15 JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories

John F. Kennedy’s assassination occurred on November 22nd, 1963. JFK was shot in Dealey Plaza in Dallas while riding in a motorcade. He was on a presidential campaign tour. It is believed that JFK was shot by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was arrested shortly after the assassination. However, before Oswald could attend his trial, he was shot by a nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was arrested but then suddenly died in his prison cell. An investigation regarding the whole affair was carried out by the Warren Commission (The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy) that was set up by JFK’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson. It was concluded that Oswald acted alone when he killed JFK and that Ruby acted alone when he killed Oswald. However, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) did not agree with the Warren Committee. Instead, the HSCA claimed that JFK was assassinated as a result of some sort of conspiracy. As one can imagine, the incident sparked the world’s imagination.

It is generally believed that JFK was murdered as a result of some conspiracy. Over the years, many conspiracy theories have been proposed. Some of them claim that Oswald was a KGB agent. Some claim that Oswald was a CIA agent. Others claim that Oswald was purposely murdered by Ruby just when he was about to talk to the press and that Ruby himself was poisoned. Still others think that neither Oswald nor Ruby have anything to do with JFK's assassination and blame the incident on other mysterious figures.


15 The KGB Killed JFK

Some say that JFK was killed by the KGB who used the gunman Lee Harvey Oswald as a pawn in the whole affair. But why would the Soviets want JFK dead? Well, it is believed that the Soviets were so humiliated during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis that they were willing to do anything to get revenge on Kennedy. Oswald was the perfect man for the job that the Soviets had in mind. Oswald was American but had studied socialist principles and was wildly successful in urging his fellow Americans to join the Communist party. Oswald eventually joined the Marines and was in fact the first Marine to ever defect to Soviet Union. He stated that he would kill any American that would defend the American government. Thus, Oswald was the perfect KGB operative. However, once his job was done, the Soviets used Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, to get rid of Oswald. It is said that later the Soviets also poisoned Jack Ruby fearing that the latter would talk to the reporters.

14 The Mysterious Umbrella Man


The Umbrella Man theory is one of the more mysterious theories that have been put forward by conspiracy theorists. The theory focuses on a lonesome man who stood on the side of the road near JFK’s car, holding a black umbrella. The strange thing is: it was a sunny day with not a drop of rain (although it did rain the previous night). And no one else in Dallas was holding an umbrella. But apparently, there’s an explanation as to why the man was holding an umbrella. The umbrella man, Louie Steven Witt, came forward and explained that he held the umbrella in protest of JFK’s father’s appeasement policies. The umbrella was simply a reference to the umbrella that was so often carried by the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

13 Castro Indirectly Encouraged Oswald To Kill JFK

Some believe that the gunman Oswald was cooperating not with the Soviets but with the Cubans. It has been said that Oswald was a great believer in Castro’s future vision of Cuba. Castro was supposedly a real role model for Oswald. But is there any truth in any of this? Apparently, there is. At one time, Oswald was part of a group who called themselves “Fair Play for Cuba”. As a member of the group, Oswald was involved in the distribution of pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans. He was arrested for this activity. But the arrest did not stop Oswald. Sometime later, he was a guest in a radio show where he talked about Cuba. He also took part in a debate in which he defended Castro and his Marxist beliefs. While most people do not believe that Castro ordered JFK’s death directly, they tend to think that Castro nevertheless knew of Oswald’s plan to kill JFK. Alas, Castro chose not to stop him.

12 The Mysterious Babushka Lady


There were many strange people present at JFK’s assassination, including the mysterious Babushka Lady. The identity of the Babushka Lady remains a mystery. All we know is that the Babushka lady is present in a number of photographs and videos that have been taken during the JFK assassination. In the footage, she wears a tan trench coat and is standing with a wide stance. She is also holding up her hands by her face, as if holding a camera or binoculars. What is strange is that in one video which documents the start of the shooting, we see people fleeing in panic or crouching down to the ground. But the mysterious Babushka Lady remains standing, seemingly oblivious to the chaos that surrounds her. Some speculate that she was a Russian spy. Others claim she was an assassin who was holding a camera gun. Still others are convinced she was actually a “he” (which would explain the wide stance).

11 JFK's Death Was Full Of Masonic Symbols

Some say that the Masons were involved in the JFK assassination. According to these people, the JFK assassination is full of Masonic numerology. It is said that the numbers 3 and 33 were especially prominent in the assassination. For example, JFK was killed on the 22nd of November (11/12) and if you add up the numbers (11 + 22), you get 33. Plus, Dealey Plaza (where JFK was shot) is near the Trinity River. The motorcade was on its way to the Triple Underpass. Many also say that there were 3 groups of assassins present and it is common for Masonic assassins to come in threes. If numerology is not enough to convince you, consider this: the name “Dealey Plaza” can be broken down to “dea”, meaning “goddess” in Latin, and “ley”, meaning “law” in Spanish. So it could be argued that JFK was killed in a place where the Goddess rules. And of course, everybody knows that the Masons are very much into goddess worship.

10 JFK Was Killed By A Mysterious Bullet


A nurse who was attending to JFK after he was shot claimed that the President was killed by a mystery bullet. The nurse, Phyllis Hall, was 28 years old at the time. She says that she was quite forcefully brought to the operating room by one of the Secret Service agents and was told to assist the doctors in helping the President. Hall claimed that while she was trying to help the President, she noticed a weird bullet stuck in his neck. The bullet was nothing like she had seen before, even though she had plenty of experience in working with gunshot wounds. The bullet was pointed at the tip and seemed completely undamaged. It was around one-and-a-half inches long. When the bullet was removed it was taken away and Hall never saw it again.

9 Secret Service Agent Killed JFK Accidentally

Is it possible that JFK was killed accidentally? According to some, JFK was accidentally fatally injured and killed by a Secret Service agent. The theory was initially proposed in the 1970s by Baltimore gunsmith Howard Donahue. The third shot fired at JFK tore to shreds the upper right side of his skull. The resulting wounds have made Donahue believe that the third shot was not fired by Oswald. According to Donahue’s calculations, the third shot was fired from the left side of the trailing car. The car was full of Secret Service agents and Donahue believes that the Secret Service agent George Hickey fired at the President when the car suddenly lurched forward. So why did this theory remain so obscure? Supposedly, the accident was covered up. It is believed that George Hickey was only assigned to that car because other agents had been partying hard into the early hours of that morning.


8 Charlie Harrelson Confessed To Killing JFK


Charles Harrelson, American criminal and father of actor Woody Harrelson, is often said to have killed JFK. Harrelson was convicted of robberies and tried for a number of murders. Perhaps most famously, he was convicted of murdering the federal judge John. H. Wood Jr. In 1980, Harrelson was arrested by the police while high on cocaine. Before the police arrested him, Harrelson threatened to commit suicide and claimed that he had murdered both judge Wood Jr. and JFK. He took back his statements later, however, claiming that he was only talking in an effort to elongate his life during the standoff with the police. The FBI found Harrelson innocent. The author Jim Marrs, however, claimed that Harrelson was involved with intelligence agencies, the military and Jack Ruby.

7 JFK Was Murdered Because He Was Too Interested In UFOs

A rather recent JFK assassination conspiracy theory claims that JFK was killed because he was too interested in the UFOs. Sounds a bit nuts, doesn’t it? And yet it might be true. It has been recently discovered that ten days before his assassination, JFK wrote to the Director of the CIA requesting access to confidential documents about UFO’s. In 1999, JFK’s letter, as well as other confidential correspondence, was sent to Timothy Cooper, a UFO hunter, by an anonymous source in the CIA. One of the documents was a note from the Director of CIA which said that “Lancer has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October. Your action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group.” Lancer was code name for JFK. The anonymous source claimed that he had pulled the note from a fire when the CIA was getting rid of some of its most secret documents.

6 Joe DiMaggio Ordered The Death Of JFK Out Of Love For Monroe


Marilyn Monroe, the talented actress and international sex symbol, was married to a number of men, including the baseball player Joe DiMaggio. And even though the couple eventually separated, it has been said that DiMaggio never stopped loving Monroe and laid flowers on her grave until he himself died. So what is DiMaggio’s connection to JFK’s assassination? Well, it has long been alleged that JFK had an affair with Monroe. And when Monroe overdosed on drugs in 1962, it is said that DiMaggio could simply not get over it. It is said that he blamed the Kennedy’s for his sweetheart’s death. In fact, rumor has it that when DiMaggio’s friends were hanging out with him, they were strictly forbidden to mention Monroe, Sinatra or the Kennedy’s. So is it that crazy to think that DiMaggio might have hired a hitman to end the life of the man he thought was responsible for his lover’s death?

5 The Driver Could Have Prevented JFK's Death

JFK’s driver on the day of the assassination was an Irish man named William Greer. And while no one is blaming him for actually killing JFK, some blame him for not acting swiftly enough during the incident. In fact, it is believed by some that Greer could have prevented JFK’s death. When the first shots rang out, Greer behaved strangely. Instead of accelerating, he actually slowed down the car. Only when Clint Hill, a Secret Service agent, screamed at him to rush to the hospital, did Greer actually speed up. Greer claims that when he heard the shots he instantly began to accelerate. But the Zapruder home film (an actual video of the event that documented JFK's assassination) and a number of eyewitnesses dispute Greer’s claim.

4 The Mafia Killed JFK Because He Was Too Keen On Getting Rid Of Organized Crime


Another conspiracy theory that is rather popular is one that claims that the mafia was responsible for JFK’s death. But the details of this theory are a bit hazy because this theory has many small theories within it. For example, the writer David E. Scheim wrote two books in which he claimed that the mafia were deeply angered by JFK’s and Robert Kennedy’s tries to get rid of organized crime. According to Scheim, the assassination was organized by Carlos Marcello (pictured above), Santos Trafficante and Jimmy Hoffa. The writer Mathhew Smith, on the other hand, says that Jack Ruby’s (the man who killed Oswald) employee Thomas H. Killam confessed that there was a link between Jack Ruby, Oswald and the Mafia. Killam was later found dead in an alley, his throat slashed. Other writers and researchers have other theories but each theory points the finger at some Mafia gang or Mafia member.

3 Oswald Was A CIA Agent

It’s a fact that when one thinks of the most popular JFK assassination conspiracy theories what springs to mind is the CIA. Were they somehow involved? Possibly. After the unsuccessful invasion of Cuba that became known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy took all the responsibility for it, at least in public. But in his heart, he blamed the CIA and pretty much made the Director Allen Dulles and other CIA members resign. He also moved the control of paramilitary operations from the CIA to the Defense Department. So clearly Kennedy was not too happy with the CIA. But on their part, the CIA were not happy with Kennedy either. They blamed him for his lack of support in the Cuban operation. According to this theory, Oswald was a CIA agent who was tasked with infiltrating the KGB. But after the CIA had a falling out with JFK, Oswald was retrieved from his duties in the KGB and tasked with killing JFK on behalf of the CIA.

2 Israel's Government's Secret Service Killed JFK


Others claim that JFK was assassinated by the Israeli government, or rather, Israel’s secret service Mossad. The Mossad supposedly collaborated both with criminals of the American government and with the organized crime syndicate. So once again, we must ask: why would the Israeli government want to eliminate JFK? JFK was involved in a series of arguments with Israel. JFK was strictly against nuclear weapon growth in the Middle East. Naturally, this did not sit well with Israeli leaders. Israeli leaders, including the Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, were extremely upset over JFK’s stance on the matter. They believed that the growth of nuclear weapons in the Middle East was essential if the Jewish state was to survive. Thus, JFK’s refusal to cooperate and support the Israeli in their quest for nuclear power made him an enemy that had to be removed.

1 Lyndon B. Johnson Wanted JFK Dead

According to the writer and attorney Craig Zirbel, the JFK assassination was either conducted solely by Lee Harvey Oswald or someone else was behind it. The Warren Commission report that detailed the assassination and all other relevant findings found that Oswald acted alone. But Zirbel, a man who has spent years researching the JFK assassination, doesn’t believe it. According to him, vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and his associates are behind the murder because only Johnson truly had the motive to order JFK's assassination. So what was the motive? Political gain. Johnson had long wanted to become President and the clock was ticking. The opportunity arose when JFK decided to visit Texas. Johnson was from Texas and he controlled a lot of the trip’s details. And of course, he knew that if all went well he would gain the status of President and could block any investigations. Interestingly, this is also the theory that Jackie Kennedy believed to be true.

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