15 Messed Up Confessions From Truck Drivers

Whenever you’re driving down the road, there’s a good chance that a lot of the cars you see are actually trucks carrying different things. If you’ve ever driven down the highway late at night, most of the cars turn out to be semis just taking things from one place to the next. We mostly don’t think of truck drivers too often unless we know one personally. It’s such a common sight, we don’t give much thought to it. Without truck drivers, we wouldn’t have nearly as much as we do now. They’re the main transportation method for most things. The food you get at restaurants and stores are likely brought in by truck drivers. Even if they were flown in or shipped by boat, a truck driver will bring it from the dock to the store.

What we don’t realize is how many hours these drivers have to put into their jobs. It’s not easy driving full time, even though it sounds like it would be. It can be incredibly tiring and with little to keep drivers stimulated other than whatever they can listen to on the radio, accidents can sometimes happen. Aside from regular trucking accidents, truckers can also see some pretty terrifying things. Some truckers who have seen some messed up things decided to share their stories on the Internet and we decided to share them with you! What do you think is the scariest story on the list? Here are 15 Truckers Share The Scariest Things They've Seen On The Road:


15 Tall Man In A Trench Coat

Could this person have seen Slender Man? See for yourself.

“It was about 3 a.m., and I was westbound on Jensen in Fresno, CA, just before the residential area. I had slowed down to about 40 miles an hour when out of nowhere, this freakishly tall figure of a man in a black, buttoned up trench coat and a round, black sombrero appeared standing on the white line between the two lanes. He must have been at least 6’7″ or 7’0" tall. My partner and I watched and he didn’t even flinch as the rig passed by. I swear, the side mirrors must have missed his head by only a couple of inches. My partner and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open and screamed. ‘Did you see that?! What the f*ck was that?' I swear, our skin crawled and we were both in a kind of shock. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple days.”

14 Lizard Creature By The Window


If we saw what these guys did, we might never want to drive again.

“My friend and I stopped at some shady truck stop off of Interstate 37 going toward Corpus Christi, Texas. He fell asleep, as usual, and I’m not going to lie, I was about to pass out, too. I finally decided to pull over and I fell asleep when a little while later, we heard a loud bang on the side of the cab that startled us. We woke up immediately to find this big lizard-like creature with glowing red eyes and sharp-looking teeth looking back at us. No, it wasn’t the creature from the movie Jeepers Creepers. Whether you believe me or not, we both know what we saw that night. It stood there for I don’t know how many minutes, just looking at us, nothing else. After that, it flew over the cab and took off in the dark of night.”

13 This Clown Is No Joke

Driving long nights can be exhausting, and sometimes, you start to see things that might not actually be there. That’s what this girl thought when she was the passenger of a truck her mom was driving. She soon realized, since her mom saw it too, it must have been real.

“I was the passenger for this long drive, accompanying my mom when we saw a man standing on the concrete divider at about 10 at night. It was really dark out and pouring rain. He was dressed as a jester, and it was on a stretch of a poorly -it highway. She flinched and asked if I saw it; I said that I did and we watched as he walked slowly along the divider with his arms out a little to the sides. She pulled over because she was freaking out so bad, and he started doing weird stuff like cartwheels and handstands. It was weirdest thing ever.”

12 Seeing Your Own Truck On Fire


Sometimes, the scariest thing you might see on the road is something you would never have thought you would have to see in the first place.

“My cousin's a long-haul driver and he reckons the scariest thing he's ever seen was his own rig on fire. He was driving at night somewhere in the northwest of Australia when he saw some sparks in his passenger-wing mirror. He stopped to check it out and saw that the rim of one of his rear wheels was glowing red hot because "the wheel bearing had shat itself." Before he could even think, the tires burst into flames. He was unable to reach the fire extinguisher because of the flames, so he had to call the fire brigade and stand back. The prime mover and semi-trailer full of watermelon were engulfed by flames within a minute or two, and by the time the firefighters showed up, it was completely destroyed.”

11 Saddest Incidents

Unfortunately, truckers find themselves as a tool for people who would like to commit suicide too often. This trucker tells his tale of a friend who found himself in a terrifying situation.

“I used to work with an ex-trucker who once had a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of his truck. He hasn't driven since and now spends his time working with troubled people. He was never quite the same after that happened.”

People commit suicide like this fquite often, and the tragic part is that they also involve someone else in their death, causing that person to feel guilty over something they had no control over. Suicide is always a horrifying occurrence, and having an innocent driver involved who is just trying to do his job makes this tragedy all the more traumatizing.

10 Bodies On The Street


Apparently, hitting someone or finding a dead body in the middle of the street is so common, this trucker didn’t think twice about it.

“I was the front-seat passenger on a drive from Guatemala City to the west coast of the country. In this very small town, there was a big rig pulling two trailers. All of a sudden, the truck stops. The next thing I see is the driver walk to the middle of two trailers, drag a woman he apparently hit to the side of the road, get back in his truck, and drive off. Only he didn't rush like he committed a crime, he walked as if it were just another day.”

9 Family In The Horse Trailer

This story didn’t come straight from a truck driver, but someone who also had a freaky story about something they saw on the road.

“One Sunday afternoon, I was jogging along a quiet country road, and it was starting to snow. A Ford Bronco pulling a horse trailer slowed down next to me and the driver asked, "Are you cold?" I said "no" because even though I was cold, you should never show weakness to a stranger. He smiled, craned his head to look at his horse trailer, and yelled, "See, quit complaining." In the horse trailer was the rest of his family; his wife and four kids, all dressed nicely like they had just come from church. Upon being chided to quit complaining, three of them stuck their tongue out at him and one started crying. The seats in the car were all empty, and to this day, I wonder what the story was behind that horse-trailer incident.”


8 Oddest Passengers 


Not every trucker has one scary story they remember. Some truckers have endless and countless stories that they remember! This trucker gave us a little insight into what it really looks like to be a trucker among other drivers.

“I was only a long-haul driver for 3 months, but one of the strangest things I noticed was the number of other truckers who had life-sized stuffed animals riding shotgun. I saw one with a life-sized gorilla, a huge dog-looking thing, and a few aliens — all in their seat belt, of course, for safety. Also, gallon-sized piss bottles left in truck-stop parking lots is amazing.”

Sometimes, it can get lonely on the road, so it seems like using the stuffed animals might help people feel less alone. We could only assume. It would still be a strange sight to see a big trucker with a cabin full of stuffed animals.

7 Orange Ball In The Sky

Spending a lot of time on the road gives you an opportunity to notice things you might not have otherwise. This guy noticed something he’ll never forget.

“A few years back, I was traveling through a Ute native land in New Mexico on the 491. It used to be Route 666, but they changed it a few years back. I think people were stealing the signs. Anyways, I'm in the middle of the desert, around midnight, with no lights or civilization for miles, when up in the sky was a huge, orange flash. The orange flash quickly "inflated" into a giant ball, bigger than the sun. It even had a fiery -looking texture to it. Suddenly, the orange ball disappeared, and the entire desert sky, horizon to horizon, flashed a bright yellow, lighting up everything around me like it was daytime. Then everything went back to normal. This all happened within a few seconds, but it was definitely the weirdest thing I've seen on the road.”

6 Creepy Old Lady 


You never know who you’re going to run into when driving all over the country. A hard lesson to learn is that sometimes it’s best to just keep to yourself.

“After pulling over to stay the night near the Arizona welcome centre on I-40, I heard a light knocking on my door. An old lady wearing nothing but an oversized sweatshirt was standing outside. I rolled down my window and asked what she wanted. In the tiniest, creepiest little voice, she said that there's something in her car making a weird noise and that she needed help with it. I didn't help her.”

It seems a little wrong to not help an older lady in need, but seriously, we don’t blame this guy for just ignoring her. Whatever that weird noise was in her car, it was probably best to get a mechanic or cop involved.

5 Unexplainable Ball

Sometimes truckers seem to see things that have absolutely no explanation. Here’s one of those stories.

“Just a couple of months ago, I worked a pretty late shift one night. I left the office at around 2 am and have a 30-minute drive home. I live pretty far out in the woodland areas of the country, with forests on both sides of the road. I was casually driving along through the fog when out of nowhere, a kid’s rubber ball (the basketball-sized ones with cartoons on them) comes bouncing out in the middle of the road from the trees. I slammed on my brakes and swerved to miss it because I thought for sure a kid was bound to be chasing behind it. I never saw a soul step out. As I drove on by, I started wondering why kid would be out playing this late. Then I remembered, there were no houses around where this happened at. Someone had to have thrown it in the road. Between its height and bounce, there's no way it was caused by the wind. It was pretty creepy.”

4 A Knocking Spirit


When driving all over the country, you never know what horrifying things you might run into. You also never know when those horrifying things might be knocking on your door.

“Last week, I had just left Gallup, New Mexico, and was driving west on I-40 near Holbrook, Arizona, when I heard a "knock, knock, knock" two times on the side of my sleeper. It was very loud and distinctive, like one, two, three, and then it repeated once more shortly after that. I had the radio off and was alone in the rig. Honestly, I thought driving off was the best thing to do. When I got to Holbrook, I stopped for a break but was too freaked to get out and go look. The next day, I walked around the cab and was looking at the catwalk. There is no way a human being could have been hiding back there, at 3 a.m., in the freezing weather, going 70 miles and hour, without anyone noticing.”

3 Terrible Accidents

Being careless on the job can sometimes be deadly for innocent drivers on the road. See what we mean from this next trucker’s horrifying tale.

“My dad was driving down some interstate when it started raining really bad. He couldn't see more than a few feet in front of him, so he pulled up somewhere and waited for the rain to pass. While he waited, he saw a sports car drive by, followed not too far behind by a dump truck going way too fast for a large truck in those conditions. Finally, the rain passed, so he kept going. A few miles up the road, he came upon a massive wreck. Apparently, the dump truck had slammed right into the back of the sports car. There were 4 college kids in the car coming back from spring break. He went to see if anyone was injured, and it was a bloodbath. The 2 guys in the back died instantly, the driver died on the way to the hospital, the guy in the passenger seat survived but he had to have both his legs amputated because they had been crushed by the dashboard. The dump-truck driver survived with pretty much no injuries. A state trooper showed up and saw the wreckage. He went up to the truck driver and punched him in the face. None of the other drivers said anything.”

2 Tweaked Out Woman


One girl tells the tale of what their truck-driver father saw one night.

“He was on a long trip from somewhere down in Texas to Boise, Idaho. By the time he hit the freeway close to Boise, he had already been up for 24 hours. Either way, I don't believe he could have seen this coming. Outside of Boise, he was driving late at night at the fastest legal speed when out of nowhere, he saw a woman sit straight up in the middle of the road. He didn't have enough time to even hit the brakes, not that it would have helped. The woman looked like she was decapitated on the spot. He later found out she was tweaked out. I don't even think it would have made a difference if he wasn't sleep deprived; he would have seen her lying in the road. From what the police could gather, she walked out there, sat down, and eventually fell asleep in the road. No one knows who she was or how she got that far out.”

1 Illiterate People 

It seems as though not everyone realizes how dangerous trucking can really be until they read this trucker's story.

“Came down a hill with a full load of grain (gross weight around 86,000 pounds) and rounded a curve doing somewhere close to 60 miles an hour. Dead ahead, about 100 yards, was a narrow bridge, and sitting in my lane in the middle of the bridge were several people in lawn chairs with coolers scattered around and fishing lines tossed over the side. I hit the air horn, slammed on the tractor and trailer brakes, and stopped about 15 feet from the lawn chairs. The people had already pissed in their pants and were standing next to the bridge railing. I asked if they had noticed the "No Fishing Off Bridge" signs posted on both ends of the bridge and one of them answered, "We seen 'em, but we didn't know you was gonna be comin' this way." I just rolled up the window and pulled away.”


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