15 Kids You Won’t Believe Exist

Whether you absolutely love kids or you don’t think that you will ever want to have any of your own, you are going to be floored by this list of 15 Kids You Won’t Believe Exist. These children have conditions and diseases that you might expect to only see in a horror or science fiction movie. The good news is that most of these kids met great happy endings and have been able to move on from their lives. Sadly, others have struggled to attain to a normal level of living. These children come from all over the world and range from India to Asia, the United Kingdom and America. They are from far and wide, but they represent just a tiny fraction of the human population. These kids are the anomalies, the ones that you never really think about existing in real life. Even so, that isn’t to say that they don’t deserve a full shot at life (or as full a shot as possible in their particular situations).

Can you imagine what it might be like to be the parent of one of these kids? Would you abandon them? Put them up for adoption or foster care? Love them unconditionally regardless? Some of these kids have been called cursed and been shunned by their communities. Others have been fully supported and even given life-changing surgeries, free of charge. It just goes to show that life conditions are not equal for everyone.


15 Charlotte Garside


She is definitely the “Smallest Girl in the World” and at eight years old, she is barely the size of a large teddy bear. Charlotte was born as a premie and doctors said that she was not going to make it past her first birthday. Yet she is now a young girl and is alive and kicking. You can understand why she inspires her own family. Charlotte, who is often mistaken for a baby, was born with an intense case of Primordial Dwarfism and weighs the same as a heavy newborn baby. When she was born, she weighed just 2 pounds. Charlotte has a private tutor at her school and is able to socialize with the other kids, although she has an intelligence level that is several years below her actual age. While there is a lot that is not clear about Charlotte, her family will continue to support her and hope for the best. After all, it doesn’t look as though Charlotte will be slowing down anytime soon!

14 Verdant Joshi

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Born in India, Verdant Joshi came out of his mother’s womb with his right foot weighing significantly more than his left foot. As a young child, Verdant’s right foot weighed 12 pounds, which wasn’t much more than his total body weight. The foot was enlarged and difficult to lift, which will undoubtedly make daily life a challenge for Verdant. Even so, the 5-year-old is able to run, jump, and play just like a normal boy. There are still people in his village who don’t want their children to play with Verdant, but he is proving himself to be quite a capable boy. Still, it would be helpful if doctors could figure out why this condition persists for Verdant and how they can get rid of it. Unfortunately, a diagnosis has not been made, even with dozens of doctors checking out Verdant’s foot. They have told his family that the only viable solution is to amputate his right foot.

13 An Qi

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People are born with birthmarks all the time. You might even have some yourself, but for An Qi from China, his birthmark took a turn for the worst. An Qi was born with a large birthmark that covered half of his face, and before too long it began to grow hair. It gave him the appearance of a werewolf and was very upsetting for just a young boy. It also made him the subject of many jokes and stares. Not only was there the emotional trauma of going through this, but An Qi also dealt with the physical discomfort of having hair take over half of his face. On top of all that, An Qi’s dad died when he was just four years old, and his mother was mentally ill, leaving An Qi to live with his grandparents. He was working with a psychologist, and fortunately, a doctor stepped forward and approached An Qi and his family to offer a life-changing surgery. In 2011, An Qi was welcomed to Jilin Mingyi Plastic Surgery Hospital for a free procedure.

12 Manar Maged


This Egyptian baby was born with her twin sister attached to her head. To make matters even worse, The twin sister, Islaam was just a head and a bit of torso, but she was able to blink and move her mouth. The doctors at the hospital were quick to act, saying that if Manar was going to survive to have a normal life, then Islaam needed to be removed. This is a case of Craniopagus Parasiticus, also known as the case in which a parasitic twin is born attached to the other twin. Manar was operated on shortly after she was born, and it seemed that she had survived the surgery well. However, just a year after the operation, Manar passed away (she was about to turn two years old). Islaam died as soon as she was surgically separated from Manar, which is typical of this type of operation. The condition of a parasitic twin is extremely rare, and no one has been able to survive the separation surgery as of yet.

11 Tessa Evans

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Imagine a person who didn’t have a nose. We would think that they would look sort of like Voldemort from the Harry Potter books. Well, Tessa Evans is a little tiny girl who looks nothing like Voldemort. She is a beautiful little girl who just so happened to be born without a nose. Where the nose should have been, there was just an empty cavity space covered by smooth skin. Doctors saw that this could be a problem, so they gave Tessa a nasal implant that will encourage a new nose to form. Slowly but surely, a little bump began to form, and little by little, a nose for Tessa is evolving. She is the first person to receive such a treatment and be given a fully synthetic nose. The implant will stretch out the smooth skin on top of the empty cavity in her face and will hopefully become a natural-looking nose. Tessa was born with Arhinia, which has only 46 other known cases in the world. She can’t smell, but she can sneeze!

10 Claire & Lola Hartley

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There was a lot of talk about the Zika virus in Brazil during the summer of 2016, especially since people were getting ready to attend or watch the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitos and is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it often produces babies with microcephaly. Gwen Hartley gave birth to not one, but two daughters with this disease, which causes tiny heads and brains. Claire and Lola were given just a year to live, but they both defied the odds, and despite their minimal brain development and motor skills, they are 100% loved by their parents. About 25,000 people in the United States are born with microcephaly, but there are more cases in Brazil. Although Claire and Lola are 15 and 10 now, they still act like babies, which makes them a burden in public places, which is a shame.

9 Deepak Paswaan

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When Deepak’s mother was expecting him, she felt a lot of pain and some complications from the pregnancy. Deepak was born with four extra limbs jutting out from his body, and it turned out that he was housing a parasitic twin inside his body. Deepak became known as “The Eight-Limbed Boy” and he clearly had a pair of legs and arms coming out of his chest and stomach. The good news is that Deepak was able to undergo an extremely intense surgery - all at no cost to his family, who certainly would not have been able to afford it. Such a surgery would have cost about $50,000! Deepak was seven years old when he was given the free operation in his native India in 2010. His quality of life drastically improved, even though he was still considered to be a “devil’s child” by some of the people in his village.


8 Didier Montalvo

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A real life teenage mutant ninja turtle? Not exactly, and for poor Didier Montalvo, he feels anything but heroic. He was nicknamed “Turtle Boy” for the very obvious reason that he was born with a huge mole that resembled a turtle shell. It was dark brown and bumpy and took up most of his total overall weight. Not only was it unsightly, but it was extremely uncomfortable for such a little boy. Fortunately, Didier was able to have the mole removed, which greatly improved his quality of life and gave him the appearance of a typical young boy. Didier was eight years old when a British plastic surgeon flew to his native Colombia to perform the surgery. Didier had a rare genetic mutation known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. Now Didier and his family are no longer a marginalized group within their Colombian village and they have even appeared on American morning talk shows.

7 Vincent Oketch

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This boy was born a typical youngster, but when he was one year old he was stricken with a rare condition that made his legs balloon to gigantic proportions. Vincent’s legs suffered from a form of elephantiasis and while the disease only affected his legs, they took up more than what his entire body did. The inflammation caused his legs and buttocks to swell to inconceivable proportions and then Vincent was unable to walk. The lymphatic system was blocked and Vincent also had a cyst in his urethra. A doctor in Toronto was shaken by Vincent’s story after hearing about it through Empowerment of Disadvantaged Youth and Children. The first step was to rid Vincent’s legs of the excess fats and fluids. Then, an operation was set to take place. Unfortunately, Vincent died before that was able to happen. He was probably in a lot of pain for most of his life and it’s sad that he wasn’t able to be helped.

6 Matthew Campuzano

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When Pope Francis visited the United States last year, he made a stop in the city of brotherly love, also known as Philadelphia. It is common custom for people to bring their children to the Pope and for the Catholic honcho to kiss the children in order to bless them. For the Campuzano family, they were thrilled with what happened when the Popemobile passed by them because their son suffers from Hydrocephalus. One of the Secret Service men saw Matthew being held by his father, so he took him and brought him to the Pope, who planted a kiss on his big head. The Secret Service man then returned Matthew to his parents, safe and sound. Whether a kiss from the Pope helps to cure a disease or not is up for debate, but it was definitely a moment that Matthew’s parents won’t ever forget. Hydrocephalus is a rare genetic condition in which too much fluid surges to the brain, causing the head to become enlarged.

5 Mohammad Kaleem

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Born in India, Mohammad Kaleem suffers from extremely oversized hands that inhibit him from enjoying his everyday life. Simple tasks such as getting dressed or eating are nearly impossible for him to do on his own. Rather, he needs someone by him at all times to ensure that he stays safe. While his hands look as though they could hurt someone, they are so heavy that Mohammad would rather not use or lift them at all. Each had has 5 fingers, although the proportions are uneven and the hands look like inflated latex gloves. So how big are these hands? They measure 33 centimeters - a new world record. In 2015, a plastic surgeon attempted to remedy Mohammad’s “localized giantism” and the operation helped a bit. Hopefully more improvements can be made so that Mohammad can go to school like normal boys and girls and not be marginalized by his community as being a “devil’s child.”

4 The Coneheaded Children of Vietnam

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This is why people don’t use Agent Orange in military combat anymore. Soldiers used Agent Orange during the Vietnam War to uncover enemy hiding places and destroying leaves and foliage. The chemical contains dioxin, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man. Unfortunately, the chemical has leached into the soil and water in Vietnam, causing its inhabitants to consume it. This results in a number of births in which the children were born with coneheads (yes, similar to the movie). 400,000 people have died from complications from dioxin exposure, while thousands of babies have been born with deformed heads and bodies. Some of them have coneheads, others have huge masses attached to their heads, and others have even worse conditions. For instance, one boy was born with his eyelids fused closed, his fingers and toes webbed, and his kidneys malformed. Others are born with cerebral palsy or tiny bodies and huge heads.

3 Milagros Cerron

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How about catching a glimpse of a real life mermaid? That was the case with Milagros Cerron, who was born with a specific birth defect that causes the legs to be fused together. When she was born, Milagros closely resembled a mermaid because her two legs were totally connected and the feet were in a plie position, similar to a mermaid’s tail. The Peruvian baby Milagros was able to have her legs surgically separated and now she is living the happy, healthy life of a young girl. A fun fact is that Milagros means miracle in Spanish, and this little girl is definitely a medical miracle. Nicknamed “The Little Mermaid” in Peru, Milagros had to undergo several intense surgeries in order to have her legs become separated. Doctors and surgeons had to work tirelessly to reconstruct her hips, knees, and ankles, and she will also have to undergo surgery to reconstruct her reproductive organs as well.

2 Amelia & Jasmine Appleby

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Did you ever pretend that you and your best friend were twins growing up? It can be fun to imagine, even if you both don’t look anything like each other. A real life example of this is Amelia and Jasmine Appleby. The two girls are fraternal twins, but they were born with different skin, hair, and eye colors. This makes them look completely unrelated, yet they came from the same mother, just minutes apart from each other. The twins’ mother is a white woman, while their father is a black man. Even so, a mixed race relationship and offspring does not usually produce twins who look nothing like each other. Doctors surmise that the differences occurred in the womb, after one of their mother’s eggs split up to create two different embryos. Changed exposure while in the womb as well as differences in the way their DNA was expressed to them could have caused the changes.

1 Pan Xianhang

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Pan Xianhang is a young Chinese boy who was born with a rare inherited skin disease called ichthyosis. It gives him the appearance of having a condition similar to the greyscale disease in Game of Thrones. His skin is extremely dry and cracked and has earned him the nickname “Fish Boy.” The disease causes his skin to be thicker than normal and exhibits geometric panels of dry flaky skin. Because the ichthyosis has covered most of Pan Xianhang’s body, it is difficult for him to go about his daily tasks. Even lifting his arms can be a struggle. The flaky skin condition is also present on his face, which can cause discomfort and his entire body tends to overheat very easily. Moreover, he is at a higher risk for skin infections and severe pain due to his disease. As of right now, he is still living with his skin disease and is trying to get through each passing day.


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