15 Instagram Photos That Accidentally Captured Something Horrible

Instagram is another social media app in which people can share cool photographs with each other. It was created with the intention of just sharing pictures only, but it eventually grew into videos and different formats of a photograph as well. You can use cool filters, tag your friends, and even upload a live video. It has seriously grown from the time that it was created, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s meant to share fun pictures, glamour shots, or cool art. Sometimes, however, some pretty creepy pictures can make their way onto the app.

Whether or not you believe in paranormal activity or get scared easily, every once in a while, there are certain things that pop up on the internet that give even the bravest browsers chills. It seems there are no parts of the Internet that are free from horrifying pictures, but if you’re anything like us, you like to look at these macabre images for some unknown reason. We’ve collected fifteen eerie posts for you to browse today, but these are just a few selected variety images of thousands of others out there waiting to be seen and some even waiting to be taken!

Do you have any terrifying images that you’ve posted on Instagram? Is there an account that seriously gives you chills every time you look it up? Share with your friends to hear their scary Instagram stories! For now, here are 15 Instagram Photos That Accidentally Captured Something Terrifying.


15 Ghost Photobombs Pop Star

The photograph above was taken from a video that had been posted on a popular pop star’s Instagram. It was simply a video of her enjoying the pool one hot summer afternoon. It wasn’t until one of her followers pointed out something spooky in the back that she realized she might have been photobombed by something paranormal! If you look behind her shoulder, you can see what seems to be an eerie figure popping out from the trees! She was in a public area, but she still believes that it could have been something paranormal. It certainly doesn’t look like anything human and we don’t know why someone would be hanging out in the middle of the bushes like that anyways! She states she has always believed in the paranormal and thinks that it could have been a spirit following her. What do you believe?

14 A Creepy Look Into North Korea


North Korea is one of the most private countries in the world. They are a very paranoid country that believes everyone is the enemy and they run a strict rule over their people. Because of the state that they’re living in, conditions aren’t good. An image like this is a rare one, and certainly an eerie one as well. It gives us a chilling look into the propaganda that the country is forced to face so often. They are brainwashed into thinking that their leader is the ultimate leader and are forced to look at pictures of his face like this every day. It’s sad, but social media posts like this help us get a bit of a better look at what's really going on in such a secretive country.

13 Lil Peep's Chilling Last Post

Lil Peep was a rising artist who unfortunately lost his life too soon to drugs. The photograph above is a screenshot taken of his Instagram not long before he was found dead. It’s sad to see someone who was clearly hurting and suffering from a drug problem post something that seems to be a cry for help. Unfortunately, no one seemed to hear his cry, or perhaps he wasn’t able to fully let anyone in to help and ended up losing his life too soon. A post like this is eerie for several different reasons. Who would have thought that a post like this would eventually lead to his death? It’s also chilling to think about how some posts like this could stay up for a long time after the person is already gone.

12 She Used Pics Of Other People's Babies To Make Money


The 21-year-old woman in the photo is Kati Ringer. Although this pic of her isn't creepy, what she did on Instagram was. She stalked two mothers on Instagram, reposted photos of their newborn babies, claimed they were hers, and told her followers they were dead so that she could raise money for herself. If that's not sick, we don't know what is. She's now banned from using social media. No kidding! As if that wasn't bad enough, when Ringer was challenged by one of the victims, she threatened to hurt the baby. Talk about a wicked person.

11 Creepy Abandoned Places

Instagram is a great place for people to post pictures of abandoned places they explore. It’s become a popular trend to break into abandoned places and take cool pictures, and the trend only seems to be growing on Instagram. This eerie photo is just one of the thousands of pictures people post every day of creepy old places like this. It’s chilling to think about all of the wastelands that surround us already. No need for zombies for this to feel like a post-apocalyptical world sometimes. Just look to Instagram to get a glimpse of what it the world could look like if it all went to shit. For those of us who aren’t quite brave enough to go exploring on our own, Instagram exists for us to get our daily fill of all things creepy when it comes to abandoned places.

10 She's Not Alone In This Selfie


The girl in the photograph above thought she was just posting a selfie, but she ended up capturing something paranormal instead! It wasn’t until she had posted this photograph that someone pointed out there was something behind her! Imagine the terror she must have felt to realize she wasn’t as alone. Of course, like most paranormal photographs, this one has its critics who say it was altered, fake, or a real person that was blurred by the door. No matter what the truth is, this is still an eerie photograph that we would be pretty freaked out to see if we had been the ones who took it in the first place. What do you believe could be creeping behind her? Luckily, we do have social media, so our friends can point out when there might have been a ghost chilling with us!

9 This Fisherman Posts Pictures Of Creepy Things He Finds In The Ocean

Instagram was created so people could share cool pictures, and people are definitely using it to do just that. One great example of someone who uses Instagram for what it was intended for is the fisherman whose account you can see in the screenshot above. He uses his account to show off all of the creepy things he finds while fishing. He does some deep-sea fishing where he gets some creatures that live closer to the dark zone than most fishermen don't get to. The thing he’s holding in the picture above is exactly the kind of thing that keeps us far away from the ocean! Knowing that something like that exists below the water is pretty horrifying! Could you imagine going for a dip and running into that creature? If you ever need a reason to stay out of the water, just check out this guy’s Instagram account


8 She Went Missing Shortly After She Posted This


People like to use Instagram to show off their lifestyle and keep people updated on what they’re doing. That’s what the girl in the photograph above decided to use her account for when she wanted to inform people of her area and what she was doing at the time. Her friends and people who followed her took this photograph as a chance to let her know that she needs to be safe being in the city like that. Relatives and friends always say stuff like that on social media, but this one is eerie for a different reason. The girl ended up going missing after posting this, and authorities, as well as her family, have speculated that she was kidnapped by sex traffickers.

7 This Guy Is In An Abandoned Nuclear Zone

Like we’ve already discussed, Instagram is where some people go to show off the abandoned places that they’re visiting. This guy took it to the next level by going into Ōkuma after it had been evacuated following a nuclear disaster. He risked radiation poisoning, but he did it for the photo and ended up getting some incredible shots. Here he explores an abandoned laundromat that still had people’s clothing in the washer and dryer. If you had to get up and leave right now because of a nuclear disaster, where would you go, and what would you leave behind? Is there food sitting next to you that would rot? Do you have laundry in the machine right now that would sit there for eternity? It’s terrifying to think about all of the things that might get left behind and posted on Instagram one day.

6 She Fell To Her Death After Posting This On Instagram


The photograph above is a woman looking rather serene and enjoying a beautiful view off the side of a cliff. She had been hiking all day with her friends and took to Instagram to share some pretty shots of the sights they had seen. Unfortunately, not long after posting one final photograph that you can see above, she fell to her death. She was on a narrow path when another hiker was walking opposite her. She moved out of the way to give them more room but ended up slipping and falling to her death. She died doing something she enjoyed, but it sure is eerie to know that this was her last post. If you were to die today, what would your last post be? We really never know when and where it might happen, and an Instagram post like this is an eerie reminder of that reality.

5 When The Economy Collapses 

The photograph above is another picture taken from someone's Instagram who likes to explore abandoned places. To us, malls are supposed to be fun places we go to buy things we don't need, to chill at the food court, and gossip with whoever you're shopping with. A picture like this is a chilling reminder of what happens once a big place like that closes, and is usually a sign of a weak economy. It’s too expensive to tear a large place like this down, so unfortunately, they just get left to die. Eventually, many homeless people end up moving into abandoned buildings like this.

4 Someone Crashed This Jam Session


The photograph above was posted to Instagram by a news anchor who had thrown a party. Like most parties, people wanted to hear some music and someone decided to whip out their guitar. It’s always a fun time when someone pulls out an instrument. Weirdly enough, it didn’t turn out as expected when she quickly realized that someone might have crashed her party. This is a zoomed-in version of the original picture, but she still posted it to show people the terrifying discovery she made! It looks as though there’s a sick child watching from around the corner. Who or what could that possibly be? They definitely don’t look completely human, and if they are, they don’t look right! This is certainly a chilling discovery we would never want to make.

3 Is That A Ghost In The Balloon? 

The photograph above was posted online by a mom who wanted to share pictures of her daughter’s birthday party. She soon discovered, after going through the pictures later on, that her dead mother might have made an appearance at her granddaughter’s party after all! The woman recently lost her mother and was sad she wouldn’t be at the party to celebrate with everyone else. She ended up discovering that though she had passed on, the strange reflection in the balloon might have actually been her deceased mother. Of course, skeptics of the photograph claim that it’s just someone else at that party or a strange reflection and not paranormal activity. The woman who originally posted the picture certainly disagrees and definitely thinks that it’s her mother. What do you believe? Which do you think is the eeriest picture on the list?

2 She Wins For Freakiest Makeup Tutorial Ever


Instagram is the greatest place on the Internet to watch makeup tutorials. If you give anyone access to Instagram, they can become a makeup artist overnight if they watch all the best artists’ Instagram videos! There's so much competition among makeup artists now too to get the most followers, so they can get great promotion deals and expand their own brand. Makeup tutorials aren’t always glamorous, either. The girl in the photograph above uses her account to show some scary makeup tutorials as well as pretty ones, especially around the holidays. When it comes to this design, she certainly wins when it comes to creating something absolutely horrifying! This is obviously fake and not as scary as some of the really creepy pictures on the list, but there’s no denying that this one will give us just as many nightmares as the rest.

1 This Thirsty Pastor On Nicki's Page

One thing that some of us has to remember about the Internet is that anyone can see most of what you do. That includes commenting on a celebrity’s Instagram accounts. Because the biggest stars get hundreds of thousands of comments on every post they do, of course, you would think your comment goes unnoticed. However, there are ways for people to still see the comments, and that’s what happened for one pastor who decided to be a little vulgar on Nicki’s Instagram. She’s known for her assets, and this pastor definitely enjoys hers. However, the people who follow him and use him for guidance were not thrilled to discover he said something like this to a scandalous rapper. Of course, he denied that he ever wrote such an inappropriate comment, but no one had hacked into his account to do this. He was simply caught in the act of being thirsty AF.


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