing universes or not it is worth giving it a try.

The method, according to the Reddit user, is this: “Download all of Wikipedia [...]. Run the entire thing through a hashing algorithm. Get the hash. Convert the hash to base 26. That’s the same number of letters in the alphabet, so you can easily map the number to the alphabet. Memorize the very last letter [...]. Hang it up on your wall. The letter now represents what universe you live in. For example, if the letter is “B” that means you live in “universe B”. If the universe ever changes, even the tiniest bit, there is only 1 in 26 chance you will end up in another universe B. It will be immediately obvious something has shifted when you wake up and see a different letter on your wall”.

5 False Memories Seep Into Our Consciousness From Parallel Universes

According to some people and even some scientists, parallel universes are interacting with and affecting our own universe – “This new theory suggests that all of these infinite multiple worlds overlap and occupy the same region of time and space simultaneously, just like a quantum state. All possibilities are therefore realized – in some universes the dinosaur-killing asteroid missed Earth. In others, Australia was colonized by the Portuguese. [...] Under this new interpretation, some worlds in parallel universes would be nearly identical. In others, the “Butterfly Effect” is responsible for completely different outcomes”.

This new theory then explains the Mandela Effect and why some things are constantly changing. Some people, however, question how one small change might alter a logo or a spelling of a brand name.

However, a few Reddit users had interesting hypotheses for this question. One user said – “I think the conception is that people think of the logo changing on its own. Rather than the mind behind the logos changing. Whoever created the logo simply made a different decision in a different ‘reality’.”

4 Is The Elite Conditioning People Not To Trust Their Memories?


Some people believe that the Mandela Effect is caused by the elite who run the world. Supposedly, the Mandela Effect conditions people not to trust their memories so that they would not be sure whether they remember the evil acts of the elite or not. Some even go further and speculate that perhaps humans were programmed in the past but are now breaking free from this programming.

However, others don’t think that there is any truth to this theory. For example, one Reddit user says – “At this point, I don’t think any shadowy elite is behind the Effect. It’s too widespread and manifests in a complex, supernatural way. “Physical” things like globes and maps, bibles, old VHS copies [...] have changed. That’s beyond the scope of any nefarious human scheme unless they are actually hacking reality generation.”

3 The Mandela Effect And The Simulation Theory

Some people believe in the Simulation Theory which says that all humans are in a “simulation” which is created by an advanced society from the future. This advanced society is supposedly studying our lives and carrying out experiments.

Now, some people go even further and combine the Simulation Theory with the Mandela Effect Theory. According to one Reddit user, “If this is in fact a simulation then there has to be 1 of these 2 things. First, an admin or game master. Basically, someone who can control the environment and people of the game. Second, there has to be multiple servers. In other words, to us, parallel universes.”

The Reddit user then goes on to say that if there is a game master then he or she can alter whatever they want, be it a logo or a person. However, they can’t get rid of something completely due to “unchangeable code in the simulation’s database.” Thus, this creates the Mandela Effect.

On the other hand, if there are multiple servers, the server could have been switched and the people in the server that was switched went to our server (or reality) and we went to their server (or reality).

2 Mandela Effect Flip Flops


Most people claim that experiencing a Mandela Effect flip flop completely changed their mind about the Mandela Effect phenomenon. Even biggest skeptics are said to start believing in the phenomenon after witnessing a flip flop.

So what is a Mandela Effect flip flop? Let’s take the “Houston, we have a problem” quote to explain a Mandela Effect flip flop. Originally, people believed that the famous quote from the Apollo 13 movie said “Houston, we have a problem.” However, then the quote changed to “Houston, we had a problem.” This freaked many people out. However, shortly after, the quote changed back to the original “Houston, we have a problem”. This flipping back of the quote to its original state is known as a flip flop.

1 Simplest Explanation: False Collective Memory

Of course, there are those who believe that the Mandela Effect is nothing more than false memory. According to these people, those who supposedly experience the Mandela Effect simply have poor memories and are just misremembering things.

Most scientists tend to disregard the Mandela Effect phenomenon. In fact, if you search it on Google one of the first few results you will get is the Wikipedia article titled “False Memory”.

Skeptics claim that most examples of the Mandela Effect can be attributed to misremembering spellings and logos. And since the Mandela Effect does not affect everyone, there is no way to know who is right in the Mandela Effect debate – the skeptics or those who claim they have experienced the phenomenon.


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