15 Legendary Celebrity House Party Stories

Celebrities can be insane in many ways. Their lives are wild and adventurous, their homes and cars are over-the-top, and they’ve got money to burn and famous friends and lovers to join them. Plus, they throw some amazing (and often out-of-control) house parties. It’s only natural that the rich and famous want to flaunt their properties or rental locations and invite people over to drink (or partake in something stronger), dance, listen to music, and party. It’s nice to have a few intimate pals over to sip on a little wine and order some Chinese food, but that’s for the tame. Today’s celebs want to party in the flashiest of ways, and sometimes that entails going a little wild.

House parties thrown by celebrities often make the news for being far more outrageous than a night of red wine and Kung Pao Chicken. Police have been called to many a Hollywood Hills mansion for disruption of the peace, loud music, drunken fools barfing on the neighbor’s lawn, and topless international models getting out of hand and causing a stir in posh communities. Some celebrities have even been thrown in the slammer with their mugshots blasted all over social media, and their reputations either confirmed or blemished. Yet, at least they had fun while the party lasted! These hard partiers were surely not thinking straight when they turned their homes into Party City. When Madonna asked, “Where’s the Party,” it was at these celebrities’ houses and posh hotel rooms and suites. Are you ready to live vicariously through this celebrity diehard partiers? No tea and crumpets for these party guests. Check out our list of the 15 most insane celebrity house party stories that will definitely knock your socks off!

16 Tupac Shakur’s Rap

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May the iconic rapper rest in peace, but while he was alive and kicking, reports claim that he was kickin’ it with many ladies during house parties. More than that, it’s been said that there’s a steamy sex tape of Shakur and a gal having sex right in the middle of a party. Shakur’s former bodyguard penned a tell-all that confirmed Shakur’s XXX party habits and TV show/web outlet, TMZ, says that they have an unreleased sex tape to prove the claim to be accurate. Shakur was known not only for his rapping prowess but his way with the females as well. He certainly “Hit Em Up” at the “Thugz Mansion” “Until the End of Time!” If TMZ were to release the tape, we could say that Shakur’s party habits were of the sexual nature, but until then, it’s all speculation. Yet, as Shakur rapped, “Only God Can Judge Me.”

15 Corey Feldman’s Lingerie And Lads Party

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Corey Feldman seems odder than usual lately, though oddness is in the eye of the beholder some would say. His band has been making the rounds on TV, and his female bandmates are either star-struck or see what appears to be going over the heads of the masses. Whatever you think of Feldman’s music or acting chops, it has become obvious that he definitely knows how to throw a party. It’s been reported that he charged the fellas $250 a head to attend one of his epic parties where all the ladies are scantily clad in not much more than bras, panties, pasties, and garter belts. Sadly, Feldman’s former sidekick, Corey Haim may not have attended such a sexy bash, but we’re sure Feldman gave a toast to his old pal. Perhaps his next fest will be hosted by Victoria’s Secret (too bad Feldman’s nearly nude party secret is already out of the bag).

14 Napster’s Sean Parker’s Halloween Hell

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Back in 2011, Napster’s Sean Parker threw an (alleged) insane Halloween party that was even scarier than those freaky clowns flooding the streets and scaring children and parents alike. Sure, Parker’s got a lot of money, but to spend an extravagant $150,000 on a one-night boo-fest is nothing short of bat poop crazy. Perhaps it was all the alleged mounds of cocaine being snorted that night that made Parker forget all of his worries and deeply dip into his savings account. Parker apparently tried to keep reports of this spooky party nightmare out of the meddling media, but just like the house giving out the “good” candy, word always gets around. Perhaps Parker dressed as Facebook’s famous Mark Zuckerberg for the holiday in an attempt to fool the press, but then again, Zuckerberg’s not known for throwing money around.

13 Shemar Moore’s Bedroom Parties

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The sexy Hollywood heartthrob, Shemar Moore, is the leading man of many a woman’s (and millions of men's) steamiest dreams, so the fact that he’s known for throwing X-rated parties that may as well be called “orgies” might be a little exciting for folks to hear. Being a celebrity does have its perks, so the fact that Moore is not only famous, but famously hot, makes for the perfect combo for his party guests to get their “freak” on at his place. While these orgy-inspired gatherings are the subject of rumor only, not too many people would be surprised to learn that Moore’s make-out mixers are actually happening. In fact, some may just wish for an invitation to the next party. Moore may as well take advantage of his hot body and to-die-for looks before he is unappealingly wrinkled and in need of “the little blue pill” to keep the party kicking.


11 Elton John’s Substance-Fueled Fest

Elton John’s been in the celeb spotlight for decades, so it’s no shocker that he’s been to a wild party or two in his day. There is a rumor that back in the ‘70s John was sky high on valium and dove into a pool during a family gathering screaming, “I’m going to die!” Well, he obviously wasn’t accurate with that prediction, thankfully, but after downing the alleged 60 pills before taking the plunge, it’s safe to say that he was not exactly barking up the wrong tree. Making matters worse, it’s rumored that John’s grandmother was present at the insane shindig. These days, John has toned down his hard-partying ways and he’s lucky to be “Still Standing” if the story is indeed true. It’s pretty impressive that any human could withstand such a dose of meds and not have some sort of mental incapacitation as well. Next time, a glass of bubbly and a few pigs in a blanket will be a better party treat for this crazy crooner.

10 KISS And Tell

The wild and crazy rock band, KISS, is not exactly known for their demure ways and buttoned-up personas, so that’s why finding out that they’re hard partiers isn’t exactly a shocker. Yet, the boys in the band really got into a sticky situation when they allegedly drunkenly trashed an expensive hotel room. Yet, there was an even "stickier" part that included Ace Frehley. The band’s guitarist, Ace Frehley, supposedly used a boat load of crazy glue and glued all the hotel room’s furniture to the ceiling. That stuff really does work! While the hotel staff was surely pissed off, they must have had a brief chuckle when housekeeping came through. KISS may be well-received on stage, but their hotel habits leave quite the lasting impression (literally), and not in a good way. Hopefully, the band left a nice tip (perhaps a promise to never stay at that hotel again in the future).

9 Ozzy Osbourne’s Fire Ants Fiasco

Ozzy Osbourne has since tamed down (aside from the recent cheating allegations), but back in his wild and wacky heyday, in 1984, Ozzy and Nikki Sixx were known to snort a great deal of cocaine and partake in all sorts of other alleged illegal activities while on tour (and probably while they weren’t on tour as well). During one particularly insane partying binge, Ozzy was apparently aggravated to learn that there weren't any more drugs left to snort, so he opted for a line of fire ants instead. While the ants don’t likely provide the same “high” as cocaine, Ozzy must have felt altered, to say the least. Obviously, the ants would have preferred not to meet their end up the nose of Ozzy Osbourne, but then again, they don't live very long anyways. Let’s hope Sharon never knew what Ozzy was up to when she thought he was partying the “normal” way instead.

8 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Bike Bash

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We all know Leonardo DiCaprio loves charming the pants off of the (beautiful) ladies, but who knew he loved to pedal his pants off (figuratively speaking) at big movie release parties as well? Rumor has it that at the release party for his blockbuster, Gangs of New York, rather than busting the obvious moves on the dance floor, DiCaprio pulled out a stationary bike (from where, who knows?) and rode for a full 45 minutes! He pedaled for a good 12 miles, burning a whopping 600 calories. Well, at least you can’t say the guy doesn’t have stamina! That’s one way to work off the numerous glasses of champagne and finger food being passed around. The added perk is that he didn’t have to hit the gym the following day. Perhaps cyclist, Lance Armstrong, should consider hitting the town with DiCaprio the next time he’s in the area. They can stay fit while the party goes on around them.

7 Tracy Morgan’s SOHO Soiree

Funnyman Tracy Morgan has had a life-changing and sobering experience recently, and thankfully he’s on the mend after his horrendous car accident, but years before, he was on the scene partying hard and spending big bucks like money was no object. He was allegedly out with a bunch of friends at a hot club in NYC’s trendy SOHO area and bought round after round of expensive bottles of champagne for the table. The tab was crazy high, reaching close to $20,000. When it was time for the waitress to hand over the bill, she gave it to a white man at the table rather than to Morgan, who was planning to pay. Morgan allegedly flipped his lid, calling the act racist, tossed the table over and followed it up by punching the club’s bouncer square in the face. A huge fight broke out and Morgan was thrown out of the club. We still have to wonder, who wound up footing the bill?

6 Johnny Manziel’s Mayhem

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Bad boy football player, Johnny Manziel, threw more than a football when his wild and crazy party was so utterly disruptive that the posh nearby neighbors had to call the police to shut down the raging ruckus. During a two-night stay at a rental home in the West Hollywood area, Manziel threw such loud parties that he even had the usually upbeat comedian, Kathy Griffin, in a bad mood. She was one of the neighbors who called law enforcement to shut down the shindig. Up to 70 partiers were boozing and causing a stir each night, which was a big no-no in the athlete’s rental agreement which specified no parties allowed. Not to mention, allegedly $20,000 in damages to the home were reported after the party goers nearly wrecked the place. Perhaps Manziel should stick to ball playing rather than playing around and making a mess. With all that free time, shouldn’t he be practicing anyway?

5 Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Blowout

“The Biebs” is no stranger to partying hard, so it should come as no surprise that his 19th birthday celebration was an all-out overly expensive and showy scene. The wild and crazy Bieb-bash took place in London, where the famous singer threw himself a circus-themed party. There were silly clowns, a ringmaster, and other circus-related nonsense to keep the teenaged Bieber and his various party guests mindlessly entertained for hours. Who knows if his ex, Selena Gomez, was there. Perhaps she was feeding her man peanuts as he watched the entertainment play out before his not-yet 20-year-old eyes. This circus of a party cost a whopping $20,000, so let’s hope there were some Ringling Brother-level acts and decent refreshments. He was only 19 at the time, so just some soda pop and juice boxes for the star, right? Let’s hope Justin Bieber’s future celebrations are a little more mature in nature. Isn’t his real life enough of a circus anyhow?

4 Howard Stern’s 60th Shock-Jock Shindig

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Celeb “Shock Jock” Howard Stern is always up for something obnoxiously outrageous, so why should his 60th birthday celebration be tame? He had a crazy party that was broadcast live on his Sirius XM radio show. Drinking all night was just what the birthday boy wanted and the guest list was star-studded with pals including Jewel, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, and many more A-listers. Sexy women paraded around as the guests “roasted” Stern. While Stern is known for his over-the-top antics, this celebration was even wilder than one could ever imagine. His wife, Beth, must have had fun, but for her sake, let’s hope she was drunk enough to forget most of the shenanigans that took place over the evening of insanity. If this is 60, who knows what 70 will bring. Stern will get older, but the scantily-clad ladies keep getting younger and younger.

3 Miley Cyrus’ 21st Wild Child Celebration

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Being Miley Cyrus means being unpredictable and wild, so her 21st birthday party was one for the record books. She’s always up for something crazy and crass, so her party was just that. Held at Beacher’s MadHouse in Hollywood, this party was full of celebrity party-goers ready to rock and roll with Cyrus. Famous friends like Emma Roberts, Ke$ha, and Wiz Khalifa had a blast eating Cyrus’ birthday cake which featured a nude picture of herself with marijuana leaves covering her naughty bits. Mmmmm, don’t you want to lick that frosting? Blow-up dolls made for some questionable party décor and since this was her 21st birthday, Cyrus took part in some adult beverage drinking to wash down her slice of naked cake. While this party may seem nutty to most, for Cyrus, it seems like the average evening on the town. Fun with Cyrus is always guaranteed and her birthday is just another reason to go all out wild!

2 Kate Moss’ 40th Freak Fest

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Kate Moss is a glam supermodel with high-priced tastes and wild child behaviors. Her 40th birthday celebration was totally insane, filled with four fun-filled days of partying hard with friends during a “Glastonbury” themed extravaganza. There were psychics, fire breathers, and rave tents, along with live bands pumping up the volume all hours of the night. For one of the evenings of the four-day fest, there was a party themed “The Beautiful and the Damned” and Kate was dolled up to the nines with fine fashion and magnificent makeup. Yet, as elegant as she may have looked, the party was ratchet. It was so loud that there were noise complaints and the party was broken up, but that didn’t stop Moss. She went back to her suite with 50 of her “closest” friends to party some more. If 40 is the new 30, then Kate’s 50th should be a raver!

1 Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday White House Party

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Michelle Obama deserves to party like a rockstar and that’s just what she did for her 50th birthday in the White House. She had a celeb-studded event with A-listers such as John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and more. No cell phones or videos were allowed, so who knows what sorts of shenanigans took place as Michelle and Barack boogied the night away while dining and drinking with Hollywood’s best and brightest. This is their last year in Washington, so why not party like the leader of the free world’s wife? It’s pretty cool that celebs are tight with the Obamas and everyone knows that the rich and famous know how to get down. Let’s hope neither 2016 Presidential hopeful was at the bash. If anything iffy comes out, their campaigning may get even fishier. It’s likely that Michelle’s next birthday celebration will be more low-key, but her White House birthday bash will definitely be one to look back on with pride and joy from the amazing memories.

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