15 Jobs Where You Have To Deal With The Most Stupidity

It is not polite to call other people stupid, because at times the people we think are the most stupid might end up being even more intelligent than we are. Stupidity is basically a lack of intelligen

It is not polite to call other people stupid, because at times the people we think are the most stupid might end up being even more intelligent than we are. Stupidity is basically a lack of intelligence or common sense, but many people use the term to insult other people. There are genuinely stupid people out there, who lack the most basic social skills and common sense. These people might be suffering from a mental condition or they might be the kind of people who do not like being around other people, so they never learn.

Other people choose to behave like fools, regardless of whether they know that their actions are inappropriate or not - a behavior fuelled by disregard for the other person or as a way of rebellion. These people tend to be very dangerous because it is easy for them to cause accidents that can endanger themselves and other people. Other people behave like fools so that their friends can laugh and have a good time. The biggest problem with these ones is that they end up hurting others in order to amuse themselves or their friends.

The following are professionals who encounter stupid people on a regular basis - and part of their responsibility is to serve them or bring them down. The stupidity they have to deal with isn't something they look forward to, but since they love and need their jobs, they have to keep dealing with it. Do you think you have to deal with stupidity more than these professionals do?

15 IT Experts


Information Technology (IT) is one of the most important fields of study we have today since IT experts help us to use computers and other technology devices to make our work easier. IT experts are so important that almost all serious companies have either an IT department or IT experts they call on a regular basis to help them use technology to maximize profits. As great as this profession might be, one thing that most IT experts will admit is that the bulk of their work includes cleaning up after stupid people. It is common for an IT guy to respond to a desperate colleague from another department claiming that his or her computer has crashed, only for the IT guy to discover that his or her technologically backward colleague has not switched on the computer monitor. Although there are circumstances, where equipment malfunction and require the attention of an IT expert, these professionals have to deal with more than their fair share of stupidity.

14 School Janitors

Via Newsela

A school is supposed to be a place where young people go to learn, but the knowledge acquired does not seem to help in shaping their character. Most schools around the world focus on class work and forget that a student ought to grow in all aspects of his or her life. Sadly, a school janitor's report, if at all it is there, does not affect a student's grades or "success" in the eyes of the institution. As part of his or her many duties, a janitor's responsibility is to make sure that the school is clean. This means cleaning after the students and making sure that school property remains in good condition. However, if a janitor was to open up about what he or she has to clean up, chances that they think all the students, especially the older ones are stupid. Furthermore, those who look down on janitors, speak ill of them, whether in their presence or not, are enough proof of the stupidity.

13 Driving Instructors

Via Employee Benefits

It is funny how every legal driver on our roads must have passed through the hands of a driving instructor; a man or a woman who at one point seemed like a demigod to them. Failing a driving test is not as hard as most people think, and the embarrassment that comes with failing such a test is overwhelming. People do gain confidence to drive with time, and the ones who are most afraid make so many mistakes at first. Since most driving instructors are flawless drivers, they must be tempted to question the level of intelligence of some people. Unlike other courses where students have to qualify through some way to prove their capability and readiness to handle such courses, the only requirement for kindergarten and driving school is a certain age limit. This means that the stupidest people you know who can drive had to pass through a driving instructor, so sad.

12 Customer Care Representatives

Via Job Search

Working in the customer care department is fun since you get to shake hands with very important clients and get to make them feel comfortable. However, the customer care desk is not always a happy and smooth sailing place, since anyone might come and ask you any question that you have to answer accurately and politely. The customer care representatives who handle the most stupidity are those who attend to customers on phone, especially those who work in call centers and are on duty at night. Since it is never a good policy for the customer care representatives to hang up their phones on even the most ridiculous callers, they often have to endure irrelevant and inappropriate conversations. The poor guys who have to pick up toll-free numbers have to endure very long conversations from lonely idlers who have nothing but time in their hands. After even the worst conversation, the customer care representatives have to thank the caller for the opportunity to serve them and wait for them to hang up.

11 Equity Traders


Whether you want to call them stock traders or share traders, all that these professionals or companies largely deal with is trading securities or equity for their clients. These professionals, more often than not, deal with people who have a lot of money and they use their skills to help them make even more money. However, these professionals are on this list because quite often some people misunderstand what they do by thinking that they can predict the future. The most stupidity that these professionals encounter is when people who are not willing to pay for their services ask them which shares or stocks they should buy. Since there are many factors involved in equity trading, a professional equity trader will usually know the right time to buy or sell, the right amount of risk to take, and when to sit back and watch how the markets perform. When those who wanted predictions end up losing their money for whatever reason it is, they end up blaming the professionals.

10 Soldiers Of The Queen's Guard


"Make way for the queen's guard!" This is probably the only thing that the soldiers of the queen's guard will ever say in public while on duty. The tradition of these fancy dressed soldiers standing outside Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace, and the Tower of London dates back to the mid-17th Century during the reign of Charles II of England. Their primary role is to guard the queen's residence from all forms of threat, in a way most people find amusing. It is important to know that these guards are fully trained soldiers and not tourist attractions as most people think. The worst thing about this job is definitely the people who go to them trying to make them talk, laugh, or move; things that they are not supposed to do while on duty. These guards have to endure such stupidity for hours since their presence has a way of making people behave weird.

9 Firefighters

Via Emaze

The fire and rescue department is full of some of the most important professionals in society who not only respond to fire disasters but also to save people in emergencies such as collapsed buildings or car crash accidents. Some of these professionals have specialized training in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which makes them nothing short of being superheroes. However, they are on this list because of how the disasters we get ourselves into began in the first place. Some accidental fires begin from genuine sources where there is hardly anyone to blame; however, the sources of most fires are human error and stupidity. Imagine how heartbreaking it is for people to lose their lives in a fire caused by a stupid individual who wanted to collect the insurance money. In addition, some not so bright people start deadly fires or cause serious accidents while performing stunts that they wish to post on YouTube to get views.

8 Bar Waitresses


A bar waitress is your average waitress, only instead of working in a restaurant she works in a bar. This profession requires outstanding table service skills, customer relations skills, and beverage knowledge. Some of the best waitresses are keen to remember frequent customers to the bar as well as the drinks they usually order, a quality that makes customers feel important and wanting to keep coming back. However, these women work in jobs where they are exposed to some of the worst stupidity on the planet. The thing about a bar is that as the night grows older, the people start getting drunk, and their self-control gets weaker and weaker. Bars are places where you expect people to fight, verbally and physically, for some of the weirdest reasons. Bar waitresses have to watch guys hitting on girls who have no interest in them, as well as turn down unwelcome proposals because they are working.

7 Talent Scouts

Via TV Insider

You must have watched America's Got Talent or any other reality talent competitions on TV. One thing about such shows is that it is not always the best of the bunch who gets to go with the money, it usually the ones who make the audience fall in love with them. With the diversity of talents and abilities out there, it is not practical to claim that one talent is better than the other is, especially when some of the participants have taken the time to sharpen their skills to heights never seen before. Since there can only be one winning act, the judges have to eliminate the contestants who seem as if they are not serious with their act and let the fans choose who among the remaining contestants gets to go home with the money. In the early episodes of every season, judges have to get rid of so many jokers whose performances are terrible and stupid, performers who are simply not serious - and they also have to deal with the angry, pushy parents who insist their children are "the next big thing."

6 Traffic Officers

Via The Japan Times

Traffic cops are wonderful officers who make sure that motorists obey the rules expected of them on the roads, and they try their level best to make sure that traffic is flowing smoothly. Most drivers love seeing the cops doing their job, as long as they do not request them to stop. Traffic officers are probably the professionals on this list who have to deal with the most stupidity because every driver is aware of the simple rules of the road but a number of them insist on breaking them. These officers have to deal with drunk drivers, the most stupid lot on this list. Drunk drivers are responsible for most of the fatal accidents on our roads, simply because alcohol messes with someone's judgement, and someone with compromised judgement should never be behind the wheel of a car. In addition, these officers have to deal with speed freaks, people who think the speed regulations do not apply to them. As is often the case, the drunk drivers are the ones who do not pay attention to speed limits.

5 Accountants

Via Odyssey

Accountants are some of the most important professionals in a business, since without them; business owners and organizations would lose so much money because no one is there to account for it. Although accounting is considered one of the most stressful jobs on the planet, one of the reasons for the stress is the stupidity that surrounds them. Accountants working in big organizations can tell stories of how people waste their money, how others try to steal money, and how others earn so much for no reason at all. Accountants in organizations that have many workers often have to deal with frequent complaints from their colleagues in other departments who claim that the accountants are stealing their money. These professionals also have to deal with their corrupt bosses, who embezzle funds in creative underhand means, thinking that the accountants are not aware of their intentions. The most effective accountants are those who do not tolerate pressure from any side or give in to it.

4 Counselors

Via Emaze

Have you ever gone to see a counselor? Most people think that they should only go for counseling only when there is a problem that they are facing that only a professional can deal with. Although counselors have the necessary training to help people deal with their personal problems, it is a good idea to visit a counselor on a regular basis even when things have not gotten out of hand. The primary role of a counselor is to help an individual look within himself or herself to find solutions to all of the problems that he or she is facing. Although the counselor knows how to guide a client to the most desirable solution to a problem, he or she often finds him or herself wondering how on earth some people get into some problems. Counselors have to deal with addicts who keep going back to their habits, people in abusive relationships who insist on sticking there, and even people who never take their counsel and sink further into problems.

3 ER Nurses and Doctors

Via The Corsair

Doctors and nurses are professionals who deserve so much praise and recognition for what they do because dedicating your life to saving other people's lives is a high calling. These professionals take so much time and spend so much money learning how the body works and what to do in almost all situations, knowledge that is put to test every day they walk into the hospital. Although most of the patients who are brought to the ER (Emergency Room) get there owing to accidents or serious medical conditions, some of them get there because of stupid choices. Have you ever watched shows like Sex Sent Me to the ER or Outrageous 911? If you have ever watched even one episode, then you will understand what some nurses and doctors go through. These doctors and nurses often have to come up with solutions to problems that are not even in the "book", thanks to some not so bright people.

2 Counter Terrorism Police

Via Huffington Post UK

It is hard to imagine that a group of people would decide to strike fear in their own brothers and sisters as well as to strangers living in other countries. It is common to find terrorists invading a city and imposing their extreme beliefs on citizens who have no desire of changing their lifestyle or beliefs, where they threaten those who do not comply with their ways with death. As a response to such terror, most governments have set up counter-terrorism police units, trained in hunting down and ending these terrorist movements. The worst thing is that these policemen and women know that the stupid terrorists are more than willing to blow themselves up if it will mean going down with a few innocent people. Terrorists, whether those hiding behind powerful nations or religion are all the same, their actions are truly senseless and they place their selfish desires before human life.

1 Teachers

Via RAND Corporation

One definition of a stupid person is someone lacking common sense or intelligence. When you think about it, the person who deals with the most stupid people is a teacher, because a teacher's primary role is to help students understand principles and concepts that they lack. Before the beginning of a course, a teacher is usually dealing with the stupidest lot of students in a school, but after a teacher is through the students need to show that they are no longer stupid by passing an exam or changing their behavior. However, it would not be fair to refer to students who have not learned a concept yet as stupid, the stupid ones are those who have learned but do not seem to put their learning into practice. You can teach students everything they need to learn about respect and how harmful some behaviors might be, their persistence on the same is just a reflection of their stupidity.

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