15 Killers Who Stalked And Then Murdered Their Exes

Ending a relationship with a healthy person is hard enough. You’ve got to return each other’s belongings, maybe move from a shared apartment, and mourn the relationship. There may be crying and emotional eating. Eventually, you’ll accept the breakup and move on with your life.

Relationships end. That’s a fact. But, they shouldn’t end in blood and guts.

The following killers were their victims' former lovers. Something about these murderers attracted their victims, but eventually, the murderers' illnesses and subsequent stalking resulted in brutal and untimely ends. It’s more common than you think; in fact, one in 6 women and one in 19 men will experience stalking in their lifetime, and more than half of those victims will be stalked by a current or former lover.

Some exes feel rage when relationships end. This causes them to go completely bonkers. There are some warning signs. If an ex-partner won’t go away, they may be stalking. Stalkers often lurk around the neighborhoods and homes of their victims. Other signs include chronic calling, threats of violence, and demands to get back together. Stalkers cannot simply accept the breakup and move on with their lives.

In many of the following cases, the victims sought police help and restraining orders. Unfortunately, their cries for help weren’t always taken seriously, and their stalkers caught up with them and ended their lives.

Stalking doesn’t discriminate by race, social status, or dogma as you’re soon to see. There are even a couple of celebrities on this list. They stalked and murdered their exes, in effect, allowing years of their lives to be stolen just to satisfy a sadistic desire to possess their victims.

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15 Michael Lane

Although he denies it, it’s obvious Michael Lane is guilty of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Shana Grice. He stalked and assaulted Grice and her new boyfriend, Ashley Cooke, for months before she was found with her throat slit. Lane said he discovered her body, which is why her blood was found on his shoes and clothing, but that he didn’t notify police because he was worried he’d appear guilty.

He’s currently standing trial, and it’s highly unlikely jurors will buy into his bullsh*t. There’s a mountain of evidence against Lane. He would hide outside Grice’s apartment, leave flowers on her doorstep, and call her relentlessly just to breathe into the phone. One time, he broke into her home to watch her sleep, but police didn’t take her claims seriously.

Lane was able to furnish text messages he and Grice had exchanged. The texts allegedly showed that Grice wished to rekindle her romance with Lane, so police charged Ms. Grice. She was fined and charged with “having caused wasteful employment of police by making a false report.” Police officers should understand that stalkers come in many shapes and sizes and can sometimes confuse their victims into loving them.

14 William Gaul

18-year-old William Gaul stalked and then killed his ex-girlfriend, 16-year-old Emma Walker. Gaul stole his grandfather’s gun, and then shot Walker while she slept in her bed. The creep then turned his Twitter into a shrine for Walker. His bio still reads, “Living everyday through Emma Walker. I love you beautiful and I know you’re in a better place now.”

Gaul, a wide receiver for Maryville College, couldn’t accept the breakup. Walker’s aunt told The Knoxville News, “She had chosen to move on. He refused to accept it. He chose not to accept her wishes.” This is evident from a Tweet he sent a couple of weeks before the murder. He whined, “I’d do anything to have it all back.”

Not only does Gaul face first-degree murder charges; he’s also being charged with aggravated stalking, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence. Police believe he planned to dispose of the firearm, but they arrested him before he could. He received the reckless endangerment charge for shooting the victim from outside the home. He knew where her bedroom was located and shot her through the wall.

13 Greg Hart

Yosonda Grandberry’s tumultuous relationship with Greg Hart lasted eight months, but in his mind, it never ended. Cleveland 19 News reported that Hart was a violent man and a “stalker on crack cocaine.” He frequently assaulted Grandberry during their relationship and attempted to hurt her many times after it ended. Fearing for her life, she was forced to obtain a restraining order against him, but it could not stop him from taking her life. There's no information on whether he suffers from alopecia or shaved off his eyebrows after the murder.

Hart stabbed Grandberry while she pleaded for her life. She was killed in front of her mother and grandchild. A family friend told the news, “She woke up with her mother calling -- and said ‘Mama, he is stabbing me’ with her grandbaby there.” He was so crazed when police caught up to him that he “threatened to jump from the balcony of an eleven-story building.” They were eventually able to subdue him after shooting him with a stun gun.

12 Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias couldn’t accept that Travis Alexander was over their relationship. He dumped her (probably because she's bat-shit crazy), and she became obsessed with Alexander. She showed up unannounced to his house, hacked his email account, sent threatening messages to his girlfriends, and called and texted him again and again and again…

When it was clear she couldn’t bully him into a relationship, Arias decided she would end his life in an “if I can’t have him, no one can” type scenario. She broke into his home and stabbed him 27 times. She slit his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the face, too. Alexander was in the shower when Arias found him. Naked. Vulnerable. Alone.

The two met in September 2006 at a conference for Prepaid Legal Services, Alexander’s job. Arias later joined his church and was baptized a Mormon. It’s likely Arias joined the church to get closer to Alexander as her obsession seemed pretty immediate. The two started dating just a few months later, and the rest is sordid history.


11 Augustin Garcia

An obsessive stalker, Augustin Garcia, killed his victim on her wedding day. As Gladys Ricart posed for photos, alongside her mother and son, Garcia burst in with his pistol drawn. He shot her multiple times, and she died before ambulances arrived on-scene. Before anyone else could be shot, the bride’s brother wrestled the gun from Garcia. He held Garcia at gunpoint until the police arrived.

A neighbor gave a statement to the New York Times. “People were running around screaming.” She notes she saw the bride’s mother collapse in the street. All were distraught, including the bridesmaids, who cried on a neighbor’s front porch while police interviewed people at the scene.

The bride’s husband-to-be was not at the shooting. He intended to meet his bride at the church where they were to wed just a short time later. The county prosecutor, William Schmidt, told the media that the bride was stalked by her murdering ex. “She terminated the relationship and had no desire to resume it or have contact with him.” She and the shooter had been broken up for nine months.

10 Kim Jong-un

It isn’t prudent to accuse North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, of being a jilted lover, so I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ll just explain what happened, and you can draw your own conclusions. You may decide he’s crazy and also a murderer, or you may be from North Korea and unable to decide such things.

Back in 2013, Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend was arrested for “violating domestic laws on p--------y.” She and her bandmates were accused of creating and disseminating videos of their sexcapades. No such videos were recovered, and this was probably an exercise in embarrassing her. It wasn’t enough to execute her by firing squad; she had to be disgraced too.

The victim, Hyon, was a famous singer with several patriotic hit songs. Her most well-liked tune is called “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.” When she dated Jong-un, more than a decade ago, his father didn’t approve. This ended the relationship, and Hyon married and started a family. Did this upset Jong-un? I don’t know, but he did have her, along with her husband and others, executed by a machine-gun firing squad.

9 Sailor Vegas Bray

In one of the worst cases of stalking ever, Sailor Vegas Bray tried to force her former lover into taking her back after he broke up with her. Victor Saucedo couldn’t know the beautiful woman he had dated for a short time in 2016 was a few cards short of a full deck. She was obsessive, jealous, mean, and bent on ruining his life if she couldn’t be in it.

Bray slashed Saucedo’s tires, splattered his house in paint, and smeared peanut butter across his front door. He had to move just to get away from her. She was rage-filled, desperate, and unable to move on. If she couldn’t have Saucedo, no one would.

She showed up at his house with a gun in her hand. She shot the handsome father nine times, stopping once to reload the gun. Afterward, she phoned the police and told them that Saucedo had killed himself… as if one could shoot oneself six times, pause to reload the gun, and then shoot oneself three more times. Suffice to say, Bray was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

8 Oscar Pistorius

During the wee morning hours of Valentine’s Day, Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, through a door. His defense was that he thought she was an intruder and feared for his life, but judges disagreed. He was sentenced to six years in a South African prison for killing her, and during the trial, abuse charges were frequently launched at him.

He was controlling, violent, and verbally abusive. These are all the characteristics of a stalker, except in this situation, the victim stayed together with the perpetrator. This doesn’t make her culpable, though; she is still a victim. But if she’d taken steps to leave the relationship, she may be alive today. Pistorius shot her after an argument. If you know someone who is suffering in an abusive relationship, help them end it so they don’t share Steenkamp’s fate.

Pistorius is no stranger to stalking. His ex-girlfriend, Samantha, accuses him of flying into violent rages. She admits to hiding his gun out of fear that he would shoot her during one of his tirades. She said that “she was left with bruises and scars after the Blade Runner bit and pinched her,” and that she was mentally tortured and stalked by him during the nearly two-year relationship.


7 Stephen Griffiths

Rana Faruqui wished her ex-boyfriend would leave her alone, but Stephen Griffiths was relentless. He followed her, photographed her, barraged her with emails, called persistently, and even stalked her family. It took Faruqui only six months to realize Griffiths wasn’t “the one,” but it took her twice that to rid herself of the manipulative stalker. Unfortunately, to finally be free of Griffiths, she would have to die by his hand.

Faruqui knew her life was in danger. She told police that Griffiths had cut her brakes and that she lived in constant fear of him. The police did not take her fears seriously and did little to protect her from Griffiths. One day, while she attended to her horse, he snuck up on her. He stabbed her again and again, then left her to die in the dirt.

Faruqui didn’t die in vain. Because of her case and other cases like it, legislation was passed to make it easier for stalking victims to receive early intervention. This helps ensure they’re placed out of harm’s way and that their stalkers are aware of police.

6 Ryan Jenkins

If you watched VH1 in the mid-2000s, you may remember Ryan Jenkins. He was one of the contestants on Megan Wants a Millionaire. The show followed Rock of Love alum, Megan Hauserman, as she dated and eliminated various suitors. Shockingly, the show was canceled because Jenkins killed his wife, and continuing the show would have been in poor taste.

In a chilling murder-suicide, Jenkins killed and mutilated his wife, Jasmine Fiore. He didn’t want anyone to recognize her, so he chopped her up and destroyed her face and teeth. In fact, she had to be identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants. He stuffed her into a suitcase then fled to Canada. Once he was in Canada, he hung himself in his hotel room. His wife’s body had been found only a couple days earlier, and he was already the only suspect.

It was obvious Jenkins killed Fiore because he ruthlessly stalked and abused her throughout their tumultuous relationship. Her mother claimed that Jenkins was terribly jealous and would call and threaten the swimsuit model if she didn’t answer her phone in time.

5 Brian Taylor

Katie Boardman was just 16 years old when she met Brian Taylor. He was in his 20s but had no problem moving the underage girl into his apartment. Their love blossomed, and the couple had two children together. The relationship seemed to be falling apart by its third year, but they had two more children after that. Police admit that Brian was violent, and they were frequently called to the home.

Boardman finally left Taylor, but he wouldn’t give her up. He followed her when she moved and frequently engaged her in arguments which turned violent. Police were called eleven times in sixteen months to deal with the violence. Taylor murdered Boardman after a rare “girl’s night out.” He just couldn’t stand that she would treat herself or see friends without him. The guy is a real scumbag.

On the night of the murder, Taylor called and called Boardman’s mobile phone. This was a frequent occurrence. Taylor was a violent stalker who frequently threatened to murder the mother of his children. Eventually, he stabbed her with a 20cm blade in the kitchen of his children’s home. Two of his children were home at the time.


4 Andrew Saunders

In a double homicide, Andrew Saunders killed his ex-girlfriend, 21-year-old Zoe Morgan, and her new boyfriend, 33-year-old Lee Simmons. Saunders had been stalking Morgan since they broke up and was determined to punish her for daring to fall in love again. The attack took place in broad daylight just outside a store.

Saunders, a seasoned stalker, frequently texted and emailed threats to Morgan and her new beau. He once sent Simmons a message where he threatened to smash in his head. Saunders then contacted Morgan and told her about the message because he never could pass up an opportunity to threaten his ex-girlfriend.

Allegedly, Saunders planned the murder for weeks in advance. He had googled information, such as “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught” and “how to get a gun illegally UK.” He also bought two knives and a pair of latex gloves. He stabbed both victims, then texted his dad to blame him for the awful way he was raised. He also left a note, which read, “I think ISIS are the good guys most of the time and that’s pretty messed up. No one will forget me,” -- except people must know who you are to forget you, and no one really knows who Andrew Saunders is. He got life in prison.

3 Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski

Former police officer Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski stalked his ex-fiancé for six months. She broke off her engagement to him in 2013. The Assistant District Attorney said, “He would not let her have peace. He called repeatedly at all hours of the day and night. He called her cellphone, he called her at work, he called family and friends. He texted her incessantly.” He eventually killed her, and he also shot her daughter.

He broke into the house and killed his ex-girlfriend first. Next, he shot her daughter. Luckily, her daughter survived the attack. The girl was just 15-years-old and was forced to watch her mother suffer and die. Delaware County prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty, but the trial isn’t until November 2017.

Roz is being charged with murder, harassment, and stalking. He also faces charges for the weapons he used; he used a police-issued radio and bulletproof vest to commit his crime. Although his handgun was not police-issued, the other pieces of equipment were and could add to Roz’s sentence if he’s convicted.

2 Rafael Zarate

In what a judge described as “spiteful fury,” Rafael Zarate brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend, Jensy Romero. He stabbed Romero many times after she dared to dump him. She was a single mother now survived by two children. Zarate admits that he was controlled by jealousy and couldn’t accept that Romero may have been seeing someone else.

He left her family devastated when he took away their sister, daughter, and mother. Before Zarate was sentenced to 25-years-to-life in prison, they read letters from Romero’s brother and son. Her son, a high school student, said, “My pain is ever-increasing. The tears from my eyes are enough to fill an ocean, but not enough to fill the void.”

Of the harassment Romero had to suffer, the prosecutor said, “He did everything to terrorize her. She did nothing to encourage him.” He called the case “particularly heinous and chilling…” The jury didn’t take long to deliberate and sentence the stalker to the maximum the law would allow.

1 Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth murdered his pregnant girlfriend in an “execution-style murder.” Cherica Adams made the mistake of getting pregnant with the ex-football player’s child. Carruth didn’t want to be a father, so instead of signing over his rights, he signed his ex-girlfriend’s death warrant.

He hired a gunman to kill her, and the assassin shot into her car while she sat inside it. In the weeks leading up to the murder, he stalked her relentlessly. He had previously wanted her to have an abortion, and when she wouldn’t, he arranged to have her beaten so badly she’d lose the baby. That was the start of what would later become a serious and deadly murder plot.

Somehow Adams’s baby survived the nightmare. Although his mother died from gunshot wounds, the doctors were able to extract the baby and keep him alive. Doctors called the baby’s survival miraculous, and he is a blessing to come out of a terrible situation. The baby is named "Chancellor."

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