15 Men Confess The Savage Ways They Got Revenge On Their Cheating GFs

Infidelity is everywhere, but typically when we think of cheaters, we think of horrible men cheating on their innocent girlfriends. Recent statistics have shown that 57 percent of all men have cheated on a partner at least once, and 54 percent of all women have cheated at least once. That means that women and men are almost equal when it comes to being disloyal to their significant others. It is also estimated that at least 60 percent of all married individuals, whether they are male or female, end up having an affair. That is an incredibly high number, and makes us wonder if there is such a thing as being faithful anymore these days.

After people discover that they have been cheated on, they are overcome with a lot of emotion, feeling hurt and betrayed, and thinking that they will never be able to trust anyone ever again. Typically, once the sadness begins to fade, we get angry and when we get angry, we tend to want to seek revenge on those that have hurt us. The internet is littered with stories and confessions from people who talk about what they did to get revenge on their exes, and people cheering them on for what they did. We oftentimes see pictures of men whose cars or homes have been destroyed by the girl that they have cheated on, but what about the girls who have cheated on their boyfriends or husbands? Where are the stories about the revenge taken by the men that have been wronged? We will discuss 15 men who confessed the crazy things that they have done to get revenge on their cheating girlfriends.

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15 A Little Too Harsh

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Some people may say that what this guy did was crossing a line and should be considered assault, but we think it definitely seems like the ultimate revenge to get on a cheating partner. When this man found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, instead of confronting her, like a normal person would, he replaced all of the liquid in her shampoo bottle with her hair removal cream, and he sat back and just waited for her to go bald. Apparently, he thought that not only was it the perfect revenge to make her go bald, but that if she had no hair, it would be harder for her to find men to cheat on him with. This is probably one the most extreme cases of revenge on a cheating partner that anyone has ever done, but that girl definitely got what was coming to her.

14 Wedding Proposal Revenge

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This man recorded himself getting revenge on his girlfriend and put it onto YouTube for all to see. The video went viral and has over four million views. This guy was dating a girl named Alex, and he found that she had been seeing another man named Thomas for a long time. She was sneaking off to send him photos, and texting him when she was next to her boyfriend in bed at night. This was of course very upsetting news for this man, but he managed to keep his mouth shut about it for a whole three weeks until he was able to get all of his proof and hatch the perfect plan for payback.

The couple had a vacation coming up, and Alex expected her boyfriend to propose while they were on vacation, but instead, this man gave her a little surprise the day before the vacation was scheduled. He lined the hallway with candles and spread rose petals all over the bed, making it look very romantic. He handed the girl a heart shaped piece of paper with a very cute poem on it that ended in, “The question I am asking you is…” and then when she opened it, it said “Who is Thomas?” The man then explained that he knew what was going on and she freaked out on him as he left the house and told her that he was done.

13 Wedding Day Mic Drop

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This man got what was probably the most epic revenge ever on his cheating wife. This man found out that his soon-to-be wife was sleeping with numerous other men while they were engaged, but instead of getting angry and calling off the engagement, he had the patience to wait it out and go through with the wedding, despite wanting to leave her the minute that he found out about the affairs.

After the wedding, at the reception, this groom made an announcement telling all of the wedding guests to please stand up and turn over the plates. He then said that anyone who had a plate with a red dot on the bottom of it should remain standing and the rest should sit back down. After everyone did so, eight men remained standing and the groom then announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look around. The eight men standing are all of the men that my wife slept with during our engagement… Oh, and I am getting an annulment.” Everyone at the wedding was shocked and it must have been so embarrassing for the bride to have this news shared in front of everyone that she knew.

12 Staged Proposal

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This man also got revenge on his girlfriend by using a marriage proposal. This guy posted a video of what had happened on YouTube and it has since gone viral. The video shows the man down on one knee, holding what looks to be a ring box, in front of his clearly excited girlfriend. Though it is a little unclear as to what is said in the video, as the man begins to speak, another man joins him, standing by his side. It takes a while for the girlfriend to recognize that the man standing next to her boyfriend is the man that she has been cheating with, and that this was all a set up. The girl then rushes out of the restaurant that they are in, embarrassed that she was just outed in front of so many people, and the two men stay behind to talk with each other. Apparently, neither of them had known about one another until a few days prior.

11 Goodbye Wardrobe

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This guy’s revenge on his cheating wife was simple and a little more on the petty side, but still probably got his point across. After the man found out that his wife had been cheating on him while he was at work every day, he kicked her out of their house and put a sign on the front yard explaining what she had done and what size clothing that she wore. He put her clothing size on the sign because he decided to give away all of her clothes. We are unaware if anyone actually took the clothing, but whether they took it or not, his wife was probably very angry with him. However, she does not exactly have the right to get angry about something so small after the big thing that she did to him.

10 Caught Red Handed

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This story takes embarrassing moments to a whole new level. This guy’s girlfriend had a birthday coming up, and when he asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she just told him that she wanted the guy to go out of town for the week with his friends so that she could be alone, since she would be working anyways. This man knew that she was cheating, and he also knew that something was up when she asked for such an odd way to spend her birthday. So, he told her that he would indeed go out of town, but instead stayed behind and arranged a “surprise birthday party.” He then had all of her friends and family meet him at their home where everyone walked in on the woman engaging in adult activities with another man. Talk about embarrassing! Her parents were even there when this happened. What this guy did was pure genius.

9 The Classic Reaction

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This next man goes on to confess that when he discovered that his wife was having an affair, he immediately threw all of her belongings outside. This included her new laptop and cell phone, and did I mention that it was pouring rain on the day that he did it? Needless to say, all of her stuff had been ruined, except for her clothing, which could just be thrown into a dryer. This seems to be the go-to revenge move for most married people who find out that their spouse is having an affair. This could be because they just do not want to see the cheater's stuff in their home anymore, or it could be just be a way to try to make them as mad as we are. We hope that this woman at least learned her lesson, but as the saying goes, once a cheater always a cheater.

8 Sister Was A Good Substitute

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If this is not the worst thing you can do to a girl, then I do not know what is. This man’s confession of how he got back at his wife for cheating on him was definitely uncalled for, but hey, an eye for an eye, right? This man confessed that after finding out that his wife had cheated on him, he slept with her sister in their bed. This is a revenge plot that is sure to cause some serious sibling rivalry, and it makes this man no better than his wife. While some people may say that he should have taken the high road and handled it in a more mature fashion, other people say that he handled it like a child and that the two are perfect for each other. If this man wound up staying with her sister out of spite, it will certainly make for some very awkward family get-togethers in the future.

7 Craigslist Encounters

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This man’s revenge was simple, yet probably effective. He confessed that when he discovered that his wife was having an affair, he took to the popular site Craigslist for a little revenge. He says that he went to the Encounters section of the site and listed his wife under the "female seeking female" portion and provided her phone number for other women to get in contact with her. While this may not be the most crazy revenge story we have heard, it probably led to this woman having to change her phone number after many unsolicited phone calls and texts from other women looking to hook up with her. She was probably confused at first as to what was going on, but judging by the comments that were left under this confession, the man admitted to her that it was him and that the reason behind him doing it was because he knew about her affair. This couple has since gotten a divorce.

6 Perfume De La Urine

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This next revenge confession is a little on the gross side, and makes us wonder how in the world this man thought of it. Apparently, when this guy found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with another man, he emptied out her favorite and very expensive Victoria’s Secret perfume and replaced it with his own urine. When the woman started spraying the perfume on herself, she thought it smelled off and asked him for his opinion. The man then told her that it smelled fine and it must have just been her. She continued to wear it for quite some time without realizing what her boyfriend had done. Unlike most men, this man did not break up with the girl, or even let her know that he knew about her cheating on him. Instead, he just had his own little revenge that no one knew about except for him, until today.

5 Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

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This story is hilarious, and the video that goes with it is even funnier. When this man found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with another man, he set a camera up in her car. He then placed what appeared to be a box of chocolates in her car for her to find. When she saw the box, she was very excited, but upon opening it, that happiness quickly changed to disgust and fear as giant cockroaches erupted from the inside of the box. The roaches swarmed all over her and the inside of her car. One of them even went up her shorts, and as she tried to escape from the car, she realized that the doors were locked and she must not have thought far enough ahead to unlock them. This woman was terrified and very confused as to why her boyfriend would do such a thing. It was not until after she was out of the car that he revealed that the relationship was over.

4 Dine And Dash

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This confession may not be as harsh as some of the others, but it probably gave a little satisfaction to the man that did it. This guy confessed that he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, so he told her that he was taking her to a fancy restaurant for dinner and to leave her wallet at home because he would be paying for the whole thing. The couple went on to order their drinks and very expensive meals and upon finishing what was on his plate, this man excused himself to use the facilities and never returned. He left the woman there alone, with no way to pay for the dinner that they had just consumed. It is not clear what happened after the man left her there, but he did say that she was not happy at all the next day. Well, maybe now she knows how angry he was when he found out that she was cheating.

3 Heavy

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This guy had a clever way of conveying to his girlfriend that he knew that she was sleeping around. He went out and bought her a card that read on the front, “This card will feel heavy.” On the inside of the card, it was supposed to say, “..because it is packed with good thoughts,” but the man crossed that part out and taped her house key over it and went on to write underneath the key, “...because it is packed with your house key, and you no longer need to feel guilty about your explicit texts with Michael, your secret dates with Jared, or drinks with Heidi a.k.a. Derrick.” Well, that’s one way to let a cheating partner know that you are aware of what they have been doing behind your back. This woman, upon reading the letter, was probably shocked and embarrassed that she had been caught, but that is what happens when you fool around with so many men.

2 Facebook Revenge

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This man seemed to have been the perfect boyfriend, taking his girlfriend out on a $10,000 vacation and buying her a $2,000 ticket to Coachella. In his eyes, everything was great in the relationship, so why then did she feel the need to sleep with two other men? Well, when this guy found out that his girlfriend had been sleeping around behind his back, one of whom that was soon to be married, he posted a Facebook status under her Facebook profile, and what he said was perfect for all of her friends and family to read. The man went on to list all of the things that he had been doing for this girl, and then he told everyone about the other men that she had been messing around with. He then ended the post by saying that, as he was typing this, his girlfriend was sitting in jail for assaulting him and a police officer at Coachella, where he confronted her about what she did to him. This is truly karma at its finest.

1 A Pile Of What?

via: youtube.com

When it comes to revenge, this guy really takes the cake. Ryan Fitzgerald, a tattoo artist, was dating a girl named Rossie Brovent at the time when he found out that she had been cheating on him for the entire length of their relationship. This man did not confront his soon to be ex-girlfriend about her being unfaithful. Instead, he waited for the perfect moment to get revenge on her for how badly she had hurt him.

So, when Rosie had asked Ryan to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back, he knew that this was his perfect opportunity to get back at her. Ryan agreed to tattoo the scene on his girlfriend, but before doing so, he had made her fill out a form that he had claimed was necessary for all people getting a tattoo. The form stated that the tattoo would be done at the artist's discretion. So it was no surprise when the tattoo was done that it was not a scene from Narnia at all, but rather, a pile of poo, with flies to accompany it. The woman sued her boyfriend for $100,000 dollars, but because she signed the form, it was dismissed. I bet she will think twice before she cheats again.

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