15 Insane Things Celebrities Want To Keep Secret

Celebrities seem to live in a world of their own making sometimes; they don’t often play by the same rules as we do. In fact, there are times when it appears that they are above the law and often get

Celebrities seem to live in a world of their own making sometimes; they don’t often play by the same rules as we do. In fact, there are times when it appears that they are above the law and often get away with things that we regular folk never would. We love hearing about new things that involve our favorite celebrities, everything about what they wear to how they look on a day to day basis. But that’s not the stuff we really want to hear about. Even though they are regularly in the spotlight, celebrities still manage to keep their secrets. We feed on these secrets whether we want to admit it or not. We want to know about the scandals from their past and the skeletons in their closet.

It’s not hard these days with the digital technology available to us to find information on celebrities via the Internet. Most of it is just a click away. It can be hard for people in the spotlight to be able to hide things that they don’t want out there and yet they are determined to do so. Many people wonder if celebrities should have a right to their privacy even though they are in the spotlight. Should they be allowed to have their relationships and careers to themselves or do they lose that right because they are famous? I’m on the fence myself, and I have to admit that I love a good salacious story just like the next person. If you love a good piece of gossip, then you are sure to love these insane facts that we dug up on celebrities.

15 Elvis Allegedly Liked Young Girls

Via Huffington Post

For all those hardcore Elvis fans out there, you probably won’t like hearing it, but it was rumored that Elvis liked to spend time with teenage girls. One of Elvis’s crew members, Lamar Fike stated just that fact during an interview, “He was fascinated with the idea of real young teenage girls. It scared the hell out of all of us.” It’s not really that surprising if you think about the girl that he eventually made his wife. When he met Priscilla, she was only fourteen at the time. Times were certainly different back then, and love affairs were often romanticized. I just wonder if the same thing happened during our time, would it have been seen as normal. These days an older man would not get away with dating a 14-year-old girl without causing a ruckus, but back then people just saw two people who were in love.

14 Channing Tatum was in a Ricky Martin Video

via Metro

With the fame that Channing Tatum carries around these days, he probably doesn’t like people knowing that he was once in a Ricky Martin video. After all, it was during the beginning of his career when he was still a nobody. These days Channing is in all kinds of movies and really doesn’t have to worry about his next paycheck any longer. So what was the video in question? When Ricky Martin made the video, She Bangs, Channing Tatum was one of the background dancers. It was one of his very first gigs, and he has his face covered in creative face paint. It was a shoot that lasted five days and Channing was only paid $400 for his part in the video. If you want to watch the video, you can find Channing Tatum at the 1:30 mark where he played a bartender.

13 Alice Cooper is A Devout Christian

Alice Cooper has spent his career terrifying many and creating a following that is all about being unholy. His concerts are often examples of things that you could only imagine a Satanist being a part of. Is it possible that it was all an act, a persona that he put on just for his concerts? You might be surprised to find out that he’s been a devout Christian his whole life. He may appear to be the embodiment of an unholy person, but he’s actually spent a lot of time participating in missionary projects as well as hosting the occasional Bible study group. He’s been a legend as a high-profile rocker, so he’s always kept his religious beliefs to himself. In many interviews, he has stated that he is a Christian and even opened up about his faith. He just has never had any interest in preaching the Gospel to people.

12 Matthew Broderick Killed A Family

Via PopSugar

In 1987, Matthew Broderick was dating his Ferris Bueller co-star Jennifer Grey. The two of them found themselves in Northern Ireland on vacation in November. They were driving through the countryside when they collided with a vehicle that contained a mother and her daughter. The small family was driving in a Volvo, and they were killed in the accident. It turns out the accident was Broderick’s fault because he was driving in the wrong lane. He claimed that he had no idea that he was driving in the wrong lane at the time. There’s a chance that he may have been on drugs as he claimed, “I don’t remember the day. I don’t even remember getting up in the morning.” He was never sent to jail; he was just given a fine for careless driving that cost him $175. His carelessness ended two people’s lives; you would think he would have got a harsher punishment than just a monetary fine.

11 Darryl Hannah Wears a Prosthetic Finger


You may not have noticed it, but there have been a few times that Darryl Hannah walked the red carpet with part of her left index finger missing. She usually wears a prosthetic, but there have been times that she goes out without it. In the pictures, you can see that she really just has a stub. She lost part of her finger during a freak accident at her grandmother’s house. As a child, she was playing at the well when her finger got stuck in the pulley. That must have been a very painful experience for a child to lose her finger. Chances are you won’t see the stub in the movies as she is always required to wear the prosthetic during filming. It would certainly be something that could make a young girl feel self-conscious which is why you won’t find too many pictures where she is not using the prosthetic.

10 Alfred Hitchcock Was Afraid of Eggs


You would think that someone like Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t be afraid of anything. After all, he’s been the King of horror for years; he’s a legend that has been creeping us out for years. How could he possibly be afraid of anything? But he is, and it’s the weirdest thing. This horror legend is afraid of eggs. A fear of alektorophobia is his ailment, and he doesn’t know how to get over it. Alektorophobia means that he’s afraid of eggs, roosters, and even chickens. "I’m frightened of eggs, worse than frightened; they revolt me. That white round thing without any holes and when you break it, inside there’s that yellow thing, round, without any holes… Brrr! Have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?” It’s kind of hilarious how he describes his fear of eggs as it seems like a normal task of making breakfast and yet Hitchcock is horrified about the whole ordeal.

9 Christian Bale Had to Fake an Accent

Christian Bale did a great job of playing the caped crusader in Batman Begins. He was one of the most original Batmans, though his voice was a little weird. When it came time for the crew to promote the film things got a little weird for Christian Bale. As many of you know, Bale has an English accent, but when it came time for him to start doing interviews in the US he was instructed to use an American accent. Producers of the movie were afraid that if he spoke with an accent that the American people wouldn’t like it. They were afraid that they wouldn’t accept a Batman that was British. It seemed to be an extreme move on the producers' part, but celebrities are regularly expected to do whatever it takes to make sure premieres and movie interviews go off without a hitch.

8 The Karate Kid Wasn’t a Kid

Via The American Rose

The Karate Kid was a classic that went down in movie history. It was a movie that did so well at the box office that it spawned sequels and a remake featuring Jaden Smith. The first movie starred Ralph Macchio, and it was a career maker for him. The funny part, however, is that he wasn’t anywhere near high school age when he played the character in the movie. At the time of filming, Ralph was 22! They were determined to have Ralph play the part, so it’s a good thing that he looked so young at the time. It wouldn’t be the first time that it happened; James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek was in his 20s when he played the high school character. He used to have to shave a few times a day to get rid of the 5 o'clock shadow that he sported while filming.

7 Joaquin Phoenix’s Family Was in a Cult

Via SheKnows

Cults were a big thing in the 70’s and even though they still go on these days, it’s a lot harder to hide it now. But in the 70’s a lot of cults went unnoticed until they became dangerous. The Phoenix’s whole family was in a cult up until 1978. Four out of the five children in the family, River, Joaquin, Liberty and Rain, were all a part of a cult called Children of God. Their parents were members of the cult and stayed in it for many years before leaving. Their real last names were Bottom, and they only changed it after they left the cult because they wanted a name that symbolized a fresh start. It’s weird to think of any famous person getting caught up in something like that, but I suppose it’s no different than all the rumors that swirl around Scientology.

6 Tom Cruise's Not So Innocent Past

His former wife Nicole Kidman was a devout Catholic who refused to be a part of his life of Scientology. Even with her influence, he didn’t want to be a part of the Catholic church. It might surprise you then to learn that he went to a seminary school. Cruise has not been shy about discussing his troubling upbringing. He may be a superstar these days, but he had a childhood that included troubled teen years as well as an abusive father. At the time he also had a fixation for the Catholic Church. It was due to this fixation that he ended up attending seminary school. He was a troubled teen, however, so he was eventually kicked out of the school because he stole alcohol. Maybe his experience with the Catholic Church was what pushed him into the arms of Scientologists.

5 Billy Joel Used Words from His Suicide Note for a Song


Hollywood is riddled with suicide attempts as well as deaths of young stars that just couldn’t seem to go on. You assume that a celebrity has everything because they have fame and fortune but there are times that celebrities find themselves in troubled times that they can’t seem to get out of. Billy Joel found himself in a desperate situation after he found out that his wife was having an affair with his drummer. After the news, he couldn’t deal with it, so he tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish. Thankfully someone found him before he died and he was brought to the hospital. Later on, Billy Joel created a song called Tomorrow is Today that had lyrics that were created from his own suicide note. He used his tragedy to create something beautiful though the whole experience probably doesn’t make his wife feel guilt-free.

4 Peter Yarrow's Dark History

Via Star Tribune

Peter Yarrow was a folk singer that often played in a band called, Peter, Paul & Mary. What many people don’t realize is that he was a sex offender. He was asked to be the guest of honor at the 2014 Laguardia Arts Hall of Fame Gala. Al Roker was planning on attending with his family, which included a 15-year-old girl. Roker changed his mind however when he found out the man of honor was a sex offender that had been involved with a 14-year-old girl. He was charged and convicted of molesting the girl, and it was something that had been kept out of the papers for a long time. Jimmy Carter was actually the man that was responsible for pardoning him for the crime. Al Roker made a statement about finding out about who was the guest of honor, “As new parents at Laguardia High School, we were asked to host this annual gala long before the program was set. Our role has simply been to help support the school.’’

3 Coco Chanel was a Nazi Supporter

Via Pinterest

Yes, this is a shocking one, and it’s probably something that the Chanel family wishes wasn’t public knowledge. Chanel is a huge part of the fashion industry and has been for many years. In fact, the Chanel brand is iconic and legendary in the fashion industry. But Coco Chanel was rumored to not be a very good person at all. In fact, many people thought she was a “terrible human being.” She was a self-proclaimed Anti-Semitic which never went over well. She was also known to be homophobic as well as a generally rude person. It was her goal to climb the social ladder at any costs. She apparently became a Nazi supporter when the Nazi’s occupied Paris. She was rumored to have collaborated with the Nazi’s to get further on in life. It’s scary to think of someone that has such high standing in the celebrity world and could have been part of an era that was terrible and horrifying for so many people.

2 Leighton Meester is the Daughter of a Smuggler

Leighton Meester grew to fame after playing the wealthy upper east side girl Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. You would never have expected this celebrity to have such a tragic past. She has a mother that has been jailed for drug smuggling. In fact, Leighton was born while her mother was serving her sentence in prison. In 2011, Leighton was still having constant problems with her mother who was out of jail at the time. She was fighting her for custody of her younger brother. She believed the mother wasn’t taking care of her brother in the proper way. Now that she is a wealthy celebrity, Leighton was sending monthly payments of $7,500 for her brother’s medical treatment. But she later found out that her mother was spending the money on cosmetic surgery instead. She fought to have her brother put into her custody in her New York home so that she could see that he got the care that he needed.

1 Howard Hughes Expected His Staff to Take Part in His OCD

Via The Independent

We all know that Howard Hughes had a lot of problems; many of them were mental and they drove him to have a nervous breakdown. He had severe problems with obsessive-compulsive disorder that caused him to lock himself away in his own home. He often went through weird rituals that helped alleviate his OCD. He was quite wealthy, however, so his neurosis went unnoticed for a long time and even when it became obvious many people just catered to his problems instead of attempting to get him the help he so desperately needed. He had so many OCD rituals that he found he couldn’t take care of them all on his own so he had some of his staff take care of them for him. He often had staff wash their hands in between each and every task that they had to do. They also had to wrap the handles of his spoons with tissue paper to ensure that nothing touched his hands.

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