15 Kids From Hell Who Killed Their Mothers For Money

In the real world, mothers are often killed by the very children they gave life to, gruesomely even, because the “kids” want what they don’t have.

Perhaps the most famous case of matricide, aka a child killing his or her own mother, was in the Hitchcock movie Psycho, in which motel owner and psycho Norman Bates keeps his mother’s corpse with him after he himself had murdered her and her lover. Creepy as hell, the only good thing about Psycho is that, one, it was a movie so the premise was fictitious and, two, Bates killed his mother in a psychotic break – not for money.

But in the real world, mothers are often killed by the very children they gave life to, gruesomely even, because the “kids” want what they don’t have but their mothers do – money. Sometimes these children, be they minor or adult, kill because they need money for their addictions, which their mothers deny to put them on the right track. And sometimes, well, they kill of their mommies to shortcut themselves on the way to their inheritances so that they can live a life of irresponsible luxury and extravagance.

Mostly though, these murders happen in a fit of unimaginable rage that the child probably regrets for the rest of their life, or so we and the society would like to think so. However, it’s easy to assume that these children are basically nothing but monsters birthed by women who probably had some kind of deliverance coming their way. Not the kind of kids who ever made their moms a mother’s day card now, were they?

15 Daughter Kills Disabled Mother, For Insurance, In Front Of Her Little Son

Refilwe Monamodi, disabled and aged 54, was found floating in a swimming pool behind her house, dead – with the apparent cause of death being asphyxiation. Before her eventual disability and death, Refilwe was an advocate in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg and was partially disabled after a horrific car crash in 2002 that paralyzed the left side of her body. Her disability meant that she received payouts from the Road Accident Fund. That and her insurance became a source of conflict between the mother and her 33-year-old daughter, who also has a 4-year-old son.

The daughter soon became addicted to free money, quit her job, and began to harass her mother for cash – sometimes even hitting and bruising her if she didn’t comply, once even leaving her hospitalized for three days. Finally, the daughter strangled her and then dragged and dumped her mother’s body in the swimming pool – in front of her little son! The daughter has been arrested pending trial while the little boy is now in need of counseling.

14 Budding Rapper Gets Responsible Mum Murdered For Insurance Money

So when Qawmane Wilson aka QC seemed a little distant and unemotional at his mother’s funeral in 2012, friends and relatives attributed it to shock, numbness, and repressed grief, giving him gentle commiseration pats on the shoulder. Later, these very friends and relative were devastated to know that the robbery-murder of salon-owner and neighborhood superstar Yolanda Holmes was orchestrated none other by her own son, all because he wanted her money to live life in style.

Yolanda Holmes’ only child, this budding rapper and dancer, masterminded the whole thing, getting two of his friends to rob Yolanda while she was alone in the house and then murder her. After Yolanda’s death, QC emptied her bank accounts and collected the insurance money to a total of $90,000 and then began to live a life of lavishness. His friends were traced and arrested and soon the trail led to QC himself, and now all three are rotting in jail – as they rightly should.

13 Sisters Murder Their Alcoholic Mother To Buy a House With a Backyard Full Of Drugs

In 2003, Linda Anderson was murdered by her two daughters, Sandra and Elizabeth Anderson (names changed for privacy by the Canadian government since the girls were minors). Linda was an alcoholic, also battling depression and a prescription drug dependency, and a single mother raising three children. At the time, Sandra and Beth were 16 and 15 and apparently angry at their mother for wasting money on alcohol, upset that their friends had far more than they had.

So, “naturally” they began to troll the Internet for ways on how to kill their mother and happened upon a novel idea. They plied her with alcohol and Tylenol till she was almost comatose, and then put her in the bathtub. There, they gave her a massage and then offered to scrub her back – when Linda turned over, they grabbed her head and held it underwater till she died. They then went off to party and later in the evening called 911, crying and claiming that they found their mommy dead in the tub. Frankly, they would have gotten away with it, but being blabbermouths, they boasted about this to a friend who informed the police. Both were arrested, barred from having contact with each other and jailed for 10 years.

12 7-Month Pregnant Teen Murders Socialite Mother To Get Her Trust Fund

So apparently, having a trust fund set up for you is not enough, if you have a socialite mother not letting you have free access to it, even though she takes you on a luxury vacation to mend fraying bonds. 19-year-old Heather Mack and her 62-year-old socialite mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack weren’t on the best of terms, even though Sheila had made her daughter the sole beneficiary of everything. Sheila did not approve of Heather’s boyfriend Tommy Schaefer and the fact that Heather was seven months pregnant with his child.

Even so, she took them for a luxury vacation to Bali to mend their relationship – and there, both Heather and Tommy killed Sheila, stuffed her body in a suitcase and then left it in the trunk of a taxi. Both were arrested. Later, Heather gave birth to her daughter Stella in jail and had to give her up when she turned two, to foster care in March 2017 – after which she danced and sang in jail and then spent her days with her lesbian lover.

11 Poverty And Anger Makes 12-Year-Old Slit His Mother’s Throat

In India in the city of Hyderabad, poverty wrote another gory story of matricide. When 40-year-old Renuka used to ask her son to give up his daily earnings, meager as they were for both mother and son were illiterate rag pickers and scrap sellers, it used to cause friction between them for the boy did not want to part with what he considered to be rightfully his.

Extreme poverty, a life full of struggles and not enough food did not shape the 12-year-old well, whose father died early and left both him and his mother struggle to make a living, food and even alcohol (both were addicts). When the boy was young, the mother would keep his earnings. Now that he was a preteen, he did not want to hand over his earnings and mother and son often argued over it. Finally, over yet another vitriolic demand from Renuka for his money, the boy lost it, picked up a knife and slit his mother’s throat. Neighbors found Renuka lying in a pool of blood and the boy ran away.

10 Man Sends Mother To Heaven On Christmas, Now Wants Insurance Money

In 2015, Michael Gallagher lived with his 89-year-old mother in her Minneapolis apartment and was under the delusion that bedbugs had infected and infiltrated their apartment, and they would soon be evicted. Apparently, he thought that if he sent his mother to heaven, the bed bugs would be vanquished and she would not be thrown out on the streets. So on Christmas, he killed his mother Patricia by beating, suffocating and smothering her, freeing her soul from the mortal realm, and sending her to heaven, sparing her the pain and shock of eviction – and the bedbugs apparently vanished too.

Now he wants and demands her life insurance money and he might as well get it as he was found not guilty of murder by reason of mental illness and has been committed to the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter. As for the money, Gallagher said he wanted the $3,600 life insurance policy to help out with expenses after his mother's death.

9 Daughter Eggs On Boyfriend To Murder Mother Who Wouldn’t Give Her Drug Money

By all accounts, Palmetto-based Tricia Freeman was a good mother who tried her best to get her daughter Kayla clean and away from drugs, and away from her toxic boyfriend Roy. She worked hard and despite all the struggles in her life was a cheerful woman with a heart of gold.

Her daughter Kayla’s drug problem, along with Kayla’s boyfriend Roy, were making her life miserable. Kayla and Roy would pester Trish for drug money and live off of her. Kayla did not even take care of her own infant daughter whom DCF took away. Finally, Trish put her foot down and declared that Kayla and Roy would have to move out. The very next day, she went missing. Friends immediately suspected Kayla and Roy and both were arrested in Florida later. Roy Nichols confessed to the murder while Kayla Colyes is an accessory to the same. The trial is awaited.

8 Computer Engineering Graduate Kills Mother For Refusing Him Drug Money

So even the best education and upbringing cannot sway a person off the wrong track, even if the person is your own son. Animesh Jha, 32, a resident of Delhi, India (pictured in blue) was a computer engineering graduate and could have done big things with his life. Instead, he became a druggie and would pester his mother for money to buy drugs. A graduate from a Malaysian university, Animesh was working with Norton India and seemingly had everything working for him. His father, a well-placed manager at a private firm, had passed away a few years back of health issues and his sister was a doctor in the UK.

According to CCTV camera footage, Animesh came home in the wee hours of the morning, with a rope in his hand. And as per as his confession later, he woke his mother, 53-year-old Meeta Jha who was an investor in the share markets, and asked her for money to buy drugs. She adamantly refused and enraged, Animesh banged her head against the wall and then strangled her with a rope. He tried to escape to Nepal, but was caught and put to trial and then jailed for life.

7 I Killed My Mother, Now I Want The Money

So when 24-year-old Henry Wachtel was found not criminally responsible for beating his mother to death in October 2014, while in the throes of an epileptic seizure, he decided that now he also wanted some compensation for it. Henry had hit his mother, Karyn Kay, a high school teacher, some 100 times, and she died of blunt force trauma to the head and torso back in April 2012 – Henry later claimed to have no memory of the attack and the cops to testified to having found him “wild-eyed” at the scene.

Now Henry is demanding her life insurance, of which he was the sole beneficiary as well as teachers retirement benefits too. The insurance company is refusing on grounds of the “slayers rule” which basically states that if the beneficiary is the one who caused the death in the first place, he or she is no longer inclement to the benefits. Henry is suing and the matter is sub judice.

6 Mother Abandons Child And Later This Child Blows Up His Own Mother

Daisie Graham had her son and second child John Gilbert Graham in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression. When John was five, his father died of pneumonia and Daisie sent off John to the orphanage, citing poverty. In 1941, Daisie married her third husband who died shortly after their marriage and Daisie inherited a big chunk, became wealthy and established herself as a businesswoman. However, she never went back to the orphanage to collect her son.

The mother and son got back only when John was 22 and their relationship remained vitriolic. In 1955, Daisie's successful restaurant underwent massive losses because of a gas explosion. Later the same year, Daisie was travelling to Alaska to meet her daughter, her first child, via United Airlines Flight 629, and John dropped her at the airport for it. The flight exploded minutes after taking off and there were no survivors. Apparently, John had stuffed dynamite in Daisie’s suitcase and bombed his mother and the others to claim $37,500 worth of life insurance money from policies he had purchased in the airport terminal just moments before the aircraft's departure. He was found guilty and subsequently executed by the state of Colorado in 1957.

5 Financial Troubles? Well, Let Me Just Get Rid Of My Family Then

For years, John Emil List was known to be a good son, husband, and father until one day, he just snapped and everything fell apart. His wife was an alcoholic and a syphilis sufferer from her first husband – left untreated, this once beautiful woman was now a vitriol-spewing recluse who compared John’s sexual skills unfavorably to those of her first husband. His mother was bedridden and confined to her room and did not like his wife at all and somehow Jon felt that everybody in his family was pulling away from God and giving in to evil.

Add to that, John List had just lost his job but he said nothing of this to his family – for that would prove that he was a failure and living on welfare just did not seem right to him. He kept the pretense of going to office and pilfered money from his mother’s bank accounts to keep up mortgages and pretenses. Finally, he stumbled upon the obvious solution. Kill everybody. And so he did – shooting his wife, then his mother and then his three children – daughter and son, and then eldest son. After which, he vanished and stayed incognito under an assumed name and another marriage for 18 years before a feature on America’s Most Wanted made a neighbor recognize him. He was jailed and died in 2008 in jail, aged 82.

4 Brothers Kill Mother And Father To Get Their Inheritance

Joseph Lyle Menéndez and Erik Galen Menéndez were brought up in California and spent a normal childhood with their normal parents. There was plenty money and a sizable chunk of inheritance for them as well. In 1989, when Lyle and Erick were 21 and 18, they apparently couldn’t wait for their parents to die and kinda took matters into their own hands. While their parents were tired from shark fishing and watching a James Bond movie, they were shot by their own sons. The father, Jose, was shot in the head and died instantly, while their mother Kitty ran from them, was shot in the leg, and slipped and fell down, upon which she was shot so many times that her body became unrecognizable.

The brothers then drove away and dumped their shotguns and went to pass the time at the movies. At 11:47 p.m. the brothers returned home and Lyle telephoned 911 and cried, "Somebody killed my parents!" During the months after the murders, the brothers spent money lavishly, about $1 million during their first six months as orphans. Erik later confessed the murders to his psychologist, Dr. Oziel, who told his girlfriend, who told the police. Arrested, the brothers were convicted in 1994 and are spending a life in separate prisons without the possibility of parole.

3 Not Allowed To Marry His Love, Prince Massacres His Family To Escape Being Ousted

By all accounts, the heir apparent to the Nepalese Royal Throne, King Dipendra, led a fairly normal royal life. He did his schooling in Nepal and then attended Eton College and was interested in the fields of social service and had a keen interest in sports, especially in karate. A nationalist and a liberal, he seemed to be the bright future of Nepal, until, he fell in love. It is said that Dipendra's choice of bride was a girl that his mother, Queen Aishwarya, unequivocally shot down, and told him in no uncertain terms that if he wished to enjoy the comforts of Nepalese royalty, he better marry as per his parents’ wishes.

So after an alcohol and hashish binge, he massacred his family – his father King Birendra, mother, brother, and sister. He then turned the gun on himself. For some strange reason, Dipendra was proclaimed King as he lay comatose in a hospital bed, but died of his injuries after a three-day reign.

2 Mother Lost At Sea, Says Autistic Son, Both Suspected Of His Grandfather’s Murder Too

Recently, a mother and son were sailing when their boat, The Chicken Pox, sprung a leak and went down. Nathan Carman, the autistic son jumped on a life raft with some supplies and survived but there was no sign of the mother who is now presumed to be lost at sea. The son is suspected of her murder but as of now, no proof has been found that Nathan did murder his mother, Linda, whose estate is valued at nearly $10 million and Nathan is the sole beneficiary.

What many don’t know, is that Linda’s father and Nathan’s grandfather, multi-millionaire John Chakalos, was also found dead in 2013 and that both Linda and Nathan were suspects in the case since Linda had once assaulted her father over money.

Nothing was ever proven in the John Chakalos case and it seems that Linda’s murder would go unsolved as well. Nathan stayed adrift and was rescued eight days after his boat sank so that stands in his favor, but the insurance company has claimed that the boat sank due to modifications that Nathan had made to it. Murkier and murkier…

1 Forced To Pretend To Be Disabled For A Decade, Daughter Finally Kills Mother

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was wheelchair bound for the last decade, her mother Dee Dee claiming that she suffered from leukemia as a young child, and later also had muscular dystrophy. Even Gypsy’s father, divorced from Dee Dee, believed his daughter to be really ill since both mother and daughter were often in and out of hospitals as well.

The true story turned out to be far grimmer. Gypsy Rose wasn’t ill and did not need the wheelchair either – she was forced by her own mother to pretend to be disabled and kept a virtual prisoner in the house that they lived in. Finally at 23, Gypsy could not take this mental torture anymore and with her boyfriend, they stabbed Dee Dee to death after which Gypsy posted on Facebook, “The B*tch Is Dead!” Dee Dee’s bizarre and unimaginable behavior has been explained by some as Munchausen by proxy syndrome but others claim that she did it to collect thousands of dollars in benefits payouts and donations from well-wishers. So did this mother actually have it coming?

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