15 Killer Moms Who Thought Their Kids Were Possessed

It takes two to create a new life (since cloning hasn't been legalized as of yet). Both father and mother must consider many things: How will the child be supported? Will the child be safe? Are there enough options for caretakers to adjust to a child's' ongoing discovery of what it does and doesn’t want? There are an infinite number of things to take into account.

Indeed, choosing to bring a life into this realm of existence is quite controversial, especially perhaps considering the many societal reasons why some might argue that doing so is selfish and irresponsible. Yet no matter what, all people born onto this Earth are, supposedly, endowed equally with basic human rights– at least according to public opinion polls. Despite the many accomplishments of human achievement throughout our 250,000 year history, too many babies still face murderous parents, predatory siblings, and hellish living environments (i.e. bad weather and other conditions). Yet perhaps the most unfair condition from the above listed would be that of a murderous parent.

As with many trends, terms go in and out of style depending on the time period in which they were used. One example of a term that has seemingly lost prominence in the popular lexicon at the moment is that of "postpartum depression." This is a condition that the Mayo Clinic might describe as "postpartum baby blues" and is defined, in very basic terms, as depression that occurs in women following childbirth. Read on for 15 confessions of murderous mothers who were convinced they gave birth to a baby from hell.


15 Mother Drowns ‘Demon Possessed’ Son

According to the mother of the deceased 3 year-old murder victim Noah Lane Allen, she was just lying on her bed depressed on the night that she took her own toddler's life. The mother, Christine Allen, reportedly claimed that she heard voices talking in her head at the time of the drowning. “It was like a demon inside of me taking over,” said Allen.

In this case, the mother and child, who lived in Clark County, Nevada at the time of the horrendous murder, were the only people in the home before the fateful act. It is well known that many mothers suffer from some degree of postpartum depression, which is known to last days, weeks, months, or even years after childbirth. The alleged demon in this case wasn’t the child, but the mother, who, after asking her son if he wanted to go swimming, blacked-out before murdering her own son.

14 Mother Believes Child Had Demon, Tries To Resurrect His Grandfather


A mother in the United Kingdom was devastated by the loss of her father, and because of her belief that demons had possessed her son, she tried to kill him. It all happened when the mother, named Claire Winslade, was at the beach with her son and had the ash remains of her father to spread.

According to the BBC, after Winslade had deposited her fathers ashes in the ocean, she proceeded to dunk her child's head under the water in effort to kill him and resurrect her late father. Luckily in this case nearby beach goers were able to intervene and save the child. Mental health issues had plagued the mother and were compounded by the loss of her father. The young boy had been walked to knee-level in the ocean by his mother before she pushed his head under the water. The child was rescued by a dog walker and three joggers.

13 Infant Killed, Buried in Backyard


The mother of a newborn was caught having murdered her just-created life when autopsy reports revealed that the child was alive after childbirth, not dead as the mother had claimed.

A 5-year prison sentence is now being considered for Brooke Skylar Richardson, the cheerleader who killed her hours-old baby and buried the evidence. Just last month in July of 2017, Richardson was arraigned for the murder of her newborn child after authorities discovered the child's remains in the backyard of the teenage mother.

According to her lawyer, Richardson was not a vicious baby killer but a determined professional who was planning to attend college and had been known to help children suffering from disabilities. Richardson pleaded not guilty after her deceased child was discovered on the 14th of last month. On Friday, August 4th 2017, Richardson was indicted on charges of child endangering, involuntary manslaughter, gross abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence.

12 Baby Smothered To Death By Mother


Postpartum depression or not, violence is always a dangerous step towards murder. Perhaps there is a good reason why strangulation is considered a felony in many states, even when it doesn’t result in death. In this case, a mother from Arizona was found guilty of the murder of her just 5 month-old infant with the use of a bed comforter.

The 23 year-old mother, Amber Sagarnaga, was arrested 2 months ago in her home in Glendale and was taken to the Maricopa County jail on a $500,000 bond. According to Sagarnaga’s boyfriend, she had been dealing with depression by self-medicating with marijuana. Police had come to Sagarnaga’s home the night before the killing to investigate what turned out to be a case of a mother hitting her baby daughter with a bottle and causing a laceration on her lip. The mother is reported to have never felt close to the infant and had considered giving her up for adoption.

11 New York Mother Drowns Daughter in Exorcism Attempt


In this case of a mother killing their offspring due to their perception that they were possessed by demons, the mother used drowning as the means of which to murder their child. Despite having been forbidden from visiting her twin daughters, named Significance and Elegance, the mother was somehow able to host the children at her home before the drowning.

Following domestic abuse charges against Sabrina Wright, daughters Significance and Elegance had been placed in the care of their father's sister before Wright somehow managed to retrieve them into her care before the killing. When asked by authorities why she drowned her daughter, Wright stated that she "had been trying to exorcise the child of demons."

Wright also had two older children besides the twins, who she also lost custody of due to findings by the Administration of Children Services of physical abuse. Wright was 29 years-old when she was charged with murder in 2001.

10 Hours-Long Exorcism Kills 17 Year-Old At Mothers Hands


Due to a mother believing one of her 3 daughters was possessed by a demon, a 17 year-old life was cut short. Together with the eldest sibling of the supposedly demon possessed victim, a mother conducted an exorcism that involved smothering with pillows and, when that didn’t work, suffocation with a plastic bag wrapped around her popular cheerleading daughter's head!

Vivian Miranda, a New York resident, pleaded not guilty in the suffocation death of her daughter due to her deep conviction that her child was demonically possessed. In the exorcism, Miranda apparently tried smothering the demons with a couch pillow before using a plastic bag, which ultimately killed the child. The mother was found not responsible for the "death by exorcism" due to reasons of insanity, while her eldest daughter was sentenced to 1 ½ to 4 ½ years in prison. The teenage victim in this case told her mom that she wanted the demon removed and consented to the more than 2 hour rite, stating; "It hurts. Get it out."

9 Mother And Self-Proclaimed "Demon Assassin" Found Insane

A 31 year-old mother called herself a "demon assassin" when asked by authorities about the death of her children. In 2016, a Maryland judge ruled that Zakieya Avery was not responsible for the death so her 18 month old son and 2 month old daughter in 2014.

The brutal murders, which involved a serrated paring knife to help cleanse the children and send them to heaven, were carried out by Avery and another woman by the name of Monifa Sanford, who was also found not responsible in the killings based on reason of insanity.

The mother and her friend were delusional, according to defence attorneys representing the demon assassins. The judge who ruled that the mother was not responsible for the death of her 2 children spoke for 20 minutes about the state of Maryland's criminal insanity statutes and the evidence of Avery’s insanity, which included her belief that "demons can enter people through their eyes, penetrate their souls and, without an exorcism, can pull people to hell." The other 2 children belonging to Avery survived despite being apparently next in line to be cleansed, according to reports.


8 Postpartum Psychosis Leads to Baby's Beheading By Mother


At number 8 we have a case that involved the beheading and stabbing of a child by a mother who was talking to demons and "acting crazy," according to the baby’s father. In this sad case, the mother who thought her child was somehow connected with the delusions she experienced the night of the killing, had also dealt with a lifetime of misery as a child herself. From an early age, Deasia Watkins had been in hell, according to USA Today Cincinnati.

Due to both of her parents not being supportive, but rather infringing upon her healthy growth and development, Watkins had been in and out of the juvenile court system for many years until the age of 14, when her finally lost her battle to win custody over her.

Before being found covered in the blood of her deceased 3 year-old daughter while in bed, the embattled 22 year-old had been reportedly talking to demons. Initially, Watkins pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, however she later pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

7 Mother Said She Was Possessed By Demons Before Killing Daughter


A mother who attempted to kill both her daughter and herself with tablets survived her attempted suicide in shock. After realizing that the pills she ingested had not done the job they were intended to do since she remained alive whilst her daughter lay stiff and cold beside her, the mother attempted suicide again.

Evelyn Kathleen Sen was panicking when she began to take more of the deadly tablets, and when those still didn’t work, she found a sharp object to cut her wrists with. At 4:40 a.m., after accepting that her plan had failed, Sen phoned local New Zealand police to report the death of her daughter. The body of Sen’s baby appeared stiff and was cold to the touch by the time police arrived to the home, which had fresh blood drops from the superficial self-inflicted wounds of Sen scattered about. According to Sen, her house had been inhabited by demons, which led her to the fateful act of attempting to kill herself and murdering her child.

6 Mother Believed Possessed By Demon Killed By Child


This month last year, instead of a mother murdering a child believed to be demon-possessed, a child murdered its mother based on the same logic. According to the child’s attorney, the mother had practiced black magic and witchcraft for years, and this exposure fed the delusion that eventually resulted in the tragic murder.

Sarah Gilbert, who was 27 years-old at the time of the murder, had endured years of "terrible delusions" that her attorney claims were the result of occult practices led by her mother. Gilbert had also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was hospitalized 10 times in the 3-year period before the deadly attack on her mother. It all went down the day that Gilbert used a fire extinguisher and 15-inch knife to attack her mother, who was visiting her apartment. In a shocking twist, the mother in question had been in desperate search of another of her daughter’s, whose disappearance has now led authorities to the discovery of "10 sets of human remains" and the hunt for a Long Island serial killer.

5 Child Paddled To Death in Exorcism by Two Women


In 1996, the 4th of July was a day that some police officers may still remember as one of the worst case of child abuse they’d ever seen. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, both prosecutors and police officials felt that the beating death of a child during an exorcism was "one of the most horrific child beating cases they have ever seen."

The mother in this case was charged with 2nd degree murder for allowing two of her friends to conduct an exorcism on her 5 year-old daughter over the weekend of July 4th, 1996. The two women who performed the exorcism ritual with a wooden cheese board were sentenced to 26 years to life for the 1st degree murder of the young victim. All three women involved are serving life sentences for the bizarre murder of the toddler who was thought to possess demons prior to the killing.

4 Mother Slashes Daughter to Death For Being Possessed By Devil


Nelly Vasquez-Salazar took the life of her 6 year old daughter because she believed that the child was possessed by the devil, and it didn’t help that the young girl had a sleepwalking disorder to add to the mothers superstition. According to the coroner, the 6 year-old victim, named Evelyn Vasquez, died of being stabbed 11 times.

Initially the mother claimed that she killed her daughter in self-defence when she was almost attacked by the child with a butcher knife. Though after being interrogated by police, she eventually admitted that she blamed herself for "how she murdered her daughter."

3 Mother Kills 4 Children And Waits For Their Resurrection


A mother who pulled all of her children out of the public school system in 2007 in order to homeschool them believed that once their demons left their corpses, they would come back to life. The children, ages 11 to 17, were named N’Kiah Fogle, 6, Aja Fogle, 5, Tatianna Jacks, 11, and Brittany Jacks, 17.

Confessing to the murders, Banita Jacks claimed that her recently deceased boyfriend had come to her in a dream to inform her that all four of her children were demon possessed, but that after killing them would be resurrected. She also confessed that her eldest daughter, Brittany, had a particular kind of demon called a "Jezebel demon."

Initially Jacks claimed that her children had died in their sleep, but later confessed that she had stabbed and strangled them to death. “The weaker the girls got, the weaker the demons got,” said Jacks on a court recording.

2 Mother Confesses Putting ‘Demon’ Children's Bodies In Freezer


Our number 2 case of mothers admitting they killed their children because of their belief that they were possessed by demons has caused a whirlwind of media attention due to the extreme nature of the killings. If you haven’t heard of Mitchelle Blair, then count yourself as uninformed of one of the most jaw-dropping murder cases in recent history.

Blair killed her 2 oldest children because of her belief that they had gang r*ped her youngest child, a 6 year old son. For the brutal killings, which involved beatings, scalding hot water and plastic bags wrapped over the heads of the pre-adolescent victims, Stoni Blair, 13, and Stephen Berry, 9, Blair has received a life sentence in federal prison. The bodies of the 2 victims had been stored in a deep freezer and weren’t discovered until Blair was evicted from her apartment. The children were frozen to death.

1 Mother Who Kills 8 Children Found Insane


When a child is killed at the hands of its own mother, the unfolding misery is always devastating for friends and family as well as siblings, teachers, and countless others. Yet when not just more than 1, but 8 children are killed, the level of tragedy becomes almost legendary. Such is the case of a mother murdering all 8 of her children in a schizophrenia-induced rampage.

Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday is the name of the mother who, before killing all 8 of her children (ages 2 to 14), had no record of mental illness or criminal activity before the murder. In fact, Ina had just managed to quit smoking weed about 6 months before the deadly incident. In this case, the deadly act did not result in harsh penalties from authorities on account of a mental health clause. Ina was determined to have undiagnosed schizophrenia upon investigation after the killing and was not sentenced to prison.


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