15 MAJOR Concerns With Trump's America

Stop the presses, cease the posting, and prepare the speeches because the new president of the United States of America has been announced and it's Donald Trump. Like him or not, we in the U.S. are go

Stop the presses, cease the posting, and prepare the speeches because the new president of the United States of America has been announced and it's Donald Trump. Like him or not, we in the U.S. are going to be led by this man for the next four years, so we might as well accept it.

In hindsight though, this election has been one of the most brutal events I can remember in U.S. history. People have become more divided than ever, and resorted to nothing but personal attacks on those who don't agree with them. Then again, how should we expect some to act when they have to pick from the lesser of two evils (third-parties aside)?

Part of the reason this election has been so verbally violent is because supporters on both sides have done nothing but attack the opposing candidate. Hillary was scolded over the emails, Trump was hunted for his treatment of women. I'm not one to get into politics very much, but when it comes to how people communicate, that's where my interest is piqued.

As such, now that Trump is president, while there is a victory (depending upon how you define "victory"), there are also some concerns. Anybody who has been following the campaign knows that while Trump can do good, he is also capable of bringing a lot of harm based on the things he has said or done in the past year.

Keep in mind though, that this is not intended to be an anti-Trump article, nor does it reflect my own political viewpoint in any way. These are simply concerns that I've heard other people voice about him. Here are 15 huge concerns with Trump's four-year reign.

15 World War 3

This is probably the concern I hear the most often, although that may be partially due to whom I choose to spend my time with. As such, I felt that it needed to be included here. From the get-go, it was clear that Trump was going to be a very different kind of candidate; he was bold, uncompromising, and direct (and still is to this day). Couple that with his views on foreigners and immigration, and he could easily upset other nations with that fervent spirit of his. Adding to that is also Trump's infatuation with war and the military. Based on statements he has made during his campaign, Trump has shown that if another country were to provoke him in any way, he would instantly retaliate. If world history is any indicator, this could easily lead to an all-out war; one that could bring in more nations than we've faced in the past (although that's just speculation at this point). Look on the bright side, though, if the war comes to our doorsteps, at least we'll be able to keep our guns for defense.

14 Immigrant Policies


The United States has had a huge problem with many illegal immigrants in the past, and Trump is acutely aware of this. As such, with his presidency, he plans to change how we handle those individuals. He plans to take immigration laws much more seriously, and those who do not abide by these rules will be shipped out of the country without hesitation. On top of that, he also plans to do away with sanctuary cities and the catch and release system. While there is merit to that ideal, this also raises some concern. Obama has shared the desire to shield many illegal immigrants, some of whom have already built lives here in the States, and they haven't caused any problems. Trump, however, remains dogmatic on this issue and plans to deport every undocumented immigrant out of the U.S. Now I know it's difficult when discussing political choices, as everyone has their own viewpoint, but it can be very concerning for foreigners who are still technically "illegal" to suddenly be ripped away from their lives and their families. Just a thought.

13 American-Mexican Wall


On the subject of immigration, one cannot simply ignore the wall. During the early stages of Trump's campaign, he spoke often about how he would handle foreigners coming to the country. In one of the most seemingly outlandish statements ever made, Trump declared that he wanted to build a wall- specifically along the U.S./Mexico border. Much like his other policies on this list, there are some who strongly agree with this decision. However, there are also some valid concerns that come with this choice, if it comes into play. First off: it would take a lot of man-power, resources, and finances to actually build such a wall and could set our nation's budget back by a large margin. Second, this will not go over well in our relations with Mexico. If you're not quite following, imagine a new family moving into the empty house next door to you. Instead of welcoming you and being friendly, they simply put a giant fence between the two homes, with nothing but a "Stay On Your Side" sign hanging from it. That's essentially how the Mexicans will likely perceive this wall, which wouldn't hold over well if any wars break out.

12 Foreign Relations


Going hand in hand with immigration and the border wall are how Trump could handle foreign relations. As is commonly known, Trump is a very temperamental individual, and that may not translate well when speaking with people of a different country and trying to maintain a good relationship with them. Already, leaders like Putin are attempting to establish beneficial lines of communication with Trump, but if he decides to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, he could get severely burned for it. Furthermore, his actions on immigration and wall-building will also receive much attention from the affected countries. This could easily factor into which other countries decide to do business with us and which ones choose not to. After all, why would the leader of Mexico want anything to do with a man who built a wall between their countries? It's almost like Trump would be asking for conflict. As a businessman, though, I'm not sure that is a loss that Trump could afford to take. Hopefully, he realizes this and changes his delivery on some of the issues, or we may be in a bit of a rough patch in our relationships with foreigners and other world leaders.

11 His Lack of a Filter


One of the most important skills any human needs to learn is communication. I strongly believe that if everyone consciously chose to communicate better and be willing to actively listen to others, our world would be a better place to live in. That said, Trump is not a good role model when it comes to communication. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with his politics or anything of the sort- I simply mean that his delivery could use some work. For example, think of how many Hillary Clinton ads reveled in the offensive things that Trump said during his speeches. This could easily factor into our relationship with other world leaders, because Trump could easily say something that will either offend someone else or that the media will latch on to and blow entirely out of proportion. Again, this has nothing to do with what he intends to say, it has everything to do with what people are perceiving. There were a lot of people during the election process that chose not to vote for him simply because of the racist and sexist things he has said.

10 Treatment of Women


This is also a huge concern I have heard from a lot of people these past few days. It is no secret that Trump has had a bit of a rocky past when it comes to how he treats women. It is also heavily pointed out that he could essentially have the same problems today. Granted, a lot of that comes from the media, which is really hit or miss on the case of truth, but it does deserve a spot on this list. A lot has been done in the past several years to empower women and give them a larger voice in today's culture, and with Trump in office, there are legitimate concerns that work could be largely undone. Now, I am no feminist (in the modern definition of the word), but I do believe that there should be some form of equality with both genders- a view I feel that many readers share. With Trump in the Oval Office, there is the potential that women won't be valued as much as they are now. Granted, if that happens, it won't all be Trump's fault. The media, social media, and the words and ideas we as citizens put out there will also have to play a part in order for that thinking to change.

9 What about Muslims?


Because of Trump's bold and weirdly archaic stances on many things, we are given a trifecta of groups who could potentially be mistreated during his presidency. Muslims are the second on this list. While it's true that some of the Muslim faith have chosen a violent path that leads to things like bombings or murder, that is not the case with all of them. Many are genuinely decent people who don't want to cause any large problems in the U.S. That said, Donald Trump wants to remove Muslims from our country entirely and send them back across the sea. There is large evidence for some Muslims (cough ISIS cough) causing some issues for us at the moment. However, punishing everyone of that religion for the acts of various groups and individuals seems a bit extreme, whether you agree with the religion or not. Furthermore, what does he plan to do with the American citizens who identify themselves as Muslim? He can't exactly deport them... can he?

8 And Minorities?


The final part of this trifecta are this country's minorities. Trump has been attacked for spouting out racist comments multiple times. Naturally, there were and still are many concerns for minorities (especially given the need for the Black Lives Matter movement). This naturally motivated many of our people to instead vote for Hillary. And honestly, who can blame those people? Yeah, Clinton has some questionable policies (as does Trump), but at least she wasn't potentially hinting to a mistreatment of ethnic minorities. That said, there isn't quite as much concern with this group of people as there are others. As a matter of fact, there were many minorities who actually voted for Trump despite their concerns. This was simply because they disliked the way the government was currently run more than Trump's comments and wanted a change to our nation's leaders. That's not to say that there isn't still room to be a bit worried, though. While I doubt Trump would ever do anything to directly harm minorities, he could likely make other radical statements that could affect these various groups. When you offend your citizens, that's when you have a dissonance between the president and the people.

7 Military Spending


There was a lot of contention during Obama's two terms as to whether or not the military was actually being utilized correctly. Now that he is done in the White House, there is evidence that our military has been a bit weakened in the aftermath. Trump recognized this from the start of his campaign, and he decided that it was time for the U.S. to strengthen our forces once more. Now that he is the president, it is almost inevitable that Trump will be doing everything in his power to make sure that our forces increase. As such, nothing like this can ever happen in small doses. Trump's proposed changes would see some 90,000 soldiers, 350 more navy ships, and around 100 more fighter planes. While that may sound like an impressive fighting force, bringing such a great amount of troops and equipment will cost no small amount of money. While a good intent is there to strengthen our defense and prevent international crises, there is somewhat a lack of concern for the overall repercussions that it will have on the financial state of the nation as a whole. That being said, it does have the potential to work, but it would be foolish to undergo such a crusade without weighing the actual cost.

6 Policies on Minimum Wage


There have been quite a few protests in the recent past over the issue of minimum wage. Many people simply want an increase, and many extremists are saying that it should be a flat rate of $15 per hour. Trump is obviously aware of this fact and has directly addressed it in many conversations during his campaign. Overall, he wants to raise it, but it's anyone's guess as to how much that could be. While on paper this seems like a good thing, raising something in such a widespread manner will have some immediate concerns and consequences. First off, if employers have to start paying their workers more, they will hire less people, thus dwindling the job force. Second, with such an increase in payment, there may be more frequent printing of money. If that becomes the case, then we risk going into an inflation spike. I'm not saying that minimum wage shouldn't go up, because, in some aspects, I believe that it should. I'm merely stating that unless it's done properly, our economy could face some serious consequences.

5 Businessman Vs. Politician

One of the gigantic comments I heard after Trump announced that he was running for president was that he was and is a businessman. As such, he will likely run the country the same way he runs his companies. While the government is a business in a sense, I don't think I'm too off track by saying running a business and running a country are two completely different things. After all, a true politician would have never openly said the things that Trump had said during his campaign- they would've tread the waters a bit more carefully. This led to many people voting for other candidates because Trump was viewed as inexperienced, and they would much rather have a politician in office. That being said, there is something to be said that we won't have a pure politician running our country for the next four years. It remains to be seen how effective Trump will be in the management of the U.S., but let's just all hope he doesn't copy and paste his business strategy to his presidential strategy. Like some entries on this list, it has the potential to do some good, but there's a lot of evidence saying that it could do the opposite.

4 Tax Laws


Trump, during his campaign, constantly beat over the head that Hillary had thousands of emails containing information on Benghazi, 9/11 and more events that could potentially condemn her. However, Hillary retaliated by constantly stressing that Trump had not been paying federal taxes. See where I'm going with this?

Ask anybody who owns a business and they'll tell you exactly how much taxes are cut from their income. Trump, as a businessman, understands what taxes can take from people (assuming that he did pay them, of course). That said, with his presidency, it's all but confirmed that he will introduce radical changes to the federal tax system that will either make or break his economic standing with the people. Overall, he plans on reducing taxes for both business and individuals (the former more than the latter), which would definitely raise some concerns when it comes to finances. After all, if he follows through with the wall and the military spending, we could be looking at a drastic decrease in our national budget. To make matters even a bit more hazy, Trump also seems adamant on reducing trade with other countries such as China and Japan- a move that is very contrary to what the Obama Administration has done over the years.

3 Health Care


It is no secret that the Democrats have had their heyday when it comes to this nation's health care. With additions to the system like ObamaCare, i.e. the Affordable Care Act, and more on the list, there were a lot of people who benefited from these policies, but there were many others who did not. It was very much a win-lose situation. Trump seeks to change all of this (as he does pretty much everything else). He has already stated that he plans to do away with the Affordable Care Act among a few other things that have long been established. Another law that is primed to be done away with is the "Individual Mandate," which states that every American citizen must have insurance or they'll be taxed as a result. There's no doubt that there will be radical change with Trump and the Republican party holding the reigns now, but some of that may not be as good as it seems. After all, there are a sizable number of people who have been cared for under the Affordable Care Act, so the Trump Administration is going to have to find a way to deal with that, and in situations like this, it rarely ends well.

2 His Effect on the Public


Many of Clinton's ads throughout the campaign attacked Trump and many of the potentially offensive and racist things he has said in the past year alone. There have been many more ads showcasing people with disabled children who said that they couldn't vote for Trump as a result. Whether those testimonies were real or not, it is something worth thinking about. This man has obviously offended and hurt many American citizens (go on Twitter if you don't believe me) in one way or another, and to them, how can they look up to the president of our country? You could say that people would be reasonable enough to calm down and think rationally about it, but everything about this election has been charged with emotion. Everything about our culture is charged with emotion. If people don't like Trump one way or another, they will argue and fight to the last breath about it. That being said, this could have a profound effect on how we as citizens communicate with each other, stemming from how our leader chooses to carry himself.

1 Is He Lying?


When it was unveiled that Clinton and Trump were the two main nominees in the election, at first, there were a lot of confused people unsure who to vote for. However, as both of their personalities slowly came to light, many blue collar people, and evangelicals, latched onto Trump. This reason for this is that Trump seemed to be more direct and honest about the things that he says (there's also the thing about him proclaiming to be a Christian as well, but I won't get into that). However, many people that chose not to vote or voted third-party will easily tell you that Trump has had a history of inconsistency with his speech and promises. As such, there is a natural fear that when he starts governing he won't keep his word. Now I understand that this is a concern with anybody who is running for president, but I believe that people were so focused on Hillary being labeled as a liar that not much attention was paid to Trump's dishonesty as well, and there's a chance that it could continue while he's in office. Will he really make American great again? We'll see.

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15 MAJOR Concerns With Trump's America