15 Instagram Accounts That Are Creepy AF

The Internet is a weird place. No one’s ever alone and every freak can find someone who’s into exactly the same creepy stuff. Now more than ever before we are free to express ourselves creatively and

The Internet is a weird place. No one’s ever alone and every freak can find someone who’s into exactly the same creepy stuff. Now more than ever before we are free to express ourselves creatively and get feedback from people from all over the world. I guess this explains why Instagram is the fastest growing social media app of 2017. Aside from exquisite plates of mouth-wateringly delicious dishes, workout regimes that will whip you into shape in no time, and the most beautiful women from across the globe, Instagram has a niche market to cater to. A market that’s directed at people who love to get the sh** scared out of them.

This is a list of 15 of the creepiest Instagram accounts of 2017. These people have gone to no end to create some pretty formidable art for you – some built, some found. Everything from dead bodies to gorey fantasies to zombie battles to abandoned penitentiaries are to follow.

If you’re into creepy stuff like blood, guts, and violent weapons, check out #13 and #14 on the list. If skin-crawling Japanese #ruinporn is your thing, have a look at #10. And if you’re ok with not getting any sleep tonight, scroll all the way down to #1. I guarantee you’ll be horrified, terrified, and strangely comforted that there are so many weirdos out there that are just like you and me.

15 @jahgores_xibalba

With an introduction like “...death, blood, gore, sex and violence. Don’t bother following if you are easily offended” it’s hard not to get intrigued. Displaying a gallery including thousands of bloody, scary, disturbing images, it’s amazing that Instagram is even letting him continue his work. Many of the photos include sexualized and objectified women in compromising positions, and with a name like jahgores_xibalba, this account is most likely either a tip of the hat to or a continuation of the infamous TIGer @jahgore, whose account was shut down only a few months ago. If we can learn from mistakes of the past, you’d better check his work out now – it could be a matter of days before this creepy-as-hell photographer gets his work removed from by the IG policing forces.

14 @mrs_angemi

Nicole Angemi is a self-professed wife, mother, and human dissector. She’s a pathologist that’s gotten a lot of heat lately for posting some pretty gruesome images online. At more than 1 million followers, she is a great place to start our list out. People love to get a glimpse into real-life guts and gore without having to leave the safety of their homes, and Nicole is more than happy to give it to them. Some of the images she’s published on Instagram over the last few years include miscarried and aborted babies, frostbitten toes (so badly injured that they need to be amputated), and even a man having his face ripped off during an autopsy. The family members of the deceased are furious because they think she’s doing a disservice to the dead, but Nicole insists she takes these photos to educate the masses about their own bodies. What do you think?

13 @dgenuario

This next artist is less interested in documenting creepy scenarios and more into building found art into what looks like the perfect movie set for a torture scene. With just over 8k followers, he is building a solid reputation as a creepy AF photographer in the online world. His features include old boiler rooms, limestone encrusted pipes, abandoned railway tracks, and old laboratory set-ups. If you ask me, it’s the perfect place to house a crazy scientist whose up to no good. This could be the birthplace of Frankenstein’s 21st century monster! Maybe he should team up with Reese Hiebert to make the perfect graphic novel set in 2017? They could be the next Tarantino and Rodriguez. Or, the first @dgenuario and @skull_kid_studio of the Instagram world.

12 @kylehuculakmkpfx

Kyle Huculak is a special effects and makeup artist that specializes in strange creature creation for movies and short films. His account is full of images of his creations, ranging from creepy masks to aliens to life-like prosthetics. If you’re looking for something to give you or a friend a serious spook, you’ll find it here. At just over 10k followers, Kyle is growing more Instafamous every day, and for good reason. He’s an incredibly talented artist and he gets to work on some huge films! Plus, he’s Canadian, so he’s humble about his talent and he usually responds to all his photo comments. Recently he’s been showcasing photos from the sets of Star Trek, Jason, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Why not indulge in a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into what really creates movie magic?

11 @baam_aventures

Baam_aventures is a part of a group movement on Instagram where young people are rediscovering their roots through sharing photographs documenting their urban exploration. Is there anywhere else in the world that has more old, creepy, castle-like material to be photographed than Europe? Probably not. @baam_aventures travel around their home country of France, taking pictures of old buildings like old churches, rotting mansions, and abandoned schoolhouses. Their Instagram account has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to the nature of their photographs and, of course, the creepiness factor. All the snaps are taken on an iPhone and they photograph sets au naturel, sans any models or actors, so they have a real “haunted” feel to them. Check it out for yourself! Their shots will have your skin crawling in no time, guaranteed.

10 @jamiebettsphoto


Based out of Richmond, Virginia, Jamie Betts is a fine art, commercial, and editorial photographer who posts a collection of his personal work on Instagram. The account consists mostly of dark and moody imagery of long forgotten places. Sounds pretty spooky to me! Honestly, his photos are enough to make you believe that every urban legend stems from the abandoned houses of rural Virginia. With his eye and photo editing skill, he could make any snapshot look like the set of a Stephen King adaptation. His work is both hair-raising and breathtaking and at nearly 10k followers, he’s starting to build a reputation for himself. From cradles to graves (literally!), Jamie Betts is an artist worth your time. If only to send a shiver down your spine!

9 @hirade

Hailing from Sapporo (the city, not the beer) on the northern island of Hokkaido, Daisuke Hirade shows what it would look like if a Japanese anime fantasy went horribly wrong. The account is an ode to haikyo, Japanese spooky and decaying places. Literally translated, the term means “ruins” and is a collection of photographs showing abandoned sites. It’s like the Japanese equivalent of #urbex or #ruinporn. For Hirade, this means focusing on the unloved sections of northern Japan. He mostly visits abandoned schools, amusement parks, and hospitals following his motto “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” His pictures are equal parts skin-crawling creepy and hauntingly beautiful, as they should be – he’s published three kindle books on haikyo, making him a certifiable expert on the topic!

8 @mike.wil

Jumping on the abandoned houses train, Mike the Mellow (not to be confused with Mike Will Made It, the American rapper and hip-hop producer) is a photographer from North Carolina the has a way of making even the most innocent of homes look like something out of a horror movie. Heavily influence by his Christians upbringing, everything he posts has an eerie apocalyptic feel to it, as if he’s searching to make sense of this ever-ending world we’re living in. A self-proclaimed amateur, Mike sells his photos on for a bit of extra cash on the side. At nearly 4k followers, it’s obvious that the North American urban exploration trend is catching on. In American terms, what’s scarier than photos of old religious sites along the east coast of the Bible Belt?

7 @skull_kid_studio

Reese Hiebert’s professional Instagram account sports a proud collection of rated R custom zombie pics that look like a combo between a little boy’s GI Joe collection and an episode of Robot Chicken. He puts his models in gooey, gory, aggressive poses and shoots them in 6x zoom to make them appear to be life-like in size. Complete with fake blood and guts, these violent photos seem to jump right out of a graphic novel. In fact, someone should hire him to build scenes for the next installment of Tarantino films. Hiebert’s been establishing a cult following on Instagram due to the absolute creepy factor of his photographs. He also has a personal account (@reeseherbs) but it mostly consists of photos of him bro’ing out with buds and beers.

6 @stickyman

It’s almost shocking to see that @stickyman has a little over 6k Instafollowers because, in my opinion, his artwork is absolutely the best on this list. He boasts his “style is no style,” but I think the guy’s got moves. Also a member of the urban exploration community, @stickyman shoots photos of broken glass, haunted houses, and old typewriters. He can make a windowpane send shivers down your spine. In addition to his Instagram account, he’s partnered with British rap/hip-hop group Auto Melodics and does promotional photography work for them like the above picture of the piano and the leaves. Most of his work, in fact, involves nature like trees, forests, and animals. This is definitely one artist to start following or to keep an eye out for in the near future.

5 @tonydetroit

Tony Detroit has over 342k Instagram followers, making him a huge Internet success story. He’s someone to keep in the back of your mind for when you’re bored late at night or on your early morning commute. Since the stock market crash of 2008, Detroit, Michigan has become a desolate city filled with run down shops, abandoned buildings, and houses destroyed by arsonists. Tony covers it all, showing the world what Detroit really looks like in 2017. It’s absolutely terrifying. When asked, he said his Instafame came purely by accident. He thought the app was for photo editing, not photo sharing, so he was shocked when people started taking an interest in his pictures. Motivated by online accolades, he spent a year walking around his hometown to capture the best shots he could.

4 @mahikerbiker

David Whitemyer, aka @mahikerbiker, is a professor of Museum Studies at John Hopkins University who spends his free time dabbling in photography. Although he teaches in Maryland, David is based in Boston, where he also works as a museum exhibit designer. His loves of history, architecture, and exploring has lead him to checking out abandoned buildings and shooting some pretty spooky photographs along with cleverly worded captions – as an example, he took the above snap of a barber’s chair in an abandoned penitentiary and titled it “Shear Madness.” Get it?! David travels around the country marveling at the absurd, the obscene, and the gruesome that is forgotten America. Instead of disrupting his landscapes, he prefers to treat ever scene with respect. He never vandalizes anything and makes a conscious effort to leave his photo sites just the way he found them.

3 @benjihultsch

At more than 6.5k followers, Benji is another urban explorer that is gathering a cult following on Instagram. What makes Benji different from the others is that he doesn’t just explore his own backyard; he travels all around the world to capture photos of long-lost, eerie locations to share with the world. In 2016 alone he made his way across 10 different borders to land in his hometown of Berlin, Germany. This artist is a big fan of the crassly titled #decayporn movement and this is obvious in the photos he posts. He’s got a knack for finding locations with just enough mould, rubble, and peeling paint to entice his audience but not repulse it – there’s a certain elegance to his work that many of the others on this list simple lack. I highly recommend looking into it!

2 @cookingforbae

The next account on our list isn’t dedicated to the creepy so much as to the disgusting. It’s a dedication to all those times when we want so badly to impress our partner but we fail miserably. Anyone can submit their photos but the @cookingforbae team has the last say in which ones get posted. The gallery ranges from laugh-out-loud hilarious to downright disgusting to the kind of thing that makes your stomach do somersaults. Looking to lose a few extra pounds? This will work as an appetite suppressant, no doubt about it. My personal favorite was when they played “Name That Dish” with their nearly 150k strong following and some clever folks came up with names like “Fetus and Rice” or “Co** n Gravy”.

1 @mothmeister

The final entry on our list of strange and upsetting Instagram accounts is probably the most well-known and prevalent in the media. However, these are not for kids! I wouldn’t recommend looking at these photos right before you go to bed or you might unleash a slew of seriously terrifying nightmares. Through the use of taxidermy and photography, this partnered pair known collectively as @mothmeister work to create post-mortem “fairy tales” with a super creepy spin. The pair crafts art in what they describe as an alternative universe titled “Wounderland” where grotesque, emotionally distraught and anonymous characters are accompanied by taxidermy animals. Perhaps as a form of protest against pop culture, these two have successfully created the anti-beauty selfie, in which animals get to have a second life. Their photos are the definition of creepy and worth the time to have a look.


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