15 Insane Video Game Addiction Stories That Will Frighten You

It can become quite easy to get lured into playing your favorite game for a while. Sometimes, you might even call into school or work, in order to get more hours in! Playing a video game is meant to be a leisure activity, something you do for fun. However, for some of the people on this list, video games became more than just a fun time. Unfortunately, some people cannot disconnect from a video game and become obsessed with it. Often shutting out family and friends, when a gaming addiction gets serious, the results can be deadly. There will plenty of sad deaths on this list, consider this a warning if you have a weak stomach for that kind of thing.

Before we get started, I don't think that video games are to blame for any behavior you're about to see. Most of these situations likely stem from previous psychological issues but, hey, I'm no psychologist! I can't say where the exact causes of these addictions stemmed from, I'll leave that up to the experts. These tales of video game addiction will not only shock you, some will even make you feel sick. Pitting children against parents, parents against children and even brother against brother, an addiction to gaming can certainly lead to disturbing and deadly results. Let's get started with 15 insane video game addiction stories that will shock you! Are you game enough to reach the number one entry on this list?

15 Taiwanese Mans Burns Himself To Death Over Game


Balancing college studies and video games has been a burden for students all over the world. However, Hseuh Jun-Chen would take his devotion to gaming to a whole new level. Angry over his father telling him to concentrate on his studies and to get some sleep was the final straw for Hsueh. Enraged at the request of his father, a demand now became a heated argument between both parties. Hseuh would end up leaving the family home, only for his father to discover a horrifying sight the next morning.

Hseuh's father, fearing his son had run away, started to look for the teenager. About 300 meters away from their home was a body that had been burnt to a charred crisp, it was Hseuh. Angered by being told that he would have to stop playing his games, Hseuh dowsed his own body with gasoline and set himself on fire, killing himself in a matter of moments.

14 Man Dies From Gaming-Induced Blood Clot


Not all tales of video game addictions lead to family quarrels. Sadly, there are times when prolonged bouts of sitting can lead to grave unforeseen consequences. Chris Staniforth was a young man from England with a bright future ahead of him, even being accepted into a university's gaming program. Playing video games for up to 12 hours a day was a regular part of Chris's life.

One fateful night, Chris felt a pain in his chest as he laid down to sleep. However, Chris was able to shrug off the pain and was up the next morning to apply for jobs with a friend. Tragically, Chris fell outside of the job center he went to that led to his death. The cause of Chris's sad and sudden death was a deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that occurred in the inner part of his leg, that occurs when sitting in one spot for prolonged periods of time.

13 Man Sits On His Child While Playing Video Game


For anyone with kids, this next story will likely make your blood boil. James Dearman told his children to go to bed on Christmas Eve at around 7:30pm. James and his wife were both playing a video game and the children couldn't help but watch. Growing unreasonably angry, James — who weighs 370 lbs — sat on his six-year-old son.

Dearman continued to play his game, all while pinning his helpless son against the couch. Ignoring the audible cries that he couldn't breathe, Dearman continued to suffocate his own child. Making this sickening story even worse, the sibling of the pinned child watched the entire incident happen. The man dialed 911 after seeing how lifeless the child looked but it was too late. Sadly, the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

12 Twitch Streamer Dies During 24-Hour Charity Stream


Brian Vigneault was a well-known streamer who went by the online handle “PoShYbRiD.” Recently, Brian was doing a 24-hour gaming stream when tragedy struck. This particular stream was being done for charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. During the 22nd hour of his livesteam, Brian would step out for a cigarette break and would never return.

The morning after the 24-hour stream, a friend left him an instant message and received a response we would all fear. The person behind the keyboard was a law enforcement officer who informed Brian's friend of the sad news. The cause of this mysterious death is unknown, as of the time of this writing. Tragically, Vigneault left behind three children, there has been a GoFundMe page created that has been setup for his surviving family.

11 Vietnamese Child Kills & Robs Woman for Virtual Currency


This next tale involves a 13-year-old boy who was desperate to get quick money. The money was needed so that he could be able to spend this cash in an online video game. Shockingly, this teenager was prepared to go extremes to get money for the game. Dinh the Dan, who was only 13, robbed and killed an 81-year-old woman in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dan strangled this poor old woman with a piece of rope. Shockingly after this incident, the 13-year-old boy then took the body and buried it near his families home. It is widely speculated that World of Warcraft was the game he needed currency for. For the crime of robbery and murder, Dan walked away with 100,000 dong which is a whopping $6.20 in American currency.

10 Ingress: The Killer App


Before the Pokémon Go craze, there was another app that encouraged you to play outside. Known as Ingress, this is an augmented-reality game that has you participate in “battles” against teams in real-time. An inherent danger of any augmented-reality game is the real world that surrounds you. Any amateur Pokémon Go players know that you have got to watch where you’re going, as these games can immerse you within them.

In 2014, a teenager in Brazil was caught up playing a game of Ingress. The makers of this game had even put in special features that would help the player to avoid dangerous situations but those didn't help this teen, unfortunately. While he was rushing to a real-time location playing this game, he was struck and killed by an oncoming bus.

9 Woman Sells Herself For World Of Warcraft Gold


Many of the entries featured in this list went to great heights to feed their gaming addictions. However, one woman went to unforeseen measures to stock up on virtual currency for World of Warcraft. Posting on Craigslist, this woman offered that she would give someone a few hours of fun, all in the name of virtual money.

This level 70 druid, as her posting reflects, offered her “services” for the bargain price of 5000g, a World of Warcraft currency for virtual in-game gold. This incident takes video game addiction to a whole new level, even blatantly risking breaking the law! She did request that her suitor be drug and disease free, it's always good to have high standards!

8 Gaming Leaves Brothers Engaged In An Impromptu Duel


This next entry reads more like Game of Thrones spoilers but, amazingly, it really did happen. Two brothers, like siblings often will, had started to get into an argument. This debate was over the volume of the video games that were being played. As arguments sometimes do, this one began to get heated, leaving the younger brother to get a little extra assistance.

Amazingly, the younger brother, 19-year-old Luke Marshall grabbed a double-sided axe and went after his older brother. Luke lunged forward with the axe at his older brother, cutting his wrists and feet. The injuries sustained by the older brother were minor, luckily, he survived the incident. After going medieval on his older brother, Luke was charged with second-degree assault.

7 The Tragic Story Of Shawn Woolley


Shawn Woolley was one of many players who loved signing into Everquest, a popular online video game. Everquest is known as an MMORPG, which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, connecting you with millions of other players. On November 21, 2001, Shawn would play his last game of Everquest, committing suicide by gunshot wound.

News of this suicide divided the gaming community. Some people were convinced that previous mental conditions, not a game, were responsible for Shawn's sad demise. Shawn's mother is convinced that Everquest is to blame, stating that something happening to his in-game character drove him to suicide. What makes the suicide even more mysterious was that, according to his own mother, he had shot himself at his computer desk. The game running on the computer at the time of his death? Everquest. On a somewhat bright note, this incident led to the makers of Everquest implementing a new feature that enabled alarms for players to take a break.

6 Young Boy Commits Suicide To Join Game Character


One boy loved playing World of Warcraft, his favorite character was the Elf that he created. While this child had hours of fun playing this game, his parents didn't like how much time he spent on the computer. On December 27th, 2004, the lives of his parents would change forever. The young boy would jump out of a 24-story window, killing himself.

The boy was convinced that committing suicide was the only way to meet up with his Elf character. He had even told fellow players goodbye before logging off for one last time. The parents of this boy were quick to blame World of Warcraft for the death, claiming that the son was trying to re-enact a scene he saw. However, this game has no part of it that would ever condone suicide.

5 Gameboy Advance Session Leave Twins Dead In Bathtub


In 2005, Gregg Kleinmark, father of two 10-month old twins, spent most of his time playing his Gameboy Advance. New parents are often warned about the dangers of leaving children unattended in the bath. This lesson was one that Kleinmark would sadly learn in an unforgettable way. Kleinmark thought nothing of playing this game, one fateful day, while his two young children were in the bathtub.

Leaving the children unattended for thirty minutes, the twins tragically died by drowning. The children's father was only a few doors away at the time of their death. What makes this tale more regrettable is that a Gameboy Advance can be taken anywhere. It's very likely that, if Kleinmark had brought the portable gaming system to the bathroom, this sad story could have had a much happier ending.

4 Man Dies After Insane 50-Hour Starcraft Session


In the town of Taegu, South Korea, a man would find out that the human body always has its limits. This same man had recently been reported to be in trouble at his job, often missing work to play a video game. He went into an internet cafe in Taegu, to play his last round of Starcraft. Another MMORPG, Starcraft is a game where users all around the world connect by playing online.

Stopping only rarely to use the bathroom and briefly nap, this man went on to play Starcraft for many hours. After an astonishing 50 hours of playing Starcraft, this man collapsed suddenly and died. He was taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The cause of death is determined to be heart failure, the result of exhaustion through long playing times.

3 Baby Dies From Neglect As Couple Play Prius Online


In South Korea, gaming is quite a popular activity. One couple would take a mutual love of gaming and turn it into a sick tale of neglect that lives in infamy. Video games, when played in moderation, are a great way to temporarily escape the stress of life. This South Korea couple would take escaping too far, as they would leave to an internet cafe to play Prius Online, leaving behind a three-month-old infant at home for all hours of the day.

Only leaving her powdered milk, the infant was severely neglected and likely malnourished. Unsurprisingly, after one fateful 12-hour marathon gaming session, the couple came home to find the infant had passed away. What makes this story especially shocking is the game the couple was so obsessed with had them raising, you guessed it, a virtual little girl!

2 Teen Kills Parent Over Halo 3


The tale of Daniel Petric is one that still plagues the gaming community to this very day. In 2007, Daniel would purchase a copy of Halo 3. However, Daniel's father was a minister who objected to a violent video game in his home. After finding the game, his father would place it in a lockbox, along with a handgun. Daniel, after a month of not being able to play this game, had enough and snapped into a fit of rage.

Grabbing his father's handgun, Daniel Petric told his parents to close their eyes and he began shooting. Daniel's mother would die almost instantly, while the father, shot in the head, would go on to survive the attack. The only saving grace in this vicious shooting was that Daniel's sister showing up at the home. Almost immediately after the shooting had occurred, his sister showed up at the front door and called for the paramedics. Daniel would give up his gun and flee the scene, later being caught by local law enforcement. After the shooting incident and Daniel's arrest, the father and son are currently still speaking to each other.

1 Mother Murders Infant Child To Play Facebook Games


For most of us, playing games on Facebook is a great way to beat the boredom of a workday when the boss isn't around. Alexandra Tobias, a 22-year-old mother from Jacksonville, Florida, would learn how devastating a video game addiction could be. FarmVille, a game that was quite popular on Facebook, has you managing your own virtual farm. For most of us, FarmVille has been a good and harmless way to waste a little time, not for Alexandra.

The details of her crime are especially disturbing, you have been warned. While playing a game of FarmVille, Tobias violently shook her innocent infant child to death. A report overheard by another inmate suggested that Tobias had said she went as far as to hit the head of the infant on her computer monitor. Alexandra will have plenty of time to think about her actions, she is now serving a 50-year prison sentence.

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15 Insane Video Game Addiction Stories That Will Frighten You