15 Mandela Effects We Can't Seem To Wrap Our Minds Around

It's scary think that the things we held to be true for long could be subject to change, and that reality could be a lie.

We live in a world where our minds can rest assured. We all believe we have at least some things figured out and we are secure in this belief. However, are you sure you can be so secure? The reality that we all hold dear is capable of being shifted. At least, that is what some people who have come across certain pieces of "evidence" believe.

Have you ever discovered something and asked yourself if the spelling was correct on a major toy brand or maybe your favorite food? You probably think to yourself that you've been mistaken, that this entire time you're the one who has had it wrong. Because there is no way that a company could have misspelled it or that reality somehow shifted. But what happens when you start to realize that you're not alone in your realizations. With a little research, you might find that you're not that crazy after all. You have probably just discovered a Mandela effect. These effects are things that thousands of people remember being one way and noticing that they have changed or been distorted. It's a scary thing to think about, considering we are so set in our ways as humans and hate to think that our realities could shift at any given moment. So, take a look at these insane changes that have come to pass. You can decide whether or not things have changed based on your memory of the things on this list.

15 Nelson Mandela

via: Conscious Life News

Let's go ahead and start with the reason why this phenomenon is called what it is. Sometime in the 1980s, people from all walks of life seem to remember Nelson Mandela, the man who was once president of South Africa, dying during his time in prison. He was sentenced to life in prison after attempts to overthrow the state. You'll come across those who remember his exact death date which was in 2013, but there are quite a few people who remember him dying a long time before that. Is it possible that, somehow, Mandela was brought back to life? Perhaps reality shifted and the effects of doing so caused this to happen. Whatever the case, it started a string of realizations for many people that have caused the world to look at certain things a bit differently. Once a group of people have experienced something, it isn't long until others start coming forward with their own experiences and memories.

14 Oscar Meyer Or Oscar Mayer?

via: eBaum's World

We all remember this brand from our childhood. Whether you were heading to an outdoor barbecue in the summer or just making yourself a sandwich during the day as a little snack, sometime in your life you've had to look at this famous lunch meat and hot dog brand. Everything seems fine with what most people remember, except for the fact that most remember the spelling of Mayer with an 'e' instead of an 'a'. But what do you think? Sure, it's possible that all throughout our childhoods and even our parents' childhoods that we have been thinking it's something else, but really, what are the odds? Also, there was once a little song that accompanied a commercial for the brand and plenty of people remember the little boy spelling out Meyer when in fact, if you go and watch the video today, he will say Mayer. It may be a small change, but it is still creepy.

13 Sex In The City? Sex And The City?

via: Lift the Veil

If you're a fan of this long running franchise, you will probably have something to say about the title. Especially if you have been devoted to the movies and all of its merchandise. Many people remember the title being Sex in the City. However, if you take a look at what it says now, you will find that it is in fact Sex and the City. If you doubt the title, be sure and take a look at the many videos on YouTube of the people who have the old merchandise that came out during the movies. Most of their items actually say "Sex in the City." Many people have found it very hard to find any type of hard evidence when it comes to the Mandela effect, but in all honesty, this sounds like the one to bet your money on. Why would the universe be shifting the reality of movie titles?

12 "We Are The Champions... Of The World!"

via: 45cat

Everyone has heard of the band Queen. If you haven't, be sure to give them a listen. Great bands come along every now and then, and Queen was certainly one of them. In their famous song "We Are the Champions,"  many people believe that they say "...of the world" at the end of the song. However, that is never said in the song. This may throw Queen fans for a loop, considering this is something that is often said when referencing the song on shows and comedy skits. Unfortunately, it simply is never said. You can look up any YouTube video of the song and that part will not be there. Some think that this was an edit, but even in the original recording of the song, this famous line never appears. Perhaps the Mandela effect has taken hold of our music world as well.

11 The Monopoly Man

via: Know Your Meme

Since the 1930s, the game Monopoly has been a popular family game. It's a well rounded money-based board game that continues to be fun even to this day. And while almost everyone and their mother has played it, there's a minor detail that might throw you off. When people think back to what the famous Monopoly man on the front of the board game looks like, they seem to recall a monocle on his left eye. If you look at a Monopoly game board today, you will notice that the monocle simply isn't there. Could it be that so many people have confused the Monopoly man with Mr. Peanut, who carries around a cane, wears a top hat and sports a monocle? Surely people didn't get these two things mixed up, simply because they don't have any relation. If you ask someone about the game, their answer will most likely be that they were just mistaken. But is that really what's going on?

10 Pikachu's Tail

via: BuzzFyre

Pokemon continues to influence us with its amazing monsters and creatures that come from its universe. Pikachu, which is the most popular Pokemon to date, has been showing his face around the internet and TV screens for a very long time. When he first started out, though, people distinctly remember his tail having a black tip. He would pop up on the screen, and there would be his bulky frame with a black tipped tail. Even when Burger King was promoting the Pokemon toys and such, people remember getting toys that had black tips on the tail. Now, if you take a look at Pikachu on the show or on the video games, the black tip is nowhere to be found. Perhaps somewhere along the time line we became confused and started associating Pikachu's design with another Pokemon that may look similar in color and shape? That still wouldn't explain why so many people remember the exact same thing.

9 The Berenstain Bears

via: YouTube

Quite possibly the most popular Mandela effect of all time, this one has been circling around the internet for a very long while. Many of you have read these books when you were a child. One of the most popular books for kids was The Berenstain Bears. Now, if the spelling looks off, that's because you probably remember it being spelled with an "e" instead of an "a." That's okay, though, because a LOT of people remember the exact same thing. There are countless times that shows on TV and movies have displayed the spelling with an "e," leading many to believe that somewhere along our timeline, the spelling was changed. The famous bears also had a show on TV, and even there it is spelled with an "a." So, what's going on, you ask? That's a question that seems to be racking many people's brains.

8 Curious George And His Tail

via: Smosh

Curious George is the famous little monkey who is always getting into trouble and usually too curious for his own good. We have all heard the stories, read the books, played the games, and seen the movies. But what is one component to the cute little monkey that we seem to keep forgetting? It's not his ears, like so many people would think, but his tail that seems to be nonexistent. If you were leaning towards an animation mistake, think again, because according to many people, he has never had a tail. Animators have always made George without a tail, or have they? Many people remember very vividly that George did in fact have a tail. This Mandela effect may not be as popular as the Bernstain's case, but it's certainly on the rise. So the question is: what do you remember? Did George once have a tail and now the universe is somehow changing that tiny detail? Perhaps he has always been this way.

7 Chick-fil-A

via: The University of Tulsa

Here we have another strange food name that we all thought was something different. The Chick-fil-A chains have certainly been a popular topic recently due to its religious owners. However, Chick-fil-A recently started getting attention for the simple fact that many people believe their name is being spelled wrong. If you ask someone at random how to spell the food chain's name, they usually give you "Chic-fil-A" or "Chik-fil-A," because that is exactly what they remember. They don't agree that what the spelling currently looks like is what it's always been. People agree that somehow, the name was changed to include both the "c" and "k." What do you think? Is it possible that the universe is even tampering with fast food restaurants and that our reality has now shifted? Chick-fil-A has been in business for many years, serving the public their delicious chicken, so why would this detail be different?

6 "Luke, I Am Your Father."


There are actually multiple Mandela effects within the popular Star Wars franchise. In the famous scene where Luke is on the very edge, the possibility of death staring him in the face, he is looking up at Darth Vader when suddenly Vader delivers a very popular and celebrated line. He says, "Luke, I am your father." However, that isn't exactly what he says. If you watch the movie, you will notice the words that fall from his lips are, "No, I am your father." Now, with so much merchandise saying the famous phrase, it's hard to find the truth here. Could it be that somehow someone didn't remember the line correctly and that was what showed up on all of the merchandise? Many agree that it isn't as simple as that, especially those who are hardcore fans of the Star Wars franchise. There are just some things we may never understand, and this is one of them.

5 C-3PO's Leg

via: The Mandela Effect

All Star Wars fans are pretty much obsessed with the famous duo C-3PO and R2-D2, but what is the one thing you remember about the beloved C-3PO? If you take a look at him from the waist up, you probably think that this character is completely gold. However, if you pan down, you will notice that one of his legs is silver. In one of the Star Wars films, it explains what happens to his leg, however, many people don't remember a silver leg; they remember him completely gold. A look at the older movies confirms that he did in fact have a silver leg. So, why are so many people remembering something different? Many think it is because of the Mandela effect. However, people who worked on the older films have confirmed that he always had a silver leg. So, perhaps this Mandela effect has already been wrapped up?

4 The Mona Lisa Smiling

via: Reddit

Take a look at the pictures above. If you examine closely you will notice these are two different versions of the famous Mona Lisa painting. Of course, throughout history, there has only ever been one painting of the famous lady with her hands crossed and a very solemn look on her face. However, people are now saying that they remember the painting looking very different. Some say that the beautiful painting was once void of expression, her face holding a simple and quiet look. However, now it seems that she is smiling in the painting. If you are one of the people who believe this, then looking at the above photo probably sends chills down your spine. It certainly isn't something we like to think about, especially when it comes to our reality switching up on us. But is it really such a terrible thing if these things aren't directly affecting us?

3 Interview With The Vampire

via: Nerdist

Once upon a time, we may have called this movie by what we thought it was: Interview With A Vampire. However, this simply isn't the case. The famous movie about two vampires who try to live their lives is actually called Interview With the Vampire. The title is remembered by many fans to be Interview With A Vampire. As always, if you were to ask a devoted fan about the movie or the book, they might tell you the same thing. Once this Mandela surfaced it was a hard one to ignore. After all, how many kids from the 90s have seen this movie countless times? It's probably scary to think that our favorite films of all time are being changed by some type of force in the universe. Many people have even suggested that it's all due to our realities shifting. Maybe that is what's happening here, but did the universe have to mess with our movies?

2 The Evil Queen and Her Mirror

via: YouTube

From the famous Snow White movie, there's a line that's known to many as "Mirror, mirror." However, it's actually a little different than what you remember. For that small percentage of people who haven't seen the Disney movie, here is a breakdown. In the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there is an evil queen who is ruler of her castle. On the wall, she has a magic mirror that is able to tell her various things in riddle. Before she asks the mirror a question, there is a famous phrase she always uses. Some remember her saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall." However, what she actually says is "Magic mirror." After being a Disney fan for so long and finding out this little fact, it is definitely enough to help you believe that the Mandela effect is in fact real. If this one didn't convince you of the otherworldly effects, get ready for number one on this list.

1 Jiffy

via: YouTube

Here we are at number one. Examine the above photo very closely. Does it look like something you remember from your childhood? If so, you may be remembering it wrong. The above logo isn't an actual thing. What it's actually called is "Jif" and it's a label for a brand of peanut butter. If this confuses you, you're not alone. A very large amount of people remember this being "Jiffy." Some think that maybe people were mixing it up with a corn bread mix that came out called Jiffy, but there are many parents who say they remember it as a peanut butter as well. There are even those who say there was once a commercial with the mom making her kids sandwiches, saying they would be made "in a jiffy." In one episode of American Dad, the logo can be seen when one of the characters is moving over the labels with a magnifying glass.


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15 Mandela Effects We Can't Seem To Wrap Our Minds Around