15 Juicy Secrets We Learned From Celebrity Exes

As much as we enjoy watching celebrity couples, sometimes the real fun comes in the breakup. Sure, some folks are able to break up on good terms, retaining custody of kids and even friends. You even see some exes hanging out on vacation at times. But in other cases, the breakups are incredibly nasty, instant tabloid fodder and reveals a lot about the folks involved. That includes secrets as too often, exes are willing to spill on some stuff that’s meant to be private. In some cases, it can be the star themselves sharing about a less famous spouse but it’s more fun when it’s the secrets of the stars revealed. And in many cases, it can be some stuff surprisingly wild.

From bedroom exploits to secret shames, nasty behavior to wilder antics, such secrets are great to listen to. Imagining how these folks go wild and crazy at times is fascinating, a far cry from their public personas. Some folks are famous for multiple relationships and thus plenty of folks who can spill on their pasts. It’s tricky to find others willing to talk as well but still very notable when they reveal all. In some cases, it’s a “he said/she said” but other times it can be confirmed and makes you see these folks in a new light. Here are 15 stars who had some unique freaky secrets revealed by their exes and how it puts their public personas in a new shade.


15 Paris Hilton: A Cheater And A Heavy Party Girl

The woman who helped create the modern-day idea of “famous for being famous,” the hotel heiress and socialite broke out with a reality TV show and various promotional projects. She also began a reputation of sleeping around massively with various men. A major one was Backstreet Boy Nick Carter who dated her for some time. However, Carter claimed in an interview that he discovered Hilton had cheated on him with Chad Michael Murray. He thus struck by with a “revenge fling” with Ashlee Simpson. He also says Hilton was a bad influence, pushing him more into drug and drinking addictions and “it could have ended in tragedy.”

Baseball player Doug Reinhardt spent $2 million on dating Paris and claims she attacked women coming onto him at a bar, throwing limes at them. Rob Mills took issue when Hilton, in an interview, claimed to not remember ever dating him. He said they “did everything but sex” but did it later when they reunited in Australia. While other exes (from 50 Cent to Kid Rock) aren’t as public, it adds to the reputation of this woman as seriously difficult to be with.

14 Jenny McCarthy: Stuff No Other Woman Would Do


Given how she rose to fame as a Playboy icon, maybe it’s no surprise Jenny McCarthy has a kinky side. The quirky blonde won fans with her multiple spreads in the 1990s and later hosting MTV shows like Singled Out and others. She’s gone on to a career as an actress, a co-host of The View and controversy over her views on vaccination. She and Jim Carrey were together for several years but today McCarthy is married to Donnie Wahlberg. One wonders how happy he is with it as McCarthy’s first husband, actor John Asher, loves to talk of their marriage from 1999 to 2005.According to him, McCarthy was “a freak in the sack” who was open to threesomes and “open to stuff where I’ve thought ‘no other woman would do that'. It was a hell of a show.”

McCarthy herself has shared that her relationship with Carey ended because “It just wasn’t fun anymore.” Given how Carey is known as one of the funniest guys on the planet, that has to say a lot. It looks like this lady takes “blondes have more fun” quite literally.

13 Charlie Sheen: Makes Lovers Sign An NDA

It’s still amazing to look at this man’s life. Charlie Sheen rose up as a handsome teen actor in the 1980s before finding his way in various movies like Wall Street and Young Guns. He had a well-publicized period in the 1990s and 2000s of drugs, drinking and arrests but seemed to turn it around with the hit show Two and a Half Men. But then came his infamous 2011 meltdown with ravings on “tiger blood” and more that got him fired. Still on TV with Anger Management, Sheen has endured a lot of relationships and many a lady is willing to talk about him.

Former girlfriend Bree Olson, an adult film star, claims Sheen is a “rock star” in bed and it comes from “a lot of practice.” That’s a surprise since according to a former assistant, Sheen makes any sexual partner sign a non-disclosure agreement before doing the deed. One hooker claims that Sheen is “below average” under the waist which Sheen (and other ladies) deny. Ex-wife Denise Richards claims Sheen sent expletive-laden messages to their own daughter although oddly they remain on good terms. The fact Sheen is fighting HIV shows his infamous past but it’s hard to find real “secrets’ considering how much of his exploits the man loves to brag about.

12 Katy Perry: Russell Brand Would Think Of Someone Else During The Deed


It’s hard to imagine an odder couple than this. Katy Perry broke out as the buxom hot singer of hits like “California Girls”. Russell Brand was the nutty British comedian of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and other films. Together, they forged a fun unit in 2009. They were married in 2010 but then split up in 2011. Just days later, Brand was on Howard Stern’s radio show talking about it and at first sounded good saying it was just bad timing. When Stern asked if Perry was good in bed (stay classy, Howard), Brand answered with “when I got divorced, I considered becoming a monk. When you're a monk, you're not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you're married, it's one person. That's one more than a monk. It's not that different. I'd be having sex thinking, 'Think of anyone, anyone else.'" Brand tried to later say he was just taking a shot at monogamy but Perry wasn’t pleased. And that’s before the revelation he asked her for a divorce via a text message. It’s pretty easy to see Perry no longer a fan of Brand’s style of comedy.

11 Hugh Hefner: Hates To Be Naked

At one time, Hugh Hefner was the envy of every man alive. The founder and publisher of Playboy, Hefner was known as a handsome man who really was a great womanizer. He also founded the Playboy Mansion, home to parties with hookups that are the stuff of Hollywood legend. However, age comes to us all and on TV shows like The Girls Next Door, Hefner was shown to be a somewhat creepy old guy whose infatuation with gorgeous young women wasn’t as fun. It also seems he couldn’t quite perform as well in the bedroom. Crystal Harris, one of the stars of the show, talked to Howard Stern on her experiences and shared that “he doesn’t really take off his clothes. I’ve never seen Hef naked. Then I was just over it. I was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I was over it. I just like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.”

Crystal did not stop there, also saying that he would only last a few seconds when any contact was able to be made. She’s not alone as other Playmates like Izabella St. James have admitted that the one time “King of Sexdom” just “lay there like a dead fish” and Hefner basically coasting on the image he’s maintained since 1954.

10 Kim Kardashian: It's All About Her


Given her beauty and reality show fame, it should be no surprise Kim Kardashian has dated more than her share of hot guys. And quite a few of them have a lot to say about her, often in not-flattering terms. Nick Lachey went on a date with her and claimed it was an out of the way movie theater but somehow, 30 paparazzi knew how to get at them and suspected Kim tipped them off. Her high school boyfriend, TJ Jackson was apparently so close with her that Kim was put on birth control pills at only 14. The Game talked of dating her twice…at a McDonald’s. She and Nick Cannon dated for a while but broke up when she flat out told him her infamous sex tape didn’t exist and when it came out, he realized he couldn’t trust her. Ray J rapped about “I hit it first,” a reference to the sex tape that made Kardashian a star.

Biggest of all is Kris Humphries who married Kim in a big ceremony in 2011 only to get divorced 72 days later. Humphries states he knew all the time the whole thing was just for publicity but figured he could get Kim to love him. But when Kayne West wasn’t among the guest for their wedding, Humphries knew Kardashian was cheating on him with the rapper. For her part, Kim says she knew it was “doomed on the honeymoon.” It’s no surprise the lady paints the picture of just wanting to date for fame and thus easy for exes to gossip about her.

9 Jennifer Lawrence: Smelling Like A Man

For a woman who’s at the top of the Hollywood game, Jennifer Lawrence is very reserved on her private life. The woman has gone from just another face in the crowd to the Oscar-winning star of blockbusters like The Hunger Games and X-Men but maintains a good attitude about being herself. She’s had her dating history of course, notably ex-boyfriend Nicolas Hoult (who co-starred in X-Men First Class). The two had an interesting time as each shared that when they argued and clashed, Lawrence would shift into a Scottish accent. Also, whenever Lawrence came home after going through the makeup for blue-skinned Mystique, Hoult complained over her “smelling like a man.” It would seem Hoult was “a big help” aiding Lawrence in removing her paint. Indeed, Hoult was meant to be the recipient of the now infamous nude selfies that blew up the Internet when they were leaked.

Lawrence also dated Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex, Chris Martin, for a time but split with Lawrence tired of Martin so non-committal. Given how awesome a person Lawrence is, getting folks to talk bad on her is tough but some kinky sides shown.


8 Jessica Simpson: Sexual Napalm


The bubbly blonde came to fame as a clean-cut pop singer in the early 2000s. She then transformed into a star via a reality show with then-husband Nick Lachey that made her look like a moron. But Simpson has persevered, continuing to be a major singing success and breaking out nicely as a good performer. She and Lachey divorced in 2006 and Simpson had various other loves, such as singer John Mayer. It was Mayer who got major attention with an interview with Rolling Stone talking of Simpson in the sack, calling her “sexual napalm.

"Sexually it was crazy...That's all I'll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Did you ever say, 'I want to quit my life and just f**king snort you'?" Simpson appeared a bit embarrassed by the remarks but not like she has room to talk. In an interview herself, she complained Lachey was bad in bed, had a small “package” and “a big money mistake.” Given how successful she is today, it looks like Simpson has had the last laugh.

7 Jennifer Aniston: Fragile And Not Fun

It’s well known by now how Jennifer Aniston had a big history with her rise in Friends making her a Hollywood star. She and Brad Pitt began dating in 1998 and getting serious before being married. Of course, it ended with Pitt divorcing Aniston after an on-set affair with Angelina Jolie. Both have talked in friendly terms with each other but Pitt has labeled Aniston difficult and saying that he felt crushed in the marriage and "just no longer fun" which was what drew him to Jolie. Naturally, the gorgeous and sexy Aniston isn't pleased and has fired back on Pitt also more "fragile" than his public persona.

Pitt isn’t alone in some quirky talk on Aniston. John Mayer famously talked of their long relationship and how it couldn’t work out because Aniston hated his love of tweeting. Of course, it also wasn’t helped by Mayer’s remark on how he wished Aniston “was back in 1998 when her career meant something,” a comment sure not to go over well. Safe to say the two are no longer friends.

6 Maria Sharapova: Not Athletic In Bed


The Russian blonde is among the top Tennis players in the world. She’s only person from her nation, male or female, to win a Grand Slam and a Silver medal at the Olympics. Sharapova is also notable for numerous magazine spreads showing off her lush legs and great form. Naturally, she’s dated plenty of guys, most notably Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. The two met just after Sharapova’s 18th birthday party in 2005 and hit it off very well. However, Levine has stated the reasons they broke up are because, despite being named one of the best female athletes on the planet, Sharapova is nothing special in bed. “She wouldn’t make any noise during sex… She just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan, said it ‘ruined her concentration.’”

Another ex is tennis player Gregor Dimitrov who dated Sharapova in 2008. He claims his game “suffered” by having to balance a relationship with the demanding Sharapova. Most notably, when Sharapova was suspended for breaking a drug rule, Dimitrov said she “deserved it,” hinting not the first time. She may be aces on the court but Sharapova doesn’t get much “love” from her exes.

5 Selena Gomez: Made Bieber Cry

The former Disney starlet has gotten a major boost over the last few years as a singer and actress. From Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez has gone on to show a very sexy image, often showcased in revealing clothing and an outspoken attitude. In 2010, the Wizards of Waverly Place star began dating rising pop singer Justin Bieber. It was a relationship for tabloid heaven, the two photographed constantly around the place and looked a great couple. But they broke up in 2012, both moving on and insist they’re friends. However, it looks like things may have gotten rougher than believed. On an interview with David Letterman, Gomez talked in vague terms of the break-up. Letterman brought up giving Bieber a tough interview and “making him cry.” Without hesitation, Gomez responded “that makes two of us.”

It came off a bit harsh and some have said Gomez just dates for her own fame. Indeed, Bella Hadid publicly warned her own ex the Weekend that Gomez “had a pattern” of dating famous guys and while most aren’t grousing about her, it adds to her sexy reputation.

4 Joe Jonas: Brags About Who He Lost Virginity To


The singer/actor has had a long history of dating some very hot women: Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and others. He’s thrown shade on them a few times. During a game with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Jonas said he would sleep with Swift, marry Lovato and kill Hadid. His song “Much Better” is clearly aimed at Swift with the line “everything I need is the girl right in front of me/she’s so much better.” In an interview, he stated that Lovato tried to get him into drugs when they dated, a harsh shot given Lovato’s well-publicized battle with her addictions.

No doubt the biggest revelation was when Jonas matter of factly stated that he lost his virginity to Twilight actress Ashley Greene. Greene responded with an Instagram post of “class is timeless,” clearly making it obvious she wasn’t happy with Jonas sharing this in a detailed story of looking for condoms. He may have talent but the guy’s past romances and exploits haven’t made him a lot of friends among hot ladies.

3 Sophia Bush: Called Her Marriage A Fraud

Imagine how it must feel to have to constantly keep working with someone you just had a bitter divorce from. Sophia Bush learned that one the hard way. In 2003, she and Chad Michael Murray met and fell in love while making the hit WB series One Tree Hill. Their relationship continued and they were married in 2005. However, just five months later, the two divorced in a bitter breakup with both wanting the marriage annulled but it was denied. Despite that, they kept on co-starring on the show for another three seasons. The reason for the breakup was rumored to be that Bush discovered Murray was cheating on her with none other than Paris Hilton and thus Bush wanted it annulled on the basis of fraud.

She’s tried to be upbeat about it but clearly hinting that Hilton wasn’t the only person Murray cheated on her as an Instagram post about him called him a “f---boy” and adding to rumors of Murray hooking up with guest stars on the show. For his part, Murray doesn’t discuss the incident but it’s pretty clear that working with your ex was probably the best acting job of Bush’s life. When pressed in an interview, she quoted her mother’s advice on “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.”

2 Bradley Cooper: Not That Attractive


Bradley Cooper came to fame with his role as Will on the hit spy show Alias. He went about various smaller roles before The Hangover made him an overnight star and launched a career including several Oscar nominations. Cooper has been connected to some ladies over the years and in 2006, became engaged to actress Jennifer Esposito. The two were married but ended up divorced after less than a year. Cooper says they just rushed into it but Esposito is a bit more frank in her autobiography. She notes that she had a long issue with emotional problems and not helped at the time. She paints Cooper as basically not that far off from the cocky characters he plays on film. "He was funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master manipulator," Esposito wrote. "I didn't necessarily find him that attractive, but I figured that I could enjoy his sense of humor and nonsense for a while." That’s right: Esposito says she didn’t find a younger Bradley Cooper that attractive. Today, Cooper is married to supermodel Irina Shayk so moved on well and one hopes she finds him more attractive than Esposito did.

1 Tom Cruise: Hot Control Freak

Tom Cruise’s work as a movie star is legendary. Even in his 50s, the guy continues to be a box office hit with various movies like The Mummy. He also has a dating history that’s…interesting. Cher admitted she and a young Cruise had a fling in his earlier days and puts him in “her top five” of best loves. Considering how many men Cher has been with, that’s a hearty compliment. Nicole Kidman tried to paint her divorce with Cruise as on good terms but their divorce papers show a different story with Kidman wanting to get counselling and Cruiser refusing and Kidman almost literally begging him to stay for their kids. Penelope Cruz had a good affair with Cruise as well and talks of steamy times. But it ended when she felt Cruise’s connection to Scientology was overwhelming them and refusing to convert.

Then there’s Katie Holmes as Cruise had a famous meltdown on Oprah on how much in love with her he was. While Holmes herself is mostly tight-lipped about it, friends of hers have talked of Holmes concerned about how she basically chosen by Cruise as his girlfriend as a huge event, the control he had over her and being blackballed for breaking up with him. While all the ladies agree on how Cruise is great in bed, the man is also scary in his control over his partner's life.

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