15 Initiations And Rituals That Leave Us Speechless

A number of people in this life will seek to be a part of something that they perceive as bigger than themselves. While some will join the military or spend their time competing on sports teams, people from rough neighborhoods often find themselves leaning towards gang affiliation in order to feel this sense of belonging. People involved in gangs can be responsible for committing some of the most heinous crimes on record, and certain gang affiliations carry with it the stigma of their past exploits. Should you choose to walk down this dark road, it is rare that you escape alive, and even having a thought of betraying your brothers and sisters will cause you to lose your life. It may seem unthinkable that a person would resort to living such a lifestyle, but people come from all different walks of life and see things through their own eyes.

While many people are familiar with the crimes and happenings of gang affiliation, few people understand what it truly takes to be a member of one of the most notorious gangs in the world. As if the decision to join a gang doesn't seem poor enough, the rituals and initiations that gang members are forced to take part in, in order to wear the gang’s colors are downright ridiculous. Some of the entries that you will find on this list will leave you horror-stricken, and others will leave you downright disgusted. Regardless of the emotions that these entries will invoke, you can take solace in the fact that you aren't irresponsible enough to live this type of life.

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15 The Taitung - The Fireworks

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Despite the overall lack of worldwide coverage that gangs in Taiwan receive, that does not make them any less dangerous. The Taitung are perhaps the most famous gang in the area, and their criminal activities span nearly five decades. Although Taiwan may come from a place that might not seem as organized as some of the world's premier countries, you better believe that the gang itself is a well-oiled machine. After all, they are notorious and dangerous enough to make it to our list.

This is easily one of the craziest and most bizarre rituals that you will ever hear of in terms of gang affiliation. In order to move up in the pecking order, members are forced to stand still while they are blasted with fireworks. The people that are absorbing the blast in the fireworks have very little protection. This is done in an attempt to test how strong they are, and should you outlast your peers, you could very well see yourself moving up in the gang.

14 KKK - The Cross

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Despite what you may think, the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK are in fact different gangs, although they seem to have a very similar set of absurd ideals and beliefs. Comprised of all white males who are looking to eradicate this world of anyone who differs from them, the KKK has long been a problem in the United States, and their disgusting antics and beliefs have been allowed to continue for far too long. Nevertheless, this absurd group of racist and hateful men still functions to this day, and their actions have long since been documented by plenty of different media outlets.

As opposed to killing a member of a rival game for initiation like the Aryan Brotherhood, the KKK seems far easier to join. One of the more ridiculous public rituals that is associated with a KKK is the sign of a burning cross. It is an image that was all too familiar to black families living in the Southern United States for a very long time, and it was used as a form of intimidation.

13 Numbers Gang - Moving Up The Ladder

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Rare is it to find a gang that has a legitimate hierarchy to it, and the notorious Numbers Gang from South Africa has a centuries-long tradition of establishing a person's place in the gang on a bloody hierarchy. The Numbers Gang exists in prison systems in South Africa, and the group has three tiers of members, all sorted based on the violent and terrifying acts that they commit. If you are looking to join the top tier of the Numbers Gang, there are ways to make your way up the ladder, assuming that you are willing to pay the price.

If you're looking to advance up the ranks, one way to do it is by getting blood from a correctional officer. If you think that this way of fast-tracking your career in the gang sounds bad enough, this is actually the least drastic way of improving your status. The other way to earn a higher spot in the gang is by willingly giving your body to other gang members who outrank you.

12 Knights Templar - Eat Your Heart Out

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Being considered one of the most terrifying and hardcore gangs in a country that is notorious for horrifying crimes committed by locals, the Knights Templar have set about making a name for themselves in their native Mexico. This group of individuals' primary focus is on pushing drugs like the cartel, and their public displays of violence have left local people living in fear. If you're considering joining the Knights Templar, you will find yourself having to do one of the most disgusting acts on this list. If you have ever seen the series Game of Thrones, you might know exactly where this is headed.

Showing unwavering loyalty is one of the key components to becoming a member of any gang, especially one as notorious as the Knights Templar. So, if you are really trying to prove to a gang leader that you should be a member, all you have to do is eat a human heart. If you're able to eat the whole thing and keep it down, you will find yourself in a member of one of the scariest and most notorious gangs in all of Mexico.

11 Bloods - Getting Cheeky

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Straight out of Los Angeles, the Bloods have become one of the most notorious gangs in the United States after rising to prominence in the 1970's. The most recognizable feature of gang members who are part of the Bloods is the red attire that they can be found in. The color is the one that the gang is associated with, and they have become synonymous with it over the decades. Despite starting out in Southern California, the Bloods have since made their way throughout the United States, including a brutal chapter that exists in New York City. While different sects of the gang could require different forms of initiation, the New York City chapter makes prospective members commit one truly awful act.

If you have ever seen the film The Dark Knight, seeing the Joker's scars that run from his mouth through his cheek were enough to strike fear in viewers. This type of scar can be an unfortunate reality to someone by the way of a prospective Blood member.

10 Elite Boys - Strange Brew

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When talking about gang members, most people won’t conjure up an image of a rich white kid. Most people will think of someone who looks rough around the edges and who has an abundance of tattoos and scars from waging war against rival gangs. This is the exact type of deception that being a member of the Elite Boys strives for. Comprised of members who were fortunate enough to grow up with an abundance of money, the Elite Boys may come across as the least intimidating gang on our list. Nevertheless, their antics have gotten into enough publicity to warrant a spot on this list.

Most of the rituals that are associated with becoming a member of this incredibly unintimidating outfit usually revolve around stunts that you would see on the show Jackass. Some of the hazing that you will deal with will include drinking an unfathomable amount of urine and eating a goldfish. Needless to say, most people really are afraid of these clowns.

9 London Gangs - The Choice

The United States is among the most notorious countries in the world when it comes to gang activity, but the criminal element in London is equally terrifying. Despite the rich history that the city has and the fact that it is heavily monitored at all times with cameras, London has plenty of criminals out and about looking to make a name for themselves. Most affiliations in the area don't necessarily have a name that will strike fear in the hearts of people, but that doesn't mean that they are any less violent than games that can be found in North America. Soccer hooligans are one thing, but legitimate gang threats are something entirely different.

Described in detail in an interview given with The Independent, a young man who has since turned his life around gave a chilling account about gang life in London. In order to join the game, a simple choice was given. The person could either stab someone or consume dog feces.

8 Triads - The Oath

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In the event that you have seen the movie revolving around China or Japan, you are probably familiar with the notorious gang the Triads. The moves that they have made in the criminal underworld are something of legend, and when Hollywood sets out to make a film taking place in the area, you better believe that there will be a mention of them in the film. It serves as a reminder to people that they are one of the most dangerous and notorious gangs in the world and that they possess a great deal of power in their home country. Because of the power in the security that the Triads boast, becoming a member of this notorious outfit may be alluring to those looking to find a sense of belonging.

Prospective members of the Triads are forced to take place in the blood-oath initiation that the gang has taken quite literally over the years. These young men are given goblets filled with blood and are forced to consume it all. While downing the contents of the goblet, prospective members must also recite a blood oath.

7 Aryan Brotherhood - The Ultimate Price

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While some gangs are formed based on region or based on motorcycle preference, there are those that are based on the color of people's skin, and there may not be a more notorious gang in the United States than the Aryan Brotherhood. This white supremacist group has run rampant in the United States since the 1960's, and even though we live in a day and age where racism should be long gone, groups like The Aryan Brotherhood make sure that it stays alive. The Aryan Brotherhood has a strong presence in prisons throughout the United States, and their exploits have been discussed ad nauseam.

If you're looking at becoming a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, assuming that you meet their skin color requirements, you are going to be forced to commit one of the most unspeakable acts in the world. To prove your loyalty, you must either kill a member of a rival gang or kill a correctional officer. It is just one example of the game that doesn't require humiliation or consumption of a body part.

6 Mac Baller Brims - A Time-Honored Tradition

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New York City is often considered the capital of the world, and the millions of people either living in the city or visiting the city on a daily basis are as diverse as you will find anywhere. It should go without saying that an area this populated is bound to be full of people that society would deem a troublemaker, and there is an abundance of gang activity in New York. This is a problem that most major cities in the world face, and despite attempts from law enforcement agencies, these gangs of criminals are able to exist and function on a day-to-day basis. The Mac Baller Brims are one of the most well-known and most notorious gangs in all of New York.

If you're looking to be a member of this gang, you will be required to get jumped in. In case you don't know what that means, we will go ahead and break this down simply for you. Essentially, you willingly let a group of grown men kick the snot out of you just so you can hang out with them. Sometimes, this group will also require an assassination for membership.

5 Hell's Angels - The Bath

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Being the most notorious biker gang that has ever been assembled, the Hell's Angels from Northern California boast a legendary reputation of motorcycle riding and criminal activity. Originally started as a motorcycle outfit comprised of military veterans and castoffs from other motorcycle clubs, the Hell's Angels have turned into an international powerhouse, and they have affiliations on virtually every continent across the globe. People looking to join the ranks of the Hell's Angels will spend years working diligently and carrying out menial tasks in order to get their patches, and the motorcycle club has one specific task that stands out among the rest as completely degrading.

While you won't have to eat anything that most people would find revolting, you will have to take a bath in front of your perspective brothers, although it is the contents of the bath that will truly leave you speechless. Those people looking to join the Hell's Angels will be doused in urine and fecal matter in a public display of humiliation.

4 MS-13 - Men And Women Have Different Initiations

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There might not be a single gang in the entire world that is currently as feared or as notorious as MS-13. Originally beginning down in their native El Salvador, MS-13 quickly spread into North America, and their presence in the United States continues to grow with each passing year. Areas in the country that are played with a high number of MS-13 members are forced to deal with the reality of these people walking around their neighborhoods. Because they have a strong number of members that seemingly increase on a year-to-year basis, MS-13 is an outfit that appeals to a number of young Hispanic men, much like the Latin Kings.

If you're looking to become a member of MS-13, all you will need to do is have several of the largest and toughest members of the gang beat you into the ground. However, females looking to join the game willingly sacrifice their body to several members of the group. For those who are keen on becoming a member, these disgusting acts may come across as nothing more than a small price to pay for the opportunity to join the most notorious gang in the world.

3 JFK - The Gauntlet

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Turning our attention to South Africa, the country's capital is notorious for street gangs, all of them looking to cement their place at the top of the heap. While South Africa might not be among the premier destinations to visit, people who are heading for a nice vacation in Cape Town need to be on their toes when it comes to keeping an eye out for potential trouble on the horizon. Among the more notorious gangs in the area, the Junky Funky Kids (despite having what most would perceive as a silly name) are no laughing matter. The gang has a reputation that precedes it in Cape Town.

We have seen a number of different examples of the tasks that must be carried out in order to join these notorious gangs, but one thing we have not seen is a prospective member going through a gauntlet of pain. Established members of the group wield weapons while prospective members run down the middle, taking a beating along the way.

2 Latin Kings - The Offering

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Unlike the Aryan Brotherhood, the Latin Kings are a gang whose affiliation lies within a certain race. They have had a presence in the United States that has spanned numerous decades, and they can be found all throughout the country. The Latin Kings have a bloody and violent history that has helped them reach an impressive level of notoriety. The gang boats thousands of members, and there are young Latino men who dream of one day donning the gang's signature black and gold colors.

In one of the most despicable rituals that you are going to find on this list, prospective members of the Latin Kings commit one of the most selfish acts in order to gain acceptance into the gang. These men offer their girlfriend up to be taken advantage of by multiple members of thing at one time in order to prove their worthiness. It is a disgusting ritual that has been long part of the Latin Kings tradition, and an unfortunately high number of women have had to suffer at the hands of these men.

1 Roto Gang - An Exposed Secret

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Most people don't even realize that South Africa has a serious gang problem, and this entry will highlight another one of the most notorious gangs in the area. The Roto Gang functions in South Africa, and the members do everything in their power to make life a living hell for those who are far more well-to-do than they are. The Roto Gang made headlines in South Africa when a prospective member dished the dirt on the behind-the-scenes happenings of the outfit. It is said that during a meeting, a man was shot to death, and his corpse was then roughed up before getting mutilated. After the decimation of the body was complete, the game went ahead and threw the body out on the street, making a public spectacle of what had happened behind closed doors.

It is one of the more horrifying entries we have on our list today, and we truly cannot imagine having been someone in the area who saw the mutilated corpse out on the street.

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